Buffy Cloud Comforter Review

The Buffy Cloud Comforter has been designed and constructed as the softest comforter in the whole world. It is made Buffy Cloud Comforter Review out of fiber that gives the feeling of being touched by clouds and provides warmth and coziness for the whole year-round. It is super soft and covered in a fabric made out of eucalyptus which is even softer as compared to cotton. For the same reason, when the comforter is on, it does not feel as if the sleeper is under cotton candy. The manufacturer recommends the use of Buffy Duvet cover to enhance the protection for this comforter. The Comforter is indeed very lofty, and it has been filled with many layers of gossamer fiber. This gives the feeling of being snuggled up for the sleeper and creates a very cozy and satisfying sensation. The fill is air-blown to ensure that the sleeper gets that perfect cloud-like feel.

Materials and Construction

The Comforter has got a Eucalyptus fabric cover. Organic Eucalyptus is increasingly being used as an alternative material to cotton. The fabric comes from the Eucalyptus tree which is a very fast-growing tree. It is increasingly being touted and accepted as an eco-friendly and ethical material the fashion industry as well as for beddings, etc. however, it needs to be planted at just the right place to be so. In all major and advanced societies and associated industries, it has become important to collectively work towards an ethical, ecological and sustainable lifestyle for the sake of the health of humanity as well as that of the planet. May people now directly question as to where the food is coming from and how it is grown. The same is true for energy sources like electricity, etc. Questions about their sustainability and ethical nature carry a lot of weight these days.  The same has now become true for clothing and bedding, etc. The bedding industry has not yet achieved the level of sustainability as much as the food and energy industry. However, there are now many produces available which are acting as alternatives to many different materials that were used traditionally.

Eucalyptus is now turning into a sustainable fabric for ethical and high-quality bedding. Eucalyptus is a flowering tree or shrub which is quite woody, and it is found as close to 700 different species which occur mostly in South East Asia and Australia.  There are, however, many different varieties of this plant which grow in Africa, America, and Europe as well. It grows fast, and it is used to extract oil which is very useful as a natural insecticide and is also used for cleaning.  The tree is never uprooted when it is harvested. Instead, it is cut. It has a remarkable property of Buffy Cloud Comforter Review growing back very quickly, and as such, it is being touted as a highly renewable material. The compounds present in the oil extract from this tree serve as natural disinfectants, and many soap makers use these to add fragrance to their products. Eucalyptus, however, being woody is different from cotton plants and requires a substantial amount of energy as it is converted to fiber to eventually make fabric. The fiber is very soft.

As a material, Eucalyptus is known as Tencel Lyocell, and it is made out of the pulp of Eucalyptus trees. For this purpose, certified Eucalyptus trees are used. The Eucalyptus pulp is given similar treatment as semi-synthetic natural fibers e.g. Viscous Bamboo. However, the Lyocell process is quite eco-friendly. The only chemical which is used in this process is amine oxide which allows for a closed-loop process, and ultimately 99% of this chemical ends up being used again. This reduces the impact of the chemical on the environment and also conserves bot energy and water. The fabric which results is very soft and breathable. The amine oxide used in the process is non-toxic, and the products that enter the atmosphere or water sources are minimal in concentrations, and they are quite harmless. The fabric produced is a biodegradable fabric which can be recycled as well. It even gets digested in the sewage. In waste treatment plants, it takes only eight days to degrade it. There are certain negative outcomes, as well. The planting and growing of the Eucalyptus tree are considered environmentally destructive as it drains marshland and destroys vital woodland. However, this can be avoided by making the Eucalyptus grow in areas which do not have swathes of native ecosystems. It is a great source of fabric for leading sustainable lifestyle.

The eucalyptus fabric cover is also highly breathable. This means that it allows for air circulation to existing inside the cover at all times. This helps t wick away the sweat and moisture from the body as well as the comforter and the sleeper feel cool and dry at all times. The body heat is also dispersed and drawn away from the body thus creating a very cool and pleasant sleep environment on top of the bed.  Through body heat dispersal and moisture-wicking, the comforter provides a high degree of thermal regulation and moisture control. These enable the sleeper to have a perfectly comfortable and undisturbed sleep as heat and moisture which cause a lot of unease during the night are well taken care of.  The cooling and body heat dispersal capabilities also make this comforter highly suitable for use Buffy Cloud Comforter Review in warm climates.

The fabric cover of this Cloud Comforter is filled with gossamer fiber. This fiber gives a very soft, gauze-like veiling originally of silk. It is super soft in fact and contributes largely to the cloud-like feeling one gets with this comforter.  The eco-friendliness of the comforter can be gauged from the fact that each of these comforters keeps 12 geese alive and at least 50 bottles stay out of landfills. As such, it is a cruelty-free product and ha sustainable sourcing without causing any harm directly to birds. The manufacturer ensures that plastic bottles are kept out of oceans and landfills and they are transformed into very soft and fluffy fill. The manufacturer’s family has got 25 years of expertise in weaving mills.

The Comforter is also hypoallergenic and as such does not allow the dust mites and allergens to live and thrive inside it. This is very useful for those people who have allergy-related issues and who normally wake up on traditional beds with skin irritations and stuffed noses. With this comforter, they would feel snuggled and cozy and completely allergen-free. They would have a very comfortable and deep rest as a result and would not toss and turn with discomfort as they would on non-hypoallergenic bedding which is not hypoallergenic. The very nature of being hypoallergenic keeps the comforter and thus the bed clean and sanitary and contributes to the overall health and wellness of the sleeper as well as that of the bedroom.  The comforter also repels dust and offers resistance to its accumulation. This keeps it clean and gives a very pleasant and enjoyable feeling to the sleeper at night.

The Buffy cloud comforter has succeeded in keeping 2.5 million plastic bottles out of oceans and landfills since its introduction. This is a great service to the environment. The amount of water used by the Eucalyptus growth and processing is ten times less as compared to the amount of water required for cotton growth and fiber processing. This results in an immense saving of natural resources. Since December 2017, Buffy Cloud Comforter and other Buffy products have become very popular on social media as the comforter is very lightweight, feels like a cloud and it is also highly breathable enabling a perfectly snug but very cool wrap around throughout the night. It is also important to note that as long as the eucalyptus trees are grown in areas where there are no swathes of plant ecosystems, these are environment-friendly sources of very soft, breathable and sustainable products which are accepted by the trending sustainable lifestyle. The low consumption of water, the absence of any toxic chemical in the processing of the eucalyptus and the subsequent protection of geese along with the use of plastic bottles to make the fluffy fill in the comforter are all great benefits that accrue with the use of this eco-friendly and cruelty-free product.

Buffy Cloud Comforter – Highlights
Price: $$$
Shell Construction: Eco-friendly and sustainable Eucalyptus Lyocell
Fill: Each Comforter has filled from 50 reclaimed BPA – and phthalate-free PET plastic bottles
Warranty: 7-night sleep trial. No traditional warranty but manufacturer deals with defects due to materials and workmanship on case to case basis.
Ideal for: People who prefer a sustainable lifestyle and those who want to sleep cool. also for people who have allergies
Quality of Materials: Eco-Friendly and sustainable Eucalyptus Lyocell, 100% polyester filling from plastic bottles
Differentiators: Sustainable and eco-friendly materials used in its construction. It is breathable, cool, and durable. It can be dry cleaned.
Comparable Products: Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert, Quilted Comforter with Corner Tabs, Box Stitched Down Alternative Comforter

SNUZZZZ Comforter, 100% Eucalyptus Fabric, Hypoallergenic Bedding, Alternative Down Comforter

Rating: 4.3/5.0


The Buffy Cloud Comforter can be described as an epitome of Comfort as both the lightweight and breathable Buffy Cloud Comforter Review eucalyptus fabric cover as well as the fluffy and super soft fill inside it makes the comforter incredibly comfortable. The degree of comfort can be gauged by the fact that the sleeper feels as if he/she is sleeping in a cloud as it snuggles up very cozily to the body and wraps around it to keep it cool, dry and comfortable throughout the night. The absence of allergens, dust mites and mold allow the body to feel even more pleasant and an aura of cleanliness surrounds the comforter as a result. The comforter also repels dust and makes the sleep experience very unique and increasingly pleasant as the sleeper gets to sleep in it night after night.

The exterior of the comforter, which is known as the shell determines how comfortable the sleeper feels as it touches the skin. The quality of materials used in making this comforter is responsible for this feel. The comfortable feel provided by the shell is a testimony to the fact that the comforter uses very high-quality materials. The eucalyptus shell of this comforter has got a very silky and soft feel which is much smoother as compared to cotton. It is also very cool to touch. The comfort of a comforter is also judged by ascertaining how warm it keeps an individual in cold temperatures and many comforters in the market might require one to bundle these up with additional blanket.  As far as the Buffy Cloud Comforter is concerned, it has got a mid-weight feel which means that it is adequately comfortable to use in winter in most locations. It has the capability to serve the sleeper well in cooler climates as well.

The breathability of a comforter is also very important in terms of providing overall comfort. The ability to draw heat away from the body to thermally regulate the sleep environment as well as to keep the moisture managed on the bed are very important to any purchaser of comforter. The Buffy Cloud Comforter has been equipped with naturally breathable, and its filling consists of airy fill materials which do not retain body heat as the down does.  Therefore, as compared to down comforters, the Buffy Cloud Comforter is highly breathable and wicks away sweat and moisture well. Only in the special case of very hot summer nights when the temperature is too high would the comforter get a little hot.

The hypoallergenic nature of the comforter is a great source of comfort as the sleeper is ensured that all the allergens, mildew and mold, etc. have been repelled and there are no dust mites living or thriving inside the Buffy Cloud Comforter Review comforter.  The very assurance, as well as the actual absence of such irritants, provide a sense of relief to the sleeper and he/she can go to bed without any worries related to getting allergies on his/her mind. The sustainable and contemporary lifestyle requires that both toxic chemicals, as well as biological organisms, be minimized or eliminated from the products used for sleeping and this comforter is a shining example in this regard.  The processing of its shell does not use any toxic chemicals as the only chemical used in its processing is amine oxide which is not a toxin, and even this chemical is recycled through a closed-loop manufacturing process, and 99% of it ends up being recycled.  Besides being very comfortable for the sleeper, the comforter and its manufacturing process, as well as the sourcing of its raw materials like the eucalyptus fabric for its shell, create the least amount of impact on the environment and the plantation of the eucalyptus tree if done at the right places is sustainable. This translates to ‘comfort’ for the ecosystem and the planet as the ecological damage is minimized.

Durability and Warranty

The buffy Cloud comforter is a highly durable product. The durability of the comforter can be gauged by ascertaining the durability of its construction materials. The quality of the construction materials is directly tied to how long they are going to last. As such, the durability of the comforter depends upon the quality as well as the life of the construction materials. The build quality of the comforter is another important factor. The manufacturer’s family has been in weaving business for over 25 years now, and the manufacturer has got skilled artisans and engineers who produce this product. The build quality is excellent, and the high popularity of the product on social media since December 2017 is a testimony to this fact.

On average, a normal comforter would last for as long as 15 years if it is properly taken care of and maintained well. The shell of this comforter which is the exterior of the comforter and which comes in direct contact with the bedding and the outside environment is made out of Eucalyptus Lyocell. This product is well known for its very high durability. When the comforters are washed again and again, their life is normally shortened. However, this comforter is hypoallergenic and repels dust mites, allergens, mildew, and mold. As such, it does not need to be Buffy Cloud Comforter Review washed too often. This feature increases its lifespan, and therefore, it can be safely stated that Buffy Cloud Comforter is highly durable and would last for a very long time.

The durability of the comforter is also affected by the way it is being maintained and cleaned as described above. Different comforters available in the market have different type of cleaning requirements. As explained above discomforted does not need to be washed often as it is hypoallergenic and repels allergens and dust mites, etc. However, there would be times when cleaning of the comforter would be requited. The manufacturer recommends that the comforter be dry cleaned for cleaning purposes. No chemicals or bleach should be tried on this product. Dry cleaning is a very economical, effective and convenient cleaning method for this comforter. In case, for any reason, the owner of the comforter does not want to get the comforter dry cleaned, he/she can always get it washed in large industrial washing machines.

If a standard washing machine is used, there is a possibility that some of the materials used in the making of the comforter will be damaged. A good way to increase the life of the comforter is to use it along with a Duvet cover which has to be purchased separately and does not come along with this product.  There would be a bit of a compromise here though, as the duvet cover might affect the cooling qualities of the comforter unless it is also equally breathable. The manufacturer recommends the use of Buffy Duvet Cover for this purpose.

The Comforter is filled with durable materials as well. Inside each Buffy Cloud Comforter, there is a durable and environmentally friendly fill which is made out of at least 50 BPA- and phthalate-free PET plastic bottles which have been reclaimed.  This fill is then blown with air and is layered. This is instrumentation giving the very soft and fluffy cloud-like feel. The materialism 100% recycled polyester, which is soft on the environment but highly durable. It is sourced from petroleum products, and one can gauge the level of durability as a result. On the other hand, Eucalyptus Lyocell is considered to be one of the most durable materials available.

Buffy Cloud Comforter does not carry a conventional type of warranty. The manufacturer has however made provisions for covering manufacturing defects related to materials and workmanship on a case to case basis. Whenever there is a non-user related damage to the comforter, the manufacturer can be contacted. The manufacturer also offers a 7-night sleep trial, and it begins on the day the order is placed.  The customer is charged after the sleep trial period is over.  The comforters which are returned to the manufacturer are donated to charities and homeless shelters.

Who is it Ideal For?

The Buffy cloud Comforter can be used by everyone; however, it is ideally suited for those who would like to have a cool and comfortable sleep.  It serves the people who prefer a sustainable lifestyle well as it is eco-friendly and its constructions and materials processing conserves energy and water. It is also good for people with allergies as it repels allergens, mildew, mold and dust mites, etc.


  • The shell of the comforter is made out of sustainable and eco-friendly Eucalyptus Lyocell.
  • It contains air blown fill of recycled plastic bottles.
  • It is breathable and provides cool, moisture-free sleep.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • It repels dust.
  • It is highly durable and lasts for a long time.
  • It is very soft and gives a cloud-like feel.
  • It can be dry cleaned.
  • The manufacturer offers a 7-night sleep trial.


  • In very hot summer nights, it might get hot.
  • The sleep trial starts on the date the order is placed and not upon the date of the delivery of the comforter.


The Buffy Clod Comforter is very soft, cool and breathable. It even provides warmth in cooler climates.  It is an eco-friendly product which appeals to people who prefer a sustainable lifestyle. It is good for people with allergies as it is hypoallergenic. It provides cool and dry sleep even in summer nights unless the nights are very hot. It can be easily maintained and requires infrequent cleaning. It can be dry cleaned and as such it is easy and convenient to maintain it.

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