Clic Clac Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Shopping for furniture nowadays can be so much fun when you consider the almost endless possibilities you can choose from. However, the multitude of options that you will be presented with can also be a source of frustration, making it too confusing to choose. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with each choice can help eliminate the confusion and make the whole shopping experience more enjoyable.

Clic Clac Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Sofa beds have come far in terms of the materials and styles that are now offered. Gone are the days when the only sofas available are the big, bulky ones that take up such a large portion of your living room and can only be used for sitting purposes. A sofa bed works both as a seat and as a bed, with only minimal effort required to convert the furniture piece from one configuration to the other. One of the most popular types of sofa beds is the clic clac sofa bed, which gets its name from the clicking and clacking sounds that are produced by the locking mechanism built into the furniture’s structure. This mechanism sounds like a click or a clack when locked into place, ensuring that the backrest is secured in an upright position when the sofa bed is in couch mode, or that the backrest is locked down to create a flat sleeping surface. The clic clac mechanism guarantees that the structure will stay securely in place and will not slip accidentally to cause discomfort while you are sitting or sleeping on the sofa bed.

What is a Clic Clac Sofa Bed?

Clic Clac Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

A clic clac sofa bed is a bed design that can be converted from a seat into a bed (and vice-versa) with the help of a built-in locking mechanism. This mechanism creates a clicking and clacking sound when locked into position, ensuring the sofa bed will stay secured as a couch with the backrest in an upright position, or as a completely flat surface to accommodate a sleeper in a comfortable position. Clic clac sofa beds often come in low-profile designs that can fit into small areas in the room. They usually have lightweight structures that make them easier to move from one space to another, since they do not have the bulk and heaviness of conventional sofas. A clic clac sofa bed may come with a single large cushion that works as the seat and the backrest; when laid flat into a bed, this cushion becomes the mattress that will provide a comfortable sleep environment.

Uses of a Clic Clac Sofa Bed

As a Sofa

The clic clac sofa bed offers a cozy seating area that can be used by 2-3 people, depending on the size of the sofa bed. It can be placed in the living room to encourage its use as a lounging area where you and your friends and family can spend hours sharing the same space while watching TV, chatting, or doing other fun activities. The cushioned seat and backrest can encourage you to spend more time relaxing on this sofa bed without feeling any kind of discomfort. After it is used as a bed, the sofa bed can be turned back into a couch by releasing the locking mechanism and then folding the structure in half. Make sure that the lock is secured in place to guarantee safe and comfortable use.

As a Bed

A clic clac sofa doubles as a sleeping area if needed, such as when you have guests who need to be accommodated in your home for a night or two. From its position as a sofa, the furniture can be converted into a bed in just a few seconds by simply releasing the locking mechanism that secures the backrest into an upright position. Push the backrest into a flat position and then make sure to listen for the click or clack that signifies that the locking mechanism has the sofa bed secured into a flat sleeping surface. There will be no need to reposition the cushions for the bed layout since the clic clac sofa bed is equipped with a single piece of padded cushion that will be used as the mattress for the bed setup.

Advantages of a Clic Clac Sofa Bed

Clic Clac Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Convenient and Safe Conversion

A clic clac sofa bed is designed for easy conversion so you can conveniently use it as a sofa and as a bed. The locking mechanism is designed to provide you with the guarantee that you can use the furniture without worrying that changing the layout will sacrifice your safety. The locking mechanism produces audible clicking and clacking sounds to let you know that the conversion from sofa to bed (and vice-versa) has been completed, giving you the peace of mind that the furniture will stay in place and not suddenly slip from its intended configuration. This clic clac mechanism is easy to handle so you can quickly set up a bed when needed, and fixing the bed back into the sofa layout will be just as easy to deal with.


Clic clac sofa beds often come with trim designs that will easily fit in small rooms and even in common areas bigger furniture pieces won’t be able to squeeze into. These sofa beds will take up only a small area but maximize space by offering the benefits of 2 distinct furniture pieces in only one product. This space-saving furniture allows you to move around more and/or house appliances or other furniture items in the room.


The low-profile design of clic clac sofa beds results in an overall structure that is lightweight. This sofa bed will be much easier to move around the room so you will not have such a difficult time cleaning under and around the furniture. Adjusting the position of the sofa bed in the room or to another area in your home will also prove to be more convenient because of the lightweight construction, especially when compared to larger furniture items that can be a challenge to move around.


Clic clac sofa beds generally have a lower price compared to conventional sofa configurations, although this still depends on several factors, such as the materials used. The relatively lighter structure of the clic clac sofa results in a more affordable price range that is lower than the price tag that you can expect from a heavy-duty couch made with a solid wood frame. It’s also more cost-efficient to purchase this furniture piece that works as a sofa and a bed instead of buying a sofa and a traditional bed frame and mattress combo that will only be used as a sleeping area (and will usually cost more).

Disadvantages of Clic Clac Sofa Beds

Clic Clac Sofa Beds - A Detailed Guide

Small Sleeping Area

The low-profile design of clic clac sofa beds that works well for small rooms also has its downsides. It usually unfolds into a sleeping area that can only accommodate one person, and the space may even turn out to be a bit cramped depending on the occupant’s physique and sleeping preference. If you are looking for a sleeping area that is suitable for more than one house guest, you may be better off choosing more spacious sofa bed designs.

May Not be Totally Comfortable

The lightweight structure of a clic clac sofa bed may involve a frame and mattress that sacrificed their comfort level. The frame of the sofa bed may feel too flimsy for an occupant with a bulkier physique. The cushion that also doubles as a mattress may also not be completely comfortable when used as a bed, especially for those who are used to sleeping on thick mattresses. This sofa bed design may not be the most suitable choice for those who are looking for multifunctional furniture pieces that can provide superior comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Clic clac sofa beds get their names from the clicking and clacking sounds made by the furniture’s built-in locking mechanism.
  • The locking mechanism ensures that the furniture stays securely in place in either the sofa or bed configuration to ensure complete safety for the occupant.
  • A clic clac sofa bed comes in a space-saving design that is ideal for small rooms and is lightweight enough to be moved easily when required.
  • This sofa bed design is more affordable compared to conventional sofas, making it suitable for those who are looking for the most cost-efficient multifunctional furniture options.
  • A clic clac sofa bed’s design provides only a small area for sleeping that may not be completely comfortable, especially for long-term use.


Q: Where does the term “clic clac” come from?

A: It comes from the sound (clicking and clacking) that is produced by the sofa bed’s locking mechanism when it is secured into place after the furniture is converted (into a bed or a sofa).

Q: Is it safe to use a clic clac sofa bed?

A: Yes. It uses a locking mechanism that keeps the furniture secured in place in the configuration you prefer – as a bed or as a sofa. This mechanism guarantees that the furniture will not accidentally move for your safety.

Q: How comfortable is a clic clac sofa bed?

A: A clic clac sofa bed is comfortable to use both as a couch and a bed. However, this will still be dependent on your personal preference. You may find that sleeping on the cushioned surface will not be totally comfortable if you are only used to sleeping on thick mattresses.

Q: Are clic clac sofa beds ideal for small rooms?

A: Yes, they have a space-saving structure that makes them suitable for use in small rooms.


Clic clac sofa beds can provide you with numerous benefits when they are used as seats and as sleeping areas. They take up only a small space in the room while giving you a comfortable spot to sit on that can easily turn into a bed. These sofa beds are also affordable options, so you won’t need to spend a lot to enjoy the multifunctional advantages of this furniture item.


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