Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

Space restrictions may limit the things that you can do in your home, but there are workarounds to some of the most Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide common space issues nowadays. Rollaway beds provide you with an option to set up a sleeping area anywhere in your home even if you do not have enough space to place for a conventional bed. The rollaway bed features a folding foam mattress that is tucked into a metal frame which can easily be folded into half so you can conveniently store it even in small spaces. The middle portion of the hinged metal frame are equipped with caster wheels or treys that will make rolling the bed in and out of rooms even easier to manage, so you can set up the sleeping area in a flash and just as easily place it in storage when you finish using the sleeping surface.

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Advantages of Rollaway Beds

Check out these advantages that you can enjoy when using rollaway beds:

Additional Sleeping Space

Rollaway beds provide you with the additional sleeping spaces you need when you have guests sleeping over in your home, and you only have enough beds to accommodate some of them. A rollaway bed will help you ensure that all of your guests will have their own spaces to sleep on comfortably throughout the night, without the need to have someone sleep on the floor and without forcing you to give up your own bed just to fulfill your role as a gracious host. Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide Having rollaway beds can give you the assurance that you will always have extra sleeping spaces required whenever necessary for your guests.

Affordable Bed Option

A rollaway bed is a great bed option if you do not have the big budget to buy an actual bed that will be placed in the area of your home where you are planning to have your guests stay for a night or two. Rollaway beds come in a durable yet straightforward construction without the frills that can jack up the overall cost. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and strong extra sleeping space in your home without the need to shell out a lot of money so you can accommodate additional house guests when they visit your home.

Space-Saving Design

Rollaway beds have compact designs that make them ideal for home with limited space availability for setting up and storing additional sleeping areas. The mattress and metal frame of a rollaway bed are built to be folded in half so they will take up minimal space when they are placed vertically in against a wall, inside a closet, or in a small storage room when they are not being used. You can even have several rollaway beds stored in your home and they will still occupy a smaller space compared to having a regular bed and mattress setup, allowing you to have the space you need for a few guests staying overnight even when you only have a small storage area.

Quick Setup

Having a rollaway bed in your home can give you the assurance that you can quickly set up a sleeping space for your guest without too much time, trouble, and effort involved in the process. Rollaway beds are built to be set up into a flat surface for sleeping in a few steps that may take a maximum of several minutes to complete, so you can instantly have a bed to offer to your guests who may want to immediately go to sleep after a long day. Fixing the sleeping areas after your guests have gone the next day will be just as easy to manage with only a few steps required to fold the mattress and the metal frame in half, with the caster wheels helping you to return the rollaway bed to the storage area in the most convenient manner.

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Types of Rollaway Beds

These are the categories of rollaway beds that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Standard Rollaway Bed

The standard rollaway bed comes with a metal frame and tubes that commonly go across the frame to keep the mattress fully supported especially when someone is lying down on top of it. This design may also feature a mesh or chain link net for enhanced support. The frame is equipped with caster wheels that offer maximum maneuverability, and on top of the frame lies a foam mattress, and

Cabinet Rollaway Bed

This rollaway bed style uses fewer metal parts compared to the standard design, so it may be more aesthetically pleasing if you are not too keen on all metal parts. The term describes the appearance that the rollaway bed takes when it is folded as it looks like a cabinet that also has caster wheels at the base for optimal portability. Some options even have footboards and headboards to make it look more like a “real” bed.

Ottoman Rollaway Bed

This type of rollaway bed looks like the standard except it can be folded down to thirds to convert it into an ottoman. The design can be used as a seating area when not being used as a bed, although it does not have caster wheels so portability may be an issue.

Features of High-Quality Rollaway Beds

Take advantage of these features when using high-quality rollaway beds.

Compact Style Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide

Rollaway beds come in a compact style that will not take up too much space in your home, whether they are set up as a flat sleeping area and even they are stored after use. They come in a low-profile design that provides you or your guests with a comfortable bed the frills, eliminating the bulk that comes with a traditional bedframe and mattress setup that can take up a lot of space. Once the rollaway bed is folded after use, it will use up even less space is it can be stored vertically in your closet or in a small storage area in your home.

Comfortable Sleeping Surface

A topnotch rollaway bed is made with excellent quality materials to ensure complete comfort for anyone using it for sleeping or other purposes. The bed can be made with high-grade foam or memory foam that provides you with the cushioning you need to be able to sleep comfortably for the rest of the night without feeling the hardness of the metal frame underneath. The mattress also offers strong support to keep your spine aligned properly as you sleep, so you can wake up the next morning feeling refreshed without body pains to bother you.

Cost-Effective Extra Bed

High-quality rollaway beds provide you with all the benefits of a comfortable bed without the accompanying high cost. The rollaway beds are constructed with a frame and mattress that offer the support and comfort that you need without the bells and whistles that can cause the total cost to rise. Instead of having to buy an expensive mattress or bed, you can provide comfortable and functional sleeping arrangements for your friends and loved ones in a more cost-effective manner.

Convenient Portability

These rollaway beds are designed to be brought in and out of the rooms and hallways in your home in the most convenient manner. The frame of the rollaway bed is equipped with caster wheels that will make it easy for you to quickly roll out the bed from its storage area into the room where you need to set up a sleeping space for your guest. Putting the rollaway bed back into storage will be just as quick to do because you have the wheels to help you out so you will not need to drag or carry a heavy bed for this task. Transferring the extra sleeping space into another room will also be a breeze to do with the help of the caster wheels integrated into the frame. Rollaway beds may even be brought out of the home when you need to set up beds elsewhere, such as when you are going camping and want to ensure that you will have a real bed to sleep on even when you are outdoors.


Q: What is the main difference between a sofa bed and a rollaway bed?

A: A sofa bed functions both as a seating area when it is set up as a sofa, and a bed when it is laid flat and the mattress is completely pulled out. On the other hand, a rollaway bed comes with a mattress and frame that can be folded for easy and compact storage when not in use and is equipped with caster wheels that offer maximum portability so it can be wheeled in and out of rooms as needed. The rollaway bed may be a better option if you want to have additional sleeping space when required in your home but you want this extra bed to be out of sight when not being used – something that is not possible when using a sofa bed.

Q: Why is a rollaway bed more affordable than a regular bed?

A: The straightforward design of the rollaway bed contributes to its cost-effective profile. The frame is a simple yet sturdy one that works to provide full support for the mattress and the person using it but without the frills such as intricate designs, headboards, and footboards that can increase the overall cost of the rollaway bed.

Q: Which rollaway bed type is the best? Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide

A: it depends on your preference and requirements. A standard rollaway bed is a great choice if you are looking for a no-frills setup that will take up a small space when set up as a sleeping area and even when it is in storage. You should check out cabinet rollaway beds if you want an upgraded appearance as this design has more wood parts (which may even include headboards and footboards) compared to metal, making it look like a cabinet when it is folded and not being used as a bed. On the other hand, you might want to go for the ottoman rollaway bed if you want to have an additional sleeping space that can double as a seating area in the form of an ottoman when it folded into thirds, although this option does not include caster wheels so it may be an issue when you are looking for superior portability.

Q: Are rollaway beds comfortable to sleep on?

A: High-quality rollaway beds are built with premium materials to ensure comfortable sleep for the people who will use them. The metal frame offers superior support so keep your back properly aligned in any sleeping position so you will not be forced into an awkward position while you sleep, while the foam mattress is designed to provide the cushioning you need to be able to sleep soundly and without discomfort, throughout the night so you can wake up completely rejuvenated when you wake up the next morning.

Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2022 – Chart

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


  1. Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress  No Assembly Required Just Screw in the Wheels $$$ 4.8 
  2. LUCID Rollaway  Memory Foam Mattress Rolling Cot with 4 Inch Mattress $$$ 4.7 

3. 39″ Wide Hospitality Rollaway BedMattress Double braced angle steel frame $$$  4.6
  4. Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot/Bed with Mattress 4 inch thick Foam Mattress $$$ 4.5 
  5. LayoutMetal Folding Bed Frame with Memory Foam Mattress  100% metal bed frame $$$ 4.5 
  6. Serta Bed with Twin Mattress Heavy duty steel frame $$$ 4.4 
  7. Linon Home  Folding Bed with Memory Foam Elegant Beige Damask Fabric Cover $$$  4.4
  8. InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed  4-inch high density foam mattress $$$ 4.3 
  9. Best Choice Products  Folding Rollaway Guest Bed 3″ thick comfortable memory foam mattress $$$ 4.2 
10. Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed  Sturdy metal frame and rolling casters $$$ 4.2
11. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress 4 extra-durable legs that include a locking brace $$$ 4.2
12. Mecor The Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed Dimensions 75″ L x 31″W x 14″H $$$ 4.1
13. Serta Durable Rollaway Bed, 39-Inch/Twin Superior comfort and durability $$$ 4.1
14. Zinus Roll Away Smart Guest Bed Frame Sturdy metal frame and rolling casters $$$ 4.0
15. Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed 100-percent wool pile and cotton backing $$$ 4.0

1. Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress (Top Pick)

Enjoy the ultimate sleep experience with Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress! Top 15 Best Rollaway Beds in 2020 - Ultimate Guide

Milliard Premium folding bed with luxurious memory foam mattress transforms a provisional sleeping arrangement into a refreshing nights’ sleep. Just wheel it out, unfold it, and it’s ready.

It’s indispensable for dorms, family dens, or small attic spaces, or easily set up in living areas when guests come over. When the floor has to be cleared, the bed effortlessly folds and stows away.

Material & Construction

Milliard Premium Folding Bed is constructed of high-quality steel tubing with dual reinforcement at its durable Trampoline mesh base with medium-firm support which won’t bend over time. The mattress is IFD-15 memory foam with poly deck-style support encased in a washable and removable cover.

The metal frame folds out in clamshell-style and stabilizing legs at every end are dually-reinforced to confirm good rest. The entire frame has a glossy black finish with auto-folding legs and changeable trident buckle to close.

Dimensions are 75″ X 31.5″, the height off floor is 16″ and folds to 12″ thick and 44″ high. The 400-lb weight capacity folding bed is ready for use precisely out of the box, no assembly is required, takes 10 minutes to set up! It includes brackets to fasten a headboard/footboard for a more enduring setup.

Mattress cover design is Classic White. Springs on the folding bed come with free replacement policy. Milliard folding beds come double-boxed and double-bagged to protect the bed during transit.

Comfort & Support

Milliard Folding Bed with a 2.5-pound memory-foam mattress has a medium-firm feel and good spinal support, with no bars and ridges to hurt the back. The poly-deck mattress support has a lively, spring-loaded smoothness for sleeping.

The memory foam mattress contours the body, the poly-deck frame allows your body to feel weightless and comfortable, while still maintaining the perfect posture. The frame is supported by 32 carbon steel springs to keep everything balanced when stress adds up. The bed is user-friendly with its pivoting wheels, regulating strap, buckles, along with leg grips.


Milliard Premium Folding Bed is designed for pain-free storage, is lightweight with legs that automatically come down when the mattress is parted.

The bed features a 360-degree pivoting caster to guarantee ease of transportation and utmost mobility. When at a standstill, 2 wheels can lock in place. Compact and convenient, the folding bed folds to 12″ thick.


  • Perfect guest bed with sturdy frame
  • Just screw in the wheels and use
  • Full-metal bed frame with exceptional fit-and-finish & stabilizer bars
  • Memory foam mattress with extra-soft removable cover
  • Clamshell folding pattern locks shut with an adaptable trident buckle


  • Some users can find it a bit narrow

2. LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

Awake refreshed and revitalized with LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress! LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed with Memory Foam Mattress

Students in dorms, apartment dwellers, and big families know how precious space can be, but the LUCID rollaway guest bed can offer comfy sleeping arrangements in a jiffy when guests spend the night. All you need is a blanket, a few pillows, and this folding bed to make yourself or the guests comfortable.

Material & Construction

Heavy-duty bed frame of LUCID rollaway bed comes with an extraordinary 25-year warranty. Cot size bed has dimensions of 31″ x 74″ with 4″ soft, ultra-supportive, and medium-plush memory foam mattress featuring 1″ of memory foam and 3″ of support foam. Bed frame is 12″ high with 11″ of clearance.

Spring-supporting helically-suspended poly deck presents more comfortable support than wooden slats or wire mesh support options. With its simple assembly, locking wheels for security, and CertiPUR US-certified memory foam with no toxic odors, this bed is safe for kids. Pull out the bed, then fold and roll away for quick storage.

2 crossbars and 4 wheels are added as the legs are folded down. These cross bars prevent the legs from folding back up and its wheels are held in position with wing nuts tightened easily by hand.

There are 4 additional bars that are fastened between each of the 4 pairs of legs. If attached, the legs automatically rise and lower as you fold it up or down. Those are held in position with 8 additional bolts and wing nuts. The height from the floor to the mattress top is around 14.5″ when opened.

Comfort & Support

LUCID rollaway bed is great for family gatherings. There is no rough cross beam supports to poke in the back. The platform gives pleasant support while allowing your bed to conform to the body shape. The memory foam mattress is extremely comfy and firm.

Twin sheets with sheet grippers hold them in position width-wise. The mattress is nice and comfortable. The bed has no rigid braces under the mattress to compromise its support.

The zippered mattress cover on the mattress core has anti-slip textured surface beneath to help keep the mattress in position on the platform. It eases folding the bed after use.

The rayon from bamboo cover is perfect for sensitive skin and helps normalize sleeping temperature. The poly deck absorbs impact and the sleeper’s body weight, effectively avoiding a “bouncy” feeling. The bed can support a 275lb adult without any issues.


The bed frame and mattress are very lightweight and simple to move around on built-in wheels. This spare bed is easy for storing in petite areas, but folds out to a fine size. It is close to a twin-sized length but a bit narrower than a typical twin.

The rollaway has two wheels that lock safely, and its structure is particularly engineered for strength and mobility. The powder-coated steel has an inimitable, lightweight design for simple transportation, but is optimized for resilience.


  • Quick and effortless to assemble
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • CertiPUR US-certified plush memory foam
  • 25-year warranty


  • Long braces have a slightly sharp edge

3. 39″ Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed w/ 6″ Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress

Sleep peacefully with 39″ Wide Hospitality Rollaway Bed w/ 6″ Tufted Premium Innerspring Mattress! 39″ Wide Hospitality Rollaway BedMattress

Hospitality rollaway bed is the perfect solution for a temporary sleeping space with 6″ tufted premium innerspring mattress when you have unexpected sleep over guests. This super strong and portable bed easily solves your sleeping necessities and then folds proficiently for a quick storage.

Material & Construction

Doubly-braced heavy-duty angular steel frame of Hospitality rollaway bed gives extra firmness and longer life, coil spring foundation allows for additional support, moreover, it has link support deck, mechanical leg folding and a large wheel kit.

Excluding the tufted mattress, this bed frame is around 16 3/4″ off the floor. Or else, the mattress top is around 22 3/4″ off the floor. This 39″ wide and 75″ long bed weighs 75 pounds and has 8″ wheels for easy mobility.

Hospitality rollaway bed has upgraded 6″ thick tufted premium innerspring mattress, with tempered steel coils. The bed has a lifetime limited warranty.

Comfort & Support

Hospitality bed’s 6″ thick tufted luxury mattress is a comfort upgrade from other brands, as it has an augmented loft, is quilted and tufted for sturdiness and extra softness. No expense has been spared with this upgraded mattress and the improved comfort is noticeable.

The material is an upgraded and supportive damask mattress. This innerspring rollaway mattress employs Active Support Technology. This innerspring technology offers a vibrant response to usual body movement and reacts cleverly to individual body contours.

The mattress becomes firmer for desired support as a body weight is applied. The coils regulate instantly to sleep movements, comforting and caressing your body dynamically as you sleep. Users around 280 lbs. body weight can easily relax in this bed.


One individual can simply move, set up, and fold away these rollaway beds. Maneuverability in constricted places, rough terrain, or uneven floors is no problem with 8″ and 5″ diameter wheels. These 4 wheels are built to last and enable effortless portability.

With the Automatic Leg Opening trait, as the bed is opened and placed flat, the legs lower automatically. There is no struggle with lowering the legs into a proper position. As the bed is folded for storage, legs pull in and fold up automatically.

The frame is angled steel and is simple to expand. In fact, the mechanical leg folding feature spares the trouble linked with setting up beds. In spite of including a broad mattress, angled steel, and large wheels, the Hospitality Rollaway Bed is easily maneuverable at 75 lbs.


  • Comfy 6″ tufted innerspring mattress
  • Durable double-braced angular steel construction
  • Automatic leg unfolding totally simplifies setup
  • Bigger wheels for trouble-free portability


  • Mattress must be tied down to avert accidental movement

4. Milliard Lightweight 74 by 31-Inch Folding Cot/Bed with Mattress

Accommodate your visitors using Milliard Lightweight 74 by 31-Inch Folding Cot/Bed with Mattress! Milliard Lightweight Folding Cot/Bed with Mattress

Milliard lightweight folding cot/bed with mattress helps with short-term sleeping accommodations. Whether it’s unexpected guests, reunion, dorms or camping and hiking, this strong yet maneuverable bed accommodates all and folds away tidily in seconds for storage. Its first-rate Italian craftsmanship and comfort offer more than you bargained for.

Material & Construction

Manufactured in Italy, Milliard folding cot/bed is superior in design and function. These strong folding beds are used by many luxury hotels & resorts around the U.S. The beds are manufactured to last, enduring regular use.

The bed is lightweight and can be handled alone, yet its visibly tougher than an army-surplus cot. It has a removable, 4″ thick, finest foam mattress for a comfy sleep. Super-strong frame can lodge a large individual and allows for easy mobility, the bed size is 74″ x 31″.

Milliard’s folding bed is designed for easy storage, set up and quick collapse. While compact, the bed folds to 31.5″ x 12″ x 42″ (L x W x H). Large, legible instructions are given for speedy and effortless assembly. Takes 10 minutes to complete the entire assembly. No additional tools are necessary. Bed weight is 27 lb.

Comfort & Support

Are you looking for a foldable bed for your hiking trips? This Milliard lightweight folding bed is custom-designed to make your sleeping experience more easy and serene. The foam mattress gives proper spinal support with no restless tossing and turning at night.

Milliard bed provides you with the ideal balance between back support and comfort and its quality ensures no aches or pain after your rest. The bed is lightweight enough for a kid to handle but is extremely strong and comfortably supports users weighing around 264 pounds.


The folding bed is also lightweight and trouble-free to roll or store anywhere. It’s folded with a hinged lock bar and moves effortlessly with 4 nylon casters which pivot 360 degrees.

You may be able to transport this bed in a mid-sized car for your camping trips. It is kind of huge but snaps shut and won’t unfold when moving. The bed hardly occupies any space in your house as well.


  • Dimensions are 74″ x 31″; ideal balance of portability and comfort
  • Beautifully-designed lightweight 27lb bed lasts many years
  • Supports up to 264 Ib.
  • Needs 10 minutes for complete assembly
  • Portable and simple to store with 4 wheels


  • Assembly may require careful handling

5. Layout 75×31.5-Inch Metal Folding Bed Frame with Memory Foam Mattress

Count on the fulfilling promise of comfort with Layout 75×31.5-Inch Metal Folding Bed Frame with Memory Foam LayoutMetal Folding Bed Frame with Memory Foam Mattress Mattress!

Need to house one more visitor? Layout metal folding bed frame with supple memory foam mattress gives your guests the generosity of a comfy bed that is very suitable and easy for you to store.

Material & Construction

Sleek-looking Layout metal folding bed with gorgeous finish is the comfiest and packed-in foldable sleeper you can buy. The bed folds in half for compressed storage and locks shut with a snap-buckle for trouble-free opening or closing.

Bed dimensions are 75″ x 31.5″ x 16″ in length, width, and height respectively. Folded dimensions are 44.5″ x 31.5″ x 11.5″ tall, wide, & thick. Needs negligible assembly and comes with all built-in hardware and necessary tools. Just secure its base, fasten the wheels, and you’re all geared up.

The features include 100% metal bed frame, toughened stabilizer bars, rigid poly deck mattress base, and a luxurious memory foam mattress with an extra-supple removable cover.

Comfort & Support

With truly sturdy construction, this value-packed rollaway bed features better comfort with finer quality metal frame and solid mattress base, and stabilizer bars. Memory foam regains structure without affecting comfort level.

This bed needs minimum space, and is a perfect alternative for your visitors. Snap buckle helps you to open or close it rapidly. It’s an imposing & compact comfortable foldaway bed with good back support.

It comes with 32 metal springs attaching to frame and gives the ideal fit and firm foundation for an undisturbed sleep. Its sturdy fabric helps avert sagging; all-metal tubing, vigorous and stationary structure carries a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

The mattress is a thick memory foam and the bed doesn’t lay on any spring, it’s a trampoline type material that is locked in position by springs while being attached along the frame’s side.


Layout metal folding bed is made with first-rate 100% metal frame. This exceptional bed has a snap buckle closure that helps it to stow and maneuver quickly owing to its durable wheels that could be swiveled 360 degrees. For long-standing storage, the legs may be folded up.

The frame has stabilizing bars to guarantee there is no fold up if excessive weight is put on this bed. The castor wheels are extremely maneuverable, 2 have locking mechanisms so once laid flat, it doesn’t roll off. The other 2 wheels are basic. Once folded up, it’s easy to maneuver to stow away. Even when the bed is laid flat, you can direct it effortlessly where it needs to go.


  • Poly deck mattress base
  • 100% metal bed frame, stabilizing bars
  • Spongy memory foam mattress, soft removable cover


  • Can be a bit too lightweight for extremely overweight people

6. Serta 39″ Portable Rollaway Bed with Twin Mattress

Save precious housing space with Serta 39″ Portable Rollaway Bed with Twin Mattress! Serta Bed with Twin Mattress

Serta 39″ portable rollaway bed with twin mattress is the top way out for accommodating and entertaining your visiting guests, for outdoor occasions and sleepovers.

Material & Construction

Serta rollaway bed has medium support and is built of top-notch steel. The bed frame dimensions are 14″ high x 39″ wide x 73″ long. The mattress is 4-5″ high x 39″ wide x 72″ long. The bed size is twin and comes with either a beige or blue mattress.

This twin size bed with 4-5 inch foam mattress lies on superior steel frame that permits a rapid opening and folding of the bed, thereby providing comfort and convenience.

Comfort & Support

Serta rollaway bed provides convenience as its set up is super easy. This is a twin size bed with strong metal support springs. It pulls apart and folds together easily. Mattress is essentially thin, not as a regular bed mattress, but soft enough to sink in for a good spinal cord support.

Its lightweight framework causes no discomfort or back pain. You can sleep well enough on it to wake up revitalized.


Serta rollaway bed is easy to maneuver as it is on functional casters and wheels. This portable rollaway bed works nice for a guest office spare bedroom.

Heavy-duty yet portable steel frame enables it to roll very easily, the bed’s great for guests or kids, folds as well as rolls away for easy storage. Just roll it out again as you need it.


  • Twin size bed with deluxe steel frame
  • 4-5″ foam mattress for the ultimate comfort
  • Easily moved and stowed away


  • Might not be substantial for extremely overweight users
  • Tall users might find their feet hanging off the bed

7. Linon Home Decor Luxor Folding Bed with Memory Foam

Find total back support with Linon Home Decor Luxor Folding Bed with Memory Foam! Linon Home Folding Bed with Memory Foam

Linon Home Decor Luxor folding bed with memory foam is the vital folding bed that’s trouble-free and straightforward to use. The bed sets up in a few seconds, while the chunky mattress offers your guests with ultra-comfy support for the relaxing night’s sleep they deserve.

Material & Construction

Beige colored Luxor folding bed comes in twin size. The bed contains stylish beige damask fabric cover. The bed is endowed with a strong and resilient steel frame that’s built for many years to come.

Luxor folding bed has quite sturdy metal tube frames with very durable 15 wooden slat supports to keep the memory foam mattress supported and in place.

Comfort & Support

Mattress of Luxor folding bed is topped with a plush layer of thick and ultra-soft memory foam that provides you the accurate spinal support and quality sleep by cradling the natural contours of a body.

This nice extra bed is great to have around if you are recovering from a surgery and need a supportive space of your own. Small and compact, Luxor folding bed is not low to the ground. Very decent mattress for a rollaway bed, it’s comfortable for a short-term siesta as well.


Luxor folding bed folds down in a few seconds to a small and compact form, good enough to stock away in almost any wardrobe/closet.

You can use it as an additional guest bed, kid’s bed, day bed or a lounger for a nice evening. Casters and wheels allow for easy mobility. It’s so small, you can fold it back up in the morning and stick it anywhere out of your way.


  • Compact bed with steel frame
  • 15 durable wooden slats support the mattress
  • Casters offer easy and fast mobility


  • Assembly is a bit complex
  • Mattress might need to be tied down to secure it shut

8. InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed

Accommodate guests quickly with InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed! InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed

InnerSpace Luxury Products standard folding bed helps you make room for your guests by converting a small space into a bedroom. The standard folding bed is perfect for a tiny apartment room as it occupies the least amount of space.

Material & Construction

Plaid-colored Italy-manufactured InnerSpace standard folding bed helps you transform a space into a practical sleeping area for house guests with its steel body. The bed is meant to accommodate adults and works great for a kid’s sleeping area as well. Headboard type is open-frame.

This residential-use upholstered bed has a strong metal mesh frame, which is well-built and long-lasting. The frame has an appealing black finish that complements all room settings. The memory foam mattress has polyurethane foam with optimum density.

Bed weight capacity is 350 pounds and requires assembly. 4-inch high-density foam mattress with Flamewatch protection has a durable stain-proof Polyester cover.

Comfort & Support

Complete your search for comfort with the InnerSpace Torino standard folding bed that will lodge a standard twin size fitted or flat sheet.

Bed offers a firm support level and added comfort to your upper and lower back. Flexible metal mesh base doesn’t let the mattress sink in. 4″ Polyurethane foam mattress measures 31″ wide by 72″ inches long.


With its strong steel structure, movable caster wheels, and comfortable mattress, this rollaway bed easily offers a sleeping space and gets stored away out of sight when required. The bed folds up with no trouble via a plain locking mechanism and stows in various closets.

The bed can be easily moved across rooms with the help of the attached castor wheels. It closes effortlessly via a latching mechanism. It rolls into position via removable casters.


  • Flexible yet resilient metal mesh base
  • 4″ memory foam mattress with Flamewatch protection
  • Easily folds away for convenient & quick storage
  • 5-year warranty


  • Might be a bit too soft for heavier adult users

9. Best Choice Products Cot Size Folding Rollaway Guest Bed With Memory Foam Mattress Cot Easy Storage

Treat your guests comfortably with the Best Choice Products Cot Size Folding Rollaway Guest Bed With Memory Best Choice Products Folding Rollaway Guest Bed Foam Mattress Cot Easy Storage!

Best Choice Products folding rollaway guest bed with memory foam mattress is a grand piece to have whenever you have company. This bed has been particularly designed to offer a comfortable stay for your future guests.

Material & Construction

Bed frame of this rollaway bed is constructed with 2 metal support bars that easily fold out for the bed to lay flat and 32 carbon steel springs to support the entire bed and mattress.

Extended dimensions of this bed are 75″(L) x 31″(W) x 11″(H) off the ground and it weighs just 36.3 lbs. The bed is so resilient and tough that it can accommodate a weight limit of 300 lbs.

Comfort & Support

The 3-inch memory-foam mattress is quite comfortable for anyone to sleep in without discomfort, as it provides full spinal support. The frame is durable enough to provide the support you need to rest, it’s simple to set up. The bed is crafted as a cot to offer extreme support and additional comfort by shunning springs.


The great aspect about the bed is that it folds entirely in half enabling it to be rolled & stowed away and save space in a few seconds. The frame is equipped with movable wheels that will permit the bed to be easily rolled across elevators or hallways and it locks so it won’t roll off accidentally.

Portable cot-sized bed can actually fold to 10″ wide to save your housing space. The wheels allow easy mobility and lock in place quickly.


  • Portable cot bed folds to a mere 10″ wide
  • 3″ wide comfortable memory-foam mattress
  • Bed frame has 2 metal support bars & 32 carbon steel springs
  • Wheels allow for mobility & lock in place


  • Straps holding the folded bed together aren’t very secure

10. Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed

Find elegance and comfort with Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed! Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed

Linon Verona cot-size folding bed is essentially for those occasions when there are more family members at home than space. This is 5″ thick and one of the most heavy-duty rollaway beds manufactured in Italy with pride!

Linon Verona bed adds a stunning and elegant touch to any room by accommodating overnight guests in your home.

Material & Construction

Verona twin-size folding bed offers extra sleeping space anywhere it’s needed. With its sturdy metal frame and easy rolling casters along with a thick & plush mattress for comfort, the bed makes a well-built choice.

Verona is fully assembled and is simple and easy to use out of the box. It folds down in seconds and is compact enough to put away in any closet. Use it as an additional bed, guest bed, kid’s sleeping corner, day bed or a lounger to relax with friends. You can effortlessly fold and unfold these beds and it’s a good solution for small spaces.

Comfort & Support

Verona has a metal frame and a plush chunky mattress and rolling casters for an ultimate comfort and soothing sleep at night without any annoyance. 2 thin metal rods stabilize the bed and keep the back supported.

The sturdy material makes it firm and stable to avoid any spinal injury. Anyone with an emergency and a spare closet can pull it out when you get company. If you want it to be softer, you could add a topper to make it even thicker, this firm mattress lasts many years.


Verona folding bed comes with a perfect size that offers additional space in your home for your guest or extra family members during holidays. It’s quick to fold and unfold and roll in or out using its swiveling wheels.

This sophisticated Linon Verona folding bed is completely assembled and is quite compact to store in your closet quickly.


  • Easy and swift to fold down and store
  • Compact enough to keep in a closet/wardrobe
  • 5″ thick foam mattress


  • Mattress is quite low to floor, this makes it hard for an older & heavier person to get off the bed

11. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress

The Folding Bed, Twin Size, with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress from Milliard Diplomat with a Super Strong Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress Sturdy Frame, 75 x 38 inch are known the world over for providing the ultimate sleeping experience to its users. It literally converts a ‘temporary’ arrangement for sleeping into an extremely comfortable as well as refreshing experience. The bed has literally been reinvented and allows the user to have a deep night’s rest and wake up fully refreshed and rejuvenated. The user does not get bothered on tosses and turns. It has been manufactured after extensively testing it and getting customer feedback to make improvements.

Material & Construction

The Folding Bed, Twin Size, with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress from Milliard Diplomat with a Super Strong Sturdy Frame, 75 x 38 inch has got a very sturdy wire lattice base which has been coupled with Millard Diplomat’s 5 inch- memory foam mattress. This results in a ‘one of its kind’ balance between comfort and support. The bed also boasts an adjustable strap, buckle, pivoting wheels, and leg grips. All the necessary functional parts are provided in this folding bed.

Comfort & Support

There are many folding beds on the market which are extremely flimsy and have got very thin mattresses. These do not provide any comfort or support to the user. The 5-inch memory foam has a density rating of 2.5 inches and its IFD rating is 12. IFD is a firmness rating applied to mattresses and stands for Indentation Force Deflection. A value of 12 indicates a soft foam mattress which means that it is very comfortable. Main support comes from the metal encasement made out of steel tubing which is doubly reinforced at the base which is stable and durable. The wire-laced folding frame flexes minimally to let the foam support the user. The back of the user is fully supported by the base and it includes no movable parts.


The Folding Bed, Twin Size, with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress from Milliard Diplomat with a Super Strong Sturdy Frame, 75 x 38 inch has been designed by the manufacturer for easy portability as well as easy storage. There are 360-degree casters in this folding bed which facilitate maximum mobility and easy transport. 2 of the wheels are locked in place once the bed is stationary. Once folded, the bed is just 14 inches thick.


  • The folding bed is extremely comfortable and supportive for the user.
  • The bed does not have any moving parts.
  • The folding bed has a thick 5-inch mattress.


  • Information on warranty is not available.

12. Mecor The Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed

The Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed for Adults from Mecor, Easy Storage, Heavy Duty Wheels, Mecor The Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed Twin Size 75 31-inch has got doubly reinforced steel bars in its frame which makes the folding bed extremely durable and sturdy. It also provides excellent support to the user as well as the matters. The fabric material of the bed is highly breathable and allows for the maximum amount of comfort for a full night’s rest without the need to toss and turn. The deck is supported by the springs which absorb all the movement of the user’s body and do not transmit it to the rest of the bed. The product dimensions are 75L x 31W x 14H inches and the bed weighs 34.8 lbs while the package weighs 40.3 lbs.

Material & Construction

This Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed for Adults from Mecor, Easy Storage, Heavy Duty Wheels, Twin Size 75 31-inch is made out of strong metal which has increased the life-span of the bed frame and the stabilizer bars in the folding bed is made out of double-reinforced metal. The mattress is 4 inches thick and has been made out of a fabric which is highly breathable. This allows the air to circulate through the matrix in such a way that it draws out the heat away from the sleeping or resting user and keeps the user totally cool. Moreover, it also takes away the sweat and moisture and lets the user have a dry and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

Comfort & Support

The Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed for Adults from Mecor, Easy Storage, Heavy Duty Wheels, Twin Size 75 31-inch is extremely comfortable due to the 4-inch-thick mattress which provides the ultimate comfort to the user. The comfort is further enhanced by the very high breathability of fabric material which allows the user to have a cool and dry rest throughout the night.

The user is also provided support by both the mattress as well as the bed frame which is made of metal and provides a high level of support to the user.


The folding frame of the Folding Bed Mattress, Metal Rollaway Guest Bed for Adults from Mecor, Easy Storage, Heavy Duty Wheels, Twin Size 75 31-inch imparts the required portability to the folding bed. The folding design of this bed allows for very easy storage as well as easy transportation. The provision of the 4 casters at the bottom of the folding bed facilitates easy movement across the rooms or mobility anywhere else. There is an adjustable trident buckle which allows for a very easy opening as well as closing. The mattress is also prevented from sagging by the frame design


  • The folding bed boasts a sturdy frame for support.
  • It is extremely comfortable as a result of the 4-inch thick and breathable mattress.
  • It is easily stored and transported.


  • It is only available in Twin size.

13. Serta Rollaway Bed, 39-Inch/Twin

The Rollaway Bed from Serta, 39-Inch/Twin has been designed and manufactured by Serta to provide the overnight Serta Durable Rollaway Bed, 39-Inch/Twin guest or the user a perfect night’s sleep even when the requirement of the bed arises at a moment’s notice. Whenever, there are guests at the house and there are no extra regular beds available, the hosts do not have to worry at all as this folding bed from Serta provides a very sturdy but extremely comfortable alternative to a regular bed right away. The bed frame is made out of steel and also boasts a 5-inch thick innerspring twin size mattress which is extremely durable and comfortable at the same time.

Material & Construction

The Rollaway Bed from Serta, 39-Inch/Twin is made out of steel and the frame is foldable with 4 casters at the bottom. The metallic construction of the frame allows the bed to provide a high level of support and durability to the folding bed. The mattress, on the other hand, is made out of innersprings which are very strong and robust as well. On an overall basis, the entire folding bed is sturdy and robust and is highly durable. The durability of the bed makes it a very desirable choice for families planning to have a folding bed for emergency use.

Comfort & Support

The Rollaway Bed from Serta, 39-Inch/Twin is designed to provide the maximum level of comfort to the user along with a perfect level of support as well. The bed frame made out of steel is extremely sturdy and strong and thus supports the mattress and the user. The mattress itself is an innerspring matter which helps to isolate body motion and at the same time keeps the user comfortable allowing the user to rest for the night without tossing and turning due to any possible discomfort.


The portability of the Rollaway Bed from Serta, 39-Inch/Twin is facilitated by its folding design with 4 caster wheels which allow the bed to become mobile and it becomes very easy to move it around from room to room. It also helps in transporting the bed to another location. The folding bed design allows for easy storage as well. The wheels do not snag the carpet or scratch the floor. The support of the folding bed fold downward and become the legs of the bed once it is opened up to be placed on the floor in the bed position.


  • The folding bed is highly supportive as a result of the steel frame and the innerspring mattress.
  • It is highly portable as a result of the 4 casters under the bottom of the bed.
  • The bed can be stored away easily for use whenever required.


  • The information on warranty from the manufacturer is not available.

14. Zinus Roll Away Smart Guest Bed Frame, 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress

The Roll Away Smart Guest Bed Frame from Zinus, 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress, Twin is 75 x 39 x 16 inches in Zinus Roll Away Smart Guest Bed Frame size and weighs only 42.3 lbs. It is 39 inches wide which is just the right size for letting a person sleep properly or if there is no wider bed available then sleep partners can sleep together in this much width. This folding bed is also available in Narrow twin size which is 75 x 30 x 16 inches and weighs 37.1 lbs. In this case, the narrow twin bed is 30 inches in width. The folding bed simply folds into half and it is quite easy to squeeze it under the closet or even under the bed.

Material & Construction

The Roll Away Smart Guest Bed Frame from Zinus, 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress, Twin is designed and manufactured to have a 12-inch-high strong steel folding bed frame which is very strong and sturdy. This provides durability to the bed as anything portable and mobile needs to be sturdy enough to bear the stresses and strains of the movements and portability. The narrow twin (for narrow twin size) bed also boasts a mattress which includes a 1-inch layer of comfort foam, another 2 inches of Viscolatex Foam and 1 inch of high-density support foam. The foam used in it is CertiPUR-US Certified which makes it extremely suitable in terms of brilliant performance, ideal toxic-free content and lasts a long time.

Comfort & Support

The Roll Away Smart Guest Bed Frame from Zinus, 4 Inch Comfort Foam Mattress, Twin is ideal in terms of providing a very comfortable and sound sleep to guests whenever they arrive allowing them to enjoy their night’s sleep and wake up fresh and rejuvenated. this is indeed a great folding bed for hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, etc. who often require extra foldable beds whenever families or an extra number of guests arrive in rooms. These entities also conserve space as it fields up and is easy to store. The comfort and support provided by the 3 foam layers coupled with the support provided by the bed frame make it an extremely comfortable and supportive bed for guests anywhere.


The mattress and the 3 layers along with the bed frame are all extremely durable. The durability of the mattress is confirmed by its CertiPUR-US certification for the narrow-twin bed which guarantees its durability as the content of the mattress foam layers is non-toxic and does not contain harmful chemicals which can cause cancer or any other complication of that sort. The bed frame is made of steel and its durability is further enhanced by this.


  • The folding bed has a very comfortable and supportive 4-inch mattress with 3 layers of foam (in case of narrow-twin bed).
  • The steel frame is extremely sturdy and robust.
  • The bed is ideal for hotels, inns, and motels.


  • The warranty information is not provided by the manufacturer.

15. Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed from Linon

The Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed from Linon is an ideal folding bed to use whenever there is a requirement for extra Linon Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed sleeping space upon arrival of guests, etc. at home. It is extremely easy to use and very convenient to handle and move around or transport. It takes literally seconds to set-up the bed and it involves no hassle at all on part of the user or the host. The bed simply unfolds and the mattress gets straightened up as the unfolding progress. The guests are able to enjoy a full night’s rest and do not even feel the absence of a regular bed when they sleep on this folding bed. Once it has been used, it is very easy to stash away after folding and does not take much space.

Material & Construction

The Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed from Linon has been designed and manufactured with high-quality materials. Its bed frame is made out of metal which provides the necessary strength for the bed to bear the weight of the user and the mattress. The sturdy metal frame is also instrumental in bearing the shocks, etc. that are encountered while moving the folding bed around or in transporting it from place to place. The metal frame along with the metal casters as well as the thick mattress combine together to offer a very high-quality product to the user. This type of bed can be used at home or at other commercial entities like hotels, motels and bed and breakfast inns, etc.

Comfort & Support

The Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed from Linon is designed to be extremely comfortable to the user. It uses thick matters which provides the necessary comfort to the user. The user is, therefore, able to have a good night’s sleep without any discomfort leading to tossing and turning. The night sleep on this mattress ensures that the user would wake up fresh and energized even though he/she has spent the night on a folding bed and mot on a regular bed. The matters also provide support to the user’s body. this is further supplemented by the support offered by the sturdy metal frame which is instrumental in providing the ultimate support to both the user as well as the mattress.


The Verona Cot-Size Folding Bed from Linon is ideal for use as a temporary solution to sleeping needs of any guests whether at home or at commercial entities such as hotels and motels where extra guests staying in the room might require a portable and folding bed. This serves as an ideal solution both at residences and at these commercial ventures. The bed is highly portable and can be easily transported and moved between rooms in a hotel or home. Its metal casters and the sturdy frame supports its transport and mobility to places where it is required. The folding system is such that the mattress does not have to be carried separately.


  • The folding bed is extremely durable and comfortable at the same time.
  • It is ideal for home use, and for use at hotels and motels.
  • The thick mattress provides ultimate comfort to the user.


  • Information on mattress certification etc. not available.


Rollaway beds offer the benefits of an additional bed for friends or loved ones without occupying too much space, making it ideal if you do not have a lot of extra space in your home, to begin with. They are convenient to use because they can be quickly set up on short notice and can just as easily be folded so they can be stored in your closet or in a designated storage area. Read on to see the best products in this category which were selected to help you narrow down your choices for the best rollaway beds to suit your requirements.

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