Top 10 Best Pillows For The Money in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

The only item on your bed that you dispose off as often as the sheets is your pillow. No matter which   brand you buy Top 10 Best Pillows For The Money in 2020 - Ultimate Guide and what warranty they offer, the pillows eventually flatten out. And just like that you will be funneling more money into that pit. If you are already doing back–breaking work, you probably want to be comfortable while you sleep without burning away your hard-earned money. While quality is often proportional to price, there are some reliable pillows they defy the expectations from their price. We snoozed back on many a pillow and selected the 10 best pillows for the money. They balance support and comfort such that your pillow fulfils the purpose of keeping your head well-aligned with your spine. We have also written a complete guide about best Down Pillows.

Do I really need expensive pillows?

It depends on your priorities. Synthetic and feather pillows are affordable as are down pillows, to some extent. Top 10 Best Pillows For The Money in 2018 - Ultimate Guide Memory foam is moderately pricey. Water pillows follow the same trend. Since this decision involves your overall health, we implore you to think upon the following points:

Comfort: Affordable pillows can be comfortable. Feather and synthetic pillows are comfortable, provided the balance of the filling is just right. They should not be too firm or too buff. Most people prefer soft pillows. The filling of synthetic pillows tends to clump fast leaving you uncomfortable when you change positions. Feather pillows are soft but the feather quill may poke through the shell. Both these filings are affordable. Down is similar but it may be a little more expensive.

Memory foam pillows are firmer than feather and synthetic pillows. Once you get used to them they feel more comfortable. But soft pillow-users find it hard to convert to memory foam-users. Memory foam pillows are moderately expensive unless they are on discounted prices.

Support: Support is the single most important advantage of most expensive pillows. Most of us require more support in the neck and head than we know. A properly supportive pillow lays our head aligned in a straight line with the spine. Memory foam pillows, shredded or otherwise, provide proper support in this way. Side-sleepers especially benefit from the correct height of memory foam.

Feather and down pillows usually allow your head to sink deep. Their soft comfort comes at the expense of support. Top 10 Best Pillows For The Money in 2018 - Ultimate Guide Synthetic pillows can get creative and provide support without being as firm as memory foam. And they are affordable. So most of our best pillows for money have synthetic filling.

Other features: The temperature and ventilation of the pillows is also cardinal to the concept of comfort. Memory foam tends to be hot although modern ones carry perforations to allow air circulation. Down and feather pillows remain cool longer. Water pillows are specialized to stay cool for longer periods. Synthetic pillows can remain cooler than memory foam.

Expensive pillows often come with nice covers, usually microvented Bamboo covers. Affordable pillows may come with cotton covers under 300 thread count cotton.

 Can I find a high-quality pillow at low price?

It’s a tough bargain. What you can expect at a low price is reasonable support, soft comfort of synthetic or feather material, 200-400 thread count cotton cover, and enough durability of 1-3 years if you fluff them regularly. It’s best to use your own cotton covers and for that purpose buy pillows in standard sizes like King and Queen.

To get the most out of your pillows, it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about maintaining and washing the pillows. Synthetic pillows often come back fluffy out of the dryer. Machine-washing makes them easy to clean as well.

What are the key features of the best pillows for money?

We searched the market up and down for budget-oriented pillows. We selected the 10 best pillows for money. They all offer support that enriches your sleep. They were selected based on:

Comfort: If you are looking for pillows on a budget, comfort is most likely to be your priority. We snoozed on a fair Top 10 Best Pillows For The Money in 2018 - Ultimate Guide few of them in various positions to pick the best pillows for money. Down, feather and synthetic pillows are the best when you change positions through the night. If you are primarily a side-sleeper, some buff synthetic pillows would suffice unless you have the budget for memory foam.

Support: We checked that these pillows do the most important job of supporting your head and neck well. Pillows where your head just sinks to the bottom are not good for spine health in the long term. Within the budget, we tried to select slightly firmer pillows that keep your head level in back-, side- and stomach-sleeping positions.

Price: We have selected the most affordable pillows in the market based on their value for money. Some of them even come in sets of two as we often like to buy our pillows. We compared pillows from different price ranges based on the value for money.

Durability: The best pillows for money are not invincible. But expect them to perform for a reasonable period of time. We checked that these pillows don’t flatten out immediately. Some of them can be fluffed back with a round in the dryer. Pillows that lump are hard to redeem though.

Additional Features: Other features like hypoallergenic nature, dust mite-resistance, extra pillow covers, warranty etc. add brownie points to their specs.


Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


  1. In Style Furnishings Set of 2 Pillow  Antimicrobial,Allergen free $$$ 4.8 
  2. Digital Decor Set of Two (2) Five-Star Hotel Collection  Hypoallergenic $$$ 4.7 
  3. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow  Dry-cleaned only $$$  4.6
4. Clara Clark Set of 2 Bamboo Pillow
 Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Resistant $$$ 4.5 
  5. Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow  MACHINE WASHABLE $$$ 4.5 
  6. Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillow  Fade and stains Resistant $$$ 4.4 
  7. LANGRIA Down Alternative Bed Pillows Heat Reducing Cover $$$  4.4
  8. Classic Brands ReversiblePillow Dust Mite resistant ,Machine Washable $$$ 4.3 
  9. Cr Sleep Memory Foam Bed Pillow  Clear Plastic Carrying Case $$$ 4.2 
The Duck And Goose Co Fluffy Down Alternative Pillow 10. The Duck And Goose Co Fluffy Down Alternative Pillow
 Fade-Resistant & Stain-Resistant $$$ 4.1 

1. In Style Furnishings Set of 2 Pillow

The InStyle Furnishing fluffy pillows are the ultimate soft pillows for side-sleepers. These are hypoallergenic pillows In Style Furnishings Set of 2 Hypoallergenic SOFT and Fluffy Pillow that are healthy for the whole family. These come as set of two which can easily furnish a King or Queen size bed. They have premium filling and a quality shell to drape around it. They also offer a money-back guarantee based on customer satisfaction. They bang big for bucks right into the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Instyle Furnishing hypoallergenic pillows are curved pillows with synthetic filling. They are filled with 700g of virgin grade siliconized hollow conjugated polyester filling that keeps it softly firm. This much filling is enough to keep the head falling into its depths. It is the perfect for the side- and back-sleepers.  These are allergen-free, so you won’t spend the night sneezing. The pillows are antimicrobial so they prevent growth of mites, mold and mildew. Since your face will be in contact with them, this keeps the pillows sanitary.

The draping of this budget-oriented pillow is pure cotton. This is 240 thread count cotton. It’s moderately soft. There are no separate removable covers with this set of two. It’s best to add your own standard-sized pillow cases.  The draping is sewn securely and finished with piping on the edges which keeps the seams sealed tight. The pillows are compressed and sent when packaged.  You need to be very careful to remove the tight plastic cover. It will fluff into full size within 24 hours of unpacking.

The Instyle pillows can be washed in the machine in cold cycle without any bleach. It can go into the dryer to in low tumble dry setting. Machine washing saves a lot of time and helps keep the pillow clean for continuous use.   The customer service of Instyle backs up the quality of the pillows. They respond well to customer queries and problems.

In Use

The Instyle Furnishing hypoallergenic pillows have received highly positive feedback. They deliver on all their promises. They are comfortably fluffy. But they are firm enough to support the side-sleepers well. If you cannot bear memory foam pillows and don’t have the budget for shredded memory foam, this is your next best solution. They are slightly smaller than Queen size but they have enough space for the bigheads.

At the price for the set, we have no complaints.


  • Soft polyester filling
  • Supportive even for side sleepers
  • High thread count cotton drape
  • Edges sealed with piping
  • Machine-washable
  • Set of 2


  • None

2. Digital Decor Set of Two (2) Five-Star Hotel Collection

The Digital Décor Five-Star Hotel Collection pillows are a kicker deal for the money. This is a synthetic pillow so it Digital Decor Set of Two (2) Five-Star Hotel Collection Premium Gold Down Alternative Sleeping Pillows has a few advantages that the down pillows don’t have. It is good for all sleeping positions. It also helps that it takes the mature stance on firmness and balances comfort and support. The set of two is a convenient buy for a couple or a person who would require a spare pillow to hug. Their excellent value for money propels them straight into the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Digital Décor Five-Star Collection sleeping pillows come as a set of two. These have been stuffed with 20 ounces of virgin polyester filling. The material is hypoallergenic so those of you affected by down allergy can use these without ugly consequences. The polyester filling is set to medium plushness. It’s soft but not so much that your head sinks into its depths. The medium plushness yields a nice support that helps those with neck and back pain. People with neck injuries have used them successfully through the recovery period.

This affordable pillow is completely made in the USA. When bought from the correct seller, you can tell it is of superior quality. As their name indicates, it is five-star hotel grade fare. So you can buy it wholesale for an establishment and please a variety of guests. The standard size of this pillow is 20” x 26”. The pillows are compressed when they first arrive. You need to cut open the cover carefully and let them regain their full fluffiness. The process takes about an hour or two. There’s no chemical odor to deal with here. The pillow is machine washable in cold water and then has to be tumble-dried.

The Digital Décor pillows come with a two covers. These are 200 thread count cotton covers. These aren’t the softest covers but if you don’t have spare pillow covers, these will make do. The pillows themselves are hand-cut, sewn and filled in the USA.

In Use

The Digital Décor Five-star hotel collection sleeping pillow looks and feels like a hotel pillow. It fits right in with the smaller cushions that you usually found on King size beds. These are soft and fluffy, best for the back sleepers. They are ventilated enough for the stomach-sleeper too. To be fair, side-sleepers might want a little more firmness but those with light or moderate heads might find these sufficient.

The pillows cases are rougher than normal cotton ones. Even after wash, they retain their texture. We suggest putting your own pillow cases on. There’s no beating the comfort for price. They do have the luxury that pillows in five-star hotels provide.


  • Soft polyester filling
  • Medium plushness
  • Machine-washable
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with 2 pillow covers


  • Pillow cases are rough

3. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow

The Utopia Bedding gusseted quilted pillows are pillows with a twist. The side gussets are not only decorative, they Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow increase the durability of the pillows. These come as a hypoallergenic set that can be safely used by all in the family. While they are not orthopedic pillows, they have been known to help those with neck injuries to sleep comfortably. Being available in different sizes is an added advantage. They fluffed themselves right into the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow comes as a set of 2.  They are rectangular with gusseted sides. Only the sides are quilted and they are done in a different color. The quilted sides have double stitching which makes the side more reliable than normal pillows with a single stitch. The sides are either done in grey or blue based on the model you select. These come in King and Queen size. Both are 18 inches in breadth. The King size is 36 inches long and the Queen size is 26 inches in length.

The Queen size of this affordable pillow is filled with 750 GSM synthetic fibers.  This gives it a soft yet supportive feel. Back sleepers will find the required support. Side-sleepers with light and moderately-heavy heads will rest easily with good support for your neck. The draping is done in 96 GSM cotton fibers. It feels soft to the face but we suggest using pillow cases to maintain good hygiene. The pillows are compression-packed. It needs 48-72 hours to reach the full fluffiness.

This Utopia Bedding pillow can be machine-washed in cold water without any hard detergents or bleach. It can also be tumble-dried in the dryer at normal temperature. If they flatten over a long period of time, the dyer will spruce them right back up.

In Use

The Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted pillow is surprisingly soft in spite of its utilitarian looks. It has that luxurious feel that back-sleepers adore. Side-sleepers have only debatable support from this. It depends on personal preferences as to how firm these pillows feel. The easy maintenance makes it convenient to keep the pillows clean. The size is good for rolling from side-to-side in your sleep. You will never run out of pillow real estate through the night.

The price is highly affordable for two pillows. Utopia offers great customer service to the buyers.


  • Synthetic filling
  • Gusseted quilted sides
  • Firm but comfortable
  • Machine-washable
  • Set of 2


  • Flatten over time but can be fluffed with a wash

4. Clara Clark Set of 2 Bamboo Pillow

Shredded memory foam is one of the best materials to lay your head on, we think. The Clara Clark set is a rare pair of Clara Clark Set of 2 Bamboo Pillow affordable pillows. The Bamboo covers are a premium touch at this price. The combination of comfort and support is precious here. Side-sleepers and back-sleepers will equally love this pillow. And it’s a calming influence on anyone with a neck, shoulder or back pain. The choice of sizes and sets is an added advantage. We rushed it right into the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Clara Clark bamboo pillow comes individually or as a set of 2 or 4. It is stuffed with shredded memory foam. This material is softer than a single block of memory foam. But it’s more supportive than a down, feather or synthetic pillow can ever dream to be. It is available in King, Californian King and Queen sizes. The Queen size measures 29 inches in length and 19 inches in breadth. The King size measures 36 inches in length and 19 inches in breadth.

The stuffing of this pillow is sealed inside a breathable cover with a zipper on the side. It is further protected by a pillow cases with 40% Bamboo blend. This is a well-ventilated cover that remains cool throughout the night. This bamboo cover is removable. The opening to the stuffing allows you to adjust the amount of filling inside. If you are a back-sleeper with a small neck, you can remove some of the stuffing.

This budget-oriented pillow is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust mite-resistant. It is machine washable as instructed by the manufacturer. It should be cold-washed and put in the dryer at a low temperature. They come compressed into a roll. They have to be left in the open to be fluffed into shape. If they don’t inflate on their own, you can knead them into shape.

In Use

The best way to avoid spondylosis is to rest your head in line with the spine. Memory foam provides great support for side-sleepers in such alignment. But a single block of memory foam might place your head too high for back-sleepers. Shredded memory foam, on the other hand, confirms more to your body weight.  It’s softer than a continuous piece of memory foam. But it keeps the head level. This is an orthopedic pillow that will protect your spine health in the longer run.

The ability to customize the pillows is very handy. If you buy a set of two and one person likes a flatter pillow, you can transfer the shredded foam between them. If you are just making the transition from down to foam pillows, it will take some time to get used to its firmness.


  • Shredded memory foam pillow
  • Ventialted Bamboo cover
  • Sets of 1, 2 and 4
  • Customizable amount of filling through zippers
  • Machine-washable


  • Takes break-in time

5. Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel pillows have garnered a lot of applause for comfort. They are a very affordable set Zen Bamboo Ultra Plush Gel Pillow for someone who likes the soft, plush feel of high quality hotel pillows. They are surprisingly supportive for their immediate comfort. The chemical-free construction makes them perfect for everyday use. The Bamboo parts make it ultra-breathable too. This is a versatile pillow for all types of sleepers, hence its place in the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

Zen Bamboo ultra-plush pillows use Bamboo Gel fiber in their construction. This is a highly ventilated material that keeps your face and head cool during those hot nights. The gel has the unique property of feeling soft just like down pillows. But it holds up after a certain level and offers the springiness that supports your head on level with your spine. They are available in both King and Queen sizes. They come as sets of 2.

The most important highlight of this pillow set is its bamboo cover. These covers are breathable, patterned and soft for contact. They can be removed and washed separately. The no-shift construction gives your proper support throughout the night. They are also quite stylish. The pillows are hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant.  They also prevent growth of mold or mildew. The pillows brace against stains and fading as well.

These affordable bamboo pillows are machine-washable. The construction is solid considering the price. They even offer a 30-day trial period for the pillow. The pillows arrive compressed to a flat package. Once unpacked, they inflate into very fluffy pieces.

In Use

The overall feel of the Zen Bamboo ultra-plush pillows leans towards soft. For back and stomach-sleepers this is a great down alternative pillow. No chemical odor and no allergens make them a perfect fit for your pleasant interiors. They are quite buff, so you can use them as back pillows while sitting and working. They feel slightly heavier than the down pillows. So they remain in place even if you tend to thrash around in your sleep.

These affordable pillows are quite supportive too. Side-sleepers can try, it will depend on personal preferences whether they will suffice.


  • Bamboo gel fiber filling
  • Bamboo cover
  • Cool and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial
  • Set of 2


  • None

6. Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillow

The Beautyrest Extra firm pillow is for those who need proper support even on a shoestring budget. These pillows Beautyrest Extra Firm Pillow for Back & Side Sleeper have proprietary filling that keeps them plump and firm to lay your head on. There’s no dearth of comfort here. The set of two will complete the master bed. It is specially-endowed for the needs of a side-sleeper too. This pillow has straightened out the awkward sleeping position of many sleepers, hence its place in the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Beautyrest extra firm pillows are stuffed with NaturesLoft fiberfill. This feels soft and comfortable like a synthetic material or down. But the firmness level is adjusted to support side-sleepers properly. Side-sleeper requires higher pillows with more support since the pillow should cover the shoulder width to line up the head with the spine. The pillows are available in sets of two in King, Queen and Standard sizes.

These budget-oriented pillows have a 2-inch gusset on the side. This helps them maintain their loft and also increases their durability. The draping of the pillows is 400 thread count cotton cover. These can be machine-washed. You can plunk them in the dryer to fluff back up. The usual rules of low temperature and soft detergents apply. The pillow materials are imported from other countries but it is assembled in the US.

The users have much to say about the durability of the Beautyrest pillow. It doesn’t seem to flatten much over the time. It retains its loft longer than we expected from the price.

In Use

The Beautyrest extra firm affordable pillow is a boon for those who cannot reconcile with memory foam pillows for support. It is comfortable but way more supportive than the usual synthetic pillows. Folks who use two pillows for the sake of support can buy one of these for proper spine alignment. It helps people with bigger neck curves lie restfully and avoid neck, back and shoulder pain.


  • NaturesLoft fiber filling
  • Medium plush feeling
  • 2-inch gusset
  • 400 thread count cover
  • Machine-washable
  • Set of 2


  • May seem too bulky for people with short necks

7. LANGRIA Down Alternative Bed Pillows

The Langria Down Alternative pillow is an excellent hypoallergenic pillow for those affected by down allergies. This LANGRIA Down Alternative Bed Pillows is a comfortable option for back, side and stomach sleepers. These come as sets of two. So they cater to a complete King or Queen-sized bed. These are constructed to be durable with proper seams. We liked them right into the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Langria bed pillows are made of down alternative material. They are stuffed with 28 ounces of polyester fiberfill. Those with down allergy can sleep through the night without the fear of choking.  These are draped with 240 thread count cotton shell. The pillows offer good support in spite of being soft. They are nothing like memory foam. But they are good for regular use. We have only found these in the dual pack of Queen size. It measures 30 inches in length and 20 inches in breadth. Their edges are stitched with double stitching which ensure durability.

These affordable pillows are highly breathable. As a stomach-sleeper, you can press your face on to them. They can be machine-washed and fluffed. They arrive compression-packed. Once you cut open the cover carefully, you can shake them into their original size. It might take a couple of hours for them to take proper shape. There’s no awful chemical smell upon unpacking. They are hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, dust mite and bacteria.

In Use

The Langria bed pillows are popular as a comfortable set of pillows. You can shape them to some extent, but the original shape of pillow works for most people. The filling doesn’t go lumpy like other synthetic pillows. It seems to walk the right balance of comfort for both side and back-sleepers. Side-sleepers who haven’t yet experienced the memory foam pillows will find the firmness just fine. And those who are used to down pillows will find these suitably soft.

The pillows are backed by excellent customer service from the manufacturer which renews our faith in our purchase.


  • Polyester filling
  • Soft yet supportive
  • Double-stitched edges
  • Set of 2
  • Good for side-sleepers too


  • None

8. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow

The Classic Brands cool gel pillow is a trusted option for those who toss around the bed looking for a cool corner. Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Pillow Unlike other water pillows, this one lies in the affordable range. Its supportive nature can also be considered orthopedic. The support for side-sleepers is considerable, while it’s not too high for back-sleepers. The comfort is worthy of the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Classic Brands pillow has two sides which makes it quite versatile. Once side has the cooling gel pad. The pillow itself is made of memory foam. So the side-sleepers expecting support can lean on the memory foam side. And those who are fonder of a cool pillow can take the gel side. The Cool Gel takes body heat and disperses it through its cells to make the side cooler. The pillow is 24 inches long, 16 inches wide and 5 inches high. Single memory foam does not compress much so it’s enough height for the side-sleepers.

This budget-oriented pillow is draped in hypoallergenic mesh knit cover which wicks away moisture like your sweat. The cell structure of the foam is open and allows air to circulate freely through it. The foam is anti-microbial and resistant to dust mite and mold. Even though it’s made of memory foam, we didn’t find any typical chemical smell. We suggest putting it in a pillow case. You can spot-clean it if it gets stained. The pillow is quite durable for the price too.

In Use

The Classic Brands cool gel pillow is a life-saver for many. The memory foam is the kind that relents a little. It is softer than usual memory foam so it’s comfortable. But it provides ample support to side sleepers. The Cool Gel side has the extra padding of the gel. So it feels softer still. The gel works to keep the pillow cool most of the time. Sometimes it’s just not as effective.

But for the price, it is unbeatable.


  • Water cool gel on one side
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Softer than most memory foam pillows
  • Good for side sleepers
  • Anti-microbial case


  • Does not stay cool the whole night

9. Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Bed Pillow

The Cr Sleep memory foam pillow is trustworthy support for your neck. It is a high quality memory foam pillow that Cr Sleep Ventilated Memory Foam Bed Pillow with AirCell Technology provides therapeutic care to your neck and back. Additional technology ensures that the material remains well-ventilated for all-night use. It comes completely equipped with a cover. It more than earns its place in the best pillows for money list.

Design and Features

The Cr Sleep memory foam pillow is made of gel-infused memory foam. It’s not quite as hard as some plain memory foam pillows. The support is superlative. The foam is Certipur-US certified to   be free of any harmful substances like PBDEs, heavy metal etc. It is anti-bacterial and dust mite-resistant. The pillow measures 24 inches in length, 16 inches in breadth, 4.5 inches in height. Both sides are patterned and the manufacturer marks one side as warm and the other as cool.

The memory foam of this affordable pillow incorporates the Aircell technology. This allows the air to move freely through the foam keeping it cool through the night. The foam is directly covered by a cotton inner cover. This is topped with an ultra-soft outer cover. This is removable, washable and hypoallergenic. The cover is also double-sided. One side remains warm for winters and the other side remains cool for those hot summers. There might be some chemical odor to it, which airs out when the pillow is left in the open initially. The pillow cannot be washed but it can be spot-cleaned.

In Use

The height of Cr Sleep memory foam pillow is perfect for side, back and stomach sleepers unless you have a very large neck. The memory foam confirms to the curve of your neck. It provides support in oodles. The even design ensures you get the same support from all side of the pillow.

If you are new to memory foam, you might take some time to get used to it. Once you do, you’ll convert to a fan quickly.


  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Aircell technology to keep it cool
  • Double covers
  • Good for all kinds of sleepers
  • High quality for price


  • Chemical odor needs to be aired out

10. The Duck And Goose Co Fluffy Down Alternative Pillow

The Duck and Goose Co Fluffy Down Alternative pillow is an affordable buy for those on a modest budget. The The Duck And Goose Co Fluffy Down Alternative Pillow fact that it is comfortable only adds to its glory. The gusseted design increases its durability and makes it work for both side and back sleepers. It is made of high-quality materials too. In short, it has the hallmarks of one of the best pillows for money.

Design and Features

The Duck and Goose Co Fluffy pillow uses a down alternative synthetic filling. This has the advantage of not triggering any allergy in down-sensitive folks. This is a fluffy pillow through and through. It works for the back sleepers and some side sleepers. The pillows are available in standard, queen and king sizes. They come as individual pillows or sets of two. The sizes run larger than the norm, so we suggest ordering one size down.

These affordable pillows have a 2” thick gusset on the sides. The pillow shells are made of 300 thread count cotton. The sides have durable double needle stitching and piping. The pillow is also covered by warranty. It comes with a PVC bag which can be used to pack it for travel. It can be machine-washed and hang-dried.

In Use

The Duck and Goose Co Fluffy pillow is supremely comfortable because of its soft filling. It is slightly firmer than the down pillow and ends up supporting your head well against your spine. The good news is the pillow does not lose its fluf or become lumpy easily.


  • Microfiber fill
  • 100% cotton shell
  • Soft yet dense
  • Set of 2 or individual
  • Comes with a travel bag


  • Sizes run large

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