Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds – Guide & Reviews 2022

If you face trouble sleeping, investing in a twin XL adjustable bed could be the right thing to help you feel comfy for a Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds relaxing sleep. No longer barely for the ailing or wounded, adjustable beds are mainstream now for anybody to utilize at home. Even trendy mattress brands sell their proprietary adjustable bases!

A twin XL adjustable bed is typically associated with motorized base that moves into dissimilar positions by elevating the head of foot of the bed. Some contain customizable attributes like integral massagers, sleep trackers, and lighting.

Adjustable mattresses can transform in firmness via constructions such as air chambers or transposable springs; it’s ideal if you need to switch comfort levels instead of bed’s position.

Twin XL adjustable beds are essential component for numerous sleepers. Modest in size, the base or foundation creates dissimilar comfortable angles for sleep. Moreover, these are configured utilizing remote/wireless app controls.

Different sorts of sleepers can significantly benefit from utilizing twin XL adjustable bed. Heavy-snoring users, those with sleep apnea, might diminish snoring episodes by raising their heads to definite angles. Foot elevation is helpful for users with poor blood circulation or who recover from surgical procedures. And since numerous twin XL adjustable beds present twin customization, couples with reverse preferences feel uniformly relaxed and supported.

Read on to know more regarding the functionality of twin XL adjustable beds, plus maintenance tips and vital feature considerations. Below you will find a list of 15 best twin XL adjustable beds sold now and these are derived from confirmed customer or owner experiences plus exhaustive product research with analysis.

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What Are The Main Characteristics Of Twin XL Size Adjustable Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 Beds?

The expression ‘adjustable bed’ denotes a bed base that may be elevated/lowered to generate diverse sleep positions. Adjustable beds were primarily utilized in hospitals to house patients with injuries who needed angled sleep surfaces. They also support blood circulation and diminish pain and inflammation, making them finest for patients recovering from surgical/medical procedures.

Recently, several bed manufacturers are selling customized bed bases that have the similar properties like those utilized in healthcare settings. Standard twin XL adjustable models may be inclined/reclined at both head/foot of bed, offering manifold profile alternatives for sleeper’s upper/lower body. Other tasks may comprise massaging, anti-snore features, zero-gravity presets, and quiet alarms. Most twin XL adjustable beds have remote controls and some may be fine-tuned utilizing apps on wire-free devices.

Adjustable base is segmented in one or more places with hinges managing the position alterations. Although twin XL adjustable bed construction or performance varies considerably by brand/model, most of these are designed to incline head/torso by approximately 58-80 degrees, incline lower body by approximately 30-45 degrees, although lower body alteration is not obtainable with many models, support no less than 400lbs, though many models may support up to 800-850lbs. You can adjust settings utilizing connected, wired/wireless remote control.

What Are The Key Differences Between Twin And Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds?

The twin bed is frequently identified as a single bed. If utilized with another twin beneath, it can be pulled out, and is called a trundle bed. If utilized against a wall with bolsters/pillows inside a guest room it is frequently called a day- Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 bed. Twin XL is frequently called a dorm bed for its widespread usage in college dorm rooms; it’s also for older kids and small master bedrooms.

The key difference between twin and twin XL adjustable bed lies in the size differential; the twin is simply 5” shorter than twin XL.

Regarding origin, twin bed has been admired since the 1890s. Originally, two single beds used jointly gave a bed the ‘twin’ moniker. It always works fine for a kid’s room giving floor space for playing. It is perfect to utilize two in a room for kids who share a bedroom or in a guest room. The twin bed works lovely as a day-bed or sitting/lounging area for daytime.

Although twin XL origin is vague, it is called a dorm bed owing to the extra-long size introduced in colleges to house taller athletes. Now, it’s a popular choice for bedrooms at home serving particular health, sleep, and comfort requirements owing to the adjustable nature. Twin XL has half the width of a King bed and identical length as King. The extra-elongated length provides a taller sleeper extra space to stretch out but has the similar width of standard twin. Two twin XL’s placed alongside may be fashioned into King-size bed for a couple with varying sleep preferences.

What Are The Main Advantages And Uses Of Having Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds?

Twin XL adjustable beds are sophisticated and versatile in form and carry several uses and advantages compared to the regular beds.

Immense Medical Benefits

Twin XL adjustable beds can alleviate pain or pressure all through the body, owing to customized comfort, body Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 support, plus massage settings. So it’s extremely appropriate for sleepers with medical conditions that lead to chronic pain, counting arthritis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, plus restless legs syndrome. By elevation of head/legs, it improves blood circulation.

Unlike customary bed frames, adjustable bed frames are raised/lowered. This lets people raise/lower upper body/legs to relieve pressure on back and relieve pain. The flexibility offers relief from symptoms of conditions such as sleep apnea, stomach acid reflux, edema, snoring or breathing difficulties.

Lessens Snoring

Customized head elevation may drastically lessen snoring, and might be predominantly useful for people with sleep apnea and additional disorders associated to snoring. Many beds have a dedicated ‘anti-snore’ setting to fine-tune your head to manifold positions or angles.

Universal Ergonomic Comfort

As twin XL adjustable beds may be programmed into countless dissimilar positions, these offer profiles, folds, angles, and surfaces comfortable to all sleepers notwithstanding their height, body mass, or ideal sleep position. Briefly, these beds fetch restful uninterrupted night’s sleep. These frames enable elderly users or people with mobility issues to securely and comfortably climb in/out of bed. That improves a superior independence level.

Dual Adjustment

Twin XL bed bases split down in the middle, are perfect for couples with dissimilar profile inclinations. Most popular configurations of adjustable beds are joined basically as two Twin XL-sized bases together.

Wireless Smart Device Controls Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020

Whether programmed using remote control or wireless smart device app, most twin XL adjustable beds obtainable today let users customize and adjust settings wirelessly and remotely without getting out of bed and without use of cords/outlets. Very small number of models available today has wired remote.

What Are The Features Of The Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds?

With so many dissimilar features, it’s essential to think of what you basically desire from your twin XL adjustable bed. To save time and lessen annoyance, narrow down your choices by exploring the fundamental traits.

Material & Construction

Twin XL models may be adjusted at legs to increase/reduce general height. In many models, leg extensions are available independently. The bed might be split length-wise down in middle to offer customizable settings for all sides of bed.

In zero-gravity preset/position, the legs get elevated higher than head to generate an S-shaped sleep surface simulating zero-G situation. This position is linked to improved pain along with pressure relief, and may be perfect for users with circumstances like upper/lower back pain or elevated blood pressure.

The twin XL adjustable bed may contain metal headboard brackets to fasten a headboard to base or brackets may be bought independently. A twin XL adjustable bed may feature 10 integral A/C plug outlets and/or USB ports for sleepers to charge different devices during sleep. Even though remote controls are typical, some adjustable beds Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 permit users to program settings utilizing or accessing apps on their smartphone, tablet, or any wireless device.

Some features are highly recommended for any age group especially seniors! Lumbar support is for users who require additional back support. Furniture-style decking is for users who adore gorgeous looks. Elevation lift can stop acid reflux/heartburn. Pillow tilting gives enhanced head/neck support while sitting up on bed (reading, net surfing, watching TV). Wall hugging keeps you next to nightstand even if head’s raised. Head and foot massage relax and alleviate exhausted muscles. Storage-bed compatibility leads to saving space.

The right mattress with twin XL adjustable bed plays a big role in contributing to overall comfort and construction. Most are designed to pair with a proper mattress. Generally, memory foam/latex models are a better choice for comfort and support.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Twin XL adjustable beds have anti-snore presets. Many users snore since their head isn’t elevated. An anti-snore preset permits sleepers to involuntarily raise the head to a desired profile with a button push. Timed adjustment is an ideal feature for sleepers who fine-tune their position all through the night. Adjustable beds with sleep timer can readjust to a flat surface after predetermined numbers of minutes/hours have passed.

With single-touch remote technology, some twin XL adjustable beds will instantaneously shift to sleeper’s favorite position for better sleep quality. Adjustable beds can offer multiple diverse memory position presets.

Retainer bars are regularly affixed to different points of bed to keep a mattress from slipping off base. Most twin XL adjustable beds have 4 retainer bars, two each at head/foot or one at every corner, while some have a solitary bar at the foot. Some forego retainer bars totally, and instead utilize an interior hook-based structure to keep the mattress in position.

Wall-hugging technology alleviates switch into bed by smoothly lowering a sleeper’s body as a bed slants. The amount of space amid wall and bed stays equivalent. Instead of using deafening noises or music to awaken sleepers, some twin XL adjustable beds have silent alarms which wake sleepers with tender vibrations or wave-type Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 sensations. Some have lights underneath the base that might be turned on/off using remote/wireless controls.

Many individuals or couples may struggle with chronic snoring. Bed frame is split into manifold zones that are electronically fine-tuned to elevate back, legs, and knees to changeable degrees giving proper bounce or hug. With this adjustability, the bed comes equipped with anti-snore preset position to significantly diminish snoring for many people. Sleepers can pick from a broad assortment of positions like zero-gravity and lounging/reclining/sitting up in bed. The head presents a quick incline beneficial for users who snore deeply.

The bed’s settings are changed using wireless remote and users can save preferred positions. Twin XL adjustable bed folds to offer a perfect bed shape to enhance ergonomic lumbar and spine support while reading, resting, watching TV, or anything else. You must achieve whatever shape is required for your preferred leisure-time activities.

Twin XL bed suits all kinds of sleepers, chiefly those with chronic pain in neck/back/waist/hips/legs/any sensitive areas. It offers wide-ranging massage function that comprises full-wave, head, with leg massaging, and multiple dissimilar intensities. The massage mechanically shuts off after 15-20 minutes. The bed can elevate head and legs disjointedly, with auto-reset button that reinstates the 2 ends to an original position, and height profile may be regulated. Built-in massage function presents zoned vibrations for diverse body areas giving targeted pain or pressure relief and improving sleep quality or span.

Zero-gravity preset with elevation reduces high levels of pain and gives pressure relief. It is advantageous for sleepers with soaring blood pressure. Sleeping in zero-gravity offers health benefits like superior blood circulation, lesser aches/pains, and liberation from snoring plus sleep apnea. With your head/feet faintly over the chest, Zero-G preset Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 shifts you into ergonomic position within seconds to an exact angle.

Each sleep position needs a definite support level to keep spine in neutral alignment. Side sleeping is the healthiest position. These sleepers breathe easily, perk up heart health, reduce snoring and lower risk of sleep apnea. Some twin XL beds are modifiable for easy side-sleeping. Adjustable beds aren’t suggested for stomach sleepers because it can cause the body to rest at an unnatural angle.

Back sleepers maintain their spine in impartial alignment owing to spine’s undeviating contact with mattress surface. There is hazard of snoring and sleep apnea for back sleepers, but for users who already undergo these conditions, a twin XL adjustable base is a vast benefit in alleviating symptoms.

Durability & Warranty

Twin XL adjustable beds use several mattress types like memory foam, hybrid, and latex; these are generally compatible and durable with most adjustable bases with rigorous long-term and versatile use. Adjustable resilient twin XL beds classically weigh higher and many support 300lbs or more. This makes them practically easy to preserve year after year.

Putting together twin XL adjustable beds can be tricky and time-consuming, even though some brands present White Glove delivery giving in-home assembly. These have good lifespan. Owing to their electrical constituents, engineers follow cutting-edge design and construction to avert malfunctions or breakdowns.

Most beds sold today present a sleep trial to allow buyers to test out a bed for a definite time-span (classically 90-365 Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds - Guide & Reviews 2020 nights), and then return it for refund or exchange it if they aren’t pleased with how it performs or feels. Some brands might charge shipping or handling fees along with restocking fees.

The warranty of twin XL adjustable bed might range anywhere from 3-40 years in time-span. Longer warranties apparently offer a superior financial cushion for bed-owners.

Non-prorated warranty coverage denotes the bed manufacturer will fix or replace a flawed base at zero cost, apart from shipping or handling fees. Prorated coverage means the owner should pay a definite percentage of actual base cost to repair/swap the product if a flaw arises. Prorated charges frequently amplify with every year of ownership. Sometimes, even 20-year warranty might have 1-3 years of non-prorated coverage.

Bottom line is twin XL adjustable bed shoppers must confirm their chosen brand and model encompass return policies with acceptable warranty coverage plans prior to finalizing a purchase.

Top 15 Best Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds in 2022


Name Feature



Name Mattress Type


LUCID L300 Ergonomic Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base (Top Pick) 1. LUCID L300 Ergonomic Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base (Top Pick)
Dual USB charging stations 4.7
Classic Brands Twin XL Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base 2. Classic Brands Twin XL Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

3 leg heights

Sven & Son Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame 3. Sven & Son Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame
Interactive dual massage 4.6
iDealBed 3i Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base 4. iDealBed 3i Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base
Zero clearance design 4.5
Lucid L600 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame 5. Lucid L600 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame
Premium-quality motor 4.5
LINENSPA Motorized Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base 6. LINENSPA Motorized Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base
5-year warranty 4.4
Classic Brands Affordamatic 2.0 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base 7. Classic Brands Affordamatic 2.0 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base
Wireless remote control 4.4
MAXXPRIME Wall Hugger Twin XL Adjustable Bed 8. MAXXPRIME Wall Hugger Twin XL Adjustable Bed
Super durable stackable metal legs 4.3
Sven & Son Twin XL Essential Adjustable Bed Base 9. Sven & Son Twin XL Essential Adjustable Bed Base
2 pre-set memory buttons 4.3
LUCID Steel Frame Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base 10. LUCID Steel Frame Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Simple and fast assembly

Blissful Nights Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base 11. Blissful Nights Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base
Upholstered grey linen-like fabric 4.2
Dual USB charging ports 4.1
BEDBOSS Relax 404 Adjustable Twin XL Full Motion Zero Gravity Motorized Bed Base 13. BEDBOSS Relax 404 Adjustable Twin XL Full Motion Zero Gravity Motorized Bed Base
Wireless remote with flashlight 4.0
14. Smile Back Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base
850-pound weight capacity 4.0
LEISUIT Uphostered Adjustable Bed Base 15. LEISUIT Uphostered Adjustable Bed Base
Heavy-duty steel construction 3.9

1. LUCID L300 Ergonomic Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base (Top Pick)

Relax and unwind by relieving your aches with LUCID L300 Ergonomic Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base!

LUCID L300 ergonomic upholstered twin XL adjustable bed base has the convenience of dual USB charging stations LUCID L300 Ergonomic Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base (Top Pick) and head/foot incline using a handy wireless remote control.

Material & Construction

LUCID L300 comprises a 12” mattress and twin XL adjustable base. First-ever foldable hinge makes shipping extra-reasonable; simple assembly takes lesser than 5 minutes; no expert assembly required. Independent head incline is 0-60 degrees, foot incline is 0-45 degrees; dual USB charging stations on two sides of base.

Remote has flashlight, memory position, and flat position with head and foot control. The layers are 1.5″ latex foam, 1″ gel memory foam, 1″ transition foam, 1″ support foam, 6.5″ encased coils, 1″ support foam with 6″ edge support.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Plush memory foam layer is topped with genuine latex functioning together for ideal amalgamation of sink-in and spring or hug and bounce. Medium-firm feel is comfortable for reclining/sleeping/resting, back/body support along with ergonomic spine support and good sleep quality.

High-quality 5.5” steel coils are independently-wrapped to conform to body and isolate motion along with giving edge support.

One can find comfort throughout pregnancy by lifting, lowering, and locking in the comfort. L300 gives outstanding back support relieving nerve/joint pressure. Inclining angle of head by 6″ perks up digestion and stomach acid remains in proper place alleviating throat stress with acid reflux.

Sleeping at incline aligns your spine and opens the airways, by merely raising head 10-30 degrees, users decrease snoring, alleviate congestion and influence sleep apnea positively.

Durability & Warranty

Attractive, two-toned long-lasting cover finishes the stylish look of this resilient bed base; it’s backed by 10-year US warranty against manufacturing defects. 8″-12″ is recommended mattress profile to maintain durability. Frame can withstand 750lbs.


  • Upholstered adjustable bed
  • 5-minute assembly
  • Dual USB charging stations
  • Head/foot incline with wireless remote control


  • Flimsy-grade metal is used on frame

2. Classic Brands Twin XL Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Ward off all tenderness and aches using Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base! Classic Brands Twin XL Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Enjoy lifestyle and health advantages with Classic Brands adjustable-comfort Twin XL adjustable ergonomic bed base with programmable elevation arrangements, head/foot massage, USB ports, and wireless remote.

Transform your bedroom into a tranquil space. It even acts as a platform bed creating additional room for under-bed storage.

Material & Construction

Classic Brands adjustable-comfort Twin XL bed base measures 38″Wx79″Lx15″H. Easy-to-utilize wireless remote containing presets and programmable settings gives added convenience, two 1.5A USB ports are included to charge your devices.

Adjustable legs have three dissimilar height alternatives, 5”, 7” or combined for 12”; it includes mattress retention rail to keep the mattress in position preventing it from sliding.

It’s adjustable mattress compatible; it’s perfect for use with latex, memory foam, hybrid, gel foam, and air mattresses and is trouble-free to assemble and ships straight to your door. It assembles in 4 trouble-free steps; unfold, screw in legs, add mattress retention rail and plug in.

It can be your favored hangout for easily finding ideal positions for reading, watching TV, and speaking on phone. With wireless remote, you can regulate position, activate massage mode from palm of your hands getting soothing 3-speed massage. It has 6 memory positions. 3 AAA batteries are included.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Whisper-quiet adjustable bed base induces deep sleep, separate ergonomic head/foot elevations give back, spine, and full-body support; programmable settings for lounging, TV/laptop, and zero-gravity presets offer comfort. It supports maximum mass of 1000lbs of consistently-distributed weight.

Head elevation is 65 degrees and foot elevation is 50 degrees. Sleep without stress/pressure as zero-gravity pose simulates weightlessness and alleviates pressure in lower back and heart for resting easily. 3-speed separate twofold head/foot massage lets you unwind, calm down, and soothe your body.

Due to programmable positions, you get the finest way to rest for spinal alignment, deep breathing, and blood circulation.

Durability & Warranty

You get 3-year limited non-prorated worry-free warranty coverage, 5-star customer service available 7 days per week. Classic Brands upholstered adjustable bed has tremendous quality assurance.


  • Relaxing massage
  • Wireless remote
  • 3 leg heights
  • Functional USB ports


  • Vibrations aren’t as powerful

3. Sven & Son Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame

Drift into a deep sleep with Sven & Son Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame!

New classic state-of-the-art Twin XL adjustable bed base by Sven & Son upgrades your lifestyle and re-imagines Sven & Son Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame comfort. Imagine yourself tranquil in your own dwelling with a split adjustable base using individual head/foot control.

Material & Construction

117.8lbs adjustable bed base by Sven and Son is the #1 best-valued sleep gadget with dual USB ports, head/foot articulation of 0-75° and 0-45°, zero-gravity position, 12″ steel legs, 2 autonomous heavy-duty motors with interactive dual massage, mattress retention bar and under-bed lighting.

It has heavy steel construction, emergency power-down feature, flashlight on 18-button back-lit remote, anti-snore preset, one-touch flat preset, 3 mode massage with 3 intensities of head and foot massage including Pulse, Wave, and Full-Body Vibration. 3 AAA batteries are required.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Sven & Son brings a spa-type experience to any bedroom. The completely-adjustable interactive twin massage incorporates Wave Technology with two separate areas functioning to calm you – one to limber up shoulders, and one focusing on hard-working legs. Wave technology sends sensation of repose from head to toes. It targets aches, pressure points, or pains directly improving sleep quality.

Platform bed is zero-clearance compatible. With ultra-quiet motors, advanced wireless control & split design, you can alter functions effortlessly without disturbing spouse/partner. Get good ergonomic spine support with balanced bounce/hug.

Durability & Warranty

The supreme motors and elegantly-engineered frames are truly built-to-last while providing you reliable & responsive usage. It has massive 850lbs lift capacity. You get free 5-year non-prorated extended warranty with zero deductible parts/labor in-home technician visits, 5-star customer service, free shipping and White Glove delivery!

5-minute assembly is easy; screw in the legs and plug-in. It can be used with all sorts of mattresses. Sven & Son’s under-bed lighting helps offer functionality and creates blissful ambiance. With flexible lighting accents, you bid adieu to tripping over corners, mishaps, damage to bed, or waking up your spouse with unforgiving lighting.


  • 5-minute assembly
  • Head & foot articulation
  • Zero-gravity
  • Interactive dual massage


  • Lacks individual pillow-tilt
  • No iOS/Android app compatibility

4. iDealBed 3i Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Bring expediency in your life through iDealBed 3i Custom Adjustable Bed Base!

Enhance your comfort and sleep with iDealBed 3i custom adjustable bed base providing you custom comfort through iDealBed 3i Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base adjusting in almost any position desired; you will get full head/foot articulation for your convenience.

Material & Construction

The custom adjustable bed base weighs 69.9lbs. It has luxurious Interactive wireless ergonomic remote containing 8 buttons, featuring back-lit and marked function buttons intended for visibility, also it has one touch of comfort position response buttons, with 2 pre-set position buttons letting you set Zero-Gravity and Flat position, with 2 programmable memory position buttons making it convenient to use.

All integrated with advanced smooth, Silent Drive Technology motors, all backed with German-engineered Okin motors with iDealBed specification, it has 850lbs lift capacity. It features Micro-Bead Grip fabric designed to hold the mattress in place intended for superior articulation and foot retainer bar incorporated.

Comfort & Ergonomics

It comes with the convenience of No-Assembly Design, comes with multi-option height legs giving you 9″-15″ legs that can be attuned in half-inch increments, it gives zero-clearance design giving you the base to be used devoid of legs completely. It has 2 programmable memory position buttons to save your preferred position intended for One-Touch Comfort expediency.

It gives you full customization modifying to any position you wish for comfort. The head articulates about 70 degrees and foot articulates about 42 degrees. It entails Zero-Gravity Position for removing pressure points. It’s backed with an Anti-Snore setting intended to prevent this racket by raising the head a little to open up airways.

Durability & Warranty

iDealBed 3i is known for perfection to present the best-quality build from construction to operation intended to last with a foremost coverage to stand behind it, to ensure strength and sturdiness. The product is designed, engineered and Developed in the US and all backed with 10-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Compatible with all mattresses
  • Zero clearance design
  • Full head, foot articulation control
  • Premium luxury furniture-grade upholstery


  • Bed is slightly heavy to flip it over

5. Lucid L600 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame

Seek ergonomic comfort of Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Frame!

LUCID L600 adjustable bed base is the finest range of adjustable bed bases, all set to transform your bedroom. Lucid L600 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base Frame

Material & Construction

L600 adjustable base frame measures 80”x37”x14.75” and weighs 97lbs. It has Bluetooth compatibility with LUCID base app giving you control and customization of your adjustable base easily; wireless remote with flashlight is also incorporated.

It features independent head/foot incline; massage makes this base the focus of relaxation and comfort. Premium motor is exceedingly dependable, quiet, and responsive performance; it handles 500lbs of weight capacity.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Bluetooth compatibility with LUCID base app entails your base to be used trouble-free and conveniently. The app features ease and functionality with incorporated wireless remote, by a few extra customization features like “Hey Siri” voice controls.

Also, it has a standard independent head/foot incline with preset TV, zero gravity, anti-snore, read, and memory positions. Sync your bases jointly for synchronized comfort or select the liberty of individualized controls. Two massage motors offer head and foot zoned massage, accessible in three diverse patterns and speeds.

Other features consist of two USB charging ports, under-bed lighting, plus a quiet motor that won’t trouble your partner. Assembly is straightforward.

Durability & Warranty

Premium motor is extremely reliable, quiet, and responsive in performance for days to come. It’s backed by 10-year warranty coverage.


  • Wireless remote with flashlight
  • Independent head and foot incline
  • Premium-quality motor
  • Dual USB charging stations


  • Flimsy hinges

6. LINENSPA Motorized Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Exceed your comfort level with LINENSPA Twin XL Adjustable Bed!

Improve your sleep experience, alleviate snoring, and lessen pregnancy uneasiness with LINENSPA adjustable bed LINENSPA Motorized Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base base. Effortlessly unfold base, attach legs, and plug in to enjoy every activity from the comfort of your bed.

Material & Construction

The twin adjustable bed base measures 79.5”x37.7”x14” and weighs 71lbs; it is made out of metal to enhance solidity to comfort. It features independent head incline ranging from 0-58 degrees; with independent foot incline ranging from 0-40 degrees.

Incorporated with a wired remote, whisper-quiet motor, easy-to-assemble structure that you can do by yourself in less than five minutes, it fits entirely in the standard-sized bed frame. Simply unfold the base, attach the legs, plug it in, put on any Linenspa mattress, or any other mattress below 14”, and get the sleep and comfort you are worthy of. Bear in mind, 2 Twin XL bases form a King-size bed.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Adjustable Bed Base will take your bed from comfortable level to an utterly ergonomic gadget. With independent head/foot incline, you can sit up, lie back, or just lift up your legs to boost comfort. Easily relieve snoring, work, read, or watch TV in bed.

It works great intended for alleviating pregnancy discomfort boosting sleep in general, this base has a silent motor and a convenient wired remote to give ultimate sleep experience.

Durability & Warranty

Bed base made out of highest quality metal allows for quick and easy adjustments to improve your comfort for long-term, it fits conveniently within most average-size bed frames so you effortlessly maintain style; it’s backed with 5-year limited warranty coverage.


  • Independent head, foot incline
  • Alleviate pregnancy discomfort
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • 5-year warranty


  • Slightly trickier to assemble

7. Classic Brands Affordamatic 2.0 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Perk up your comfort level with Classic Brands Affordamatic 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base!

Classic Brands brings you adjustable bed base to be elevated because of a medical condition, and for customers who Classic Brands Affordamatic 2.0 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base wish for lifestyle advantages of having an adjustable bed.

Material & Construction

Your purchase comes with 1 Affordamatic 2.0 adjustable comfort Twin XL bed base incorporated with one 12”gel memory foam mattress, and wireless remote. Bed base measures 79″Lx38″Wx15″H and the product weight is 100lbs. Leg height is 12”, with head elevation of 65ᵒ and foot elevation of 45ᵒ.

It provides available positions: Head Up & Down, Flat, Foot Up & down, Head and Foot Up & Down. It is simple to manage by wireless remote by separate head/foot elevation choices making it trouble-free to read, watch TV, or work on a laptop. It is designed to be used with or devoid of a standard bed frame. It is compatible with gel foam, memory foam, hybrid, or innerspring mattresses.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Get your ideal position and fall asleep more rapidly, sleep fuller/longer with no disturbance, you will wake up invigorated, energized, and alert. It has lots of lifestyle benefits. By a button touch, you can find yourself essential comfort as you read, talk on the phone, watch television, or use your laptop/tablet.

It’s incorporated with mattress retention rail; the mattress is stopped from sliding while the bed is raised/lowered. By a button touch, raise your head/feet, separately or collectively. The remote control is wireless; therefore you can operate the base anyplace from your room.

Durability & Warranty

The adjustable base is made of premium range of materials with more innovative state-of-the-art features applied from Classic Brands and backed with 3-year warranty coverage.


  • Mattress retention rail
  • Wireless remote control
  • Button touch to position for ultimate comfort
  • 3-year warranty


  • Craftsmanship could have been improved

8. MAXXPRIME Wall Hugger Twin XL Adjustable Bed

Regain your comfort spot with MAXXPRIME Wall-Hugger Twin XL Adjustable Bed Frame with Individual Head MAXXPRIME Wall Hugger Twin XL Adjustable Bed Tilt!

MAXXPRIME brings you the substantial adoption of superior technology in the adjustable bed segment. Certain features that truly define the sleeping comfort to a whole new level, you will love to have both wall-hugging as well as independent pillow tilting features.

Material & Construction

Adjustable bed frame features wall-hugger feather, it maintains you in alignment throughout night, upright while the head region raises, also keeps user close to back wall and saves about 9”/23cm.

The 2 x 3-speed massages are designed for Twin XL; it features dual-USB ports on the head of the base on both sides. It’s backed with zero-gravity, TV/PC, lounge, programmable positions through wireless remote, and Bluetooth app meant for both Apple and Android devices makes life convenient. It’s made with hardwearing metal adjustable legs 4”-6″-10″ on the way to fit in the majority bed frames; perfect for use with foam, latex mattresses; easily withstand a maximum weight of 900lbs.

Press to regulate the head and foot to the preferred position, afterward press M1, M2, TV, Anti-Snore, or else ZG button until the backlight flashes by beeping sounds confirming correct setting. You can use a similar remote to control two bed bases to synchronize the remote by two control boxes of two units. During the event that the base is fixed in an articulated position in a power outage, the battery backup inside the transformer will go back to a base flat position.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Adjustable bed frame comes with 3 individual motors intended for head-tilt, back incline & foot incline; The exclusive individual head/pillow tilt gives you additional positions to benefit from ergonomic lifestyle benefits with reading a book, watching TV, or browsing smartphone or iPad, working on a laptop with many more.

Durability & Warranty

The product is made with tough metal adjustable legs that define the performance for long-term usage. The bed frame comes with under 10-year warranty, the operating motors plus vibrate motors have a 5-year warranty.


  • Super durable stackable metal legs
  • Dual USB ports on both sides
  • Wall-hugger technology
  • 3 individual motors for head-tilt, back, and foot incline


  • Slight clunking noise while head-tilting in position

9. Sven & Son Twin XL Essential Adjustable Bed Base

Regulate your comfort with ease in Sven & Son Twin XL Essential Adjustable Bed Base + 14” Luxury Cool Gel Sven & Son Twin XL Essential Adjustable Bed Base Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress!

Sven & Son brings you the bed base to upgrade your lifestyle & rethink comfort. Imagine yourself feeling comfortable in your own home by split adjustable base with precise head and foot control.

Material & Construction

The adjustable bed base comes with Twin XL 14” hybrid luxury cool gel with Bionic-infused memory foam mattresses that provide a medium-plush feel. 2” exclusive-range air-flow gel-memory layer with 2” luxury cooling gel is infused into aerodynamically-constructed memory foam to make a comfy cloud-like effect. It has head articulation 0-65° and foot articulation of 0-45°, outfitted with 2 independent durable motors with 12” steel legs incorporated. It has 660lbs of lift-capacity.

It features advanced wireless control that has a remote control in electric adjustable beds with the latest 7-button remote. Benefit from One-Touch Flat feature, memory, zero gravity, plus pre-set button, together with emergency power-down settings. It is Platform bed zero clearance compatible.

Comfort & Ergonomics

It features Zero Gravity for decreasing pressure points in your body giving you superior sleep at night. Along with the ultra-quiet motor and split design, you can modify functions effortlessly devoid of disturbing your partner. Bionic cool gel-infused memory foam supports your entire body, removing pressure points on top of your shoulders and hips and wicks away unnecessary heat even as you sleep.

Durability & Warranty

The product is premium-made as you can find ultra-quiet motor with smartly-engineered frames. This supreme motor is really built-to-last even as providing you every day with reliable and regular usage. The adjustable bed base is backed with 10-year warranty coverage to give complete peace of mind.


  • Head and foot articulation
  • 2 pre-set memory buttons
  • Wireless backlit remotes
  • Emergency power-down feature


  • Customer support could be improved

10. LUCID Steel Frame Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Stay fit with handpicked sleeping preferences using LUCID Steel Frame Adjustable Bed Base!

Get the most out of LUCID L100 adjustable bed base that will define your lifestyle. As you get head and foot incline, LUCID Steel Frame Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base you can effortlessly sit up in bed to work on laptop, watch TV, or read a book devoid of all those additional pillows.

Material & Construction

The adjustable bed weighs 87.8lbs. Head elevation is 0-58ᵒ and foot elevation is 0-40ᵒ. It supports a maximum weight of 600lbs. to give uniformly distributed weight. Legs are manufactured of metal with 2” diameter. It’s compatible with all range of Lucid mattresses and the majority other mattresses of 14”; can fit in the majority bed frames. It supports a 600-pound weight limit and has 14” clearance.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Get sleeping by an incline aligns your spine and opening airways. By simply raising your head about 10-30 degrees, you’ll radically reduce snoring, alleviate congestion, plus even definitely affect sleep apnea. Get the just-right position during pregnancy with an adjustable bed. Raise your feet to alleviate swollen ankles. The inclining angle of your head is about 6” to guarantee your stomach acid stays in its right place as you sleep, bettering digestion. This relieves throat stress with acid reflux.

L100 features a premium, responsive motor that adjusts your bed quickly and silently devoid of disturbing your partner. It is fast and trouble-free to set up. It comes folded for trouble-free shipping, therefore, when you find your new adjustable bed base, just unfold it, screw on the legs, then plug it in. Fix the wired remote thus you never lose it and you are all set to experience a new means of living and sleeping.

Durability & Warranty

The adjustable bed featuring premium motor has a tremendously reliable, silent, and responsive performance for long. Also, it’s backed with a 5-year warranty safeguarding your product against any manufacturing defects.


  • New Anti-Snore solution
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Premium responsive motor
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Foot bar could be included to hold mattress on frame

11. Blissful Nights Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Relish today’s technology in the name of Blissful Nights Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base!

Blissful Nights brings you the quality and trustworthy adjustable bed base that features every function you require to Blissful Nights Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base tailor your sleep position. You will discover a wireless remote to let you to simply regulate your sleep position to support every activity you possibly will do in bed.

Material & Construction

Twin XL adjustable bed base weighs 93lbs. It includes Sync Cable with Connecting Bracket to build it as one large King Base while you buy 2-bed bases; comes with a back-lit wireless remote too. It features whisper-quiet Okin motors along with components with industry finest manufacturing process. Every base is rated for 750lb weight limit. It also has 4-part patented adjustable legs to incorporate with the majority bed frames 6″ – 9″ -12″ heights integrated. The built-in adjustable legs make the adjustable base to fit into the majority bed frames providing the look of a standard foundation.

Comfort & Ergonomics

This adjustable bed provides you finest comfort and can lessen body and joint pain together with lessening moderate snoring. While you raise your feet over your heart well-known as the zero-gravity position you can boost blood circulation, decrease your stress with soreness in the body. Twin XL bases can be synced to shift mutually should you wish to use these as one unit for any larger mattress. It features Sync cable and brace to maintain the adjustable frames mutually, incorporated in the box.

Durability & Warranty

The adjustable bed base comes with a quality that can deliver performance, design, and development in California. The product’s backed with 10-year limited manufacturer warranty with in-home repair service.


  • Effortless to set up and no tools required
  • Upholstered grey linen-like fabric
  • German motor technology
  • Wireless Remote


  • Slightly trickier to fold the bed

12. Mellow Genie 500 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Feel energized with finding the best sleep with Mellow Genie 500 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base!

Find perfect bed with Mellow Genie 500 that adjusts to your life as easily as a delightful carpet ride. The perfect Mellow Genie 500 Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base relaxing time or working from home, watching your favorite show, or all set for a good night’s sleep, you find the perfect position for any juncture, everything available at the push of a button.

Material & Construction

Mellow Genie 500 weighs 100.8lbs. Whether you’re working or relaxing, keep it in a position that’s customized to you. It is manufactured of sturdy metal; also features two USB charging ports below the bed and extra unique head tilt that assist you to get your own comfort zone.

The bed is paired by a wireless remote control that features 3 presets (zero gravity, anti-snore, and flat) positions, also has a one-touch programmable memory position with a flashlight. It’s intended for those who adore bed storage, also has 12” legs offering ample storage space underneath the bed.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Support yourself up with easiness and comfort while sleeping on your stomach. You feel Deep sleep/Zero-Gravity by switching on to zero-gravity and alleviate your every pressure points intended for rejuvenating sleep.

Lean back and take pleasure in reading or working in bed. It features dual USB charging ports that are suitably positioned next to the head of the bed, thus you can use your devices even as charging. The adjustable bed base adds an additional head-tilt towards the end of your straight sitting position for utmost comfort even while looking down, thus you can maintain your neck and head rested.

Durability & Warranty

Mellow Genie 500 is manufactured with sturdy, long-lasting metal that lifts, lowers quietly at your command. Also, it is backed with 2-year warranty for electrical components, plus 5-year warranty coverage for frame.


  • 12″ legs offer ample storage space under the bed
  • Unique added head-tilt
  • Made with well-built metal
  • Dual USB charging ports


  • Craftsmanship could be improved

13. BEDBOSS Relax 404 Adjustable Twin XL Full Motion Zero Gravity Motorized Bed Base

Make your home complete with BEDBOSS Relax 404 Adjustable Full-Motion Zero-Gravity Twin XL Motorized Bed BEDBOSS Relax 404 Adjustable Twin XL Full Motion Zero Gravity Motorized Bed Base Base!

Relax and enjoy the height of comfort with BEDBOSS adjustable bed that defines relaxing ergonomic support. BEDBOSS has been building the finest quality that features best-buy compressed mattresses along adjustable bed frames since 2008.

Material & Construction

Enhance the excellence of your sleep pattern in adjusting the head/foot of your bed intended for customized comfort. Relax with head/foot elevation even as relieving pressure and improving blood circulation. It features two memory program positions by wireless remote control. Right away level the bed through one touch. Get programmed three of your preferred reclining positions intended for relaxation on demand. Reduce pressure by getting zero gravity. It features a mattress stabilizer bar and has instant leveling; it has 750lbs of lift capacity.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Lift up your beauty rest by diverse programmable head/leg recliner positions by wireless remote control. Relax by a lounging position for reading, eating, or contentedly watching TV upright. Whether your mattress is latex, memory foam, or hybrid; get this adjustable mattress bed base that is an excellent addition to your bedroom essential. It’s trouble-free to assemble and ships straight to your door by FedEx ground.

Durability & Warranty

Find relaxation with extremely heavy-duty bed with more toughness, weight than industry-standard quality. You won’t be a dissatisfied user with heavy-duty frame made with accurate workmanship, all backed with 15-year warranty.


  • Zero gravity position
  • Perfect accessory for any mattress
  • Wireless remote with flashlight
  • Two programmable memory buttons


  • Remote has no backlit

14. Smile Back Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

Integrate Smile Back Adjustable Bed Base in your life and see the difference in your comfort level!

Smile Back adjustable bed delivers a new age of sleep. The perfect selection for your home, worth your purchase, you Smile Back Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base will find relaxation for your body to adjust the preferred modes.

Material & Construction

The adjustable bed weighs 110lbs. It features wireless remote control to regulate head and feet into a double adjustment mode. The three heights adjustment settings facilitate you matching mattresses with diverse heights. It only requires 3 minutes of tool-less set up to save time and labor. It made of solid iron pipe with load capacity of 850lbs.

So as to match the mattresses of diverse heights in your home to meet diverse levels of sleep requirements, it offers three heights for you to select from as 6″, 9″, and 12″. The feet of the bed can be straight removed and placed straight on base or platform.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The adjustable frame lets you lift your head, feet, or raise them simultaneously for ease and effortlessness. The head can be attuned from 0-55 degrees; foot can be regulated from 0-45 degrees. A diversity of modes is given for you to get anti-snoring, reading, watching TV, relaxation, and other modes. It will not disturb your sleep while you adjust different modes of your need.

Durability & Warranty

The adjustable frame is made out of high-quality motors by low vibration, no noise. The bed frame is manufactured of high-density iron tube, which is sturdy, maximum load can get to 850lbs. A protective pad is given at the bottom to avoid sounds all through movement and care for your floor from scratches. The brand guarantees any manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship. Intended for quality-related issues, Smile Back provides replacement/refund on defective item.


  • Adjustable height
  • High-quality motors
  • Bed frame is manufactured of high-density iron tube
  • Wireless remote control


  • Minor sound while mode changes

15. LEISUIT Uphostered Adjustable Bed Base

Find your zero-gravity sleep position with LEISUIT Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base!

LEISUIT brings you the adjustable bed base the perfect addition to your bedroom. This LEISUIT adjustable bed LEISUIT Uphostered Adjustable Bed Base comes with a diversity of a handful of features to suit your needs.

Material & Construction

The 2 TWIN XL bed base forms a Split King, you may use one remote to manage both beds. Powered by OKIN as a whisper-quiet adjustable bed base bed constructed with Germany technical motors! Adjust the setting to your sleeping preference with head, foot-incline.

It has a TV button on top of the remote, suggested to watch the position of the TV, and it has the ‘ANTI SNORE’ button to avoid snoring. It is made out of hardwearing steel construction that bears a weight capacity of 800lbs. This bed comes by lift motors that work noiselessly so you can effortlessly alter positions in the middle of the night.

Comfort & Ergonomics

This is a Twin XL adjustable bed, and it is integrated with a massaging option that will assist you to remove the stress in your muscles and take pleasure in comfortable and calm sleep. The massage motors’ included for perfect placement for the finest massage experience.

Additionally, the passive motion gives ergonomic comfort, and you can prefer the sleeping mode settings of the massage to stop following a specific duration. Moreover, you can incline it from 0-60 degrees; with foot-inclination is from 0-45 degrees. Also, the bed has a programmable memory feature to record an exacting set of positioning. You can change bed height for your requirement.

Durability & Warranty

The hardwearing steel construction and German motors deliver the performance you need. The motor doesn’t make any sound and it’s extremely durable and smooth in making the adjustment. The company offers 10-year warranty on product, so you all rest assured with the purchase.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Powered by OKIN
  • Anti-snore button to avoid snoring
  • Programmable memory function


  • Trivial issue with preset positions

FAQs Regarding Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds

  • Can you use a standard mattress on a twin XL adjustable bed?

Generally, yes! The bulk of twin XL adjustable beds are compatible with both standard foam and latex mattresses, though foam works better because it’s highly flexible to move amid diverse positions.

Some brands sell mattress and base jointly, which is the best bet for compatibility. Check with the twin XL adjustable base before you purchase a separate mattress. Some may have limitations on which mattress to use, so save the tension before you confirm. And for adjustable mattresses with dissimilar firmness levels, check with the company too.

  • How do you choose a twin XL adjustable bed?

Consider your funds, the features you desire, and the traits you can do without. If you want to modify comfort level, you might be better off obtaining an adjustable base that changes head/feet positioning. If you’re looking to invest more in an entirely fresh base with all bells and whistles, get a modernized twin XL full sleep system.

  • Are twin XL adjustable beds easy to handle?

These adjustable beds are simple to use with wired connection/wirelessly with remote control or even smart phone, with characteristics like sleep tracking, silent alarms, massaging, or automatically raising the head if it’s time to get up. You can customize sleep position for bespoke comfort, but head elevation is good for averting snores, or for reading or watching TV. Plus, you may get “zero-gravity” setting as you feel weightless since your head/legs are elevated and you get the comfort of snoozing in a recliner.

  • Are twin XL adjustable beds worth buying?

It’s a subject of individual penchant, but users who get an adjustable bed affirm it. Twin XL adjustable beds can cost somewhere between a few hundred to some thousand dollars. If you’re eager and capable of splurging on a top-notch adjustable bed, it can cost you more, but you can locate a straightforward yet excellent adjustable bed in budget.

  • Will a twin XL adjustable bed give an icy, clinical feel?

To attract most shoppers, obviously, the top-rated comfortable adjustable beds have a contemporary, sophisticated look, with upholstered sides or hidden support beams. Most even function within wood frames or with headboards/footboards, letting them merge seamlessly into bedroom décor.

  • Is it fine to sleep in zero-gravity position?

Yes, resting/sleeping in zero-gravity position can relieve stress on spine/back.

  • What are the finest sheets to utilize on any twin XL adjustable bed?

You can use fitted sheets containing elastic straps around or on 4 corners.

  • Will twin XL adjustable beds work for side sleepers?

Yes, if you utilize just a trivial inclination, adjustable beds may work for side sleepers. Although, if you desire to incline over 10 degrees, some special sort of adjustable bed with elevation lift is suggested.

Maintenance Tips For Twin XL Size Adjustable Beds

To keep your twin XL adjustable bed in good shape, follow these maintenance tips.

  • Rotate the flexible mattress from head to foot once each month. When a bed is in horizontal position, 60% of person’s weight is concentrated on core area, which may cause transitory depressions. Monthly rotation makes the bed recover from stress.
  • Check power cord and wired control cord for damage regularly. A bed pressed too near to a wall may damage power plug while it’s adjusted daily.
  • Household pets may chew on electrical wires. Keep the wires hidden and the pets far from the wires.
  • Don’t overload wall outlet by plugging in numerous appliances. Get only your bed plugged into outlet.
  • Never sit on the mattress/bed edge. Adjustable mattresses are made with softer edge which makes them bend. Sitting on edge will cause a mattress/bed to distort more effortlessly than a customary flat bed.
  • Never sit on foot of the bed ever. This exerts additional stress on motor and surplus weight might cause a unit to fail.
  • Don’t worry if mattress texture or protective fabric cover rubs against texture of base cover when the bed is raised/lowered. This is regular friction, and to stop this, you just buy a foam or gripper sheet to be inserted between mattress and base.
  • If there is no power to the bed, check if the bed is plugged into wall or if household circuit is working.
  • If you encompass a memory system on the model, you might have to reset memory. Unplug power cord, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back into outlet.
  • If mattress and bed base are not exact equivalent dimensions, don’t worry. Shipping, handling or warehouse storage may cause compression in mattress length while it’s transported or stored. Just give it time. The mattress would loosen up and stretch out within a month of use.


As you embark on a venture to browse and evaluate dissimilar twin XL adjustable bed brands or models, here is a concluding checklist of factors and attributes to deem.

Pay close attention to construction. Think how much a base weighs, how much user weight can be supported, and if it offers double customization for couples. Check its compatibility and size with your existing mattress. Consider the degrees of inclination of head, feet, upper/lower body. Check if leg height can be adjusted or are those fixed. Buy leg extensions if possible. Confirm the ease of wireless remote control use. Deem whether the base utilizes retention bars or interior retention hooks to maintain the mattress in position.

Check whether it has zero-gravity presets, underneath lighting, silent alarms for tender awakenings, anti-snore presets, built-in massage capacities utilizing wave sensations and manifold memory position presets. Find out if it has re-adjustment presets that reinstate the base to a horizontal surface after a definite time span has elapsed. Confirm if there’s wall-hugging technology easing transition in/out of bed.

Finally, deem your budget, in-home professional assembly requirements, and White Glove delivery. Check sleep trial period, warranty coverage, and returns/refunds policies.

Instead of getting perplexed with all the options, cast your focus on the finest twin XL adjustable bed brands. According to the aforementioned guide, these models are definite winners because they present superior transparency in features. They have eye-catching designs, impressive features that harmonize with your home without a hospice feel and give you the option to satisfy your own ergonomic requirements.

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