Casper Mattresses Review

Casper Mattresses Review One of the important and necessary tools for good, sound sleep is the mattress we use. You might have often heard many people saying that they are used to sleeping in their own bed and find it difficult to get adjusted to other beds – even the ones in expensive hotels. This is because our body structure needs a good mattress, which is not always available in hotels.

So, if you are looking for a high quality, comfortable mattress, the wait is over. Casper won the Time award ‘best invention of 2015’ for its new sleep mattress. What is so great about this product? Well, the product has been designed to attend to the 3 important ‘S’ of sleep – support, simple and sublime. Casper sleep mattress combines the proprietary materials for an unparalleled support. This is one product which is sure to make you jump with joy after the first few nights.

Casper Mattresses Review: Design and Construction

Created with a 4 layer foam construction, Casper sleep mattress claims to deflect any number of objects thrown on it. The construction of Casper sleep mattress is done to provide support, breathability and bounce. The materials used are a combination of soft latex and firm memory foam; when engineered together these two impart an unparalleled support to sleeping posture and bounce without compromising on cooling air circulation.

During the transition between winters to summer or vice versa, some people face a real deal with their sleeping habits. This is mainly because it is neither too to switch on the air conditioner not can you sleep with just the fan on. Casper sleep mattress addresses this issue scientifically with its open cell latex foam, which offers breathability to keep one cool and balanced throughout the night.

The latex used is hypoallergenic to prevent any discomfort, and the transition foam used is durable, adaptive and tends to retain its bounce. This design was narrowed down after exploring more than a hundred configurations. The dozen prototypes that were shortlisted were then tested by people from all walks of life. The sleepers tested prototypes and based on their reviews, feedback and suggestion, Casper sleep mattress was finally created.

This mattress is developed for just the right sink and bounce. Created after months of testing, this mattress is both comfortable and human centered.

The shipping is done in a compact light box. One of the most important attributes about this product is the marketing strategy used by its creators. Direct to consumer marketing has brought down the costs to almost one-third of what the premium mattress manufacturers are quoting, for the same quality standards. This strategy is especially beneficial to the buyers and end users as they get the product for a lesser amount, without any compromise on quality expectations. 

Mattress Performance & Durability

The mattress has received great reviews from people and industry specialists. The developers have attributed the success to their exhaustive testing of materials to shortlist on the ones used. Casper sleep mattress can be counted upon to provide a splendid sleep. The mattress is known to cradle each part of the body to provide the perfect sleeping posture.

Many times, particularly in the morning, we feel a crick in the neck or a slight niggling back ache. These maladies can easily disappear with Casper sleep mattress, mainly due to its 4-foam design. The bounce technology also aids in proper posture positioning, especially for people who weigh more. Sometimes, when we sleep upside down, we tend to wake up with a back ache due to mattress sag. This can be easily avoided with casper as no matter how much you weigh, the mattress will handle it.

As compared with other memory foam style mattresses, Casper mattress is way more resistant to weight. The open cell latex design is to be thanked for this, as it does not allow for body heat to be trapped in the foam. Also, because the memory foam keeps its original shape, flipping and rotating of this mattress becomes unnecessary.

Softer foam mattresses sometimes provide a nasty shock by having a person slip right off the edge. Imagine slipping right off the bed while tying shoelaces sitting at the edge of it. It’s hilarious when you think about it now but frustrating when you are late for work.

Casper sleep mattress has the capability to provide a firm support to the body. It is also good for people who complain of joint and back pains. 

Special Features

Hybrid materials used tend to make the mattress cooler as open cell latex foam does not allow for body heat to be trapped. Casper sleep mattress is also super silent with no irritating creak or other sounds. Also check the best latex mattresses.

Many people tend to move around in their sleep, causing discomfort to themselves and to anyone daring enough to share their bed. With Casper sleep moving and thrashing reduces marginally because of the special foam technology which tends to cradle a body.

Another useful feature is that the adjustable mattress is great at keeping sleepers separate. One of the challenges faced by many couples is waking up whenever your partner gets up for water or a trip to bathroom at night. With Casper sleep mattress, one can easily get rid of such unnecessary disturbances. The ultra-firm foam and latex ensures that there is no ripple effect of pressure on the mattress. It also ensures that there is no permanent indentation left by heavy weight sleepers. This is really important when you have to share your bed with people who weigh more. To sleep in an indented mattress after it has been used by a fat uncle can get your back screaming from every move.

Casper sleep mattresses are durable and tend to maintain their shape for a long time. They are also pretty quick to adjust to. The materials used are environment friendly and certified. The hypoallergenic latex used is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and the foam is Certipur certified. These certifications are usually provided to only the lowest VOC margins hence making these mattresses non-toxic.

On a few online portals there is a special 100 day return feature for this product. This basically means that after even after using the mattress for 100 days, if your body is finding it difficult to get adjusted to the mattress, it can be returned. This shows the level of confidence the developers have in their product. 

Pros and cons

Casper sleep mattress has many advantages. The major ones being durability, great quality of the materials used, brilliant performance and reasonable pricing. However, the new Casper sleep mattress can be firm and a little difficult to adjust to. But then again, this is normal with every new purchase of mattress. Like a pair of new shoes, new mattresses need time to break in and get used to. To win the trust of customers, the developers of Casper offer a 100 day return policy, if the product is bought from specific online retailers.

The reasonable price of the mattress is a huge advantage which makes Casper better than several other manufacturers. The costing is kept down by a unique marketing model, with no compromise on quality and usage of certified and standard materials. Doesn’t this make Casper one of a kind?

Another advantage of the mattress is that over a period of use it does not lose its bounce back technology and remains as firm as ever. This firmness should not be confused by hardness, which is a common problem with many other mattresses.

The only drawback of the mattress is that it does not come with a fitted cover. However, there is a wide variety of covers available in the market, at affordable costs. It is important to note that other manufacturers do not provide such covering either. 

The verdict

Every mattress is unique and the pros or cons can be different for different person sleeping on it. A person with rheumatism might prefer a different type of mattress from what a person with a chronic back pain might want. However, Casper sleep mattress tends to address the wants of every body type. It has been seen that people with chronic aches and pains were relieved after using this mattress. The mattress also adjusted to individual weights without causing undue stress.

Use of certified environment friendly materials is an added benefit. The Casper brand is creating a niche for itself in the mattress market. This is possible only because of quality and durable products that are focused on customer satisfaction. More mattresses option with the best memory foam mattresses.

Available in various sizes at remarkable prices, Casper sleep mattress is definitely a great buy.

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