Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review

The Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame has been designed and constructed to provide the sleeper with a night of Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review enjoyable and comfortable sleep. The adjustable bed comes with many different innovative gestures, which include massage, zero gravity feature, anti-snoring feature, Under bed LED light, Dual USB Charging statins, Wireless remote Head ad Foot incline, etc. The setup is so simple that it requires no assembly tool at all. The adjustable bed is equipped with four massage motors, which allow the massage feature tube very evenly distributed to each side of the bed. The sleeper is further facilitated by the inclusion of dual USB charging ports on the head and foot side of the bed. The wireless remote control with multifunctionality is backlit and therefore, it is very easy to operate it in the dark or dim night light. The remote control allows the sleeper to fine-tune his/her sleep position or the position for any other activity in bed, which might include reading a book or a magazine, watching TV, eating, or even needing to work.  The adjustable bed frame is conducive to a very comfortable positioning on the bed and provides optimal comfort.  It has the capability to even reduce back and joint pains and can do a tremendous job when t comes to reducing or eliminating snoring. In the zero-gravity position, in which the feet re-raised a notch above the heart, the circulation of blood s known to increase, and this leads to reduction in stress as well as soreness in the muscles.

Design and Construction

The design of the Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame is very elegant indeed. It looks innovative, and indeed, it has got many innovative features that provide a lot of benefits to the sleeper.  The design is such that this adjustable bed would fit all types of contemporary or modern room decors and blend in very nicely.  The adjustable bed frame does not include mattresses, and these have to be bought separately however, it has got a solid surface that provides the necessary support to the mattress as well as to the body.  Any brand or type of mattress can be added to the Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review adjustable bed frame depending on what size bed is being used. However, the manufacturer also sells mattresses, and it is possible to order the mattress along with the adjustable bed at extra cost. Luxury mattresses are available with the manufacturer for this purpose.

The Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame has been manufactured using very high-quality materials. These materials ad their high-quality guarantees the durability and long life of this adjustable bed frame. The bed frame uses high-quality steel in the bed frame and uses high-quality foam padding on the solid base upon which the mattress is placed and supported. There are two drive motors on the adjustable bed frame, and these are present on both sides of the bed, i.e. on the head side and the foot side. But these drive motors have the capacity to lift 750 lbs. Weight is more than sufficient for either one person lying on the bed or a couple sleeping on it. There are some adjustable beds in the market which allow the bed to lift 850 lbs. However, 750lb., rating of the motor capacity here for this adjustable bed frame is more than adequate for most sleepers. Besides these drive motors, which are very powerful, there are four massage motors on the adjustable bed frame. These four motors allow the massaging force to be distributed quite evenly on both sides of the bed i.e. head and the foot areas.

This adjustable bed features four massage motors to evenly distribute the feature through the mattress to each side of the bed. These massage motors allow the tension in the body and the muscles to melt away, and they are instrumental in increasing he blood circulation throughout the body thus facilitating the sleeper to get to sleep faster and then sleep deeper throughout the night.  The massage function is available with three different intensities. On larger sized beds, there are four motors, while on the smaller ones, there are two motors. There can be nothing more soothing and relaxing than a very relaxing massage just before one goes to sleep to enjoy a blissful night full of sweet dreams. The adjustable bed frame ensures perfect relaxation and soothing of the muscles regardless of how tired the sleeper might have been when he/she came to bed. The increased blood flow takes both nutrition as well as oxygen to various tired parts of the body and the muscles and tends to revitalize them. When this massaging exercise is followed by a deep night’s sleep, the body and mind are fully recharged, and the individual wakes up in the morning feeling fully rejuvenated, and reedy t face the next hectic day again with full vigor and vitality.

The adjustable bed frame has got dual USB charging ports on both sides of the bed. These have been placed at the head area of the adjustable bed on either sie to ensure that the sleeper or a couple can use these easy to charge up Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review their portable devices or smartphones. Even when the split versions of the bed frame are used, these are still usable and provide the sleepers with a lot of facilitation in this regard.  It is usually normal in the contemporary lifestyle to have a smartphone and a tablet to be charged simultaneously for each person and thus having dual USB charging ports on each side of the bed in, therefore, quite sensible.

The adjustable bed fame has also been provided with a wireless back-lit remote-control device, which is ergonomic and is very easy to use even when it is dark. It is very easy to see as well and is intuitive.  The head and the foot incline, i.e. their angles can always be controlled using the remote control, and this way, the sleeper can fine-tune to attain the most comfortable position required for the particular activity which the sleeper is engaged in. It could be reading a book or a magazine and watching TV in an inclined position, eating or drinking something in the most upright position possible on the bed, etc. The back-lit wireless remote control raises or lowers the head or foot inclines and attains the position the sleeper wats to achieve.  The remote-control device has got three custom memory buttons along with anti-snore pre-set, zero gravity, under-bed LED light, as well as for the massages for both the head and the foot areas of the adjustable bed frame.

The best part of this adjustable bed frame is that it is very easy to put together. The assembly is very simple to do and does not require any special tools. For anyone wanting to set it up, it can be done in a few minutes as once it is unboxed, all that is required to be done is to screw in the right legs. After this, the adjustable bed frame in plugged into the AC mains. There are three different leg heights available, and the sleeper can choose any of these at the set-up time. The shortest legs would enable a height of6-inches for the bed frame from the ground. The medium-sized legs would enable a total bed frame height of 9 inches, and finally, the longest ones would enable a 12 inches height for the adjustable bed frame. The sleeper can choose te height that he/she prefers for a comfortable sleep experience in this amazing bed.

The adjustable bed frame has been upholstered using a grey linen fabric, which allows it to blend into all types of room decors easily. The motor technology is from Germany, and it is trusted and reliable. The motors ensure a Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review whisper-quiet operation and operating system and tend to reduce the noise and disturbance to the minimum during operation. As the sleeper is awake while fine-tuning the sleep position and the head or foot incline, this minimum level of sound and disturbance is easily tolerable. Even if there is a sleep partner and the sleeper is adjusting his/her side, the noise is so little that the sleep partner would not likely get disturbed.

The adjustable bed frame has been UL tested for safety. UL LLC. is a global organization related to testing products for safety.  Itis headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois, with offices in 46 different countries. It is popularly known as Underwriters Laboratories as it was established in 1884 as Underwriters’ Electrical Bureau. The United States Federal Agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration, popularly known as OSHA has authorized UL as one of the several approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame – Highlights
Price: $$$$
Height Options: 6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch
Massage Options: 3 Intensities
Motor Power: 750 lbs lift head and foot
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Type: Adjustable Base Bed
Ideal for: Everyone can use it. Especially useful for side sleepers, people with insomnia, sleep apnea, arthroses, joint pains, etc. and for people who snore
Sizes available: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split King and Split California King
Quality of Materials: Sturdy steel base construction, high-quality, dense foam padding, durable linen upholstery
Differentiators: 3 Height options, 750 lb lift motor, Wireless Remote Control with massage, zero gravity and anti-snore control, three massage intensities, backlit
Comparable Products: Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Bed Base

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Rating: 4.7/5.0

Comfort and Ergonomics

Every built-in function in this adjustable bed frame is directed at providing a high degree of comfort to the sleeper. Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review The main reason the adjustable bed provides perfect ergonomics and comfort to the sleeper is because of its ability to raise the bed at the head and the foot areas.  This enables the creation of inclined positions at different angles for the purpose f attaining the most comfortable or desired position while reading, lounging, or sleeping.  There are so many other features that have been added to this adjustable bed frame on top of this major functionality. These features further make life easier for the sleeper and add to the comfort level. The additional features include the ability to massage the sleeper throughout the body as the massage function is enabled throughout the surface of the bed with either 2 or 4 massage motors depending on the size of the bed. Both the head and the foot areas are properly covered for massaging.

With the help of the wireless remote control, the adjustable bed frame allows the sleeper to store multiple positions in the memory of the remote device, which are the most comfortable for him/her. This way, the sleeper does not have to fine-tune the adjustable bed frame every time he/she is about to sleep. The memory function enables the bed frame to adjust to the desired position, and the sleeper can rest in his/her most favorite positions with the press of a button. There are some presents in the wireless remote-control unit, as well. The anti-snore pre-set allows the sleeper to adjust the bed’s inclines in such a way that it helps to reduce the pressure on the windpipe and the air passages which were constrained because the sleeper was lying on the bed frame in a flat position would pen up accordingly. This allows for the snoring to be reduced considerably or altogether eliminated. This is a very important function, and it can save relationships as well. There are many people who cannot tolerate the snoring of their sleep partner. The adjustable bed frame is a great tool to keep the relationships smooth and allow the sleeper to get into sleep positions that either minimize snoring or get rid of it completely.

A simple way to get rid of snoring is to lie on one side rather than sleeping in a flat position. However, on a normal bed, there could be a lot of issues when one tries to sleep on the side.  These issues can easily be redressed by the use of this adjustable bed frame, which would allow the sleeper to sleep on the side in his/her most comfortable position. On a normal bed, some [people use pillows to get to the position they live however, the problem with pillows is that move during the night and the most comfortable position could be lost. With this adjustable bed, the position can be attained, and it would last for as long as the sleeper wants it to last.  This feature is great for people who have sleep Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review apnea and who would otherwise wake up in other types of beds with halted or blocked breathing.

The zero-gravity position which can be attained on this bed and fixed for the sleeper is also a great source of comfort for those people who spend their workday while standing on their two feet. Many people working in such sectors as security, retail sales, hotel reception, etc. are forced to stand throughout their work time. The lower limbs get very much stressed, and this causes discomfort for them when they sleep. The adjustable bed frame has got a zero-gravity pre-set, which allows the foot area to be higher than the sleeper’s heart. This results in an enhanced blood circulation, which allows their feet and limbs to be relaxed ad relieved of stress. The adjustable bed frame provides a lot of comfort to insomniacs, people with arthritis and joint pains, etc. and lets them sleep comfortably and deeply throughout the night.

Durability and Warranty       

The Adjustable Bed Frame has been constructed using very high-quality materials. The durability of any product is related to the materials used in it as well as the craftsmanship. The company has got expert engineers and artisans who have carried out a lot of research before building it, and as such, years of research have gone into the designing, engineering, and manufacture of the adjustable bed frame. The quality of materials used in the adjustable bed frame is very high as there are moving parts in the bed frame, and they need to function properly every time the bed is raised at either the head or his foot side. The electrical and electronic components are also of very high quality, and the performance of the adjustable bed frame is impeccable by any standards. The frame itself is made out of very sturdy steel, which lasts for a very long time. The foam padding on the solid base on the bed frame is made out of very dense foam, which is of very high quality. The dense the foam, the better is its quality. It can last for a very long time and at the same time provides adequate support to the mattress and the body. The upholstery is made out of linen, which is also quite durable, and with proper care, it would last for a very long time as well.

The product conforms to the 16 CFR Part 1633 Federal flammability standard. This is a standard that has to be complied by all manufacturers to ensure that the foam padding part of the product is safe against fire hazards. This Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frame Review standard applies to mattresses as well as foam paddings used in the product. The adherence of the product to this US Congress stipulated standard is a testimony to the safe usability of this product.

The product carries a 10-year limited warranty. The limited warranty covers defects due to materials and workmanship. It starts from the date of purchase, and the warranty claim requires proof of purchase. The limited warranty does not cover issues related to mishandling as well as other issues during transportation.


The Adjustable bed frame has got three different height options as a result of 3 different leg height. It can have a height of 6 inches, 9 inches, or 12 inches ad the sleeper is free to select any of these according to his/her liking. The product is available in Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split California King and Split King sizes. The Twin XL is 79.5 x 37.5 x 14 inches while the Queen size is 60 x 80 x 14 inches. The Split California King has got dimensions of 83.5 x 35.5 x 14 inches while the Split King size is 79.5 x 37.5 x 14 inches. As mentioned earlier, the split sized ones can have different degrees of inclination in each split at the head or the foot area of the adjustable bed frame.

Who is it Ideal For?

The Blissful Nights Adjustable bed frame can be used by all types of people regardless of their sleeping style as it provides comfort and deep sleep. It is specifically good for insomniacs, people with arthritis, and those who have conditions like sleep apnea. It is very good for side sleepers as they can attain their most favorite position easily — Itis ideal for people who snore.


  • The adjustable bed frame is suited for insomniacs and people with sleep apnea.
  • It allows people to stop snoring.
  • It is good for joint pains and arthritis.
  • It has a zero-gravity option for those who keep standing on their feet the whole day at work.
  • It is durable and made of high-quality materials.
  • It has a multifunctional wireless remote control
  • It allows for three different heights.


  • Some people are not entirely satisfied with customer service.


The Adjustable frame bed helps insomniacs, people with sleep apnea, joint pains, arthritis to sleep comfortably and well. It has a multifunctional wireless remote-control wit 750 lb. Lift on head and foot side and three height options. It massages well and soothes and relaxes the sleeper.

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