Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - A Detailed Comparison

When it comes to furniture, the best choices are not only the most stunning, but the ones that do double-duty as well. These multifunctional furniture pieces provide great value, as they work hard to bring the benefits of two separate items in one neat package. Choosing the ones that will suit your needs and preferences will help you fully maximize the time, effort, and money you spend searching for that perfect furniture addition to your home.

Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - A Detailed Comparison

Looking for the right type of sofa may take a while if you do not efficiently filter the information you get with your research. One of the most important things to consider when choosing sofas is the furniture design and if its functionality will provide you with the benefits you want. When you end up with a sofa that does not match your requirements, you may end up either hating it or not using it all, which would be a shame given the effort you exerted for the furniture search as well as the price you paid for it.

Corner sofa beds and sectional sofa beds are two multipurpose sofa options that you might want to consider for your home. These two styles have a lot of similarities and only a few differences – but both can be excellent choices when it comes to aesthetics and overall functionality.

Corner Sofa Beds

Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - A Detailed Comparison

Corner sofa beds have a distinctive design that makes them stand-out pieces in any room setting. They often come in an L-shaped design created with 2 long seats (with one of them being the chaise) that are positioned perpendicular to each other. This L-shaped configuration forms a corner while offering increased spaciousness, allowing more people to be seated in comfortable positions. The enhanced size of a corner sofa bed provides seats for more people compared to regular sofa styles. The seats that are arranged in a perpendicular manner ensure an easy conversation flow as all the sofa’s occupants can face one another while relaxing on the furniture.

Pros And Cons

Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - A Detailed Comparison


Bold Aesthetic

Corner sofa beds have a bigger and more striking structure compared to plain-looking conventional sofas. Their presence in a room commands one’s attention, even when the sofa is pushed against the far wall or is placed in between other pieces of furniture. These sofa beds do not have lightweight, low-profile frames. Instead, their structures boast of a heavy-duty construction along with a considerable weight that can make them look a lot bigger than they actually are. The bold look will work to upgrade the look of a room that looks rather bare so it can take on a more fascinating aesthetic without the need for drastic changes such as construction work.

Seating for More People

A corner sofa bed has a bigger frame compared to regular sofas. Even their cushions can look plumper when compared to those that can be seen in conventional sofas, so the overall structure of the corner sofa bed seems a lot bulkier. This bigger structure can offer more seating, making it possible for you to entertain a larger group without having them scattered around the room in different seats. This arrangement can make conversing easier, since there is no need to go around the room to talk to others. A corner sofa bed maintains a comfortable seating space as it will not force people to squeeze in tight just to stay within hearing distance.


Corner sofa beds are designed for use both as a sofa and as a bed. The multipurpose furniture can be enjoyed as a sofa when in its original configuration, providing comfortable seats to a larger group of people compared to the number that can be accommodated by a regular sofa. The sofa bed seamlessly transforms into a bed that you can use to accommodate house guests, saving you from having to offer up your own bed. A corner sofa bed in the living room will easily become a flat sleeping space with the help of a pull-out mattress that is concealed within the sofa’s structure. Some designs require the backrest to be pulled down to serve as an extension to the seat cushions, resulting in a bigger bed that may accommodate more than one sleeper.

Adjustable Configuration

Corner sofa beds are designed to fit into the corner created by two perpendicular walls. A chaise often makes up one of the sofa bed’s sides and offers an inviting surface where you can stretch out for relaxation while in the living room. This chaise can come configured to stay on the left or the right side to suit your comfort preferences and style needs, but most corner sofa beds have an adjustable chaise that can be placed on the side that you prefer for your complete convenience.



Corner sofa beds come in bulky construction that may be too heavy to move, especially if you plan on making the adjustment on your own. The main sofa structure may be extremely difficult to move if you do not have anyone to help you with the task, but this activity can be made easier when there are pieces – such as the chaise and footstools – that can be separated so the overall burden is eased.

Sectional Sofa Beds

Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - A Detailed Comparison

Sectional sofa beds are referred to as such because they are composed of multiple sections or pieces, instead of coming in one solid block that can be expected from a traditional sofa structure. The number of pieces for sectional sofa beds can vary, with some having 2 sections including the main seat and a chaise. Some styles come with more pieces that can be reconfigured to form various shapes and structures so you can make whatever adjustments you see fit to suit your requirements.

Pros And Cons

Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - A Detailed Comparison


Large Seating Area

A sectional sofa bed often comes with a seating area that is much larger compared to regular sofas. This is especially true for the styles that come with more pieces that can offer more seats, allowing your guests to converse with ease while enjoying the generous space that will eliminate discomfort and the need to look for other chairs around the room.

Customizable Layout

The pieces of a sectional sofa bed can be moved easily to create the shape that delivers the best use and appearance for your preference. Depending on the number of sections, you can create an L-shaped sofa that accommodates your friends and loved ones while maintaining an air of spaciousness around. You can also create a U-shaped sofa that can be used by more people in a more intimate seating arrangement, with all occupants being able to see one another constantly as the conversation flows more freely.

Convertible to a Bed

A sectional sofa bed works double-time as a seat and as a sleeping surface. The transformation can be done by rearranging the sectionals to create a larger flat area where one can stretch out for a restful night of sleep. Other styles come with a pull-out mattress that is otherwise concealed inside the structure of the main seating area. This quick conversion to a bed means that you will always have a bed that can be arranged on short notice. This way you can offer a comfortable sleeping spot for surprise house guests without needing to invest in an extra mattress or bed that will only be used occasionally.


Occupies a Large Area

Sectional sofa beds, especially those that come with more than 3 pieces, will occupy a large area in the room. As such, this type of sofa is not the most ideal choice for cramped spaces where only the slimmest and smallest seats can fit. A sectional sofa bed can also make a room look a lot smaller even as it eats up all the available space that can otherwise be used for other purposes, such as for the placement of various pieces of furniture.

Corner Sofa Bed Vs Sectional Sofa Bed - Comparison Table

Corner Sofa Bed Sectional Sofa Bed
Spacious Seating
Chaise adjusted to the left or right
Sections set into multiple layouts
Convertible to a Bed
Space Saving
Depends on the configuration of pieces
Depends on the layout of sections

Key Takeaways

  • Corner sofa beds and sectional sofa beds both deliver multifunctional benefits that make them fantastic additions to any home.
  • A corner sofa bed is designed to hug a corner in the room where it can offer spacious seating for more people compared to using a regular sofa.
  • The corner sofa bed has a chaise that can often be adjusted so it remains on the side that is most suitable according to your needs and preference.
  • A sectional sofa bed includes several pieces that can be arranged to the layout that you want.
  • The sectional sofa bed has a larger surface area that can be maximized by welcoming more people in comfortable seating positions.


Q: Why is it called a sectional sofa bed?

A: The name refers to the sections that make up the sofa structure, which can be considered a refreshing departure from the conventional sofa construction that only has one solid seat.

Q: Can you adjust the position of the chaise on a corner sofa bed?

A:  Some corner sofa beds come with a chaise that is already set on the left or right side. However, most designs have a chaise that can easily be moved to the side that you prefer.

Q: How can you turn a sectional into a bed?

A: The sections of the sofa can be repositioned to create a larger flat area that can be used as a bed. Other designs may require pushing down the backrest to extend the seat into a sleeping area, and still others have a mattress that can be pulled out for sleeping purposes.

Q: Are corner sofa beds as big as regular sofas?

A: A corner sofa bed is usually larger than a traditional sofa.


Choosing between corner sofa beds and sectional sofa beds can be challenging, especially since there is quite a bit of an overlap when it comes to the two options’ features. Learning the subtle differences between these two can help you overcome confusion so you can decide on the best multifunctional furniture piece to add to your home.


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