ChiliPAD Cube 3.0 – Complete Review

When the summer or chilly winter nights begin to draw in, many sleepers start struggling with their sleep chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review temperature. Partly, this is owing to altering day-night cycle. An added issue is the rising/declining temperature. It’s projected that 30-40% of sleepers experience insomnia-associated sleeping problems due to varying temperatures of sleep surface.

The idyllic conditions for getting a fine night’s sleep are consistent. Fixing room temperature at a healthy 65 degrees Fahrenheit offers optimal sleeping environment. But for countless users, the extra energy costs to maintain a room at optimal temperature overshadow the advantages of sound sleep.

This is where chiliPAD Cube 3.0 comes into play. This innovated mattress pad employs micro water-tubes to flow heat and elevate/lessen bed temperature. Get unchanged mattress but new-fangled cooler climate. Add it to whichever bed type, attach the tube to cube and be trouble-free.

Enthused bespoke tech lets you sleep on a glacier or seashore. Created for one or mutual bed sides, you and spouse can manage personal sleep climate individually. Unsure of surface temperature? Start at 65 degrees F or 18 degrees C and regulate it. New and enhanced gadget has the capacity to function from underneath the bed; use bed risers for finest air-flow and solid performance!

It utilizes an amendable, water-based structure to normalize the surface temperature of existing mattress by energetically circulating water via silicone micro-tubes in pad, offering a comfy sleep environment! Find degree-by-degree temperature regulation. Simply plug in cube and fill with water. Manage sleep temperature accurately with touch-display. It’s remote-controllable. No leaning over; employ remote control to regulate settings.

This is unquestionably one of the finest cooling/heating mattress pads to purchase now. Before buying, know what this pad is offering through this detailed review.

About Chili

First launched in 2007, the manufacturer Kryo, Inc. Chili Technology is the sole authorized Amazon dealer for this chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review device.

Chili brand lets users escape sleep troubles. Sleeping cooler aids users who haven’t slept properly in years all night to improve their health. So this device enables pressing the button, setting a schedule, selecting a temperature. Technology makes lives well and it’s the ambition at Chili. The squad behind Chili has spent a collective 155,000+ hours collaborating, investigating and testing to convey the cool and optimized sleep in busy days.

Over 10 years ago, co-founders Todd and Tara Youngblood were tired of being sleep-deprived. Using Tara’s experience in science, they started searching for a resolution. Most of the devices they found, nevertheless, didn’t resolve the dilemma.

Determined to sleep well, Tara utilized her science background. 300 books along with 2000 articles later, it became apparent that temperature-managed sleep was the response. VLPO brain neurons are sleep switches and they get triggered by temperature. Todd’s sales and product development experience was a wonderful pairing to Tara’s technical acumen, and jointly they began to create innovative sleep products. After years perfecting the creation, motivated by thermodynamics to equal thermal load to cool sleep, Chili was conceived.

Chili, a brand of Kryo Inc., is the outcome of Todd and Tara soliciting some of the most clued-up and hardworking personnel to make visualization come alive.

chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review

The vision is straightforward; building top sleep devices, to enthuse users to sleep nice and to fuel communities with humanitarian and environmentally-meticulous efforts. Using cooling sleep discipline to resolve a global dilemma, Chili feels its moral compulsion to share the technology.

Chili Technology doesn’t operate any brick-and-mortar locations. But product is sold in physical stores nationally. Utilize dealer locator on Chili Technology’s website to locate neighboring location and please notice that third-party buying will not be eligible for 90-night sleep trial via Chili Technology.

chiliPAD Cube 3.0 – Full Review 

Get good-quality sleep with chiliPAD Cube 3.0 owing to its temperature technology. The brand believes in lucid science. Sleeping deeper means augmented recovery at cooler body temperature. The core body temperature must logically drop each night, but it isn’t always the case with most users.

The brand believes in exceptional life-altering sleep. From athletes and wellness professionals to single moms and company owners, everyone gets adequate comfort and convenience.

chiliPAD Cube 3.0 – Highlights
Price: $$$
Warranty: 2-year limited product warranty
Temperature Range: 55°-110° Fahrenheit (13°-43° Celsius)
Wattage: 80W
Controls: Manual/Remote-Controlled
Type: Climate-regulating cotton/polyester blend mattress pad containing a network of silicone micro-tubes attaching to an inner hub or central control unit named Cube.
Ideal for: Good for back, side, stomach and combination sleepers of all weight categories.

Good for couples and single persons necessitating a single or twin-zoned mattress pads to regulate and customize their sleep temperature desirably.

Great for homeowners seeking to reduce heating/cooling bills as this lessens energy costs.

Relaxing for expecting women who have a hard time staying cool/warm.

Good for users who need profound sleep, strong melatonin production, rejuvenated REM sleep.

Good for impatient sleepers needing immense temperature regulation for deep sleep.

Ideal for kids and sleepers of every other age group.

Ideal for users having hot flashes, insomnia, menopause, cold sweats or profuse perspiration.

Great for users who save space or are time-deficient as setting up takes one or two minutes.

Sizes available: Single, Full, Twin XL, Queen, King, Split California King, and California King.
Quality of Materials: Expert-tested mattress pad and cube checked for electrical hazards; cutting-edge and tested Chili Technology removes any potential harm to users.
Differentiators: Clear-cut Chili Technology saves users from temperature-variation or regulation related sleeplessness.

Can support a massive 500lbs weight limit per zone.

25% greater cooling efficiency of water rather than air.

Lucid water flow underneath the pad prevents any heat buildup between body and mattress.

Comparable Cooling/Heating Mattress Pads: ChiliPad Cube 2.0, Mattress Cooler “Classic” Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System, and OOLER Sleep System – ME and WE Zones – Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad.
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Material & Construction

Chili Technology offers chiliPAD Cube 3.0, a mattress pad having an integral temperature regulation structure that offers heating and cooling mutually.

chiliPAD Cube 3.0 with ME and WE Zones is a unique cooling/heating mattress pad with personal temperature regulation, immense sleep improvement and wireless remote incorporation. It’s a ground-breaking, climate-regulating mattress pad containing an arrangement of silicone micro-tubes that attach to an inner hub or central control unit called “Cube”.

Settings vary from 55°-110° Fahrenheit (13°-43° Celsius) in one-degree increments. Certain aspects like bedroom temperature and sleeper’s body mass may influence temperature delivery. Simply put in hot/cold water to pad. The tubes guide and circulate water to Cube, where it’s heated/cooled to go with presets. The temperature can be regulated manually or with wireless remote.

It’s available in seven sizes. 4 of these sizes, Single, Twin XL, Full, and Split California King, are single-zone pads, denoting they have solitary Cube unit and offer one temperature-normalized plane. The other 3 sizes – Queen, King, and California King – are twin-zone pads, making them a first-rate alternative for couples with opposed temperature inclinations.

Cube measures 9 1/4″ W, 9 1/4″ L, and 7 1/2″ H. It weighs approximately 9lbs. The average chiliPAD utilizes 80W. Cube’s power cord should be plugged into AC outlet to operate. The remote control needs two AAA batteries. The power cord measures 8′. The mattress pad is prepared from a polyester and cotton blend. The micro-tubes are chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review prepared of medical-quality silicone.

The pad operates with around 500lbs for every zone. Nevertheless, heavier individuals might not experience the identical temperature range as lightweight individuals.

Cube must be placed on flat surface with water tank facing up and at least 2’ of breathing room on every side. Chili Technology suggests using distilled water and adding a capful of hydrogen peroxide every time the water tank is filled.

Operation & Energy Efficiency

With power-rating of 80Watts/cube, considerably lesser than AC and auto-shutoff attribute that triggers after 10 hours of nonstop usage, you can have the benefits of energy efficiency sleeping at perfect temperature!

Science suggests sleeping colder enables users sleep soothingly, longer. Hydro-powered chiliPAD is 25 times thermally competent than air. With nature-based sleep resolution of chiliPAD, you can double your deep sleep, quicker muscle recovery, augmented natural melatonin production.

Active and dynamic thermal change is possible with chiliPAD. Water has 25X cooling efficiency of air making Chili the lone merchandise that boasts substantial temperature alterations of over 15°F from ambient temperature. chiliPAD matches your body’s heat load to improve comfort and to affect core body temperature, better recovery inducing deeper sleep.

Personalized hot/cold temperatures induce wellness by adding to your general health with adequate quality sleep. Cooling at night keeps you sleeping and encourages profound sleep. It triggers brain to fall asleep 98% quicker.

OOLER app’s programmable sleep schedules help with degree-wise adjustability; have temperature precision all night. Hot flashes, tossing and turning are a thing of the past. You can set dissimilar nightly sleep temperatures with chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review effortlessness.

Follow these 5 steps to operate chiliPAD Cube. Unfold pad and place over mattress and beneath a fitted sheet. The elastic corner straps fit around mattress edges for additional stability. The micro-tubes may be placed at head/foot of bed, depending on user preferences.

Cube must rest on horizontal surface with 2’ breathing room on either side. It should be plugged into AC outlet and positioned with water tank to avert leakage. Owners can use risers to situate Cube beneath bed. Connect male end of external tube accessory to Cube’s connector. When connecting, the blue release button must face upward.

Cube has an opening on top where water must be added. Unscrew cap and put in distilled water as desirable. Once full water capacity is reached, turn machine on using power button. The tubes start to fill with water. As water is dispensed into tubes, owners must add additional distilled water until ‘Add Water’ indicator light switches off.

2 buttons, one with flame icon and another with snowflake icon, are situated next to power button. Owners utilize these two buttons to augment or diminish temperature in one-degree increments until preferred setting is attained. A temperature reading exhibits owner’s setting. Once temperature is correctly adjusted, the number blinks thrice. Most temperature alterations are effective in 15 minutes.

Besides manual controls, owners may program temperature settings using wireless remote. To trigger it, hold down Cube’s power button for 5 seconds; the unit beeps and shows a blinking ‘888’ in temperature display. Turn on remote control now; unit beeps again and displays current temperature preset. To program remote with dual-zone pad, confirm one of the Cubes remains off during this procedure.

To turn off, just press power button while it’s running. The display will instantly turn off. Owners are recommended to unplug Cube. To drain Cube, use included H-shaped tool.

Comfort & Health Benefits

The quilted outer cover is nice and spongy using polyester/cotton blend. Sleeping straight on mattress pad will make no variation to overall comfort with a sheet added on top. Use heat-trapping traits of bedding materials to your gain chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review by cooling mattress surface and letting blankets act as insulation. The extensive temperature range 55-110F (12.8-43.3C) allows you to get superior, soothing sleep. It can’t replace conventional A/C. Highest operating performance can be affected by ambient heat and humidity. Temperature control in one-degree augmentations gives ideal sleep temperature and you enjoy efficiency benefits of improved, revitalized REM sleep.

Designed with recovery assistances from cold therapy, the cooling capacities help in reducing insomnia from hot flashes, menopause, back pain & cold sweats, allowing utterly calming sleep experience. Sleeping at cooler temperature can noticeably double the time for temperature-activated REM sleep and help in physical recovery.

The pad will be beneath you with water running through tubing and since water has 25 times the cooling effectiveness of air. When water runs beneath, it will draw heat from body for cooling effect or circulate warm water to warm your body up. The system prevents heat buildup between sleeper and mattress, offering improved sleeping conditions during night.

It works comfily on an adjustable bed. The pad is supple and cube produces sufficient pressure to move water under body weight. It merely takes a few minutes to cool any side down and nobody wakes up overheated or sweaty.

Durability & Warranty

US-made chiliPAD Cube 3.0 proffers a 2-year warranty. Coverage for imperfections in Cube control unit is partly prorated. During initial year, Chili Technology revamps/replaces pads with imperfect Cube units at no additional charge to proprietor, counting shipping and transport fees. During next year, revamps or substitutions of pads with imperfect Cube units will sustain a $30 fee for proprietor. chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review

Warranty coverage is dissimilar for mattress pad and tubing constituents. Chili Technology presents 90-night sleep-trial for chiliPAD Cube 3.0. During initial 90 nights, Chili Technology will repair or replace units with defective pads or tubing at no extra charge to owner.

Warranty coverage is restricted to US customers. All imperfections should be brought to Chili Technology’s concentration within 3 months of problem arising initially.

The warranty will cover these imperfections; any imperfections to padding, tubing, or Cube control unit that happen notwithstanding good use and handling.

The warranty will not cover defects to pads used in marketable settings, damage to chiliPAD that happens due to mistreatment, vandalism, or acts of nature/God. This warranty is solely accessible to original owners who purchase it from Chili Technology or certified retailer. Those who purchase or obtain their pad from original owner or non-authorized seller will not obtain warranty coverage. There’s free regular shipping to all 50 states.

It has a 90-night trial period; if you return it you not only disburse the return shipping but company deducts original shipping charges from refund. You should also obtain an RMA number prior to returning, which is typical practice. You try the unit for 30 days as it has been established scientifically that it requires a regular person 3 weeks to get habituated to an alteration in sleeping conditions. Temperature is individual inclination. Start at 65 degrees F and adjust from there.

The sleep trial doesn’t comprise an obligatory break-in period, and clientele may return product at any point of 90-night trial. This sleep trial is solely offered to consumers who buy chiliPAD straight from Chili Technology; it’s not extended to users who procure pad from third-party sellers.

Besides returns, Chili Technology presents product exchanges and improvements. Owners should fill out online form to request substitution/upgrade.


chiliPAD Cube 3.0 has multiple size variants including Single (75″ L x 30″ W), Twin XL (80″L x 38″W), Full (53W” x 75L”), Queen (80″L x 60″W), King (80″ L x 76″ W), Split California King (36W” x 84L”) and Cal King (84″ L x 72″ W).

For Whom It’s Ideal?

It’s a longstanding tale: one individual is feeling warm, the other chilly, and they argue over what degree the room is. chiliPAD Cube 3.0 - Complete Review Now, couples can perpetually resolve the fight over thermostat with this practical device. chiliPAD Cube 3.0 single- and double-zone mattress pads are most appropriate for single sleepers and couples who sense temperature-associated uneasiness (too searing/too freezing) throughout night.

Expecting women and other users with medical conditions that cause extremely hot/freezing sleep experience can benefit from this product. It’s considered safe for kids and sleepers of every other age. Back, side, stomach or combo sleepers of any weight category find it convenient.

Homeowners who like to save hard-earned cash on heating and cooling bills will find this effective since it reduces energy costs for them. According to Chili Technology, the chiliPAD Cube costs just 18 cents per night to use. This can save user’s money if the regular heating/cooling charges surpass this amount.

Owners can switch it off when they aren’t resting/sleeping. It’s solely designed as a sleep gadget, and must not be operated as heating/cooling device if owners aren’t in bed.


  • Extensive range of temperature alternatives ranging from 55F-110F
  • Dial in the precise warmth of sleeping surface and warms up in seconds
  • Single- and twin-zone pads obtainable, accommodates single/double beds
  • Machine-washable and trouble-free to keep up
  • Manual/wireless controls
  • Health advantages and possible user savings
  • Wireless remote-regulated operating system permits altering temperature from within the bed
  • Save funds on electric bill by heating merely the bed instead of the entire room
  • Averages below 80W energy usage, lower than 0.18 cents each night
  • Dual-mattress pad splits so two sleepers benefit from idyllic temperature


  • Noise potential; so it’s not suitable for light sleepers who awaken simply due to noise
  • Not appropriate for sleepers who don’t experience considerable temperature-related problems at night
  • Requires waterproof mattress protector to shun condensation
  • Mattress pads underneath fitted sheets might feel rough for very sensitive users


Nearly 9 out of 10 user experiences demonstrate that consumers have had an affirmative experience with chiliPAD Cube 3.0 and its Chili Technology. Undoubtedly, it is the future of sleep technology accessible now.

If you’re seeking a temperature-regulated sleep surface that can be more tailored to precise cooling temperatures and warmth transfer for comforting warmth to painful joints, then chiliPAD Cube 3.0 is a better choice. Even though its installation takes slightly extra planning and consideration regarding placement, once positioned, it merely requires very trivial maintenance to keep water clean and filled for best possible usage.

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