Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Living space is a luxury nowadays. Every square foot costs its own pound of flesh. To let your apartment appear Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide spacious, you need the right kind of furniture. A popular concept today is to build shelves into space-hogging pieces of furniture and eliminate other furniture.  Storing items of everyday or occasional use within a bed may save the space of bookcases, trunks, almirahs etc. and leave enough room for sunshine. Shoddy craftsmanship can affect the durability of such beds. So, we took it upon ourselves to select the 10 best storage beds that you can trust. These ensure a good night’s sleep along with hollow space to put everything important within easy reach. We have already written a complete guide about Best Adjustable Beds.

What are storage beds?              

Storage beds offer storage spaces inside them where you can set up your household items for quick retrieval. There Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2019 - Ultimate Guide are different types of such storage beds based on how the cellar is placed or accessed:


In a hydraulic storage bed, you can raise the top lid completely and store your stuff in the wide open space. This place is best for items that don’t need to be pulled out often. Because the mattress lies on top of the lid, you have to hold up the entire weight of the lid and the mattress to open such beds.

Box storage:

While this may cover the hydraulic beds as well, we categorize the box storage beds as the ones which have two half folding top lids. This way you have to hold up only one side of cot while placing your items. While it’s more convenient than a single-lid bed, we would still store stuff that only rarely comes out.

With Drawers:

This is the most common kind of storage bed. Here you have pull-out drawers on the sides of the bad where you can keep items that you need immediate access to. But in this case, you have to make sure you have the area around the bed clear so as to open them.

Storage beds afford you a way to pack away your things out of sight but not out of access. They offer you a solution when you need it and also a place to relax.


  • Having storage beds in guest rooms drastically improves the spaciousness in your house. You can store your out-of-season clothes, old scrapbooks, spare bedding, holiday gear etc. in this space with no one the wiser. And they remain hidden from the sight of guests as well. In fact, the guest need not even know they are sleeping over discarded skates or fancy parkas.
  • Putting storage beds in the master bedroom has its perks. To give you enough space inside the storage these beds will be usually taller than your normal beds. So they get more importance in the bedroom as is the whole idea of interior decoration. And you can put away extra quilts, bedsheets, pillows inside the storage.
  • Storage beds are better option than having boxes under the bed frame. To open boxes, you have to crawl under the bed and pull out the boxes. And we also tend not to clean under the beds so frequently. So be ready for Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2019 - Ultimate Guide some cobwebs and dust in your face when you pull out the boxes. Storage beds are the more hygienic option.
  • Placing your belongings in storage beds eliminates the requirement of other pieces of furniture. You can store your old books and remove the bookcase from the room. You can place your infrequently-used shoes and remove the shoe-rack. It helps to keep your room clutter-free and lets in more fresh air.
  • Storage beds are the safest places to store things like clothes which may collect mold inside almirahs in summers. Or crockery, which stand the chance of being accidentally damaged. If you’re leaving the house for a few weeks, they will provide a discreet place to hide your valuables.

Things to look out for while buying a storage bed:


Look for how much storage space you need. If it’s for storing small items like towels, sheets, shoes etc., you can do with shallow drawers. If you want to place large suitcases inside, you need to ensure the storage space is tall enough to fit the boxes.


Check if there’s enough area around the bed to open its storage space. If it’s a Hydraulic bed, ensure that the lid will not hit any over head lights. If you are buying a storage bed with drawers, make sure you have space around to pull out the drawers.


See how the storage space is partitioned. Does it have big enough chunks to store your bags, crockery, quilts, pillows etc.? Does it have a safe in case you want to stash some jewelry? Do you want a single large storage space where you can stash everything the way you want?


Check out how the base of the storage bed rests on the floor? Do you want them to stand on wooden feet? Do Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2019 - Ultimate Guide you want the entire bed to rest on the floor? How will these affect the carpeting? All these questions will help decide which type of base is optimum.

Which are the best storage beds in the market?

There are a number of options in the market. However, only a few of them were sturdy enough to be on the best storage beds list. They were picked based on:


We checked how well the storage space is integrated on to the bed. Does it really save space or is it a liability for the extra cost?  Most of the drawer beds have easy access, which is why we selected more of them on our best storage beds list. We also checked that the design of the bed itself doesn’t get in the way of access.


The bed is a major piece of furniture. You have to take care so that it’s not an eyesore in the room. We checked how well the architecture of the bed was finished. Smooth edges and curves with either varnished natural finish or fabric draping were chosen.


Nothing can be more disastrous than having your bed break under you. We checked how well the bed holds up with your regular weight and the weight of the items it holds. We also checked that the finishing features endured the test of time.


We selected the best storage beds from a large price range. Although all the readers may have different spending capabilities, we think everybody deserves the best value from what they spend. So we compared beds from different price ranges based on their value for their prices. Check out our complete guide about Best Folding Beds.

Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2022 – Chart

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


  1. Coaster Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed in Brown Finish Bed: 93 in. L x 63 in. W x 56 in. H $$$ 4.8 
  2. Baxton Studio Ainge Contemporary Button-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed MDF LVL slats system $$$ 4.7 
  3. Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains Bed with 6 Drawers, Full, Merlot Constructed from solid pine $$$  4.6
  4. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Bed with Storage in Black, Queen Gas lift mechanism to open with minimal effort $$$ 4.6
  5. Baxton Studio Sarter Contemporary Grid-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed Hardwood and plywood frame with MDF LVL slats system $$$ 4.5 
6. ACME Naima Black Queen Bed with Storage
Box Spring not required $$$ 4.5
7.DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Under Bed Storage, Twin Size excellent pressure distribution $$$  4.4
8. The South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Full 54-Inch Mates Bed, Chocolate
Measures 56-inch wide by 76-1/4-inch long by 13-3/4-inch high $$$ 4.4
9. Bowery Hill Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed
Includes headboard and bed frame $$$ 4.3
10. Haper & Bright Designs Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers (Brown Cherry)
Bentwood slat support System $$$ 4.3
11. South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates Bed Box Only, Black Onyx and Charcoal 3 spacious pull-out drawers $$$ 4.2
12.Espresso Queen Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers Metal slides with safety stops $$$ 4.2
13. Magnussen River Ridge Wood Island Bed in Natural – King Constructed of acacia wood and metal $$$ 4.1
14. Summer Breeze Collection Twin Bed with Storage — Blueberry by South Shore Platform Bed with 3 Drawers $$$ 4.0
15. Sauder Shoal Creek Mates Bed, White Bed storage with two drawers $$$ 3.9

1. Coaster Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed in Brown Finish

The Coaster Bookcase chest storage bed straddles many fine lines and comes out ahead in every game. Along with the headboard and Coaster Queen Size Bookcase Chest Bed in Brown Finish tailside, you have a complete set. It is sturdy without being overtly heavy. Coaster has made use of premium materials to create a masterpiece that draws positivity in your bedroom. And they seem to have thought out the design to every last detail, right down to cubby holes for charging. This storage bed is the king of the best storage beds.

Design and Features

The Coaster Bookcase Chest storage bed is a gorgeous piece of furniture to have in the most important room of your house. It is available in three sizes: Queen. King and California King size. We selected the Queen size because the size is best-suited for generic requirements. The entire structure is made of solid, high-quality wood with wooden veneers in the strategic places like the drawers. With the whole structure installed, it comes up to 13 inches in height. You can add another 9-10 inches of foam. We do not recommend a box spring.

This queen storage bed has 8 drawers for placing your items. One drawer is big enough to store almost half of a man’s wardrobe. There are two drawers on each side of the bed and four drawers on the tailboard side. They slide out easily for daily use but they are robust enough to store heavy items. You pull them out using metal knobs. These aren’t like the measly knobs that fall off the first time you use them. The space under the bed slats is hollow.

The headboard has two alcoves for books with two drawers in the middle. These are smaller compared to the actual drawers under the bed. These drawers are draped in a velveteen fabric where you can keep some delicate items. The only problem with the Coaster Queen storage bed is that it comes with lousy instructions. But assembling it is not that difficult. You will need the hand wrench provided with the bed and if possible, the power drill with the Allen wrench accessory. The nuts and bolts accompanying them are easily available in stores, in case you lose one.

The slats of this storage bed are also wood. They are sturdy enough that kids can jump on the mattress without demolishing the bed. There are cord holes in the alcoves for slipping your phone charger to a power point behind the bed. The bed is done in a classy cappuccino brown.


  • Classy bed in three sizes
  • Easy to assemble
  • 8 spacious drawers
  • Book chest headboard
  • 2 extra drawers for delicate items on the chest
  • Reasonable price for the quality


  • Instruction manual is useless

2. Baxton Studio Ainge Contemporary Button-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed

If you have a modern home with contemporary architecture, you might want to pick something other than classic wooden furniture. Baxton Studio Ainge Contemporary Button-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed Pastel shades are in vogue and the Baxon Studio Ainge storage bed fits right into the modern interiors. The fact that it discreetly provides storage only adds to its value. Its fabric-covered body has many fancy touches, including on the headboard. It comes together beautifully into one of the best storage beds in the market.

Design and Features

Baxton Studio Ainge storage bed is a sleek and handsome piece of furniture. It will perfectly complement a cool, serene interior with its rich grey shade. It is available in queen and king sizes for bargain prices. It comes as a set of headboard and the bed. The headboard stands 48 inches high while the bed itself comes 18.25 inches tall after installation. The King size bed is 6.8 foot wide and 8 feet long. It is also available in beige color though we favored the grey one while testing

The whole bed is draped in grey fabric upholstery. The headboard has a rubber wood frame and foam padding. It is decorated with neat button tufting. It looks and feel like a sofa backrest. It helps when you want to sit upright and work or watch TV. The drawers are accessed from the foot board side. There are two large drawers where you can easily store your bedcovers, quilts and pillows. The bottom of the pull-outs is made of particle board. So we suggest not putting anything absurdly heavy or so jagged that it might damage the bottom. The bed rests on wooden feet so it stays above the floor.

And don’t let the quaint exterior of this Ainge queen storage bed fool you. The core is supported on metal slats as well as two center beams. The latter provide a backbone to the bed that’s hard to find at this price. This makes the bed really sturdy. So you don’t require an additional box spring for everyday use. It is very easy to construct this bed out of the supplied parts. All the tools and screws required to assemble it are provided. But we have to be careful with them or else we might not find spares. Make sure not to rub the bed on any sharp object while assembling either. The upholstery is tough. But it can rip. That being said it’s beauty with substance.


  • Classy contemporary fabric upholstery
  • Headboard with button-tufted backrest
  • 2 pull-out bottom drawers
  • Foam padding on the backrest
  • Central beam under slats for extra support


  • None

3. Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains Bed with 6 Drawers

The Discovery World Captain full size storage bed has a wealth of storage and relaxation space to offer. It has a whole world of space to Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Captains Bed with 6 Drawers offer. The Captain is even available with different storage options with drawers, trundles etc.. It is reasonably priced and comes with a fully functional headboard with a night stand. It comes equipped with everything required for assembly. We suggest these for the secondary or kids’ bedrooms. The convenience makes it one of the best storage beds.

Design and Features

The Discovery World Bookcase Captain Bookcase storage bed claims to be made of solid pine wood. It definitely looks sturdy although not as strong as the Coaster Phoenix bed. It is available in honey and merlot shades, both with a reddish tinge. It comes as a set of headboard, the bed frame and drawers. All drawers go into one side and the other side is open. There are no slats closing it. So this bed is best positioned against the wall on one side. The good news, you can fit the drawers on either side and leave the remaining side free.

This full size storage bed is available in options of either 6 drawers to one side or 3 drawers and a trundle. The drawers are large enough to stack 2-3 blankets. You can put in your shoes or clothes in here. Slat kit is included. You don’t need a box spring, a regular mattress will easily top it. The headboard has a large alcove divided into racks. It serves as an efficient nightstand and a bookcase for the night-time reader. The tail side is covered with slats. The drawers come assembled, so you don’t need to put them together from the scratch. The whole bed can be put together in 1-2 hours. All assembly items are already part of the package.

Discovery World declares that all its beds are tested and certified to meet the ASTM 1427-07 regulations regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The Captain bookcase bed not as imposing as some beds. It is 57 inches wide, 23 inches tall and 83 inches long. The headboard stands 49 inches high. So it might not look very regal in a master bedroom. But if you have a cozy tasteful master bedroom or other guest rooms, this will fit right in. You might even have a fun time ‘building’ the bed.


  • 6 drawers or drawers + trundle
  • Headboard with bookchest and nightstand
  • One empty side to put against the wall
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Decent size


  • A bit more durability would bolster its reputation

4. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Bed with Storage

If you have a modest budget but still want a trendy piece of furniture in your den, DHP Cambridge storage bed is the ultimate choice DHP Cambridge Upholstered Bed with Storage for you. The tufted headboard is a soft but reliable place to lean on while you play or watch TV. The hydraulic storage gives you enough room to store even the largest, most expansive items. The gas lift mechanism is convenient. This long-term storage coupled with the classic style, this is one of the best storage beds in the market.

Design and Features

The DHP Cambridge storage bed is a fabric-sheathed piece of contemporary art. The choice of finish is between black leather and beige-ish fabric. The leather upholstery is really classy. In spite of the low price, you will be amazed at the quality of draping. It is available in the full and queen size. The queen model measures 79 inches long, 56.5 inches wide and 42.5 inches high including the headboard. The bed frame stands on wooden feet. It is high enough to store some items under the bed as well.

The mainstay of this queen storage bed is the gas-lift storage room under the bed slats. This is a large open space where you can store off-season clothes. You can put your boxes and large items like quilts and other such large items. The slats are included in the package. The mattress is supported by central beams apart from the usual slats. This keeps its sturdy when your kid decides to play hop-scotch on the bed. The headboard and the tailboard have a tufted design that provides a nice place to rest your back.

Gas struts hold the frame of the Cambridge storage bed when it’s open. It is easy to install the bed within 1-2 hours. It might take another person’s help to hold the frame while you fix it. But it’s also easy to take apart. All the parts for assembly are supplied with it. It is comfortable to sleep on. Although we expected it to, it doesn’t weigh down due to the adult weight. The only complaint that most people have is that the grey shade is really more of a taupe. But we like the pastel colors. It fits in well with the modern décor and gives the room a pleasant aura. The minor details of the finishing are taken care of. Here quality surpasses the demands from price.


  • Leather/linen upholstery
  • Tufted headboard and footboard
  • Large hydraulic frame lift
  • Center beams for extra support
  • Additional space under the bed


  • The gas tufts can sometimes be difficult to handle

5. Baxton Studio Sarter Contemporary Grid-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed with 2 Drawers

Upholstered beds are hard to trust. It feels like the fabric will come off any moment. But the Baxton Studio Sarter storage bed has Baxton Studio Sarter Contemporary Grid-Tufted Fabric Upholstered Storage Bed with 2 Drawers perfected the design at an affordable price. The storage space is moderate, so you aren’t confounded by what to put inside the bed. The dimensions are designed to fit into any bedroom space and reflect the modern architecture. The sturdy design lends itself easily to the best storage beds list.

Design and Features

The Baxton Studio Sarter storage bed is a minimalistic structure created out of hardwood and plywood. It is completely sheathed in good quality grey linen upholstery. The neutral color blends right in with the cool interiors of modern houses. It comes as a combination of headboard and the bed frame. It is available in both Queen and King size. The Queen bed stands 43 inches tall with the headboard, 82.25 inches long and 62.13 inches wide. The assembled bed frame stands 23 inches tall. Robust as it is, you don’t need an additional box spring with this frame. The bed is raised a couple of inches above the ground on its feet.

The stashing area of this queen storage bed is two drawers on either side. These can be pulled out easily. The drawers are 30 inches in width, 18.5” in length and 4.75 inches in height. They clear the bed frame by 7 inches. This is enough to store all bedding-related items like sheets, pillows, duvets. You can even have your clothes on one side. For people who need just minimal storage space, this is a great option compared to the Discovery World Captain which is riddled with drawers. We still find it easy to slide out the drawers from under the hanging duvet.

The headboard of this Baxton storage bed has a foam-padded tufted design. The slats rest on a center rib that makes it’s twice as likely to bear weight easily enough. It can be assembled within 1-3 hours based on how good you are with the tools. A drill would be handy. We do wish the manual was a little more informative. It scrimps on essential details. The customer service ultimately wins you over. When you put so much money into a product, you want to make sure that it’s backed by sound service. The bed looks majestic and minimalistic at the same time. Storage only makes it better.


  • Minimalistic design in soothing color
  • 2 side drawers
  • Center spine for extra durability
  • Tufted, foam-padded headboard
  • Raised from the floor


  • Takes some time to assemble, directions are not clear

6. The ACME Naima Black Queen Bed with Storage

The ACME Naima Black Queen Bed with Storage in Black does not require box spring. It is an excellent storage bed The ACME Naima Black Queen Bed with Storage with a tough and sturdy headboard which is paneled. The bed has been manufactured in Malaysia. The bed does not come with a mattress. It has to be purchased separately. The Naima bedroom collection offers to the user, an extremely sophisticated and elegant look, and contemporary styling. The panel headboard and the storage footboard are both in the very rich black finish and a light gray trim panel is there as a contrast. The combination provides the exquisite styling that any user would love to carry home to his/her bedroom.

Design and Features

This ACME Naima Black Queen Bed with Storage in Black is a state-of-the-art collection from ACME and has been aptly crafted using rubberwood as well as particle board. The finishing is in black the bed includes a slat roll as well. The headboard is made up of panels and the storage footboard is low profile and has 2 drawers. The bed uses a light grey acrylic trim and it comes along with an optional Nightstand. This bed is also available in King size. The design has clean lines and exhibits a contemporary styling that boosts its elegance to bring the best to a user’s home at reasonable price. The styling of the bed is considered as ‘Transitional’. The bed, however, comes with a California Proposition 65 warning which suggests that the storage bed contains certain chemical/s which are considered by the state of California to be the cause of cancer-related illness. The product dimensions are 84.00 x 63.00 x 50.00 Inches and the product weight is 159 lbs.

The manufacturer also makes matching Nightstand, mirror, Dresser, and Chest, however, these are sold separately or a part of a set of this collection. This bedroom collection has an eye on the future. the rubberwood used to make this storage bed is strong and nice, and well-suited to produce sturdy furniture. Rubberwood is made from the exhausted scrap trees of the rubber industry and is thus environmentally friendly as well. The product is known to be eco-friendly as its regeneration time is very low. Rubberwood furniture is known to be extremely durable as it has a dense grain character as compared to other types of wood. The furniture made from it does not shrink or warp as many other materials might do. It is classified as a hardwood.


  • High durability resulting from Rubberwood usage
  • Elegant and contemporary styling
  • Gives a futuristic look and feel to the bedroom of the user


  • California Proposition 65 Warning indicates usage of materials that can cause cancer-related diseases

7. DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Under Bed Storage, Twin Size

The DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Twin Size – DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Under Bed Storage, Twin Size Grey is ideal for those people who love to have ample storage space in their bedrooms. This becomes even more important in the case of apartments and condominiums. This bed provides such users with such a facilitation that in the absence of space to store favorite things, this stylish Maven platform bed comes in handy. The product dimensions of this platform bed with under bed storage space are 41.5 x 77 x 13.5 inches and the Item weight is 88 pounds.

Design and Features

The DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Twin Size – Grey has got a gray linen finish with a modern low-profile design and it has got clean lines. It is built with a Bentwood slat system that allows for a high amount of ventilation thus keeping the mattress used in the bed as fresh as possible. The bed provides excellent back support with superior pressure distribution as well. The platform bed also contains one roll-out drawer which has been nicely tucked away and it provides extra storage which proves to be ideal to pack one’s bedding, seasonal clothing, extra pillows, books and any other item/s for which there is not enough space available in the house. The bed itself epitomizes comfort. The Bentwood slat system makes it possible for air to circulate all around the mattress and keeps it extremely fresh, the same slat system is also the key in providing a superior back support system for the user which also distributes pressure. Moreover, the metal side, as well as the center, rail along with the center leg of the bed further enhance the level of support provided to the user. All these features translate into a great night’s sleep and the user wakes up fully rejuvenated and looking fresh in the next morning. This also adds to the longevity of the mattress. The platform bed does not require any box spring. The user has the option of choosing from white or black faux leather or gray linen. The selection can be made to choose as per the decor of the bedroom.

This DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Linen and Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Twin Size – Grey is ideal for those couples or singles living I small apartments where there is a serious limitation of space and where every square foot of the area in the home counts. For those people who cannot afford to put extra cupboards in the room as too much furniture cramps the space in the house can very easily make very good use of this platform bed with under-bed storage space and can make the extra items, they have to disappear.


  • Excellent ventilation around the mattress
  • Elegant and Contemporary styling
  • Extra items easily get stored away in the storage space


  • Warranty Information not available

8. The South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Full 54-Inch Mates Bed, Chocolate

The South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Full 54-Inch Mates Bed, Chocolate is a Country full mates bed and has got The South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Full 54-Inch Mates Bed, Chocolate 3 drawers. The bed has been manufactured from CARB-compliant composite type of wood. This wood carries the certification from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This Council is a non-profit organization that operates internationally and has got many stakeholders. It had been established in 1993 with the aim of promoting responsible management of the forests throughout the world. The FSC achieves its aims by setting standards on forest-related products and certifies and labels them as eco-friendly.

Design and Features

The Country style Summer breeze bedroom collection is the ultimate choice for bedrooms of children, teenagers and even of young adults. The bed features a lot of space for storage. This space is in the form of open compartments in the headboard and the nightstand and in the form of drawers as well. The mirrors and the headboard are equipped and embellished with moldings and grooves and these tend to further refine the look of the bed and make it look extremely elegant. It has got a laminate chocolate wood grain finish. The bed boasts 3 drawers on one side and this is reversible as well so that the bed can be placed according to the configuration in the bedroom. The drawers have got polymer glides which include stops as well as dampers. There is no requirement for box spring in this bed. The surface on the top of the bed has been left unfinished. An idea of the storage space can be had from the dimensions of the drawers. The interior dimensions of the drawers are 22 inches wide and 17 1/4 inches deep. At least 2 adults are required to complete the assembly of the bed. The package does not include any tools for assembly. These have to be arranged by the user. The bed can be cleaned using a soft and dry cloth.

The product dimensions are 76-1/4-inch long by 56-inch wide and 13-3/4-inch high. The bed comes with a 5-year limited warranty which covers defects due to materials and workmanship. There is no mattress or accessories included in the package. These have to be purchased separately.


  • The bed boasts a large storage space in the form of drawers and open compartments
  • The bed is made from CARB-compliant composite wood which carries certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • This bed is just ideal for children teenagers and young adults as well as for storage of their extra items


  • Not available in other sizes

9. Bowery Hill Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed

The Bowery Hill Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed serves as an extremely stylish and eye-pleasing Bookcase Bowery Hill Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed Platform Storage bed for any bedroom that utilizes the design of a contemporary Black collection. This is an extremely attractive as well as practical bed, bookshelf and drawer combination which offers a perfectly viable and advantageous storage solution. This way, the user can keep the minimum number of interiors in the room to keep it spacious, neat and tidy

Design and Features

The Bowery Hill Queen Bookcase Platform Storage Bed has been manufactured using solid wood slats, composite wood, metal supports as well as other premium quality hardware. The bed has a black laminate finish and includes a headboard as well as the bed frame. The styling of this bed is elegant and contemporary. For Double/Full, Queen, and King size beds, thee are 6 large drawers which are located below the beds.

The streamlined look of the bed, as well as the extra storage space, has been made possible through the use of wood slat support for the mattress which acts as a replacement for the traditional and bulky box springs. The superior design of this bed is able to aptly distribute the weight of the user and his/her partner while ensuring that there is minimal motion transfer between the two. The black bedroom set is ideal for adding on to a lot of different choices of bedroom decor and thus the user is able to experience the long-term versatility of this bed as it would remain when the decor would change. It would serve the user over a long period which could involve many decor changes in the bedroom over the years.

The bed features drawers which are able to run smoothly on roller glides which are made out of high-quality metal. These drawers are very easy to open as they are equipped with finger pulls located at the bottom of the front of all the drawers. The headboard has got 3 open compartments besides having an adjustable shelf which is centered on the different bed sizes such as Double/Full, Queen, and King. The bed dimensions are 18.75″ H x 63″ W x 81.75″ D for Queen bed while the headboard dimensions are 43″ H x 66″ W x 11″ for Full/Queen beds. The weight of the Queen bed is 266 lbs.


  • An immense amount of storage space is made available by this bed in the bedroom facilitating the users living in small apartments or homes
  • Use of wood slats makes the requirement of box springs redundant
  • The contemporary and elegant design lasts many years and can complement many different room decors year after year


  • The warranty has not been mentioned

10. Haper & Bright Designs Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers (Brown Cherry)

The Haper & Bright Designs Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers (Brown Cherry) helps to keep the Haper & Bright Designs Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers (Brown Cherry) bedroom of the user fully organized and totally free of any clutter as this classic platform storage bed has the capacity to store a lot of items in its drawers. The bed has been aptly designed and crafted using pine wood and MDF. The bed contains a slat system which is able to hold the mattress directly. The mattress is not supplied along with the bed and has to be purchased separately. There is absolutely no requirement of using any traditional and bulky box spring. The Haper & Bright Designs Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers (Brown Cherry) is available in glazed espresso and honey finish and has the capacity to enhance the elegance and sophistication of the user’s bedroom with its extremely polished and charming look.

Design and Features

The Haper & Bright Designs Twin Size Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers (Brown Cherry) comes equipped with 3 very spacious drawers which are conveniently located under the bed and are designed to ensure that there is plenty of storage space available to store clothes, bedroom accessories, linen, etc. This way, the user of this bed is able to maintain a very neat and tidy look and an excellent organization of things in the bedroom. The overall dimensions of the bed are 77.9inch (W) X 41.8inch (D) X 14.1inch (H)and the dimensions of the drawers are 22.6inch (W) X 19.1inch (D) X 4.9inch (H).

The design of the bed is contemporary and it serves as a very economical choice for the user. It boasts a very sleek and minimalist appearance as a result of the design of its frame which has been aptly crafted to not bed the traditional and bulky box spring. The bed saves a lot of bedroom space as well as it can be very conveniently placed in one corner of the bedroom and it would still look very elegant. The bed is sturdy and strong and has the capacity to hold weight up to 500 kg. It helps the user to organize his/her bedroom in an integrated manner as it contains 3 very easy to access drawers which have been conveniently positioned on the front facing side of this bed.


  • The bed serves to provide excellent bedroom organization to the user.
  • The bed contains 3 extremely spacious drawers which can take in a lot of items such as linen, clothing and other items.
  • The looks of the bed are extremely elegant and it features a contemporary styling.


  • No information on warranty is available

11. South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates Bed Box

If you are on a shoestring budget and need a short-term solution, the South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates storage South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates Bed Box bed is the ultimate solution. This is a smart-looking set that treads a fine line between price and durability. The queen-size dimensions can easily fit two adults. But we recommend this for the kids’ or guest room. Assembly is a cakewalk for a single person and the quality is good for the price. What more can you ask for one of the best storage beds?

Design and Features

The South Shore Furniture Cosmos Collection Twin Mates storage bed looks beautiful in that it does not betray its affordable price. This lightweight bed is made of composite wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The bed is 76.25 inches long, 40.25 inch wide and 13 inches high. It can easily bear a 500 pound weight as South Shore dictates. There’s no separate footboard or headboard. It is designed like a giant box. All sides are closed, so you don’t have put anything against the wall.

This storage bed packs three drawers side-by-side along the length of the bed. They can be easily pulled out using their brushed nickel handles. The drawers each measure 22 inches wide, 17.75 inches deep and 4.75 inches tall. Assembling the bed is easy. A lonely teenager can do it in a quick burst of adrenaline. It’s relatively lightweight. We wouldn’t go as far as calling it rickety, but we wouldn’t abuse it like we abuse the Coasted Phoenix bed. It would be a better solution for the kids’ room. You can stuff their toys in one of the drawers, just the way they like it. You can stow their shoes or books or off-season clothes. It has a lot of potential. And it’s easy for a kid to open the drawers too.

The black onyx and charcoal laminated finish of this storage bed is a nice touch at this price. It gives it the premium look that your bedroom deserves. It is also available as a bed+mattress combination. Although we are sure mattresses of standard dimensions bought separately will also fit on this bed. If you are ordering it online, make sure it doesn’t have any chips or damage.


  • Inexpensive
  • 3 large drawers
  • Easy to assemble
  • Laminated finish


  • Not highly durable

12. Prepac Queen Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers

The Prepac Queen Mate’s storage bed is a luxurious-looking bed at the price of a modest one. And it provides massive storage space Prepac Queen Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 6 Drawers for its size. For packing so much storage, Prepac has scrimped on the quality a little bit. But we read a number of opinions online and found that it can be reinforced into a quality piece of furniture. Pair it up with matching chest-headboard from Manhattan and Regency bedroom furniture collections. There are enough perks here to claim a place in the best storage beds list.

Design and Features

The Prepac Queen Mate’s storage bed spans a queen-sized area. Do note that the headboard is not included in the pack. You need to buy it separately if you want a nightstand functionality. It stands 81.75 inches long, 63 inches wide and 18.75 inches high on the tailside. After assembly, the bed slats are 13 inches high from the ground. The bed is made out of composite wood, wood slats, metal supports and melamine laminate. The lack of solid wood is definitely an issue here. But once assembled, it will hold the weight of two adults. It is available in four colors: black, cherry, espresso and white.

The storage area in this queen storage bed is split into 6 drawers, 3 on each side. Each drawer is 23.5 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 5 inches high. Two people using the bed can store their wardrobe on either side. The drawers slide on metal strips. They are smooth to pull out and close. There are safety stops which ensure that the drawers don’t fall out when you pull them out from under the duvet. There are wooden slats supported on two perpendicular particle boards.

The Queen Mate’s storage bed can sound a little rickety at times. A simple solution we read off the internet was to use metal corner braces. Felt tape would also ensure that the loose joints will not creak again. We also suggest moving the head piece such that all the drawers align and then fixing it. A few extra dollars is nothing on the huge sums you pay for the premium beds. Box spring is not required here.


  • 6 large drawers
  • Affordable
  • Particle boards to support the slats
  • Metal reinforcement and safety stops for drawers
  • 4 colors


  • Is a tad creaky
  • Particle board can chip if you are not careful while assembling

13. Magnussen River Ridge Wood Island Storage Bed in Natural

If rustic chic is your style, the Magnussen River Ridge storage bed is a beautiful pick. The natural finish is both rejuvenating and Magnussen River Ridge Wood Island Storage Bed in Natural impressive. It has enough storage to keep the quilts, bedsheets, pillows etc. close. It uses top quality wood for the entire construction. The availability of different sizes only adds to its value. This is a classy choice for the best storage beds list.

Design and Features

The Magnussen River Ridge storage bed is acacia wood at its finest. Durability, finish, quality, everything is already part of the package with this wood. We checked out the queen size while the king size and California king size are also available. The Queen size reaches 91 inches in length, 63 inches in width and 58 inches in height. This height includes the headside board that rises like a backrest for when you want to lean against it and work.

There are two drawers at the tail side of this queen storage bed. These are spacious with two metal knobs each to slide them out. Their movement is unrestricted. The headboard is a standout feature. It arches back slightly so as to support your spine in a natural shape. The whole frame rests on four hardy feet. But do note that there isn’t enough space under the bed to stow anything. Assembly might be a little cumbersome given the solid wood construction. Two people can get it done. That being said, it deserves every penny of its price and more.


  • Rustic, very classy architecture
  • Solid acacia wood
  • Two drawers on tail side
  • Arching headboard for back support
  • Extremely durable


  • Takes 2 people to assemble

14. South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Twin Bed with Storage

The South Shore Summer Breeze Twin storage bed is a budget option for most people. It is sturdy and does the job it’s entrusted with. South Shore Summer Breeze Collection Twin Bed with Storage There are no extras. But we are happy with the value at this price. This is a solid piece of furniture which doesn’t require box spring to hold it up. The fact that it’s constructed from environment-friendly materials also gave it a leg up into the best storage beds list.

Design and Features

The South Shore Summer Breeze Collection storage bed is made out of laminated particle boards. The bed is 76.5inches long, 40.5 inches wide and 14.75 inches high. The height is perfect with a standard mattress. The bed is heavy with all the outer boards and support. You will have to assemble all of it, even drawers. But the process is easy and won’t take more than 4-5 hours at the max.

The storage space is in the form of three drawers on one side. The drawers are 22 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 4.4 inches in height each. The other side is a plain board and can be lodged against a wall. The drawers of this storage bed slide out with two knobs on either side. The headside can be paired with a number of furniture pieces from the South Shore collections. In spite of the affordable price-tag we didn’t find it to be creaky or rickety. The bed seemed to hold up well with the weight of the adults. The mattress rests on solid board. This board is further supported by three perpendicular boards underneath.


  • Solid construction
  • Affordable
  • 3 drawers to one side
  • Matching options for headside from the manufacturer


  • Heavy

15. Sauder Shoal Creek Mates Bed

For those on a shoestring budget, the Sauder Shoal Creek Mates storage bed is a worthy choice. It’s highly durable for the price and an Sauder Shoal Creek Mates Bed absolute winner for the children’s room or the guest room. It’s easy to assemble and looks terrific on afterwards. The choice of colors is a great advantage too, hence its place in the best storage beds list.

Design and Features

The Sauder Shoal Creek Mates bed is an adorable piece, at least in its white model. With some colorful sheets it would be a stunner for the kids’ room. It ships at 140 pounds. Once built, it will remain stable because of its weight. It measures 77 inches in length, 40 inches in width and 15.5 inches in height. It’s made of moderate quality wood. Up close, it has the impression of not being hi-end but durable enough.

There are two drawers on one side of this storage bed. You can stow away toys, shoes or clothes here. The drawers come with removable dividers if you want to use you organizing skills better. Assembling doesn’t take long particularly with the detailed instructions. You get hammers and screwdrivers in the pack to assemble the bed.


  • Affordable
  • Very sturdy for the price
  • 2 drawers with dividers
  • Looks pricier than the tag


  • Heavy

Storage Beds – FAQs

How much storage space can I get from a storage bed?

A storage bed comes with storage space built underneath the bed frame and how much space you get will depend on Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide the size and shape of the bed. Usually, the space is structured in the form of convenient drawers in a pull-out design. Some storage beds come with a large single drawer while others might have 2-4 pairs of drawers. Also, in some storage beds, the drawers are arranged in tiers. You can store your pillows, blankets, and other items in the storage space under the bed.

Is it very hard to assemble this kind of bed?

Though this kind of bed consists of multiple parts, it is not hard to assemble it. The furniture is usually delivered with a complete set of instructions or you can refer to an online manual. All you need is an hour of your time, a set of regular tools, and some patience to put the parts together.

Will I have to place a box spring?

A storage bed will not need a box spring to be placed under the bed. In fact, the manufacturer usually recommends to not use a box spring if you have a storage bed. Since there will be drawers attached to the main bed frame, adding a box spring might mess with the structural integrity of the bed.

Can I expect adequate comfort and back support from a storage bed?

A storage bed comes with a Top 15 Best Storage Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide robust and sturdy structure so you can expect adequate back and neck support from it. Once you place a comfy mattress on it, you can be assured of premium comfort while sleeping. Your spine will align properly without any caving or sagging issues from the bed and you will wake up feeling well-rested. It is a convenient piece of furniture that gives you space-saving benefits without compromising on your comfort.

Will it go well with my home décor?

A storage bed is made with materials like wood, faux wood, metal, etc. It is also available in various types of designs like classy, trendy, contemporary, etc. and you can get them in a diverse range of colors too. So, you can choose a storage bed that blends in well with your home décor. A well-chosen storage bed can add aesthetic appeal to your bedroom and enhance the overall appearance of your home.

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