Can You Make A Mattress Firmer - A Detailed Guide

There is nothing more soothing than lying down on a comfortable bed at the end of a long day. A good mattress will help you get the restful sleep that you need so your body can recharge itself from the stress of a day. If you notice that your mattress does not seem to be as comforting as it once was, you might want to check if the firmness level needs to be beefed up so you can continue to enjoy blissful slumber.

Can You Make A Mattress Firmer - A Detailed Guide

The firmness of your mattress will play a key role in how comfortable your sleep can be. A mattress with just the right firmness will keep your body supported in the position that you prefer while preventing your body from curving unnaturally and causing you pain. .The level of firmness that the mattress should have will also be influenced by your own personal comfort preferences as well as existing health conditions (such as back problems). A mattress may feel a lot less firm when you have been using it for a long time, but this does not mean you need to endure the discomfort of sleeping on an unsupportive mattress. There are several ways to increase the firmness of your mattress and enhance your sleeping pleasure.

How To Make A Mattress Firmer

Can You Make A Mattress Firmer - A Detailed Guide

Check the Sleep Trial Period

If you bought your mattress online, it most likely came with a sleep trial of 100 days to a year, depending on the brand of your mattress. This trial period allows you to see for yourself how the mattress works and feels in the comfort of your home before you fully commit to keeping it long-term. If you are still within the specified trial period, you can get in touch with the mattress company and ask if a firmer version of the mattress is available (if this option is included in the sleep trial policy). If there is no firmer version of the mattress available, you can return the one that you currently have and get a refund as long as the return is made within the trial period. Then, you can  proceed to search for a mattress that has the firmness level you prefer.

Use a Mattress Topper

Using a mattress topper is one of the quickest ways to increase the firmness of your sleeping surface. While a mattress topper is regarded as something that is often used to enhance the comfort or softness level of a mattress, the topper can also make the mattress feel more supportive so your body can stay in a properly aligned position while you sleep. To improve the firmness of your mattress, a mattress topper made with either memory foam or latex will do the trick. These mattress toppers are made with dense materials that provide a supportive layer for you to enjoy while you sleep in whichever position you favor throughout the night. A thick mattress topper can also make an old mattress feel comfortable by masking any lumps or soft spots that have formed after many years of use.

Inspect the Box Spring

Box springs will deteriorate over time, especially when the bed is used regularly. Box springs provide your sleeping surface with the firmness it needs to support your body continuously while you sleep and prevent discomfort. When the springs break down, the box springs will not be able to support the mattress the way they once did, causing the mattress to feel extremely soft. If you determine your box spring is damaged, you can opt to buy a new one so you can continue to enjoy a supportive bed. Changing the box spring is a more economical step compared to changing the mattress.

Examine and Replace Damaged Layers

Some mattresses come with layers made with different materials that are all held together by the outer mattress shell or encasement. This type of mattress allows you to remove and replace any layer that has deteriorated so that you can still reap the benefits of the mattress without the need to purchase a brand-new one. Depending on the materials used within the mattress, a worn-out layer may be the reason the mattress became unbearably soft and uncomfortable to use. Replacing the damaged layer can solve the firmness issue and make your mattress feel completely comfortable to use once more.

Fine-Tune the Room Temperature

Some materials that are used in creating mattresses are sensitive to temperature changes. What might feel like a fantastic temperature for your room may be affecting your mattress’ firmness, so you should also check this factor when considering how to make your mattress firmer and more comfortable again. A memory foam mattress tends to become softer when the room is warm and can get firmer in colder rooms. You might want to try bringing the room temperature down a bit to see if that affects the firmness of the mattress.

Can You Make A Mattress Firmer - A Detailed Guide

Flip or Rotate the Mattress

Mattresses that have been used for years may sag or develop lumps and soft spots. Rotating the mattress regularly helps even out the wear and tear on all parts of the sleeping surface so you won’t need to endure sleeping on an area that feels too worn out or soft. If the mattress style permits, you can also flip it so that you can enjoy the other side’s firmness when you feel that the side you have been using has become too soft and unsupportive. By flipping the mattress, you also give one side the chance to rest and recover from being used.

Dry Out the Mattress

A mattress can feel too soft when it absorbs moisture from the environment. This can happen if your home is close to the beach or if you live in a humid area. You can air out the mattress outdoors on a sunny day so that the moisture from within can completely evaporate. Drying out the mattress under the sun can also work to eliminate mold, bacteria, and germs that may have accumulated within because of the dampness. A mattress can feel significantly firmer when excess moisture is removed.

Choose Tight-Fitting Sheets

Bedsheets that are pulled tightly across the mattress can contribute to a firmer sleeping surface. Look for sheets with the size corresponding to that of your mattress so that the material can produce a smooth, taut surface to lie down on. The flat and tight surface of the mattress can feel firmer compared to using loosely fitted sheets that can contribute to a soft and unsupportive sensation on the bed.

Try Plywood Boards

Placing a plywood board between the bottom of the mattress and the top of the bed frame foundation or box spring can improve the firmness of the mattress. The rigid structure of the plywood prevents the mattress from sinking too much so that the sleeping surface feels supportive, providing you with a comfortable area to sleep on without making you feel like you are stuck in soft spots all around the mattress. With the right level of firmness, your body will keep its neutral alignment to prevent body aches caused by sleeping in unnaturally curved positions.

Place the Mattress on the Floor

If you need a quick fix for your soft mattress problem, you might want to move the mattress to the floor. The hard surface makes the mattress feel much firmer, much like the plywood solution. However, this should be considered only as a temporary solution, since leaving the mattress on the floor for long periods can result in the development of molds in and around the structure of the mattress. Dirt and bugs can also access your sleeping area more easily as well when the mattress is placed on the floor.

Key Takeaways

  • A mattress that has become too soft can cause discomfort since it does not provide the support that your body needs.
  • Improving the firmness of a mattress can be done in different ways so that purchasing a brand-new mattress will be unnecessary (for the time being).
  • A mattress that has a sleep trial can be returned with a refund if you feel that it is too soft for your comfort preference.
  • Room temperature and humidity can affect the mattress and make it softer, and dealing with these factors can help bring back the firmness of the mattress.
  • Quick fixes such as using a mattress topper, a plywood board, mattress rotation, and placing the mattress on the floor can improve the firmness of the sleeping surface.


Q: Can you make a mattress firmer?

A: Yes, you can make your mattress firmer in different ways so that it will feel supportive and comfortable to sleep on once more.

Q: Is a mattress topper only good for making the mattress soft?

A: No, a mattress topper can also offer an additional supportive layer that can make the sleeping surface feel much firmer.

Q: How does temperature affect a mattress?

A: Some mattress materials, such as memory foam, are temperature sensitive. Memory foam tends to become softer in warm temperatures and hardens in colder rooms. You can adjust the thermostat to a lower setting to help firm up a memory foam mattress.

Q: Will placing the mattress on the floor make it firmer?

A: Yes, because the floor provides a rigid base that can fully support the mattress to make it feel firmer. However, this may not be a long-term solution since the mattress will be more susceptible to mold development and more exposed to dirt and bugs.


There are several ways to make a mattress feel firmer so that you can feel comfortable while sleeping on it. You can try out the above-mentioned options first and see what works best for firming up your mattress.S This way you may be able to continue enjoying the benefits of your existing mattress and not shell out a significant amount of money for a brand-new mattress just yet.


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