Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards – Ultimate Guide & Review 2022

Are you looking to give your bedroom a refreshing new look? A wall mounted headboard is a great option to add a lot Best Wall Mounted Headboards of style, character and personality to your bedroom, and that too, within a budget.

Wall mounted headboards are hung to the wall just like you would a photo frame. These headboards are safe and secure because they are firmly attached to the wall, and do not budge easily.

Wall mounted headboards are quite different in comparison to their counterparts that support themselves on the ground. They are sometimes secured to the wall using additional equipment such as brackets and fixings that help further strengthen the unit’s grip onto the wall.

This article explores different aspects of buying a wall mounted headboard and helps you zero in on the perfect one for your home.

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Benefits of buying a Wall Mounted Headboard

There are myriad positive aspects of using a Wall Mounted Headboard. These are some important benefits of using these headboards.

Enhances aesthetic element

Headboards can be included as an accent in your bedroom and can be used to create both fluctuating and floating Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards - Ultimate Guide & Review 2020 looks since they are attached directly to the wall. These units are available in trendy, sober and unique styles that blend perfectly well with the décor in your personal space.

You may choose to customize a headboard based on its design and construction, or use it as a decorative piece to enhance the look and feel of your space. Different headboards have unique patterns that help create a vibe of uniqueness and blend it with sophisticated comfort.

Suits almost all bed frames

The wall-mounted headboard is designed to suit all kinds of bed frames. Headboards from different manufacturers are designed to fit different sized beds, and can be chosen based on your requirement.

Many headboards comprise of multiple panels that can be customized to add based on the size and area of coverage needed.

Ease of installation

Though installing a headboard is usually quite time consuming and takes some serious skills, the wall-mounted headboard is relatively simple and easy to install. The setup procedure for a wall-mounted headboard is usually as simple as hanging a picture on the wall.

A lot of wall mounted headboards come with additional accessories to help you hang the panels correctly. In some cases, extra tools such as level, tape, drill and stud finders are required.

Increased choice options Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards - Ultimate Guide & Review 2020

There are several options in shape, color, tone, design and material when it comes to choosing a headboard. With fine wood headboard panels to plush linen upholstery, headboard units are made to cater well to individual styles, tastes and preferences.

A good headboard choice complements your personal space, your décor and also blends in very well with the ambience of the room.

Additional features

A headboard these days comes with a range of exciting features and benefits that extend way beyond its regular functionality. A good example is sound proofing.

Many headboard manufacturers these days make headboards with sound-proof materials to make sure that they isolate noise and help in sound-proofing of a space. This kind of headboard for instance makes for a great choice in recording studios as well.

Another example of a good feature is the bookcase/organizer design in a headboard unit. This design is aimed at saving precious space, and can help you organize your books and belongings in the compartments of your headboard unit.

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Types of Wall Mounted headboard units

Based on the material used to make them, there are three main types of headboards in the market today.


Wooden headboards offer the best of all worlds to today’s user. Made using naturally sourced materials, these Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards - Ultimate Guide & Review 2020 headboards can impart a rustic, vintage and natural charm to any bedroom space.

Wooden headboards come in various artistic styles and patterns, thus mixing contemporary looks with a natural/traditional vibe.

If you prefer a wooden headboard that perfectly matches with your room décor, you may even opt for painted wooden headboards. In other cases, a natural finish tends to impart a lot of character and charm to your personal space. Wooden headboards may come with multiple attachable panels or rods that help you set them up.


If a wooden headboard isn’t really your thing, you may choose to go for a timeless metal headboard. A shiny metal headboard is an easy way to add extra elegance, class and persona to your comfortable space.

The metal that is used as a part of such headboards may vary from stainless steel to wrought iron, to brass metal and brushed aluminum. The metal headboard emerged during the recent times, and it has become a popular choice among customers that prefer a unique, contemporary addition to their bedrooms.

There are innumerable benefits of using a metal headboard. First of all, a metal construction makes the unit light in weight and also versatile, while imparting to it extra sturdiness and durability. These headboards are also quite affordable, and are manufactured in various designs like urban, country, minimalist, industrial or vintage.


Upholstered headboards are yet another type of wall mounted head boards manufactured today, that have been well received by users. These are often used in case of luxury set ups, and are designed to offer comfort to lean onto. Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards - Ultimate Guide & Review 2020

In other words, this type of head board is great if you are used to reading a book in bed, watching TV in bed, etc. and are in need of a cushioned back support. Upholstered headboards are made of materials such as velvet, faux leather, vinyl, linen and other fabric to impart a luxurious look and feel.

Upholstered head boards are usually constructed with nail head trim, button tufting and welting finishes.

Factors to consider while choosing a Wall Mounted Headboard

There are a number of important factors to consider while buying a Wall Mounted headboard. Here are some of the most important ones:


Nowadays, wall mounted headboards come in various attractive styles, designs and patterns. A good choice will ensure that it is well-compatible with the natural style and décor of your personal space.

The style of your headboard should complement the overall vibe and charisma of the room it will be used in. everything from the shape to the color and material of a headboard must be chosen with serious attention to these aspects.


A good factor to consider is the probable height of the headboard that you’re going to buy. A lot of people prefer Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards - Ultimate Guide & Review 2020 taller and more prominent headboards that stand strong and majestic against the backdrop of their rooms, thus creating a strong style statement. Others try to keep it simple/neutral by keeping the volume down, and letting the headboard blend in naturally with the bedroom settings.

Analyze if height adjustability is an important factor that you may need in your unit. Many head boards today are height adjustable as well.

Allergies and environmental factors

A great way to assess which material to zero-in on in your search for the best headboard is to analyze what works best for the environment in which you live in.

Opting for a headboard that will remain in best condition in spite of harsh weather conditions (heat, humidity) is a good way to ensure health and durability of your unit. That said, regular maintenance and care is one way to prolong the lifespan of your headboard unit.

Another point to note is if you have pets or children with allergies. The materials used in these headboards may sometimes be allergic to certain individuals, and it is always best to analyze this in the early stages of buying. Also, certain pets are notorious for damaging certain material/fabric. It’s best to stay away from these materials as well.


Many renowned headboard manufacturers include a lifetime warranty cover on purchase of the headboard unit. This ensures worry-free use, and reliability.

It always helps to know what the warranty period on a particular unit is, and what exactly is covered, before you purchase it. Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards - Ultimate Guide & Review 2020

Additional features

Headboards today come with many additional features like sound isolation, organizer/storage, etc. It is good to set your priorities about what you expect your headboard to offer, and then choose accordingly.

Ease of installation

Wall-mounted headboards are mostly easy to install, and are similar to just hanging a picture on the wall. Nevertheless, it is best to check the installation steps and customer reviews before zeroing in on your choice.

This was some basic information to help you choose the best wall mounted headboard as per your personal need. Now that you’re familiar with the basics, let us explore some popular favorites on the market right now.

Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Headboards in 2022

Picture Name Feature Rating


Name Feature


Upholstered panels by Vänt 1. Upholstered panels by Vänt
Soundproof Acoustic panels 4.8
Antique Headboard by Barn Walls 2. Antique Headboard by Barn Walls
Easy installation (Includes hooks and nails too) 4.7
Rustic Mix Headboard by Barn Walls 3. Rustic Mix Headboard by Barn Walls
Hanger-style headboard 4.6
Upholstered wall panel by Art3d 4. Upholstered wall panel by Art3d
Made with high-quality PU leather

Industrial Mix Headboard by Barn Walls 5. Industrial Mix Headboard by Barn Walls
Rustic patterns with natural imperfections 4.5
Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard by LUCID 6. Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard by LUCID
Lifetime limited warranty 4.4
Nathan James Wall Mount by Harlow 7. Nathan James Wall Mount by Harlow
Easy 30-minute installation 4.4
Hawthorne Faux leather headboard by Everlane 8. Hawthorne Faux leather headboard by Everlane
Buttonless diamond tufting and high-quality wood 4.3
Bookcase headboard by Prepac 9. Bookcase headboard by Prepac
Highly durable black laminate frame 4.1
Winsted Linen King Headboard by Dorel Living 10. Winsted Linen King Headboard by Dorel Living
Luxurious linen-look fabric 4.2

1. Upholstered panels by Vänt

Add a soft and welcoming look to your bedroom with this plush headboard from Vant! Upholstered panels by Vänt

Vänt is a leading player when it comes to headboards. This subtle range of upholstered panels has been one of their popular additions. These headboard panels are light and easy to handle, and add immediate charm to the surroundings.

Construction and design

Do you want to add a tasteful and luxurious touch to your bedroom without a lot of redesign? Check out these sophisticated headboards from Vänt. They are available in a range of impressive pastel colors and shades that subtly blend with your immediate décor.

This product is available as a set of 4 wall-mountable panels with each individual panel having dimensions of 30″/39”x11.5″. These panels can be customized to fit all sized beds – from twin to full to queen-sized and king-sized.

The installation of this Vänt headboard set is quick and easy, taking a minimum of 5 minutes to set up with Vänt’s patented and special Simple Mount TM system. The screws of this headboard system are anchorless and the construction comprises of extra-wide threadwork – equipped to grip the dry-wall well and so that the panel is held in place.

Comfort and durability

The NRC rating for the panels is an impressive 0.95 adding the right amount of comfort and softness to the headboard unit.

Made out of a comfortable combination of cotton weave, suede and velvet panels, the Vänt headboard unit is designed for prime comfort and utmost elegance. The panels are freely customizable according to need, taste, style and preference.

Based on your personal choice, you may use just two panel boxes for a just-enough headboard design, or combine multiple boxes and create a bigger impact.

Adding to its flexible design and styling choices, the Vänt headboard unit comes in six luxurious finishes and 31 attractive designer colors. The quality and build of the headboard panels extends way beyond similar units in the market, thus promising long-lasting durability for a long time.


  • Set includes 4 panels
  • Patented Simple-Mount TM system
  • Soundproof Acoustic panels
  • Has a 0.95 NRC Rating
  • Available in 6 finishes and 31 colors

2. Antique Headboard by Barn Walls

Transform your bedroom into a pleasing and cozy retreat with this soft toned antique headboard. Antique Headboard by Barn Walls

If you prefer something more in tune with nature, you mustn’t overlook this unique headboard from Barn Walls. Barn Walls makes headboards with real and thick wood blended with eye-catching artistry and workmanship. Its attractive pattern is bound to add a natural touch to every space.

Construction and design

If plush, upholstered headboard units aren’t for you, how about a classic and natural wood vibe to adorn your comfortable bed? With this exclusive handcrafted wooden headboard from Barn Walls, you don’t have to go looking for a good one.

The headboard unit is made from thick wood (3/4 inch), is strong, and makes for a sturdy frame for any adjustable bed. While there are 3 panels included in this headboard set, the overall dimensions are – 55.5 inches x 2 inches x 36 inches (L x W x H).

These solid wood panels have a weathered look, complete with brown tones that give it the natural, outdoorsy and antique vibe. The hand-distressed designs and natural variations in wood (such as knots and splits) add an effortless charm, giving your unit a look that is one-of-a-kind.

If a weathered look with natural brown undertones isn’t your style, Barn Walls even has some cool “Whitewash Weathered” designs to suit your personal style.

Comfort and durability

The Barn Walls antique headboard unit mounts on the wall effortlessly and is particularly easy to install and handle. It comes complete with hooks and nails, and also a complete set of step-by-step instructions on how to set it up.

The Barn Walls headboard unit is a hanger-style headboard that can be easily mounted on the wall, and is height adjustable as needed. The metal hangers are equipped to hold up to nearly 20 pounds in weight, and are perfect on drywall.

These Barn Wall headboard units are perfect for your walls in all aspects – i.e. – looks, quality, safety and durability.


  • Uses real and thick wood (3/4 inches)
  • Distressed finish for a rustic and vintage look
  • Natural imperfections included for natural charm
  • Easy installation (Includes hooks and nails too)
  • Good choice for adjustable beds

3. Rustic Mix Headboard by Barn Walls

Bring an outdoorsy and adventurous vibe home with this refreshing pattern from Barn Walls! Rustic Mix Headboard by Barn Walls

Here is yet another beauty from Barn Walls to take your breath away! The company pairs an artistic look with a natural touch, to bring to your home a unique and comfortable vibe. Explore the product further to learn more!

Construction and design

This Barn Walls wooden headboard is one of its popular line of products ever! Another masterpiece that shines through its antique wood designs, this headboard unit has a classic and adventurous look.

The “Rustic Mix” headboard discussed here has a mix of vertical striped patterns, and truly looks one-of-a kind. It has an attractive and elegant combination of Dark walnut, Honey, Golden Oak and Coastal Gray wood to bring a unique character and charm to your bedroom space.

The construction of this Barn Walls headboard uses a sturdy and thick ¾ inch wood sourced from the sustainable forests of America. The product contains a total of 3 panels with overall dimensions of 64.5 inches x 2 inches x 36 inches.

It is designed to be hung on the wall like a picture frame, and thus is height adjustable depending on your needs.

Comfort and durability

The Barn Walls headboards are made with strong, sturdy and high-quality wood that are hand-distressed for an antique, rustic and weathered look. These panels use distressed wood and include natural variations and imperfections that are found in real wood.

Variations like knots and splits add more character and beauty to the overall look and feel of your unit. With an extremely easy-to-install design, this wall-mountable headboard unit from Barn Walls also comes with nails and hooks to aid set up.

Also included in the product is a guide with step-by-step instructions on how to install the product. Made with strong, high-quality wood, these headboard units are light in weight and highly durable. The multifunctional unit makes for an attractive backdrop against your subtle linen and throw pillows.

In addition to adding its own unique charm and persona to the room, it also effortlessly blends in with its surroundings.


  • Hanger-style headboard
  • Distressed wood with natural imperfections
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Set includes 3 panels
  • Can be used for adjustable beds

4. Upholstered wall panel by Art3d

This classy and elegant looking headboard by Art3d is one-of-a kind! Upholstered wall panel by Art3d

Art3d makes deliciously artsy headboards which excel in style and workmanship. Their products score high on the comfort factor too, making them one of the favorite brands to choose from. This upholstered unit from Art3d is one of the latest additions to their arsenal.

Construction and design

Rich, elegant and sophisticated- this set of 8 upholstered panels are just right if you’re looking for a plush and stylish option for your personal space. Constructed out of the finest PU leather (which is fire-rated) and high-quality sponge, the set-up also comes with a sturdy PVC backboard for easy installation and sturdiness.

This Art3d unit comes complete with an elegant leather finish and a high-rebound sponge construction for brilliant comfort and sophistication. The 8 panels that are included as a part of this set have dimensions of 39.4 inches x11.8 inches, and thus are perfect for twin-sized, full-sized, queen-sized as well as king-sized bed headboards.

Its unique, high-quality setup makes it an attractive choice as a bedding backdrop, for comfortable cushioning, as a headboard, an accent wall or just as a focus piece too.

Comfort and durability

Art3d makes for an excellent choice for both residential and commercial spaces – thanks to its high-quality and state-of-the-art construction and charm.

The unit features excellent sound-insulation features and makes for a perfect choice for spaces such as meeting rooms, offices, recording studios and home theatres as well. Art3d has a simple and easy installation setup which involves no extra use of nail, tape or glue.

The luxurious unit comes with its own installation hardware, and has a design that focuses on saving space and cost. In addition to being perfect for all bed sizes, the Art3d panels are also perfect for renters, as it is easily removable, causing no wall damages during installation.


  • Made with high-quality PU leather
  • Designed for both commercial and residential spaces
  • Designed for sound insulation
  • Set includes 8 panels
  • Ideal for small spaces

5. Industrial Mix Headboard by Barn Walls

Create an adventurous safari vibe in your very own bedroom with this special pattern by Barn Walls! Industrial Mix Headboard by Barn Walls

Barn Walls, a brand the world loves and relies on. Their wooden headboards are refreshing, elegant and often exude an out-of-the-world charm. If you’re looking for something highly unique, here is a masterpiece just for you. With its strange and eccentric mix of colors, the vibrant headboard is definitely going to impress your guests.

Construction and design

Here is yet another attractive wooden marvel from legendary Barn Walls. Another exciting pattern from the leading makers of wooden accents, this special headboard is a sight to behold! There are 4 panels included in this product with dimensions of 86 inches x 2 inches x 58 inches.

Rustic and antique in appearance, this “Industrial Mix” design comprises of a splendid mix of Industrial Mintwash, Industrial Turquoise, Industrial Whitewash and Industrial Pale Greenwash. The durable and high-strength headboard is made out of thick and real ¾ inch wood that is sourced from sustainable forests in the US.

The unique mix of colors impart to these Barn Walls headboard panels, a unique, stylish and original look and feel. With its withered and distressed look, these vintage units come in a wide range of soft, subtle tones like baby blue and whitewash. They also come in adventurous tones like yellow, teal and turquoise.

Comfort and durability

Handcrafted to include a solid or eye-catching mix of refreshing colors, this Barn Walls headboard unit makes for a pleasing backdrop to your linens and throw cushions. Barn Walls panels are easy to install and handle.

They come with double sided Velcro strips to help provide some additional support to the headboard – thus adding security and safety to its design. Its main source of support is the bed, and with its sturdy and strong frame, the unit stays put without unnecessary movement or banging against the wall.

Barn Walls also include certain budget friendly options which include “hanger” styles which help you hang them on the wall, just like you would a photo frame.


  • Made with real and sustainable wood
  • Rustic patterns with natural imperfections
  • Designed for super-easy installation
  • Set includes 4 panels
  • Easy installation and set up

6. Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard by LUCID

Bring timeless elegance to your space with this mid-rise headboard by LUCID! Mid-Rise Upholstered Headboard by LUCID

LUCID, yet another player in the headboards category is another popular favorite. The company makes strong and durable upholstered units that score high on quality and comfort. This premium addition to their collection is a frequently purchased product.

Construction and design

A great way to upgrade your room without a lot of overhead is by investing in a LUCID headboard. This diamond tufted mid-rise headboard has a strong and sturdy frame that is made of Siberian Larch wood. It is further upholstered using fabric that is linen-inspired.

The LUCID headboard is designed to fit most bed frames/bases and comes complete with pre-drilled legs, optional wall mounts and modification plates. The headboard is built to be height-adjustable in 2-inch increments and can extend from 34 to 45.5 inches in height.

LUCID is available in colors such as Charcoal, Cobalt, Stone, and Pearl to suit different tastes and preferences. Simple in looks, yet highly elegant in construction and design, the headboard unit comes complete with all the hardware needed to set it up easily and quickly.

Comfort and durability

With its classic button tufted design, the headboard has a durable as well as a super lightweight construction. The high-quality of the upholstery used adds a factor of reliability and durability to your purchase.

Also, with the classic looks, square-edged and clean lines that comprise the construction of the LUCID headboard, the unit is low-profile and blends extremely well with the surrounding space. It adds a charming yet minimalistic vibe to any décor.

The low-profile design aims at saving space and also is compatible with most frames. Easy to install and set up, LUCID’s legs are pre-drilled with dual modification plates and wall-mounts. Its legs come with a long-lasting fabric layer to provide extra protection to the walls and also for noise-isolation.

The unit is designed for full customization according to your needs and is covered by an impressive lifetime warranty.


  • Includes full customization options
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Fits almost all bed frames
  • Comes with pre-drilled legs
  • Includes 2 modification plates

7. Nathan James Wall Mount by Harlow

Give a Boho look to your room with this highly adaptable and stylish headboard by Harlow! Nathan James Wall Mount by Harlow

The Harlow company needs no introduction. If you’re looking for something with a highly sophisticated look and feel, this one will fit your bill. What’s more, Harlow headboards are mostly highly customizable to customer needs, and this unit is no exception!

Construction and design

The Nathan James headboard from Harlow has a unique and distinguished sized design. Fit for queen beds/full-sized beds, this headboard has dimensions of 62 inches x 3 -inches x 25 inches (length x width x height). This luxuriously built wall- mounted headboard can be set up easily and has just a 30-minute assembly time.

This modern and light-weight headboard unit comprises of a light gray fabric and vintage-style brown faux leather straps made of PU leather.

The construction of this Harlow headboard includes two panels that are put together while set up. These two panels make for two individual spaces to lean on while on bed. This Harlow Nathan James headboard unit is available in sizes that suit twin beds, full-sized beds and king-sized beds.

Comfort and durability

While the Harlow headboard is specially designed to be a bedroom headboard, it can also make a great option for use in your dining space or entryway, or to enhance the comfort level of any space. This well-designed headboard unit is also made from the choicest of materials, and can thus offer the highest durability and reliability.

A big plus about the construction of this wall-mounted headboard unit is that it is designed to save considerable amount of space. The unit is perfect for small spaces and can be hanged with or without the included suspension straps.

The Nathan James headboard attaches itself securely, thus offering full safety and security to the user. This adjustable Harlow headboard is easily customizable to suit your comfort levels and is easy to install, set up and handle. It is backed by a lifetime warranty issued by the manufacturer.


  • Easy 30-minute installation
  • Includes set of 2 panels
  • Vintage style PU straps (of faux leather)
  • Designed for versatile use
  • Upholstered for ultimate comfort

8. Hawthorne Faux leather headboard by Everlane

Choose excellent craftsmanship and quality with this elegant unit by Everlane. Hawthorne Faux leather headboard by Everlane

Everlane products are elegant, well-crafted and offer high value to users. A luxurious and elegant addition to its popular set of products is this plush upholstered headboard. The stunning Everlane unit is designed to add a contemporary charm to any space.

Construction and design

Another deliciously elegant unit in the list is this well-crafted headboard from Everlane. With its sophisticated black buttonless diamond-tufted design, the piece adds a calming and glamorous look to your space.

At the base of this Everlane headboard lies a wooden frame which is upholstered by a plush faux-leather covering – truly making it a gorgeous accent in your bedroom.

The wall-mountable unit comes with suitable hardware that helps you attach the unit securely to the base of your bed, a frame or the wall. This headboard also comes with easy height adjustment – the height can be adjusted between 34 inches and 36 inches to suit your need.

Comfort and durability

This Everlane unit has a highly durable and solid frame that will last you years. The strength of its construction is paired with an exceptionally comfortable plush faux leather upholstery as well as its super-durable pair of legs.

Designed to fit and attach to all types of bed-base, the frame adds true sophistication to your space. With its 7 easy height adjustable options, the Everlane unit is designed for ingenious and easy operation and handling.

All in all, this headboard unit is highly comfortable, detailed and versatile for different tastes and preferences.


  • Sophisticated faux leather finish
  • Includes adjustable legs for all mattress heights
  • Buttonless square tuft pattern
  • Includes all hardware needed for easy setup
  • High quality wood with comfortable padding

9. Bookcase headboard by Prepac

Built for the organizer, this unique bookcase headboard by Prepac saves up on precious space! Bookcase headboard by Prepac

Prepac is known for its customer-friendly and ingenious product designs. The bookcase headboard from the brand is another testimony to this statement. Built for space-savers, this one is truly a favorite because of its excellent compartment-based design.

Construction and design

Are you someone that would love a multipurpose, shelf headboard to store your alarm clock, mobile phone or bedside reading book? This intelligent bookcase head board from Prepac is truly one of a kind.

The construction of the headboard unit uses completely non-toxic, composite and laminated wood paired with a sturdy MDF backer. There are three storage compartments and a shelf (which is adjustable) is included as a part of the central compartment.

While the overall dimensions of the assembled unit measure 65.75” W x 43”H x 11” D, the compartment dimensions are 21. 5” W x 11. 25” H x 9. 25” D. The Prepac wall mounted headboard is designed specifically for full and queen-sized beds.

Scoring high on quality and comfort, the wood that is used as a part of the headboard is sturdy and extremely durable.

Comfort and durability

Built with a subtle black tone all over, the finishing of this headboard unit uses a deep black laminate material that is sturdy, strong and durable.

The Prepac unit is easy to assemble and also comes with a handy instruction booklet. This headboard is built to blend in seamlessly with your bedroom décor, and adds about 3 compartments-worth of storage space in your bedroom.

The design easily helps you save space, and is a wonderful investment if you’re interested in minimal living. With an adjustable middle compartment, the headboard may be used to store anything – from books to clocks and picture frames – whatever suits your taste and preferences.

Overall, the Prepac headboard is a good investment to make if you would like to maximize the storage capacity of your bedroom in a unique way.


  • Highly organized and space-saving design
  • Great for full and queen beds
  • Includes 3 compartments and an adjustable central shelf
  • Highly durable black laminate frame
  • Easy and quick assembly

10. Winsted Linen King Headboard by Dorel Living

Get that bling on with this edgy metal nail-head unit by Dorel Living. Winsted Linen King Headboard by Dorel Living

Dorel Living makes headboards with unique style elements, and this unit is a true reflection of their commitment to good design. A great pick for the artsy individual, the unit has a subtle yet shiny metal nail-head edgework for an attractive look.

Construction and design

Want something classy and subtle? Have a look at this gorgeous navy-blue linen-inspired headboard from Dorel Living. Upholstered out of linen-like material, the stylish headboard has subtle curves that inspire comfort and elegance in a bedroom.

The sophisticated unit features an antique nail-head metal trim design lining its edges, and is available in two other attractive colors – beige and gray. The subtle yet classy upholstery makes this piece a beautiful addition to your comfortable space, as it blends in delicately with all your other décor – adding to it a slight metallic bling for some charm.

This Dorel Living headboard is constructed to fit king-sized beds, but also available are options for full or queen-sized beds. When it comes to comfort and convenience, the headboard unit offers the best of both worlds. It is generously padded which makes it perfect for you to lean on, while relaxing, watching television, or reading a book.

Comfort and durability

This classic headboard has an easy, built-in support system with adaptable plates included. An array of stylish details comprises the Dorel Living headboard and they include everything from its detailed nail head trim to the intricate scrollwork that comes as a part of the unit.

Also, this unique unit is specially constructed so as to save precious space and is designed for minimalistic living. Thus, this multipurpose unit makes for a great option to consider for a dorm, a condo, an apartment or any other small-living space.

Add to it its easy and quick installation process and its affordable price, what’s not to love about this beauty?


  • Luxurious linen fabric upholstery
  • Features metal nail-head pattern
  • Excellent padding on headboard for support
  • Easy and quick installation process
  • Designed for small spaces

Every home is unique, and so are your needs. But with some time and patience, it is easy to choose a headboard that perfectly fits a space. Agreed that there are several options out there, but assessing important factors like the weather, living conditions, décor and desired features goes a long way in giving you great returns on your investment. Listing down your comfort priorities will enable you to find the one unit that is best for you. When you narrow in on a particular model, go through customer reviews to get a better and real-time perspective.

Also, regular cleaning and maintenance of your unit helps keep it strong and durable for a long time. Wooden headboards are the easiest to clean, which is why they are preferred by a lot of people. They are easy to maintain, and add a natural charm to the space. Vinyl and leather upholstered headboards are also easy to maintain. Decorative headboards that have detailed carvings and grooves require considerable time and energy to clean. If you live in a region with high humidity, it is advisable to apply a varnish or an oil-based cleaner to keep it from tarnishing (especially if it is a metal headboard).

Whichever headboard you choose, please read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly for cleaning and maintenance tips. Following these instructions will immensely help you extend the life of your headboard unit.

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