Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets – Ultimate Review 2022

Your sleep experience will be affected by the quality of the products that surround you as you lie down in bed. The Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets - Ultimate Review 2020 effect will depend on what materials are around you as you try to achieve the relaxing slumber that you need to keep your mind and body rejuvenated. Some of the products that can make or break your sleep quality are the bed sheets and fabric that you have around you night after night. The Boll & Branch Luxury Fair Trade Long Staple Organic Cotton Sheet Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases (along with a reusable bag) to make your bed the coziest it can be, so you can sleep in the most blissful way possible.

The sumptuous softness of Boll & Branch bedding products is legendary, with 2 living US presidents (Clinton and Bush) known to use these sheets in their homes. However, even those who do not normally buy luxury have become loyal to the brand for their outstanding quality products as well as the fair trade and environmentally sound practices that they follow in manufacturing the most indulgent bedding products available.

Boll & Branch Luxury Set Inclusions

These are the items that are included in this luxurious sheet set:

2 Pillowcases

The sheet set includes Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020 2 pillowcases to ensure that your head and/or face area will only have the softest surface to rest on. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from so you can rest assured that your existing pillow will have the correct and corresponding size to keep the pillow securely covered, without being forced into a case that is too small or a case that is too big that the pillow can fall out with the slightest movement. The pillowcases also work to keep your pillows protected from premature damage that may occur when they are regularly exposed to common body secretions such as sweat and saliva. The cases also offer a protective barrier against accidental spills and can easily be laundered to take the stains out – something that can be more difficult to do with pillows when they are the ones that are directly exposed to the spills.

Flat Sheet

The flat sheet is a piece of cloth shaped like a rectangle and is designed to sit flat on top of the mattress. This luxuriously soft Boll & Branch flat sheet works as a protective layer between your skin and any heavy blanket that you may prefer to use. This flat sheet is easier to launder than the blanket on top, so it will be easier for you to keep your beddings clean and well maintained when you use a flat sheet in addition to your blanket. When the weather gets too warm, some people may opt to use this alone as a light blanket instead of using their usual blanket that may be too heavy for the weather condition. Placing and removing the flat sheet is convenient to do since it can easily be draped without hassle to achieve the function and appearance you want on your bed, and is easily folded as well when it is time to put it in storage.

Fitted Sheet

The ultra-soft fitted sheet comes with elastics that are sewn into the corners and sides. These elastics ensure that the sheet stays firmly in place and will not slip off the mattress even when you move around while you sleep (or when using the bed for non-sleep-related purposes). The fitted sheet provides you with a decadently soft surface to lie down on, making it easier for you to fall asleep more quickly and helping you achieve deep sleep for the duration of the night. It also works as a barrier to keep the mattress underneath protected from body fluids and accidental spills Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020 that can lead to lasting damage. The fitted sheets feature a deep 17-inch pocket to make sure that they will easily fit and protect even the tallest or thickest mattresses.

The sheet set comes with a reusable laundry bag that you can use to store the sheets and pillowcases to keep them protected from dust when not in use. The laundry bag can also help in preserving the high-quality appearance and functionality of the sheets so you can use them for a long time.

Luxurious Yet Eco-Friendly Sheets & Pillowcases

The company’s commitment to organic farming practices results in using 90% less water to make the topnotch products, compared to linens that are manufactured in conventional ways. The manufactured products are shipped by boat, so the company is able to save 21, 252 metric tons of carbon emissions that are equivalent to being able to save the greenhouse emissions coming from over 4,500 cars yearly. The use of organically grown cotton also has a profoundly positive impact on the environment. Instead of using pesticides that can gravely harm the waterways, the air, and soil around, Boll & Branch uses marigolds for pest control to ensure that the cotton and the environment will not be exposed to harsh substances. As a result, you can look forward to enjoying your decadently soft bedsheets and pillowcases without worrying that you and exposing you and your loved ones to potentially harmful substances coming from the pesticides that may have touched the raw cotton material.

Fair Trade Certified Cotton

The cotton sheets from Boll & Branch are manufactured using fair trade certified cotton, which means that the farmers that were crucial to making these sheets get a living wage and earn around 2 to 3 times the industry standard. The farms where these farmers work are Fair Trade certified as well to ensure that the workers are treated fairly and humanely, so you can be assured that no people are harmed in creating these decadent sheets that you can count on to giving you superb comfort night after night. Boll & Branch products are made by adults who are treated with respect and who are not forced to work against their will, and no child labor is employed. By using 100% organic cotton, the company has helped tens of thousands of farmers in India to have better lives. Boll & Branch was the first linen manufacturer to be Fair Trade Certified. Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020

Material & Construction

The Boll & Branch Long Staple Organic Cotton Sheet Set uses 100% organic cotton that is constructed with single-ply organic cotton that gives the bedsheets and pillowcases a soft and lightweight profile.

They feature a four-over, one-under weave design that results in a luxurious 300-thread count profile to give you the most pleasurable softness to promote the best sleep experience.

These sheets are made to be less prone to wrinkling so it is easier for you to maintain a smooth and clean aesthetic, although you can iron them if you want an even more impeccable appearance.

They come in a matte profile that will blend in well with your bedroom’s aesthetic for a classy look. When they are ironed, the sheets will have a slight sheen that will not take away the elegant vibe.

The sheets are made to easily be draped on the bed so it will be more convenient for you to set up the bedsheets and pillowcases without having to deal with fabrics that go against your movements.

The fitted sheet has a strong elastic that runs through the corners and the sides to keep it securely in place over the mattress, even when you move around while sleeping. It has a deep 17-inch pocket that can fit over tall or thick mattresses, so you can use this fitted sheet with mattresses of varying thicknesses without the need to buy several different products.

The organic cotton is GOTS certified to be free from toxic dyes, bleach, and other chemicals during the manufacturing process to ensure the products’ safety and excellent quality standards.

Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets – Highlights
Price: $$$
Softness: Ultra-soft
Warranty: 30 nights
Type: 100% organic cotton sheet set
Ideal for:

People who want a luxuriously soft set of bedsheets and pillowcases

Those who are looking for eco-friendly and organic cotton bedding products

Individuals who prefer using products that are manufactured using fair trade practices

Sizes available: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, king with standard cases, California king, split king
Quality of Materials: High-quality long-staple, GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton

Follows fair trade practices in manufacturing

Uses 90% less water compared to other linens manufactured the conventional way

Becomes even softer with the passage of time

Competitive prices

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

These organic cotton sheets are designed to be whisper-quiet, so you do not have to worry that your slightest Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020 movements will make unwanted noise that will disturb your loved ones sharing the bed or the bedroom with you.

They offer a lavish yet light feel that can make it more pleasurable for you to lie down in bed and can even encourage you to stay in bed much longer after you wake up. They can be used in all weather conditions, as the organic cotton offers a cozy warmth during the cold months while the lightweight profile makes it an ideal companion when the temperature outside starts to soar.

The lightweight profile is ideal for those who tend to sleep warm and want to have airy sheets surrounding them while they sleep. These sheets can provide you with light warmth without the additional bulk that might bring discomfort especially when the temperature suddenly rises during the night.

The fitted sheet is designed to stay firmly around the mattress as it is secured in place with the help of an elastic on the corners and sides of the sheet. This means that the fitted sheet will not accidentally slip off the mattress during the night, even when you tend to toss and turn while sleeping.

The sheets and the pillowcases are made with a special weave design featuring a 300-thread count profile that results in a superbly soft material. This fabric will keep you surrounded with the most inviting smoothness and softness that you will find difficult to resist as it helps lull you to sleep faster.

Durability & Warranty

The sheets come with a 30-night guarantee.

These hemmed sheets are guaranteed to turn even softer as time goes by, so you can look forward to spending countless nights surrounded with comforting softness for years to come.

The long-staple cotton makes the material much stronger and durable, so you can use these bed sheets and pillowcases for a long time. Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020


These bedsheets and pillowcases are available in the following sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, king with standard cases, California king, split king.

Who is this Bedsheet Set Ideal for?

This bedsheet set is an ideal choice for those who are looking for chemical-free products to enjoy inside their bedroom, and in their homes in general. The bedsheets and pillowcases are made from 100% organic cotton that was not exposed to chemical pesticides, and instead used marigolds for natural pest control. This ensures that you and your loved ones will not be exposed to potentially harmful chemicals that can cause allergies, trigger sensitivities, or other health conditions in the long run. The organic cotton is certified by the GOTS to contain no toxic dyes, bleach, or other harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health.

It is an ideal bedsheet and pillowcase choice for people who want to stay away from heavy linens and materials on their beds. This Boll & Branch bedsheet set comes with a lightweight profile, making it ideal for warmer nights when you just want to be surrounded with an airy feel that can be more comforting compared to bulky materials. However, the organic cotton material can also be used comfortably during colder seasons and can still offer cozy warmth to surround you with as you blissfully sleep all night long.

This Boll & Branch bedsheet set is ideal for individuals who are looking for top-quality beddings that can last for a long time without quality deterioration. The soft organic cotton material of these sheets and pillowcases are designed to become even softer over time, so you can rest assured that you can enjoy the premium texture for years to come without worrying that the luxurious feel will lessen as time goes by.


  • Uses marigold for pest control instead of pesticides that are harmful to the soil, waterways, and air
  • Comes in a luxuriously soft 300-thread count profile to surround you with the most inviting texture all night Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020 long
  • The material is designed to become even softer with the passage of time so you can use its premium features for years to come
  • The fitted sheet comes with a 17-inch pocket design that is deep enough to accommodate even the tallest or thickest mattresses
  • Uses fair trade practices that ensure the cotton farmers are treated respectfully and are paid 2 to 3 times the industry standard wage


This is an excellent bedsheet set for people who want luxuriously soft beddings to surround them while they are sleeping or when simply lounging in bed. These products are made with a special weave design to create a 300-thread count profile that feels ultra-soft, making it easier for you to fall asleep in the quickest way so you can spend more time in deep sleep bliss rather than tossing and turning for hours just to get to a comfortable sleeping position on the bed.

It is a great product set for those who prefer eco-friendly products in their homes. By using organic cotton, the manufacturing process uses 90% less water compared to manufacturing linen products using conventional methods. In 2018, Boll & Branch successfully saved more than 592 million gallons of water by using organic cotton as their raw material. The environment is also spared from being exposed to harmful chemicals that are used to make commercial pesticides since these products use pest control in the form of marigolds that are planted around the cotton to keep the harmful organisms away. In addition, the company uses only recycled paper for 100% of its packaging, and the materials can easily be repurposed or recycled.

This is an awesome bedsheet set if you are looking for a fitted sheet that you can use for thick mattresses. The fitted sheet comes with strong elastics that are designed with a dep 17-inch pocket, which can easily accommodate being fitted over thick mattresses. This means that you can use this fitted sheet with your existing mattress and even with taller mattresses without the need to buy a different one just to ensure that it can protectively cover all the sides of a thick mattress, without leaving inches being exposed to dirt and other stuff that may lead to premature damage.

This beddings set is an incredible choice if you are looking for top quality without the ridiculously high prices. The Boll and Branch Long Staple Sheets Review 2020 company is committed to offering the most competitive prices to its customers along with outstanding quality, and this is done by skipping middlemen from farming the cotton to manufacturing the finished product. You are guaranteed to get a superbly soft bedsheet set that offers enhanced durability you can count on for years to come, at a fair price range that allows more people to enjoy the high-quality beddings.

About Boll & Branch

This textile company was founded by Scott & Missy Tannen in 2014, soon after a Bangladeshi textile company collapsed and killed 1,000 people. The founders were faced with grave though of the supply chains that they support when they buy their sheets. From the day the company was founded, it used 100% organic cotton that led to tens of thousands of cotton farmers in India to have a better life. This decision also resulted in excellent quality products so that customers will not be exposed to chemical-laden pesticides. Boll & Branch is also the first manufacturer of linens to be Fait Trade Certified, with many factory employees becoming more like family members to the founders than mere workers.

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