Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Review

The Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has been designed and constructed to provide a great sleep surface. Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review The mattress is somewhat firm at normal temperature; however, as an individual lays down on it, the temperature of the body makes the mattress mold around the shape of the body. It can evenly distribute weight over the entire surface of the mattress. It also relieves the pressure points, and this helps in creating a sleep environment conducive to very deep and sound sleep free of any tossing or turning. The special ‘Pressure Relief System’ in this mattress is a unique system which allows the sleeper to feel the relief when he/she lays down on it. The mattress provides highly pliable areas which are accommodating to the body parts which are under stress. These pressure points are subsequently relieved, and the sleep microenvironment created on this mattress allows for a perfect night’s rest enabling the sleeper to get up in the morning fully rejuvenated and feeling energized to face the hectic day ahead.

Materials and Construction

The Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has been equipped with a highly breathable cover which contains three layers of foam. The first layer is a 3-inch layer of memory foam, which has been infused with charcoal. This provides coolness temperature regulation, moisture management, and body conformance. The second layer of foam is a 2-inch layer of super-soft support foam which provides extraordinary pressure relief. It enables the manufacturer’s unique ‘Pressure Relief System.’  It relieves pressure points which are the source of stress on traditional mattresses and are produced because the mattress tends to apply pressure upwards while the gravity tends to pull the body down this creating a lot of pressure on such body parts like the hips, shoulders, knees, etc.  The Pressure Relief system in this mattress takes care of these pressure points and releases the stress from these. The last 5-inches of the mattress are equipped with a layer of high-density support foam. The high-density foam has a density higher than 5 lbs./ft3, and it serves as a great foam base. It offers support to the body enabling a pushback on the body which prevents it from sinking into the upper layers of the mattress. The overall effect of all these three layers in the mattress is of coolness, comfort, and ultimate support.

The Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has got a Comfort Poly-Jacquard cover, which is quite breathable. It serves as a great sleep surface and has been made out of bamboo fibers and polyester. The presence of bamboo in the cover ensures a cool and soft feel on the surface as the cover can wick away sweat and moisture from Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review the body, ensuring a cool and dry surface. As a result of the bamboo insertion, it is highly breathable, and the resulting airflow through the cover ensures perfect coolness and dispersal of body heat away from the mattress. The cover does not have any decorative frills; etc. however, it is also very attractive despite being quite functional. It gives a very sanitary and clean look to the mattress as the airflow through it keeps it free of sweat, moisture, mildew, mold, allergens and dust mites. Besides being very clean, it is extraordinarily comfortable to sleep on.

The first foam layer in the mattress is a 3-inch layer of charcoal-infused memory foam. Memory foam has got lots of qualities that are beneficial for human health. It does not create body impressions that last a long time as the foam under the body is compressed, but when the body shifts and the weight is removed, it returns to its original shape. It also conforms to the shape of the body and contours along the body to provide a cradling and molding effect for the body. This is a very gentle effect, and the body does not feel that it is trapped or stuck in the foam. The memory foam is an excellent source of pressure point relief. On traditional mattresses, the body gets numb, or muscles start to sore due to the existence of pressure points. These pressure points are created when the mattress applies an upward pressure against gravity, which tries to pull the body downwards.  The knees, shoulders, and hips bear the greatest brunt of such pressures. Memory foam has got the characteristic of relieving these pressure points and ensuring that the sleeper would not wake up with sore muscles or numb legs.

The insertion of charcoal in the memory foam makes it super breathable. This layer of memory foam acts in conjunction with the cover of this mattress to produce a very cool and soft effect for a perfect sleep surface.  He open cell structure of the charcoal-infused memory foam layer ensures that the air circulation through the mattress is enhanced greatly, thus facilitating the quick-wicking away of moisture and sweat away from the body. The heat from the body is dispersed very quickly, and the matters are kept at the desired temperature. This temperature regulation is inherent to this mattress and so is its sweat and moisture-wicking capabilities and overall moisture management due to t the bamboo presence in the cover and the charcoal infusion in the memory foam layer of the mattress. The mattress enables perfectly cool and comfortable deep night’s rest on hot summer nights, and in the winter, it offers a warm and dry sleep surface.

The Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has got a middle foam layer, which is 2 inches thick. It is Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review made out of soft support foam which acts as a transitionary foam layer between the memory foam layer on top of the mattress and the bottom layer made out of a high-density support foam base. This layer provides the ‘Pressure Relief System’ of the mattress. The pressure points which comprise of the sleeper’s knees, shoulders, hips, etc.  are relieved of pressure by this layer as it takes the stress away from these body parts. On traditional mattresses, these pressure points result from the upward push applied by the matters against the force of gravity, which tends to pull the body down. As the mattress distributes the weight of the body evenly throughout the surface of the mattress and does not concentrate it on these pressure points, the knees, hips, and shoulders, etc. stay stress-free and enable a perfectly comfortable sleep environment.

The last layer at the bottom of the mattress is a 5-inch layer of the high-density support foam\ base. High-density foam has a density greater than five lb//ft3. With such a density, the support foam base applies the right amount of pushback on the upper layers of the mattress and the body and ensure that the body does not sink into the mattress.  The body faces the right amount of Buoyancy as a result and is held and supported very comfortably.   The high-density \ foam layer does the same job, which pocketed coil spring layers do in Hybrid mattresses. Another great benefit which is obtained by the use of the high-density support base is that because of being a high-density foam, and it has no place for dust mites. Thus, it acts as a hypoallergenic base for the mattress and keeps it very clean and sanitary for long periods. The overall effect is a great and comfortable but highly supportive mattress, which is very cool and comfortable to sleep on.

Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Highlights
Price: $$$
Firmness Medium Firm
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty and 30-day trial
Type: All Foam Mattress
Size Available: Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King
Ideal for: All types of sleepers including side, back and stomach sleepers and those who prefer a mattress which is neither too soft nor too hard. People with allergies.
Quality of Materials: CertiPUR-US Certified foams
Differentiators Breathable, cool, temperature regulating, moisture-wicking, and supportive.
Comparable Mattresses: Zinus Memory Foam 10 Inch / Supreme / Cloud-like Mattress

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Rating: 4.3/5.0

Comfort & Ergonomics

The Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress offers a cool, highly breathable, temperature regulating, Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review moisture-wicking, comfortable, pressure-relieving and highly supportive nod hypoallergenic sleep environment. All of these factors lead to comfort for any individual who sleeps on this mattress.  The soft, breathable cover offers a perfectly cool sleep due to its high breathability and the ability to cause air circulation that increase the wicking away of moisture and sweat away from the body.  It regulates the body temperature and disperses body heat away from the body.

The first layer in the mattress, which is made out of charcoal-infused memory foam supports the functionality of the cool cover and takes it to a higher level. It further accelerates he airflow and ensures perfect coolness and dryness at night for a perfect night’s rest. Its open-cell Structure developed due to the infusion of charcoal into the memory foam ensures that the air circulation keeps the mattress clean and sanitary.  This layer of foam, along with the middle and the bottom layers allow for the mattress to become hypoallergenic. This way, it provides great comfort to people who have allergy issues and those who have sensitive skins. The allergens, dust mites, bacteria, molds, and mildew are not allowed to live and thrive in the mattress, and this provides a lot of health and wellness benefits. These organisms are not allowed to stay inside the mattress due to the flowing air and in the base foam layer, the high density prevents them from living and thriving n it. This way, people with allergies and the ones who have sensitive skin tend to benefit, and they enjoy a perfect night’s rest throughout the night on this mattress.

The charcoal-infused memory foam layer enables perfect mattress ergonomics.  The memory foam layer molds around the body and cradles it and takes the shape of the body. As the bodyweight shifts, the memory foam layer gets its original shape back and gets compassed at places where the body has shifted to. The memory foam layer enables body conformance as well as pressure relief at pressure points. It is supported in this functionality by the Pressure Relief system enabled by the second foam layer which s made out of soft pressure-relieving Foam. This second layer is very soft and provides areas to accommodate the body parts that come under pressure and relieves them of any pressure. The stress on the knees, shoulders, and hips is removed to enable a perfect night’s rest and to ensure that the sleeper would not wake up with sore muscles and numb legs.

The comfort level of the mattress is also related to the amount of support provided by the bottom foam layer. In case of inadequate support, the body would feel as if it is sinking into the mattress. The bottom layer ensures a high level of support due to the use of high-density Foam base which exerts the right amount of pushback or bounces back Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review upon the mattress to enable the sleeper to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Both the comfort level as well as the ergonomics enabled by this mattress are high and reflect o its build quality and materials of construction.

Durability and Warranty

The durability of the mattress is related to its build quality as well as on the quality of materials used in its construction.  The foams used in this matter are all CertiPUR US Certified. This certification from third party independent laboratory testing ensures that the foams used in this mattress are free from any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, PBDEs, ozone depleters, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, flame retardants, phthalates, etc.

The absence of these chemicals which tend to harm both human health and wellness, and can damage the mattress in the long run as well ensures that the mattress would last for a very long time. The quality of the room air is also guaranteed to be clean as a result of the CertiPUR-US certification. This certification ensures that the mattress does not emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in an uncontrolled manner or above the acceptable limits. These are indeed well under control, and their concentration intermissions are within the acceptable limits.  The absence of harmful chemicals, as well as low VOC emissions, ensure that the mattress would last for a very long time. The hypoallergenic nature of the mattress also ensures durability as the mattress stays clean and sanitary. The allergens, dust mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew are not allowed to live and thrive in the mattress due to its high breathability as well as the use of high-density support foam at the base.

The durability of the mattress is related to the quality of the three layers of foam utilized

In the mattress. All of these are CertiPUR-US certified not just for content but also performance. This means that they would continue to perform well for a long time to come. The memory foam has been infused with charcoal which creates an airflow through the foam keeping it clean and sanitary and thus, creases its durability. The middle layer foam has a higher density as compared to the memory foam layer and is thus durable as well. The higher the Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review density of the foam, the better is its quality and durability. The final layer of base foam which provides ultimate support to the upper parts of the mattress, as well as the body, is also very durable as a result of its high density which is greater than 5 lb/ft3. This density signifies that one cubic foot of the materialized in this layer weighs more than 5 lbs.

The durability of the mattress depends on how well it is cleaned and maintained. The mattress needs to be cleaned with water-based products only, and no chemical or bleach should be used. In case of a large liquid spill, a piece of cloth is used with pressure to ooze out the spill and then, it can be air-dried. Application of heat could lead to the decrease in such properties as n body-conformance and pressure-relieving ability of the memory foam and the soft foam. It is , therefore, not recommended to use electric blankets or heating pads on this mattress. The mattress must be placed on a solid foundation or bed frame so as not to let it sag. It must be held properly from all sides so that it does not slide or wobble. The mattress carries a 10-year limited warranty against defects due to materials and workmanship. It does not cover defects due to burns, cuts, wear, and tear or spillage. The defects due to damage during handling or transportation are not covered either.  The manufacturer also offers a 30-day trial. It can be returned for a full refund within this period.


The height of this mattress is 10-inches, and the total height of the sleep system can be calculated by adding this height to the height of the bed frame base or the foundation base. In case, the total height is too much, a lower bed frame or foundation could be used. The mattress is available in all standard sizes, which include the Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King , and California King sizes. The Twin size has got product dimensions of 41 x 17 x 10 inches, and It weighs 43 lbs. The Twin XL size weighs 39.7 lbs. and its dimensions are 80 x 39 x 10 Inches.  The Full size is 41 x 17 x 10 inches, and it weighs 53 lbs. The Queen size mattress is 43 X 17 x 10 inches and weighs 68.6 lbs. The Kingsize is 80 x 76 x 10 inches and California Kingsize has product dimensions of 84 x 72 x 10 inches and weighs 72.8 lbs.

Who is it Ideal for?

The mattress has a medium-firm feel as it is neither too soft or too hard. Therefore, it would appeal to people who prefer a medium-firm feel. As far as the sleep position is concerned, it is good for all types of sleepers whether they sleep on their side, back or on the stomach. It is, however, not good for those who require a very soft mattress. It is quite comfortable for side sleepers and also supports them well.  Its pressure-relieving middle layer takes the Best Price 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Review pressure off their pressure points. Side sleepers face more pressure on their hips and shoulders, and this mattress can easily take that pressure off. For stomach sleepers, the neck and the spine come under severe pressure, and the same is true for areas around the neck and the spine as well. A very soft mattress would give them a feeling that they are being swallowed by the mattress. The medium-firm feel of this mattress would correct that, and at the same time, it would still be quite comfortable. The middle layer, with its pressure relief system, assists the stomach sleepers as well. The back sleepers normally get sore neck or shoulders.

This mattress’s middle layer supports them and also relieves the pressure on these parts. Back sleepers who suffer from back pain can also use this mattress as it releases stress in these parts as well. The body conforming feature of this mattress also helps the back sleepers to feel comfortable. The mattress is also good for those people who suffer from allergies and who wake up with stuffed noses and skin rashes on traditional mattresses. This mattress repels the allergens and dust mites and does not let them live and thrive in it. Therefore, people with allergy issues can use this mattress too.


  • The mattress has got a very soft and highly breathable cover, which contains bamboo.
  • The mattress contains a body-confirming, cool, breathable ad temperature regulating memory foam layer, which is infused with charcoal.
  • The mattress has a ‘Pressure Relief System’ to take the pressure off pressure points like the hips and the shoulders, etc.
  • The mattress is hypoallergenic.
  • The mattress is CertiPUR-US certified.
  • The mattress offers a high level of support.


  • The mattress is not suitable for people requiring a very soft mattress.
  • The mattress is


The Best Price Mattress 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress has got a medium-firm feel. It produces cool sensation during sleep in the night and is breathable, comfortable moisture wicking, and temperature regulating. It conforms to the body and has a presser relief system for pressure point relief.  It is for those people who prefer a mattress which is neither too soft nor too hard. It is not suited for those who want to have a very soft mattress. It also provides a high level of support.

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