Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Do you constantly grapple in bed because of an uncomfortable pillow? Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2020 - Ultimate Guide

Does your pillow feel too hard or perhaps too soft at times?

We all have been there more than we care to admit.

The comfort levels provided by traditional pillows filled with polyester fibre, cotton or even down, are not constant, and can change over time. These may irreversibly flatten out in specific areas due to the shape and weight of your head with repeated usage over time, never to regain their original fluffiness and composure.

A new entrant in the pillow space with an answer to all these problems is the water pillow.

This article aims to educate you on what a water pillow is and how it works, to how you can choose the best water pillow for your needs. We have also written a complete guide about the best pillows for backpain.

The working of a water pillow

A water pillow is very much similar in looks, touch and feel to that of a traditional pillow. Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2019 - Ultimate Guide

The only differences that make these water pillows are the little pockets of water put together in intricate gaps between the traditional cotton or polyester stuffing.

Traditional pillow stuffing tends to flatten over time because of the continuous head pressure applied over a specific area on the pillow.

With water pillows, this flattening is reduced to a considerable extent because of water’s fluidic nature. However, rest of the fabric filling in these water pillows is also subjected to flattening over the course of time, but this happens very gradually.

Types of water pillows

Based on how these pillows hold water, water pillows are usually classified into two types:

Pouch Waterbase Pillows

Pouch Waterbase Pillows are the most commonly used and best-selling water pillows in the market.

These comprise of a polyester water pouch, tucked under a hypoallergenic filling of polyester fibre.

A Pouch Waterbase pillow is essentially filled with tap water for usage. These water pillows are adjustable, that is, their hardness or softness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of water in the pillow.

These pillows are very much similar in comfort to a regular pillow, but because of the water pouch preventing the pillow from collapsing under the weight of the sleeper, more stability and support in the head and neck regions are Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2019 - Ultimate Guide achieved.

Memory Foam Waterbase Pillows

These are specialized pillows that comprise of memory foam filling saturated with water and are better equipped to disperse heat.

Memory Foam Waterbase pillows do not have to be filled with water for usage, these already offer an experience akin to soaking your pillow in water.

These pillows filled with memory foam help maintain the contour of your head, with the gel adding an additional cooling effect to the sleeper’s experience.

Advantages of using Water Pillows

Water pillows come with numerous advantages when compared to traditional pillows.

Ensuring better support and stability to the neck and head, these pillows offer the right cooling and temperature control effect, all of which ensures that you are well rested and ready to take on a new day with renewed vigour.

Here are some of the key benefits of using water pillows:

For all sleeping positions

Water pillows make great sleeping companions for a wide range of sleeping positions- from the side sleeper to someone that sleeps on his stomach.

Whatever be the sleeping position, the pillow adjusts its shape in accordance with the position of the sleeper’s head. Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2019 - Ultimate Guide

Adjustable firmness

Another great feature of a water pillow is that you can adjust its softness or hardness based on your sleeping preferences.

More water in the pillow denotes increased hardness, while less water makes the pillow cushiony and soft.

Based on your preference, you can add or remove water from your pillow to increase/decrease its firmness.

Temperature control

The pouch waterbase pillows neutralize your body temperature while the memory foam waterbase pillow helps dissipate more heat and provides optimum cooling to your body.

Stay firmer for long

While traditional pillows are known to get flatter quickly in comparison with water based pillows, the latter retain their original shape and firmness once the weight is taken off.

However, the fill comprising the waterbase pillows can eventually lose their firmness, but this takes a long while to occur.

Good for the body

With water pillows offering just the right support to your back, neck and head, your muscles are Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2019 - Ultimate Guide relaxed, there is a reduction in body ache and an increase in the overall energy levels of your body.

Check out our complete guide about the best orthopedic pillows.

Improved sleep quality

Better comfort, firmness and stability results in enhanced and improved sleep levels, less disturbed sleep routines and a spurt in the overall health of the mind and body.

In addition to these advantages, we also bring you some pitfalls of using water pillows. These bags maybe heavy, and might be difficult to move around. Also, since the polyester filling in water pillows is the same as that of regular pillows, the eventual wear and tear of these pillows depends on the durability of the fill too.



1. Chiroflow pillow
Great for healing neck injuries and associated aches $$ 4.9
sleep-20″ width=”110″] 2. Mediflow Elite Fiberfill Pillow
65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton $$ 4.8
3. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow
0 Day satisfaction guarantee, 1 year warranty $$ 4.7
4. Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow
Firmness of the pillow can be adjusted $$ 4.6
5. Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow
60% Cotton/ 40% Rayon $$ 4.5
6. Floating Comfort Water Pillow Value Pack
5 Year Warranty $$$ 4.4
7. IdeaWorks Water Pillow
Adjust firmness by adding water $$ 4.2
8. Adjustable and Hypoallergenic Waterbase Pillow by Modern Joe’s
hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial $$ 4.3

1. Chiroflow pillow

Get some blissful shut-eye time with the ever-accommodating Chiroflow pillow!

If you are tired of spending hundreds of dollars on pillows that do not retain their level of comfort over time, it is Chiroflow pillow time you invest in the Chiroflow pillow. Comprising of a perfect water base and a polyester upper layer, this pillow has the perfect design and construction to suit all your comfort needs.

Material and construction

This Chiroflow pillow measures about 27 x 5 x 19 inches and weighs 1.85 pounds when unfilled. Constructed to accommodate a water pocket layer at its base, this comfortable pillow has a layer of super-soft, hypo-allergenic DuPont® polyester fibre that floats over top of the water layer.

The pillow’s firmness is adjustable to suit your personalized comfort levels based on the amount of water you add to it, and comprises of a water layer that completely encases the underlying water layer to prevent body heat from being drawn from head, neck and shoulders.

Overall, this pillow has a stable, comforting build and is great for anyone looking for a basic water pillow to suit their sleep needs.

Comfort and durability

This pillow has a comforting and readily adjustable design that helps relieve cervical pain and other associated neck, shoulder and back aches.

With the firmness level readily adjustable based on the water added, these pillows sport a water layer at their base providing outstanding support, responsiveness and comfort to the your head and neck region.

Its ergonomic design fits readily to accommodate any sleeping posture or shape, and a thermal insulator encases the water layer at the base to prevent heat being drawn from the sleeper’s head, neck and shoulders.


  • Quality construction
  • Great for healing neck injuries and associated aches
  • Easy to refill
  • Stable and firm
  • Highly responsive


  • Maybe difficult to assess when the pillow needs filling

2. Mediflow Elite Fiberfill Pillow

Retire to a night of rest, relaxation and cosy comfort with the Mediflow Elite Fiberfill water pillow!

The unique water base technology that the Mediflow Elite Fiberfill employs has been peer reviewed, studied and Mediflow Elite Fiberfill Pillow tested to be chosen as one among the top five highest ranking water pillows in all the 5 categories under consideration.

Material and construction

The Mediflow Elite Fiberfill water base pillow uses the original Water Base technology (a subject of a study at Johns Hopkins University) by Mediflow, and employs a high quality upgraded cover- the new Dacron staloff fiberfill and a deluxe woven cord edge.

This pillow is conveniently adjustable to any layer of support between soft, firm and medium by increasing or reducing the level of water added.

The Mediflow Elite Fiberfill is composed of a material made out of 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton filling and a water pocket layer that is enclosed in between layers of stuffed filling.

The pillow has a dimension of 28 x 20 x 7 inches and weighs 2 pounds when unfilled.

Comfort and durability

The Elite Fiberfill water base pillow uses the first and original water base technology from Mediflow which has clinically proven a significant reduction in neck pain and improved levels of sleep through the studies conducted.

The Water Base technology employed by Mediflow pillows helps conform and respond to head movement during the course of your sleep and helps provide proper support for spinal alignment.

This helps reduce the number of times you normally wake up to re-fluff your pillow at night between major body movements.

A perfect blend of softness and strength, the Elite Fiberfill water base pillow is a great buy for someone with chronic neck pain and discomfort.


  • Uses unique Water Base technology from Mediflow
  • Convenient adjustment of levels of firmness
  • Highly supportive and conforming


  • Heavy/ Difficult to move around on bed upon filling

3. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Give your loved ones the gift of a good night’s sleep with the Mediflow Original Waterbase pillow! Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

The Mediflow Original Waterbase pillow is the first, original and most loved design from Mediflow’s range of water pillows. The basic, solid structure of this Mediflow pillow offers a good amount of support, stability and relaxation to your body.

Material and construction

With dimensions of 28 x 20 x 4.5 inches, this pillow weighs about 1.9 pounds while unfilled.

The Original Mediflow Water base pillow is constructed to have two designs –a bottom layer comprising of water, and a super soft and fluffy top layer.

The design ensures enough firmness and support with a sturdy water layer, while giving you the feeling of resting your head on a cottony cloud of comfort.

The Mediflow Original pillow uses a design that is backed by numerous clinical trials and is proven to improve neck pain and a host of other sleep related shoulder-spine aches and strains.

Also, the level of support offered by the pillow is customizable – based on how much water is added to the pillow.

Comfort and durability

The waterbase of the Mediflow Original pillow automatically responds and adjusts to the sleeper’s movement and maintains uniform support all through your sleeping phase.

With softness of comfort required to fall asleep quickly, the pillow also offers customizable and hassle-free adjustable settings to maintain support and reduce interruptions to your sleep cycle.

Mediflow’s revolutionary water base technology guarantees support, conforms to the head, supports your neck all night, and is extremely responsive during periods of movement.

Most importantly, the continuous support and comfort the pillow provides eliminates the need to re-fluff your pillow in the middle of the night!

The water base design has also been clinically tested at the Johns Hopkins School of medicine, and is proven effective for its high quality of sleep inducing and pain relieving properties.


  • Original and most-loved water base design
  • Customizable support
  • Increased softness
  • Clinically tested and proven design


  • May be a hassle trying to get the water level right

4. Chiroflow Waterbase Pillow

Wake up fresh and rejuvenated after a hearty night’s rest, with the Chiroflow Premium Water pillow. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

This therapeutic premium pillow is easy to use, offers all-night support and helps you achieve high levels of rest and relaxation.

Material and construction

The Chiroflow Premium Water pillow is built to include a soft, hypoallergenic fibre filling which is supported by an underlying bag of water, offering you a layer of firm support with another layer of luxurious comfort above.

While an adjustable setting ensures you can easily decrease or increase your pillow’s firmness levels by adjusting the amount of water in the pillow, the pillow has a design that sustains your head and neck for maximum support and stability.

The design features a thermal insulator to prevent heat loss and a simple, easy to fill pouch to ensure one gets all the necessary support, responsiveness and gentle stability all night long.

The pillow has dimensions of 25.2 x 16.9 x 5.4 inches and weighs about 1.81 pounds while not filled.

Comfort and durability

Made out of hypoallergenic polyester stuffing, this water pillow has therapeutic properties and helps relieve pain, discomfort and sleep related aches.

Clinically proven to reduce neck pain and highly improve the quality of one’s sleep, the Chiroflow Premium Water pillow has a secure water base that responds to head movements and maintains cervical support.

Easily adjustable to your preference of soft, medium or firm, the Chiroflow Premium Water pillow is now filled with exclusive Dacron stalest hollfil fiber for well-rounded and superior comfort and support.

The pillows feature the classic Dacron stalest fiberfill cover with a new and upgraded easy to care cover with a thread count of 300 to ensure long lasting performance.

Also, the pillow offers great thermal insulation around the water base to prevent body heat loss.


  • Does not require additives- works well with tap water
  • Hypoallergenic fibre filling
  • Thermal insulator around water bag
  • Upgraded Dacron stalest fiberfill cover


None to mention

5. Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

Enjoy a pleasant night of cool, comforting sleep with the refreshing Gel Memory Foam Waterbase pillow from Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow Mediflow!

The Mediflow Gel Memory foam Waterbase pillow combines the stability and support of water base pillows as well as the cooling properties of gel memory foam pillows to make a special pillow for the indulgent sleeper.

Material and construction

The Meiflow Gel Memory foam Waterbase pillow features a water base very similar to the ones mentioned above, but in addition, it also features a memory gel layer to keep you cool and refreshed all through your sleep cycle.

With a dimension of 25 x 4 x 19 inches, the pillow weighs 2.15 pounds and offers dynamic adjustability to all kinds of pressure and movement.

With a fill made from 60 per cent cotton and 40 per cent Rayon, the Mediflow Gel Memory foam Waterbase pillow has a specially constructed foam spring centre to maintain support and stability all through.

The top, cool layer of gel infused memory foam is supported by a layer of firm foam springs without the added weight and density associated with regular foam pillows.

Comfort and durability

The Meiflow Gel Memory foam Waterbase pillow is a great value for you, if you keep flipping your pillow all night to sleep on its colder side.

Its innovative design features a provision for customized support and comfort and conforms to all body types and sizes for maximum stability and comfort.

A right mix of support and comfort is delivered with the water pouch at the base offering fluidic stability as well as the cool memory foam and the mid polyester filling offering you a cool layer of softness and cushioning.

The memory gel infused foam is soft, featuring special ventilation holes to expel warm, moist air away from the head.


  • Innovative design for stability and cooling comfort (Delivers dual benefits in one package)
  • Adjustable support
  • Ranked Best in a Johns Hopkins Study


  • Extra heavy

6. Floating Comfort Water Pillow Value Pack

Sleep like a baby with the comforting and well-rounded design of the Floating Comfort Water Pillow! Floating Comfort Water Pillow Value Pack

Proven to be one among the top choices of pillow buyers over many years, this Floating Comfort water pillow features an intelligent structure and design to efficiently add some much needed support and comfort essential as a part of your sleeping routine.

Material and construction

Measuring about 24.9 x 16.3 x 10.7 inches in size, this Floating Comfort water pillow weighs about 6.11 pounds.

This water pillow features Floating Comfort’s exclusive Responsive Support™ waterbase® system for superior support and responsiveness. It also features a durable CombedLoft™ fiberfill comfort layer, for unsurpassed comfort, quality and performance.

The durable CombedLoft™ fiberfill comfort layer is essentially a soft, 7 foot blanket that has been specially combed and rolled down into a lofty bun for a resilient, and lump free filling option.

A combination of two layers for support as well as comfort, the dynamic water base offers you the necessary support and responsiveness for the neck, while the soft, plump layer of CombedLoft™ fiberfill gives your head the much needed comfort.

Comfort and durability

Featuring a dual layer design for a solid combination of support, stability as well as soft comfort, this resilient pillow has a customizable water base to help you adjust the level of support and comfort required.

The Floating Comfort water pillow design has undergone many trials and clinical studies from major medical universities and has been ranked best in a Johns Hopkins Clinical Study for superior sleep and neck pain reduction.

The pillow’s exceptional responsive support system maintains all the required support for your neck and drives away all pain and grogginess, improving sleep and health levels.


  • Highly responsive
  • Ranked best in a Johns Hopkins Clinical Study
  • Adjustable support


None to mention

7. IdeaWorks Water Pillow

Wake up full of life, with the cool, comfortable and well-designed IdeaWorks Water Pillow!

Designed for sound sleep, the IdeaWorks water pillow offers to you maximum levels of rest, relaxation and comfort. IdeaWorks Water Pillow

Material and construction

The Idea Works water pillow has a compact, intelligent construction and is great for someone that needs a basic, yet super supportive pillow as a sleep aid.

This medium sized pillow has dimensions of about 26 x 19 x 1.5 inches and weighs about 2.05 pounds when unfilled.

Made from white genuine and high quality cotton, the idea works water pillow comprises of a water pocket which lies underneath a superior, comfortable layer of hypo allergenic fibre.

The structure offers an easy way to increase or decrease support by adjusting the amount of water in the pillow.

The water supports the body by adding a dynamic stability in accordance with the sleeper’s body positions, and the comforting fabric layer on top adds the necessary softness and comfort layering required.

Comfort and durability

This comfortable and sleek water pillow from Idea Works offers superior support for the head, neck and shoulders and promotes better sleep and relaxation.

The pillow greatly conforms to a varied range of shapes, weights and positions and offers dynamic support and stability in addition to flexible comfort to make for a great sleeping experience.

The pillow’s hypoallergenic fibre construction enables individuals with breathing difficulties and allergies to have a peaceful and hassle free experience.

As the water conforms to the body’s changing positions, the pillow’s firmness levels can be altered by adjusting the amount of water that goes into the pillow.

Overall, this is a great, basic choice for a beginner looking to step into the realm of water pillows for a better experience.


  • Great support and flexibility
  • Made with hypo-allergenic fibre
  • Adjustable support


  • May be fluffier than expected

8. Adjustable and Hypoallergenic Waterbase Pillow by Modern Joe’s

Say good bye to tossing and turning all night with this superior water base pillow from Modern Joe’s. Adjustable and Hypoallergenic Waterbase Pillow by Modern Joe’s

This luxurious pillow from Modern Joe’s eliminates all your pillow related woes, and keeps you well-rested and rejuvenated all through the night!

Material and construction

Modern Joe’s water based pillow has a luxurious build, and is highly customizable and durable.

These pillows go through careful production processes and rigorous quality control to produce top line pillows that are comfortable and highly effective.

With dimensions of 27.6 x 19.7 x 17.3 inches, this pillow weighs about 1.98 pounds when unfilled and comprises of a layer of polyester fibre that is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

The premium pillow has a 100 per cent cotton exterior, a generous layer of polyester fibre and an underside supported by a water base.

The pillow’s highly customizable feature allows easy adjustment to achieve the desired firmness level.

With a stable and accustoming water base responding to the sleeper’s head movement throughout the night, it ensures maintenance of proper support and comfort levels.

Comfort and durability

The premium Modern Joe’s water based pillow has an effective design that helps achieve better quality sleep, eliminates neck pain and delivers continuous support and comfort throughout the night.

With its highly adjustable support system, the firmness levels can be greatly varied through a simple and easy to handle water control setting.

The pillow is made from high quality and durable polyester fibre, which delivers the right fluffiness, comfort and softness, eliminating the need to re fluff pillows in the middle of the night.

Overall, this comfortable pillow is made out of high-grade materials, delivering the comfort, support and stability you need through the night.


  • Luxurious and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial polyester fibre
  • Customizable support
  • High quality and durability


  • May get heavy on adding water

Taking care of your water pillow

Once you have chosen your dream pillow, you will have to take good care of it to ensure that it continues to give you Top 8 Best Water Pillows in 2020 - Ultimate Guide the same level of comfort and relaxation every day.

Following care and maintenance advice goes a long way in helping your pillow stay supportive, healthy, and happy.

Here are a few ways you can ensure a long life for your water pillow:

  • Make sure you empty the air from the water pouch before filling in the required water. This will prevent water from sloshing.
  • Always use cold or lukewarm tap water to fill your pillow. The water temperature must by any means not exceed 38 degrees Celsius. If you happen to use well water, you may be required to add a drop of bleach to the water.
  • Adjust the amount of water until you achieve the desired softness or firmness required.
  • Replace the water every year.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines on the label before using your water pillow.
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