Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2022

Does your mattress feel a bit too harsh? Not sleeping comfortably? You may require a new softer mattress. Truly, Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2020 owning a softer mattress matters. Without a proper night’s sleep, you’re unfocused and short-tempered, find it tough to get work done and susceptible to all types of medical conditions.

A soft mattress with the reasonable support, comfort, and motion isolation ensures you wake less, budge about less, are less distressed by your spouse waking up and are not expected to wake up feeling exhausted or aching.

It’s not simple for an ultra-plush mattress to uphold ultimate comfort while excelling in back support. If you desire to feel like you’re sleeping on clouds, then use a softer mattress to relieve pressure on shoulders and hips and to keep your spine straight. If you’re a lightweight side sleeper and have a firm mattress, you won’t get deep, relaxing sleep because of the push-back factor.

Buying a high-performance soft mattress is challenging. You just need to know what you’re looking for in an ultra-plush, soft bed. If you have some doubts, just go through this guide containing 15 unbiased product recommendations for all the information needed to make an informed purchase. We have also written a complete guide on the  Top 40 best mattress brands.

Anatomy Of A Soft Mattress

As far as a soft mattress is concerned, the top layers basically offer the maximum softness and hug of transitional Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2019  poly foam.

The mid layer serves as support and transitional layer, it offers additional body support by transitioning the sleeper from the soft top memory foam layer to denser bottom foam layer.

The layers underneath contain high-density base foam. These layers serve as the base of entire mattress to work and provide profound compression support, thereby eliminating the pressure buildup in the sleeper’s body.

Types Of Soft Mattresses: How Do We Categorize Them By Softness Levels?

Mattress companies develop mattress builds available in manifold softness levels and numerous options are great for sleepers with specific needs. A soft mattress reacts to your body to feel comfortable from different angles, usually encompassing foam layers to handle weight and body types to offer a steady level of firmness, hug, and comfort for every sleeper.


A soft mattress is anywhere between a 1-5 out of 10 on a firmness scale, 10 being the firmest. Soft mattresses have considerable hug and sinking feeling, usually several inches of memory foam to provide the initial comfort.

1 out of 10, Extremely Soft:

Astonishingly soft with bizarre sinking feeling, these mattresses can’t provide support. If you have extreme soreness in muscles and need to reduce the pain, you can lie down on such a mattress, but for a short time.

2 out of 10, Ultra-Soft:

Ultra-soft mattresses can’t offer too much support either, if you have a liking to soft mattresses and pillows, or simply want to take a quick nap or sit on it for reading, you can go for them.

3 out of 10, Very Soft:

Very soft with an elevated degree of sinkage (1.5″-3″ range). These mattresses come in 2 forms, deep cushion hug featuring marshmallow-like comfort or conventional deep contour memory foam.  It’s great for side sleepers.

4/5 out of 10, Soft:

Soft, but with a consistent and balanced feel. They can provide the exact spinal support without a compromise on softness.


6-7 out of 10, and on the firmer side with a degree of slight softness. The core option for sinkage and hug. These are considered as universal comfort mattresses (10 being firmest). This firmness range is significantly important and caters to 80% of sleepers.


7.5-9 out of 10, extremely hard and tough. Contains minimal sinkage or hug (1″ or less). These mattresses are meant for sleepers nearly floating on the top surface. Latex mattresses hug sleepers who never sink terribly deep, and create maximum push-back for heavier sleepers with more body weight.

Advantages: Why Are They Preferred By Users?

Softness is entirely subjective. After all, what is ‘soft’ or ‘firm’? What feels soft to you might feel a bit harsh to others. Each person has a special perspective and meaning of what these words denote based on insight, perception, and preferences.

Nonetheless, soft mattresses have a highly balanced level of low push-back, maximum hug, and deep contour and they are preferred for many added benefits.

Medical Condition:

If you breathe shallowly throughout sleep, then your body alignment isn’t right and sleep quality gets affected. Structural imbalance from hard mattress affects breathing. When the spine is in a natural position where the neck, middle back, and lower back are in superior alignment, lungs hold more oxygen. Adequate oxygen intake during sleep eases better functioning of the nervous system which endorses relaxation, lowering production of stress hormone and adrenaline, also promoting good blood circulation. A soft mattress can provide you all these health benefits.

Refuting the age-old idea that users with back issues must sleep on hard mattresses, a soft mattress is more beneficial to these individuals. Studies indicate that the degree of uneasiness experienced decreases among users sleeping on soft mattress, and they are less expected to need any pain-relieving drug treatment.


The softest mattress is better suited to sleepers around or below 150lbs. While firm mattresses require Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2019 weight to generate sinking feeling, a soft bed will create it faster. For light sleepers, this offers higher comfort and pressure relief. If you aren’t heavy, don’t avoid soft, ultra-plush mattresses that provide too much give/sag.

A softer product will act as the catalyst for the needed support. As a light sleeper, you tend to feel more of the upper layers and less of the base foam owing to the decreased pressure level placed on the mattress. If you’re enormously light (120lbs. or less), look for mattresses rated slightly softer.

Side-Sleeping Position:

This is the most vital benefit associated with the ideal softness level. On a scale of 1-10, side sleepers require a 3-6 range firmness. Stomach sleepers require 5-7 range while back sleepers need 4-8 range. If you sleep in various positions, find a universal softness level as soft beds hug your curves, while offering support. Side sleepers require a softer mattress to alleviate the pressure on shoulders and hips and contour to the body curves on the side. If you sleep on your side and have a soft mattress, you will get deep, soothing sleep even after tossing and turning repeatedly during the night.

Gender Type:

There is a need to differentiate between genders. Weight displacement naturally causes dissimilar pressure points for men and women. Female sleepers tend to have greater weight in their mid-section. Therefore, a soft mattress could feel accurate for males, while women might feel too much sinkage around the lower back, potentially experiencing back issues. Universal softness and balanced feel mattresses help bridge the necessities of several sleeping types.


A mattress with superior support may be soft enough to encourage pressure relief. A softer product can avoid spine misalignment, endorsing a good curvature to uphold hugging comfort in legs, shoulders, hips, neck, spine, and head. A hard feel can create pressure points and cause new problems during your sleep. Finding the soft mattress will guarantee maximum support and cloud-like sleeping sensation. Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2019

What Are The Features You Must Consider While Buying A Soft Mattress?

A soft mattress needs a levelheaded thinking before purchase, particularly with scores of mattress models from different brands. Users who aren’t familiar with the firmness/softness scale, materials and comfort factor, must examine the fundamental features.

Material & Construction

Soft or plush mattress contain three layers that merge to make a product that is 11-12+” thick, it is not just soft but offers the back support needed to keep the spine in proper alignment and offers pressure relief.

The top layer generally contains breathable memory foam providing the core softness. It draws heat away from your body and circulates it out, making it ventilated, ensuring the bed remains cool. This prevents pressure points between body and the mattress.

The middle layer contains ultra-dense memory foam for a balanced support level with deep compression support, thereby making it soft, yet offering the alignment and contouring needed to avert sinkage leading to pressure buildup in key points, including back, neck, shoulders and spine. The bottom layer contains strong support foam. This layer supports the top two layers and the user’s body weight.

The three layers are encased in super-soft, thin, and breathable covers containing polyester, bamboo, silica, cotton, modacrylic and lyocell, materials approved and determined by FDA to promote restful sleep, with extra-cool and responsive comfort.


Soft mattress is ideal for lightweight users sleeping on side, or who have chronic pain and tenderness in muscles that are too sensitive to touch a hard surface. This keeps the body at a practically stable position by making the user sink during sleep, thus preventing any tenderness. Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2019

As far as softness grading is concerned, lesser push-back and greater hug and contouring are major benchmarks. The softness of a mattress, expressed in numerals, can be evaluated on a scale of 1-10. Low ratings denote the mattress is soft.

Comfort & Ergonomics

You require a soft mattress to offer support to the body curves and arches and keep the spine as aligned as needed. Too hard mattress can have greater push-back causing unnecessary pains in various body parts.

Your soft mattress sinks well at shoulders, waist, and hips, but spinal column is in straight alignment. This provides the blend of correct ergonomic comfort and support.

If you toss and turn often, your sleep gets disrupted and the required sleep cycles aren’t complete, which can exhaust you. Mattress must be soft enough to adapt to your body movements. You may also like our  complete guide about the best classic brands mattresses.

Top 15 Best Soft Mattresses in 2022 – Chart

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


  1. Tuft & Needle California King Mattress

100 Night Sleep Trial

$$$ 4.8
2. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Ultra Plush Mattress
No motion disruption $$$ 4.8
3. Tempur-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress

11-Inch soft mattress

$$$$ 4.7
4. TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Mattress
10-Inch thick soft mattress $$$$ 4.6
5. Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress
Stretch-Knit Fabric Cover $$$ 4.6
6. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes
hypoallergenic Kool-Flow bamboo cover $$$ 4.5
7. Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress by Perfect Cloud
knit fabric cover, hybrid 11″ thickness $$$ 4.5
8. Hybrid Mattress 12″ Everest Pillow Top
Certi-Pur™ certified foam $$$ 4.5
9. Signature Sleep Memoir Memory Foam Mattress
low VOC CertiPUR-US® certified foam $$$ 4.4
  10. Sleep Innovations Shiloh Memory Foam Mattress

20-year limited warranty

$$$ 4.3
11. Best Price Mattress  Memory Foam Mattress
2.5″ Memory foam, 3″ super soft foam $$$ 4.2
12. Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch / Deluxe / Cloud-like Mattress
CertiPUR-US Certified $$$ 4.1
13. Arctic Dreams 12″ Cooling Gel Mattress
8.25 inches of high-density polyurethane foam $$$ 4.0
14. LUCID 12 Inch King Hybrid Mattress

mattress is 76 x 80 inches

$$$ 3.9
15. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

7.5 inch heat treated coil

$$$ 4.0

1. Tuft & Needle California King Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam (Top Pick)

Sink into an ultra-push comfort with Tuft & Needle California King Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam! Tuft & Needle California King Mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam (Top Pick)

Made in the US, Tuft & Needle California King mattress with T&N Adaptive Foam is a connoisseur’s choice as it sleeps cooler & is more accommodating than memory foam with a reliable 10-year warranty.

Material & Construction

Tuft & Needle mattress has custom T&N Adaptive® Foam blended with high-quality support layer that forms the perfect mattress foundation. Simple and versatile, its compatible with any bed frame, whether you use box springs, slatted frames, adjustable frames.

With US-crafted premium polyurethane foam, the low-emitting mattress has earned UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification offering healthier indoor atmosphere, releasing fewer pollutants to contribute to health and respiratory issues.

2-layer blended foam is designed by and is unique to Tuft & Needle. The top-density poly-foam support layer is about 1.8 lbs/cubic ft dense. 2.8 lbs/cubic ft high-density comfort foam layer is universally comfortable, fresh and responsive.

Soft T&N Mattress cover contains a blend of micro polyamide and polyester. Micro Polyamide dries 6-8 times quicker than cotton, to help sleep cooler, longer. Fabric is pilling and tearing-proof, tested and certified by OEKO-TEX®.

The foam is tested/certified by CertiPUR-US® to meet elevated standards in performance, material, indoor emissions and ecological stewardship.

Delivered straight to your door in a small box that unpacks in minutes. Weighing 73lbs. and measuring 72″x84″x10″, the mattress is built to last, backed up with a straightforward, 10-year warranty.


Tuft & Needle Mattress is soft and comfortable while still having bounce and support that’s perfect for all sleeping positions. It combines the finest benefits of memory foam and latex. 7-inch soft support layer provides the perfect base for a complete night’s sleep.

High-grade foam doesn’t cause you to sink in and feel trapped or sleep hot. T&N Adaptive foam’s ultra-soft, offers pressure relief and localized bounce so you don’t disturb your partner.

Comfort & Ergonomics

T&N Adaptive® foam feels comfortable and provides huge pressure relief without feeling too spongy or like quicksand. With heat-soaking graphite and cooling gel in 100% unique T&N Adaptive® foam, the cover is extremely breathable.

Tuft & Needle focuses on the quality of foam layers instead of the quantity to improve the feel or airflow. It isn’t fragile like spring coils, doesn’t trap heat like memory foam, doesn’t lack support like latex foam, and not uncomfortable like egg-crate foam.

The foam is ideal for sleepers of every size or mass. The more pressure you put, the more it responds to support body weight.


  • T&N Adaptive® Foam
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Supportive base layer
  • 100% refund, if not satisfied


  • Potential odor, dissipates in 72 hours

2. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Ultra Plush Soft Latex Mattress

Experience the plush and soft feel of DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Ultra Plush Soft Latex Mattress, DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Ultra Plush Soft Latex Mattress King!

Made in the USA, DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams ultra-plush soft latex king mattress is an epitome of quality and materials used. Being a family-owned company, the founders stress on simplifying every phase of the mattress buying process.

Material & Construction

Made in the USA, 10″ Ultimate Dreams ultra-plush soft latex mattress has bamboo cover with Talalay latex and top-quality high-density base foam. It weighs 88lbs. and measures 79″x76″x10″.

The well-made mattress looks and feels nice, and not like a typical bed in a box. The cover is well-ventilated than usual mattresses, and the quality layered construction is quite innovative.

It comes in a handy box. Unbox it and it expands to 90% of the volume instantaneously. Full expansion occurs in 48 hours, but it’s entirely usable immediately.


Ultra-plush feel brings a nicer, softer hug that lets you sink deep into the mattress, while still gaining spinal support. You don’t wake up with muscle soreness and a stiff back anymore, and your body is well-rested.

It has no springs and is soft, so even if your kids are pretty rough by jumping on the mattress, it won’t squeak or move either. A good motion isolation or a deficiency of motion transfer is possible with this mattress, your partner won’t even get disturbed, even if you are a heavy sleeper.

Comfort & Ergonomics

You can toss and turn smoothly, and it is quite easy to roll out of your bed in the morning. It provides plenty of pressure relief, helping to avert the development of chronic pain in key areas, including the neck, upper back, shoulders and spine.

Ultimate Dreams ultra-plush soft latex mattress sleeps cool and you won’t feel any discomfort even if you sweat. It doesn’t trap heat.


  • Proper sink and hug
  • Ultra-plush latex construction
  • No motion disruption


  • Stitching might have been better

3. Tempur-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress

Forget muscle soreness with Tempur-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress, Full! Tempur-Cloud Loft Soft Mattress

Tempur-Cloud Loft full-sized soft mattress is the right product for you if you are seeking a plush feel. It’s one of the softest mattresses available with the company.

Material & Construction

11″ ultra-soft mattress from Tempur-Pedic has a comfort layer created with TEMPUR-ES material for a soft, comfy feel. It’s the perfect blend of pillow top softness along with great support and the very exclusive feel of a proper memory foam.

Tempur-Cloud Loft mattress measures 74″x53″x11″ and weighs 66lbs. The mattress is covered with a first-rate fabric cover with antimicrobial, hypoallergenic treatment to keep you safe from allergens and dust mites.


The best feature of Tempur-Cloud Loft mattress is the benefit of motion isolation. If you are a

light sleeper and wake up every time when your partner moves, or tosses and turns in the night, you’ll not be disturbed.

Tempur-Cloud Loft mattress is totally fantastic for absorbing almost all movement. While sleeping beside restless kids, Tempur Cloud can eliminate all their vigorous movements. Moreover, the ultra-plush mattress has maximum sinkage and hug.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Tempur-Cloud Loft mattress adapts to your body, so no more tossing and turning at night, and it helps you sleep undisturbed.

It’s crafted with TEMPUR material in the support layer to offer body support and help disperse body weight consistently across the mattress. It’s remarkably supportive and comfortable even at the edges.

It incorporates the SmartClimate System to help soak up moisture to keep you comfortable. The airflow is brilliant, so it constantly stays dry even if you perspire.

The layered density makes for a nice sinking feeling of pillow-top, with the weightier, denser material below to give support. If you’re feeling back pain, this is the perfect bed for pillow-soft support.


  • Soft mattress feel
  • TEMPUR-ES material for bespoke comfort, support
  • Adjustable base compatible


  • Mattress isn’t reversible

4. TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Mattress

Embrace comfort and softness with TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Mattress, Queen! TEMPUR-Legacy Soft Mattress

Get an ultra-plush sinking feeling along with supreme comfort when you trust in the quality of TEMPUR-Legacy soft queen mattress.

Material & Construction

TEMPUR-Legacy is a 10″ thick soft mattress that couples the sleep-altering advantages of TEMPUR material with a fresh, dynamically receptive feel. It’s created with TEMPUR-ES material to offer a plush-softness and custom-made comfort.

It’s covered with a first-rate, ventilated, super-stretchy fabric cover particularly developed to guarantee the mattress feel is maximized.

The top comfort layer is manufactured using TEMPUR-ES, to offer deep support, pressure relief, less motion transfer, you fall asleep faster and rest longer.

Crafted with a support layer, a mixture of proprietary TEMPUR material, offering specific support, deep pressure relief and compact motion transfer.

Base layer of the mattress acts as the base for TEMPUR material at the top, it helps disperse heat from the mattress. It weighs 73lbs. and measures 80″x60″x10″.

TEMPUR-Legacy mattress comes boxed placed flat out. It doesn’t come rolled and closely compressed and has greater density. Yet, this mattress isn’t thick as a pillow top. It bends effortlessly with the flexible base and returns to its flat state without leaving creases.


TEMPUR-Legacy has a plush softness with a great balance of suppleness and comfort. When you move, toss and turn, or get out of bed, your spouse doesn’t feel the movement and has no trouble going back to sleep. And when you sit on the mattress, you don’t sink in.

It is not tough to get out of, and not at all firm to turn in. It is supportive and responsive, cushy like a cloud. Indentations, creases whether from a hand, elbow, or knee, fade away almost immediately.

Comfort & Ergonomics

TEMPUR-Legacy is definitely for sleeping better, and being comfortable. This mattress alleviates the joint pain all day, not just at night. The comfort and ease is superb.

You turn and move without effort, it’s a grand balance of support and cuddle. If you had a surgery, back is stiff in the morning, this mattress eliminates that pain. You don’t get leg cramps during the night either.


  • Premium fabric cover
  • Comfort layer, support layer, base layer
  • Zero motion transfer, maximum sinkage


  • Unwieldy to transfer it to a bed, setup is a two-person job

5. Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress

Get undisturbed rest from Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress! Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress

The brand is a reputed name for offering a ceaseless 130 years of comfort and trusted Sealy quality. Transform your sleep routine with Cocoon by Sealy soft and high-quality foam mattress with comfortable layers that perk up the sleeping position.

Material & Construction

King-size Cocoon by Sealy mattress measures 79.5″x76″x10″ with plush 10″ of thickness to deliver ultimate softness and support. The item weighs 83lbs and comes in two perfect feels of soft and firm to suit diverse sleepers.

The mattress has soft stretch-knit cover through spun poly fibers that are breathable while maintaining coolness and enhancing allergy-resistance.

Perfect Fit memory foam with high quality and better density gives body support adapting to body type, sleeping position, and weight. Flexible comfort layer and support layer bestow the extra base support to let you relax. The item is US-made, covered by a 10-year warranty.


Cocoon by Sealy mattress justifies the term ‘cocoon’ as it is ultra-plush and 100% soft to give you sinking feeling of lying on a foam floor.

You can sink into it as soon as you lie down and the cuddle and hug provided by the mattress can engulf any sleeper by conforming exactly to the body contours.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress is exactly manufactured for lightweight individuals to give the maximum cuddle and pain-relieving benefits to pressure points needed for uninterrupted sleep.

The mattress has the perfect comfort and ergonomic features to keep the spine aligned and providing that plush feeling to key areas of your body.


  • Premium stretch-knit fabric cover
  • Perfect Fit memory foam for maximum sinkage
  • 10-year warranty


  • Slight odor
  • Not easy to maneuver alone

6. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes

Alleviate any muscle and joint pain by opting for Snuggle-Pedic Mattress! Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes

Twin XL-sized Snuggle-Pedic mattress can outshine any deluxe top-end contenders. Snuggle-Pedic is a must-buy as it contains a better capacity of consistently distributing your entire body weight, easing the stiffening and tenderness.

Material & Construction

Snuggle-Pedic mattress has a Kool-Flow® well-ventilated, stretchy, hypoallergenic US-manufactured micro-vented cover including 43% viscose of bamboo, 56.4% polyester, and 0.6% lycra.

Dust-mite resistant mattress is rolled & vacuum-sealed for eco-friendly transport & there’s a no-issue refund guarantee within 4 months. The zipper removable structure permits firmness and layer modifications.

2 Twin XL mattresses are equivalent to a Split King size, just ideal for adjustable beds. You can use any flat and level surface to place it.

Mattress contains 3″ high-density Snuggle-Flex™ extra-plush and breathable memory-foam comfort layer. There’s a channeled support layer containing 7″ high-density tough polyurethane foam. The channels and ventilation holes offer 100x airflow.

Flex-Support Technology gives the feeling of a memory foam/gel mattress. Memory foam is CertiPUR US-Certified and completely ecological.


Snuggle-Pedic mattress is soft and perfect for any sleeping position. 2-layer structure permits plush memory foam to offer pain relief and contours to shoulders, spine, back, and hips, while the channeled base layer preserves spinal alignment without compromising on hug and sinkage.

100% US-made & covered by the company guarantee, cushy Snuggle-Pedic mattress uses top-quality and eco-friendly foam that maintains softness and give for years.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Snuggle-Pedic® Twin XL-sized mattress offers Patented Airflow Transfer System® for reducing any body heat buildup. 100 times more airflow is achieved by thousands of tiny surface holes blending with airflow channels for good circulation.

Kool-Flow® natural ivory bamboo cover permits highest breathability. The natural anti-microbial visco-elastic foam supports strong blood flow and nutrient allocation for pain relief in back issues.

Low temperature and ultra-reactive memory foam soothes the body. The buoyant foam provides pressure relief, while lessening the motion transfer throughout sleeping.


  • Patented Airflow Transfer System
  • US-made hypoallergenic Kool-Flow bamboo cover
  • Ultra-plush memory foam
  • 120-night sleep trial


  • Too heavy to maneuver alone

7. Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 11-inch by Perfect Cloud

Get restful relaxation with Hybrid Memory Foam 11-inch Mattress by Perfect Cloud (Queen) – NEW 2018 MODEL! Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress 11-inch by Perfect Cloud

Perfect Cloud hybrid 11″ Queen memory foam mattress is meant for providing sinkage. The new 2018 model fetches a ground-breaking construction to blend the memory foam’s plush feeling with the support and balance of a quality spring mattress.

Material & Construction

11″ Perfect Cloud hybrid mattress has a soft feel. It has a removable, washable, and stretchable premium-textile knit cover with the latest mesh gusset Air-Transfer technology coupled with anti-skid technology. The breathable cover matches any bed frame.

The successive layers are 1″ soft CoolTouch plush memory foam, 2.5″ cooling ventilated gel-infused memory foam, followed by 1″ transition poly support foam, 5.5″ separately-wrapped coils with foam encasement, 1″ strong poly support foam. It measures 80″x60″x11″ and weighs 83.6lbs.

It’s made without ozone-depleting substances, PBDE flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates prohibited by Consumer Product Safety Commission. It gives superior indoor air quality.


Perfect Cloud has the toughness of top-quality spring coils with ultra-plush memory foam. Stretch-knit cover is completely breathable to keep you cool and fresh while experiencing a dry, spongy feel.

CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam is USA-designed and is specially formulated to provide ultra-softness, maximum hug, and zero motion transfer so you can sleep better.

Comfort & Ergonomics

By blending pocket coil spring with memory foam, Perfect Cloud is completely ergonomic and supportive. Having 1023 separately-wrapped 16 gauge coils, it offers back support with no motion transfer.

Get a weightless sleep via precise layering of diverse foam densities supported by pocket spring coils for the necessary spinal support and plush feeling.

The mattress doesn’t induce perspiration, the Hybrid mattress includes a cooling technology. 2 types of cooling gel soak away body heat leaving users fresh and dry. It is an extraordinary mixture of soft and supportive at the right spots.


  • Premium knit fabric cover, hybrid 11″ thickness
  • USA-designed gel-infused cooling mattress
  • Extremely breathable


  • Noticeable chemical smell

8. Hybrid Mattress 12″ Everest Pillow Top

Sink into a deep slumber with Hybrid Mattress 12″ Everest Pillow Top, Full! Hybrid Mattress 12″ Everest Pillow Top

Hybrid 12″ Everest full-sized pillow top mattress has individually-wrapped premium coil system created to offer affordable luxury and is one of the best selling mattresses. With 40 years of business, and over 1.7 million mattresses sold, the company caters to its users for restful sleep.

Material & Construction

12″ pocket-coil pillow-top mattress offers grand pressure relief on hips and shoulders. Thick, exceptionally soft durable cover breathes well. It contains CertiPUR-US Certified foam and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® fabrics free of dangerous chemicals.

The subsequent layers are breathable thick woven fabric, pillow top design, 1″ quilted comfort foam, 2″ high-density soft support foam, thick white cotton padding, 10″ independently-wrapped springs. The mattress is 75lbs. and has 15-year warranty coverage.


12″ plush full-size Everest offers the benefits of individually-wrapped coils, which provides uninterrupted rest with good sinkage and hug, improved lumbar and edge support, thus, you feel like you won’t roll off your mattress but sink into it.

Your spouse’s movements will leave you uninterrupted and sleep thoroughly because spring units do not shift motion. It maintains a cool, reasonable temperature due to its breathable fabric.

Eco-friendly CertiPur™-US certified foam allows for peaceful sleep and the fabrics are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® free of toxic chemicals.

Comfort & Ergonomics

It provides a soft cloud-like effect since the mattress outlines the body contours, evenly distributing your weight and eliminating pressure points to give brilliant back/body support.

The 12″ mattress is made to present top body support and has an assurance of lasting resilience. It offers a cool temperature during the night, allowing your body to respire and restore to health.


  • 12″ mattress, soft and plush comfort
  • Certi-Pur™ certified foam
  • 15-year warranty
  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® fabrics


  • Not absurdly soft, bit firm

9. Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Find relaxing sleeping with Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress with CertiPUR-US certified Signature Sleep Memoir 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress foam!

The Memoir memory foam mattress of the brand Signature Sleep has been known for its high-quality products and offers you with the finest range of mattresses. Moreover, you get peaceful sleep with its hard-wearing and plush CertiPUR-US certified foam mattress.

Material & Construction

The king-size Signature Sleep Memoir has 12″ thickness and the complete product has the dimensions of 76″x80″x12″; the mattress weighs around 83.6 lbs.

The mattress is constructed by one top layer of 3.5″ comfy memory foam, together with an 8.5″ high layer of density foam, the mattress shapes perfectly to the body’s curvature to give most pleasant sleep. This mattress is prepared with low-VOC CertiPUR-US certified foam.


Signature Sleep mattress is a plush and soft mattress that makes perfect good night sleep to keep the body in correct shape with utmost hug; the memory foam mattress offers complete give, softness, and sinking feeling for sure.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress includes memory foam known for its comfort level, with eco-friendly features reducing pressure on the body, along with distributing body weight evenly eliminating motion transfer.

It gives balanced support despite how great deal you toss and turn. It features breathable knit fabric cover to give a cool temperature in any weather.


  • Includes low VOC CertiPUR-US® certified foam
  • Features knit fabric cover
  • Eco-friendly


  • Takes some time to inflate

10. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Get head to toe comfort with Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress! Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Shiloh mattress from Sleep Innovations brings you the innovation at its best with comfort for every day; the high-build quality of the mattress will last long; not to forget, you get 20-years of warranty assurance.

Material & Construction

The Sleep Innovations mattress is 12″ in depth and weighs 100lbs. The product dimensions are 84″x72″x12″. It is the California King size built with memory foam that makes perfect DuoComfort Design.

It also features a 2.5″ SureTemp memory foam on the top layer along with 9.5″ Support-Plus foam on the bottom. That makes altogether a TriComfort Design. The premium design and quality are perfect for a home makeover.


The mattress feel is medium-soft that provides a truly soft sinking feeling and whole body comfort, even maintaining your spine’s appropriate alignment, completely supported, along with maintaining a cool sleep temperature. It lets you sleep longer and deeper and stay energized with its sinkage.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Attain the best comfort and uninterrupted sleep with this mattress which is mostly suitable for side sleepers; it is well-proven for pressure point relief along with personalized body alignment.

Shiloh would give you luxurious cradling comfort and enhanced personalized cushioning provides full body comfort that keeps your recharged every day.


  • Soft mattress cover with poly-cotton blend
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Built with high-quality memory foam
  • 20-year limited warranty


  • A bit firmer on the comfort level

11. Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Retain totality of pleasant sleeping experience with Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress! Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best price mattress is known for a contentment of sleeping for everyone, no matter the sleeping position. With the intention of meeting the requirements of every sleeper, the manufacturers have dedicated themselves to making a high-end product that covers all users.

Material & Construction

The Best Price California King size mattress has 12″ thickness with a complete dimension of 72″x84″x12″. The mattress layers include 2.5″ of charcoal-infused memory foam, with 3″ comfortable and enduring foam with pressure relief system along with 6.5″ of high-density foam.

By means of next-generation technology along with an innovative design, the mattress is manufactured with comfort and support in mind with the intention of giving a truly calming night of sleep. Comfort poly Jacquard cover retains dry and fresh feel.


The mattress is a medium-soft mattress; that is somewhat above average as far as softness is concerned, that will satisfy the need of every sleeper; and the remarkable body-conforming memory foam that lets you feel sinkage into the mattress.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress has unique pressure relief system with perfect ergonomic feeling as you lie down in the bed, giving you the precise pressure relief that you require for your body.

The mattress does a brilliant job of absorbing energy, which denotes that you will experience less motion and movement in the bed.


  • Features charcoal-infused memory foam
  • Less motion transfer
  • Assurance certification of CertiPUR-US


  • Slight odor when it is new

12. Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch / Deluxe / Cloud-like Mattress

Sleep on a cloud with Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch/Deluxe/Cloud-like Mattress! Zinus Memory Foam 8 Inch / Deluxe / Cloud-like Mattress

Zinus’s memory foam mattress collection incorporates a plush, quilted cover as well as an exclusive combination of foam layers that offer a cloud-like, comfy and elegant feel. The pioneering foam layering arrangement contours itself to your body to provide you a customized, relaxing mattress.

Material & Construction

The Zinus cloud-like queen size mattress is 8″ in thickness with a complete dimension of 60″x80″x8″. It has 1″ of microfiber quilted to soft knitted jacquard upper cover, along with 1″ of Viscolatex responsive foam, combined with 1″ of memory foam, with 1.5″ of comfort foam, and accommodating 3.5″ of high-density base support foam.

The memory foam is specially infused with green tea, charcoal and natural plant oil for less application of petrol-based chemical and works to eradicate orders. Foam comes with CertiPUR-US certification for enhancing durability.


The mattress has the plush firmness that gives complete body conforming experience and a peaceful sleeping time with sinking feeling for the ultimate rest. It has the right amount of hug and contouring.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Manufactured with Viscolatex responsive foam intended for high resiliency and complete body support, it lets you sleep perfectly and wake up energized. You get ultimate comfort with total pain removal features while relieving from pressure points and even distribution of weight.


  • CertiPUR-US Certified natural memory foam
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Includes Viscolatex responsive foam
  • Comes with soft quilted cover


  • May not suitable for firmer mattress sleeper

13. Arctic Dreams 12″ Cooling Gel Mattress

Regain tranquility while sleeping on Arctic Dreams 12″ Cooling Gel Mattress! Arctic Dreams 12″ Cooling Gel Mattress

Enjoy perfect sleeping hours with finest cooling gel mattress of Arctic Dreams that are made with revolutionized visco-elastic foam; together with pressure relief capabilities and the mattress is CertiPUR-US certified which makes it the perfect companion for your home.

Material & Construction

California King size cooling gel mattress has 12″ thickness, and the total dimension is 72″x83″x12″ weighing 98.2 lbs. The mattress is manufactured with materials using Energex™, a superior visco-elastic foam, Energex™ gives a fast response option that connects the gap between conventional visco as well as latex material.

It’s extremely open, cool as well as responsive polymer arrangement and is manufactured to present a better substitute to latex or springs even as giving you exceptional pressure relief capabilities.

Dependent on the size, along with 2-3″ of fast response Energex gel foam, the mattress has 0.75″ of ultra-soft quilting; subsequent layer consists high-density 8.25″ polyurethane foam.


The mattress feel is ultra-soft made with highly soft memory foam, and its 12″ thickness gives you perfect hug as you feel sinking into the bed as soon as you lie down.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Arctic Dreams presents one of the finest mattresses and rated highly, the gel-infused, breathable foam within the comfort layer gives perfect back support and ergonomic comfort with pressure point relief for cool and uninterrupted sleep hours.


  • US-made mattress has CertiPUR-US Certified foam
  • Comes with 10-year warranty
  • Breathable soft memory foam


  • May not suitable for heavy sleepers

14. LUCID 12 Inch King Hybrid Mattress

Stay energized and fresh by sleeping on LUCID 12-Inch King Hybrid Mattress! LUCID 12 Inch King Hybrid Mattress

The king size hybrid mattress from Lucid give the superb plushness; the pioneering design and innovations make this mattress durable and ideal for everyday sleeping; and you unwind from the back pain.

Material & Construction

Lucid King size hybrid mattress is 12″ in thickness and the product dimension is 80″x76″x12″; it weighs 125 lbs.

The mattress is manufactured with 2″ layer of bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam and 1.5″ layer of memory foam infused with Aloe vera. An individually covered 6.5″ coil base is manufactured of high-gauge steel, furthermore you get another 1″ layers of support foam above and below the coil base.

Comes with a two-color tone of circular knit fabric cover, 6″edge support, it is covered with a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing defects, and this mattress perfectly blends into your living space.


Lucid king hybrid mattress has the plush feel that is extremely comfortable and ensures complete sound sleep as you sink perfectly into the mattress.

Comfort & Ergonomics

These natural infusions control moisture along with combating odors, therefore you wake up re-energized in the morning. It alleviates pressure points and perfectly contours the shape of your body.

This mattress includes all the comfy memory foam that offers the additional support and sturdiness of responsive coil springs for the vital sleep experience.


  • Two-color tone fabric cover
  • Superior transition foam blended with Aloe Vera
  • 10-year warranty


  • Bit too light for firm sleepers

15. Olee Sleep 13 Inch Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Sleep serenely with next-gen Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel-Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress! Olee Sleep 13 Inch Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

Olee Sleep mattress is manufactured to satisfy the need for every sleeper for back support while you sleep. You get ultimate quality and product that lasts for many years to come; with a pleasing design that truly compliments your home decor.

Material & Construction

Queen-size Olee Sleep mattress has 13″ of thickness with the dimensions of 60″x80″x13″. The item weighs 108lbs; with a plush feel. The high-quality metal and innerspring has been used in manufacturing this mattress.

7.5″ of heat-treated coils sustain mattress firmness continuously; 1″ of friendly gel sustains cool temperature all weather around. 1.5″ soft memory foam perfectly supports back and contours your body shape perfectly.

2 ” of high-density foam truly absorbs and evenly distributes your weight. 2″ of poly jacquard fabric along with hollow conjugated fiber assist in ventilation. Altogether its coils are safeguarded with multi-HD memory foam layers which give matchless quality and implausible support.


The mattress has the plush softness of giving you perfect ideal sinking feeling at any moment while you sleep on it. The perfect elimination of motion-distribution assures your sound sleeping.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The tempered steel is independently encased with coils whose features are to conform to the shapes of your body making an even weight distribution, therefore removing and relieving from any pressure points all along your head to toe.


  • Alleviation from pressure points
  • Sustains cool temperature
  • Contours to body shape
  • Heat-treated coils


  • Takes time to inflate
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