Top 15 Best Pillow Shams – Guide & Reviews 2022

A high quality pillow sham not only can uplift the look of your bedding set, but it can considerably lift up the vibe  Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020 and brighten up its vibe effortlessly.

Choosing the right pillow sham may look easy at first, but there are quite a few things that you have to consider.

This article explores premium pillow shams, their advantages, types and features. It also contains reviews and ratings of some of the best pillow shams in market to date, based on extensive research.

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Advantages of Pillow Shams

Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020

Brings your décor together

Adding the perfect pair of shams to your bed can lift up the vibe of your room to another level. When you choose a pair of shams that match the décor and accents in your space, you truly help in bringing about some extra charm and novelty.

Protects your pillow

Pillow shams can protect your pillows from dirt, sweat and moisture. Adding a pair of shams to your pillows can increase the life and improve the health of your pillows to a great extent.

Cost-effective option Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020

Pillow shams are a low-cost alternative to buying expensive decorative pillows. In the case of decorative pillows getting work out, one usually replaces an entire pillow which is considerably more expensive in comparison to a regular pillow. A decorative sham maybe paired with a regular pillow, and in this case pillow-replacement is thus comparatively cheaper.

Spoilt for choice

Pillow shams are available in a multitude of colors, designs, patterns, materials and shapes. You get to choose from a wide assortment of options, thus making sure there is a perfect choice for everyone out there.

Easier to maintain

Pillow shams are considerably easier to maintain when compared to decorative pillows. To clean, you just have to separate the sham from the pillow and replace it back upon cleaning. When the sham wears out, it is simply replaced with another. Thus pillow shams are definitely cost-effective and an easy and affordable way to accentuate one’s bedroom.

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Types of pillow shams

There are different kinds of pillow shams available today. Based on their construction, there are 3 major classifications which have remained popular choices since time immemorial.

Standard pillow shams Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020

The standard pillow sham is also called a knife-edge pillow sham. This is the most common and basic construction as far as a pillow sham is concerned. The standard pillow sham usually sports one solid color and offers an easy and plain fit across the pillow it is designed for. It is rectangular in shape and usually lacks a lot of elaborate patterning and design. Though usually made out of cotton, standard shams may also be made out of other fancy materials. They may sport the occasional embroidery or a strip of lace or ribbon work. The opening styles vary in case of standard pillow shams, though most of them are very similar to standard pillow cases.

Flanged pillow shams

Flanged pillow shams are similar in construction to standard pillow shams except that they have an extra layer of fabric along the perimeter for a decorative touch. This extra layer of fabric is usually about 3 to 5 inches in width. There are different styles with which the flanges are attached to the main sham. Some pillow shams feature decorative cords along the hem of the pillow case, while some others add a ruffled effect to the flanges for extra Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020 charm.

Quilted pillow shams

Quilted pillow shams are probably the most decorative and elaborate sham designs when compared to the above two. These usually feature quilted/decorative stitching on the front and back for an exquisite look. The fabric on the front and back of the sham are layered and sewn in place with quilted designs. The quilt patterns maybe created using hand or by machines, and they vary from simple geometric designs to complex, intricate artsy designs.

Features of premium pillow shams

Premium pillow shams have certain features that set them apart from the rest.

Hence, owing to the different types, materials and designs of pillow shams available in the market today, it is important to keep in mind a few important factors to help you decide which one would be the most useful choice to make.

Material and finish

Fabric and construction is probably the most important factor to consider when it comes to buying pillow shams. Today, pillow shams are available in both synthetic and natural fabrics. If you want to ensure long-lasting comfort and durability, nothing is better than an all-natural pillow sham for your daily needs. Having said that, nothing Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020 beats pure cotton in terms of freshness and comfort.


Size is probably another important aspect to keep in mind when you buy your pillow shams. It is important that you thoroughly check the size of your pillows (if already purchased), so that your shams fit them easily. There are three sizes usually available when it comes to pillow shams. These are Standard (20 inches x 26 inches), Queen (20 inches x 30 inches), and King (20 inches x 36 inches).

Closing options

There are different closure options when it comes to pillow shams. The best one for you depends on your comfort preferences and sleeping style. The types of closures on shams vary from simple pillow-case style (envelope style closure on one side) to more elaborate and artistic closures like ties, layered back flaps and zippers.

Thread count

Thread count is another point to make a note of while buying a pillow sham. The thread count is a good metric to assess the quality and longevity of the fabric on hand. Generally, a higher thread count would mean a softer fabric. Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020 It is best to choose a value in the range between 200 and 400 TC.

Color, design and pattern

If you are particular about the aesthetic look of your bedroom, putting a little thought into what type of sham would blend in best with your décor would be a wise thing to do. Given the number of choices available in terms of color and design, it is easier than ever to find one that suits your style and taste.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a pillow case and a pillow sham?

The initial purpose of a pillow cover was to provide protection to the pillow, to help keep it clean and dirt-free. The pillow sham cover was meant to add a decorative touch to a pillow. But with time, the two names are often used synonymously. Today, most pillow shams are built to provide comfort, protection and a decorative touch to your bedding.

What is the best type of pillow to use inside a pillow sham?

Shams are used with all kinds of pillows, but the best ones to fill in them would be the feather pillows. The reason Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020 is attributed to the free-flowing nature of feather fill. This type of fill covers out corners easily when compared to other fills.

Can one sleep on a pillow sham?

The main purpose of a pillow sham is to add decorative accents to the pillow. That being said, while it’s technically possible to sleep on the sham, it may be uncomfortable to because of the elaborate embroidery, frills or patterns sewn into them. But many shams made today are decorative and also offer a soft and comfortable surface to sleep on.

What piece of bedding do you match your pillow sham with?

Shams are usually matched with patterns/color on the quilt/duvet/comforter. If color matching is difficult, neutral shades like natural, light grey or white are great choices to make for pillow shams.

Now that we have a general understanding on how to go about choosing the right pillow sham for your bedroom, here are some top rated ones on our list. These pillow shams have the best features in terms of quality, comfort and durability- making them great options to consider.

Top 15 Best Pillow Shams in 2022

Picture Name Feature Rating


Name Feature


White Paisley Quilted shams from Brandream 1. White Paisley Quilted shams from Brandream

Hypoallergenic and gentle

Vilano Springs pillow shams from SouthShore linens 2. Vilano Springs pillow shams from SouthShore linens
Fade resistant and wrinkle resistant 4.7
Pinch-plated Euro shams from The Crown Collection 3. Pinch-plated Euro shams from The Crown Collection

Rich and expensive-looking design

White Egyptian cotton pillow-case from Ashton Sheets 4. White Egyptian cotton pillow-case from Ashton Sheets
Easy wash, dry and storage 4.6
Egyptian cotton hotel-style pillow shams from Pinzon 5. Egyptian cotton hotel-style pillow shams from Pinzon
Features a thread count of 1000 4.5
Embroidered pillow shams from MarCielo 6. Embroidered pillow shams from MarCielo
Hypoallergenic and hygroscopic 4.5
Quilted pillow shams from Brandream 7. Quilted pillow shams from Brandream
Long-lasting quilted design 4.5
Pinch pleated Egyptian cotton shams from Kotton Culture 8. Pinch pleated Egyptian cotton shams from Kotton Culture
Decorative pin-tuck construction 4.4
Microfiber pillow shams from Vaulia 9. Microfiber pillow shams from Vaulia
Standard size dimensions 4.4
Pinch pleated sham set by StichIndia 10. Pinch pleated sham set by StichIndia
Lustrous, strong and luxurious finish 4.3
Ruffled pillow shams by Queens House 11. Ruffled pillow shams by Queens House
No ironing required – wrinkly design 4.3
Boho cotton pillow shams from Flber 12. Boho cotton pillow shams from Flber
Built for durability and comfort 4.2
Pure Cotton pillow shams from La Vie Moderne 13. Pure Cotton pillow shams from La Vie Moderne
Impressive thread count of 400 4.2
Pink pillow cases by OJIA 14. Pink pillow cases by OJIA
Stylish, cute and comfortable construction 4.1
Standard pillow cases from NTBAY store 15. Standard pillow cases from NTBAY store
High-quality cotton fabric 4.0

1. White Paisley Quilted shams from Brandream

Revel in comfort and elegance with these exquisite-looking shams!

This quilted sham from Brandream is one great option to consider. While the pretty paisley quilted motifs White Paisley Quilted shams from Brandream definitely steal the show, its softness and quality fabric is a cut above the rest.

Material and construction

This beautiful pillow sham set contains two exquisite looking quilted shams made out of genuine and pure cotton. These decorative pillow covers are available in 10 different colors apart from White Paisley. These standard sized pillow cases have dimensions of 20 inches x 27 inches.

The front sides of the Brandream shams have exquisite and intricate white quilted designs while on the back, the shams have a sewn in flange design along the perimeter. There is a plain, layered overlap style opening on the back.

The flanges are sewn in with multiple stitch lines adding a soft yet firm finish to the edges. The quilted floral design adds a unique, contemporary look and uplifts the decor of your bedroom, giving it a cozy and comfortable vibe. Overall, this pillow sham set is a classic choice to make both in terms of style and comfort.

Comfort and durability

These white paisley-quilted shams from Brandream are a sight to behold. They are made from genuine and pure cotton and offer a soft and comfortable touch. The exquisite knitted embroidery feels soft to the touch and does not come in the way of a comfortable night’s sleep.

Available in different colors, the white one would make the perfect ensemble with some white quilts for a super-luxurious look. The shams are perfectly sizes and cover the pillows with a snug fit. They are not very loose not super-tight, thus giving your pillows a hug-like fit, adding to its overall comfort.

These Brandream shams are super easy to clean, wash and maintain as well. They are machine washable but must be washed in a gentle, low heat setting. They are super durable and are built to be 100 per cent hypoallergenic too. If you’re someone that worries about pillow shams shrinking after being in the first wash, there’s no need to worry because these Brandream shams have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk for a good fit.


  • Pre-washed and pre-shrunk for good fit
  • Pure cotton build
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle
  • Classic look and exquisite design
  • Soft and comfortable fabric

2. Vilano Springs pillow shams from SouthShore linens

Bring your bedroom to life with this edgy set of shams from SouthShore linens!

Want to know what makes SouthShore linens so special? It’s their absolute commitment to quality and Vilano Springs pillow shams from SouthShore linens functionality. This Vilano Springs model from their special collection is a testimony to the above statement.

Material and construction

These slate-colored contemporary pillow shams from the Vilano Springs collection are what you need to uplift the mood of your bedroom to the next level. The slate colored shams naturally add a deep, earthy vibe to the bed and surrounding space.

These shams are manufactured by Southshore Fine Linens and feature square-shaped quilted patterns for a modern look. The shams have a dimension of 20 inches x 26 inches and are made to fit queen sized pillows. The pair of two shams features an overlap closure and is made out of 100 per cent Microfiber material.

SouthShore linens make bedding like quilts and duvets in the same pattern in case you’d like to buy other matching bedding too. The microfiber is double brushed and light in weight, thus making it a perfect aid to good sleep all through the night.

Comfort and durability

This luxurious sham set from SouthShore linens is a perfect addition to your bed. The contemporary patterns catch the eye while still being comfortable enough to carry you through a night of comfort.

The microfiber that is used to make the Vilano Springs sham set is light, airy and breathable – thus a perfect companion to good sleeps and rest. The 110 GSM fibers are double-brushed for plush and soft comfort. The Vilano Springs shams are made for easy care and are machine washable.

The fabric that the shams are made from is wrinkle-resistant and is designed to not pill, shrink or fade. The shams are designed and built for high-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting comfort and durability.

If you worry about you or any of your family members being allergic to certain bedding, worry not, because these shams are made out of 100 per cent hypoallergenic microfiber. Overall, these shams from SouthShore linens are luxurious, pretty and very comfortable.


  • Made from 110 GSM microfiber
  • Light, airy and breathable material
  • Fade resistant and wrinkle resistant
  • Contemporary square pattern quilting
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable

3. Pinch-plated Euro shams from The Crown Collection

Add prettiness enveloped in cozy comfort to your bed with these pin-tuck shams!

If you’re in the mood to experiment a little, consider buying these gorgeous pin-tuck shams from The Crown Pinch-plated Euro shams from The Crown Collection Collection. These shams will add next-level sophistication to your bed at an affordable price tag.

Material and construction

These pinch-plated shams have a classic yet contemporary vibe and go perfectly well with any ensemble. Made out of 100 per cent pure Egyptian cotton, the shams have a luxurious and smooth feel.

This set consists of 2 euro sized shams which are perfect to fit 2 euro sized pillows. The dimensions of this sham set measure 26 inches x 26 inches and feature a thread count of 600. These shams can be paired well with both solid as well as patterned bedding and add a modern yet traditional touch to your decor.

The construction of these pinch plated shams is such that the fabric is closely woven with the help of single-ply yarn. This makes these covers light, comfortable and highly durable as well. Overall, the quilted design and the soft Egyptian cotton add a good level of comfort and beauty to this bedding piece.

Comfort and durability

This pinch-plated sham set offers to you an epitome of style and comfort. Made out of the softest and most genuine Egyptian cotton, these shams are perfectly made to give you a peaceful night of rest and relaxation.

The cotton that is a part of these shams is light, soft and extremely breathable. While the fabric feels soft and ultra-smooth to the touch, it is built for strength and durability too. The fabric is all-natural, warm, breathable and perfectly aids sweat absorption.

It is also built to nullify any static electricity buildup and this adds to its comfort and functionality. The shams are built for classy and understated comfort and elegance. The pin-tuck construction of these shams adds a lot of beauty and class to a bed. They also impart an expensive and rich look, but come at quite an affordable price tag.


  • Rich and expensive-looking design
  • Adds class and elegance with pin-tuck design
  • Highly comfortable and soft fabric
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Lightweight, breathable and warm

4. White Egyptian cotton pillow-case from Ashton Sheets

Bring home pure comfort and nothing else, with these crisp cotton cases from Ashton Sheets!

Plain, simple and no-nonsense – these shams deliver exactly what they promise. Crisp, comfortable and premium White Egyptian cotton pillow-case from Ashton Sheets both in look and feel – there are plenty of reasons why this piece from Ashton Sheets is a bestseller.

Material and construction

These beautiful white pillowcases from Ashton Sheets are made out of 100 per cent Egyptian cotton. The construction of these pillow cases is simple, plain and elegant. The cotton that is used in these cases belongs to the extra-staple category and thus is extremely smooth, soft and durable.

Manufactured with ecofriendly techniques, these pillowcases are fully green and great for the earth. The pillow cases feature an authentic 1000 thread count with an exquisite sateen weave. These are yarns made out of 100 per cent long-staple cotton fiber and thus are extremely durable.

The pillowcases are made for standard pillows and have dimensions measuring 20 inches x 26 inches. These plain white pillow-cases make a perfect ensemble with white or light colored sheets. They add a light, relaxing and comforting ambience and a peaceful charm to your bedroom.

Comfort and durability

These plain white pillow-cases from Ashton sheets are a brilliant choice if you’re looking for plain pillow-sheets that offer premium comfort. These pillowcases are ultra-soft and feel extremely smooth and silky to the touch.

The long-staple cotton that comprises these pillowcases makes them durable and extremely comfortable. They are also fade resistant and use the highest quality dyes. The pillowcases have been subjected to various quality checks and audits. This is to ensure that the material is free from color fastness, piling, and shrinkage, thread count authenticity and tear strength.

All these tests ensure that the product lasts well and long – always providing optimal comfort for the user. Overall, these Egyptian cotton pillow-cases from Ashton sheets have everything you need to spend a restful, relaxed night, every time, all through the year. The pillow cases are designed for easy home laundry and are easy to store and maintain as well.


  • Made out of the highest quality Egyptian cotton
  • 1000 Thread count with strong sateen weave
  • Subjected to various stringent quality tests
  • Extremely comfortable and soft for daily use
  • Easy wash, dry and storage

5. Egyptian cotton hotel-style pillow shams from Pinzon

Hotel-style comfort now at home, with these lovely pillow shams from Pinzon!

These shams from Pinzon are simple, yet oh-so-comfortable. The luxurious Egyptian cotton and the silky Sateen Egyptian cotton hotel-style pillow shams from Pinzon weave make this piece an obvious favorite!

Material and construction

This simple yet elegant Pinzon pillow sham set is made out of genuine and 100 per cent Egyptian cotton fabric. The pillow shams feature a very simple and plain construction. They feature just two bands of colored fabric along the perimeter of the sham with an offset to a flange that is 2-inch in width.

The Pinzon pillow-case has a neat envelope closure and is built for an easy pillow fit. The pillow sham was dimensions of 20 inches x 26 inches, excluding the 2-inch flange all around the length of the sham.

The construction of the Pinzon pillow sham features a two-ply weave that adds extra strength, durability and longevity to the product. The thread count of these pillow cases is 400, which makes it an excellent choice in terms of durability and comfort.

Comfort and durability

The Pinzon pillow cases have a thread-count of 400, which as discussed above, make them extremely soft, comfortable and super-durable. They are designed for easy machine wash, and will last years if handled gently and with care.

The pillow cases are manufactured specially in an OKEO-TEX Standard 100 manufacturing unit. This ensures that the product meets the best and highest safety, quality and environmental standards. Egyptian cotton is considered to be the best-in-class cotton in terms of quality and reliability. The long-staple Egyptian cotton used to make the Pinzon pillow-cases give them a soft, warm and beautiful texture along with long-lasting durability.

The sateen finish that accompanies the construction of these pillow cases adds another extra layer of comfort and luxury to the product. Though long-lasting if treated well, it is best to follow manufacturer’s instructions during cleaning and maintenance so as to avoid issues like fading or piling.


  • Features a thread count of 1000
  • Sports a luxurious sateen weave finish
  • Tested to meet stringent quality and durability standards
  • Made from the best Egyptian cotton
  • Uses long-staple fabric for maximum comfort

6. Embroidered pillow shams from MarCielo

Bring home these artsy embroidered shams and give your bedroom a stylist makeover!

A gem from MarCielo’s collection is this pretty yet sophisticated sham. The rich embroidery and cozy comfort this Embroidered pillow shams from MarCielo piece exudes can only be truly experienced in real.

Material and construction

These beautiful and artsy pillow shams from MarCielo are a sight to behold. Featuring intricate embroidered patterns all over the front side, the set of two shams come in standard sizing, i.e. they are designed to fit two standard sized pillows.

The dimensions of these pillow shams are 20 inches x 26 inches. They are made out of 100 per cent pure microfiber material with genuine 100 per cent cotton fillings. Grey in color, they feature classy and sophisticated patterns that will add an unspoken charm to any decor.

The MarCielo pillow shams sport a conventional envelope style closure which ensures maximum covering and a snug fit for the pillows inside. Its exquisite workmanship features a special car line technology that uses a strong seal and a neat, firm and smooth finishing which ensures that the edges do not fray and that the pillow shams last longer.

Comfort and durability

The MarCielo pillow shams are beautiful, exquisite and offer steady and secure comfort for the user. Apart from their highly elegant construction, these shams are designed to aid first-hand comfort and functionality too.

The MarCielo shams are designed to cause minimal skin irritation, and are hygroscopic and breathable. They provide optimum ventilation and protect one’s skin from irritation and damage. The dyes that are used to add color to the MarCielo pillow shams are mainly extracted from pure and natural minerals as well as vegetables, and thus provide good color fastness and protection against fading.

The strong and smooth finishing on these shams also ensures great durability and longevity to the fabric and the filling inside. Overall, the MarCielo shams are designed to provide the highest quality along with premium comfort for daily use. The reliable construction, color and build make for a great addition to any bedroom decor.


  • Hypoallergenic and hygroscopic
  • Breathable fabric
  • Adds a highly sophisticated look
  • Made with 100 per cent microfiber material
  • Use natural and vegetable-based dyes
  • Functional and comfortable design

7. Quilted pillow shams from Brandream

Bring the best of nature home with these cozy quilted shams from Brandream!

Another precious selection comes from the house of Brandream, and this one is a stunner too! The delicate Quilted pillow shams from Brandream nature-inspired colors and subtle patterns on this piece soothe and bring a natural sense of comfort.

Material and construction

These American Country pillow shams from Brandream are truly a class apart. Made from genuine and pure 100 percent cotton, this pillow sham set consists of 2 premium pillow covers. The Brandream shams feature premium quilted patterns on them for a well-rounded look.

The pillow shams are set to standard size and  have dimensions of 20 inches x 28 inches. The pillow shams are made from premium high-density cotton that is soft and breathable. The beige colored pillow shams have exquisite nature-inspired art patterns on them and help bring a sophisticated and classy vibe to the surrounding space.

The patterns on the shams could be categorized under “American Country style” design and features a pretty “birds and branches” design. They go well with beige colored quilts and duvets and make for a beautiful bed. If you’d like to purchase their entire bedding set, you may as well go ahead and buy their full duvet/quilt set with the same matching patterns for a pretty and eye-catching ensemble.

Comfort and durability

This Brandream pillow sham set offers the best in terms of both look and comfort. The 2-piece sham set is made from soft and pure cotton, thus adding a wonderful layer of cool, fresh comfort. The fact that these pieces of bedding are constructed out of premium cotton ensures that they are breathable and fresh all day long.

The impressive threadcount of 600 is another feature that attests to its high functionality. These Brandream shams are easily washable, and with certain safety measures, they can last one a very long time.

Overall, these shams are designed perfectly for the perfect look and ensemble, and are built to offer you steady and secure comfort for years to come.


  • Exquisite natural design and patterns
  • Rich, sophisticated and well-rounded look
  • Long-lasting quilted design.
  • Made from premium and luxurious cotton
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable fabric
  • Comfortable and long-lasting construction

8. Pinch pleated Egyptian cotton shams from Kotton Culture

Bring home a little hotel-like comfort with these deliciously cozy shams from Kotton Culture!

While Kotton Kulture has always been well-known for its superior quality of bedding, these adorable pin-tuck Pinch pleated Egyptian cotton shams from Kotton Culture shams offer one so much more. The pin-tucks add subtle class and texture to the bedroom and the design is super-functional to use.

Material and construction

These super-comfortable cotton shams from Kotton Culture are a sight to behold. With a beautiful and elegant pinch pleated design, they resemble top class hotel style decorative pieces of bedding. These Kotton Culture shams are built out of pure and genuine Egyptian cotton material and come with an impressive thread count of 600.

The shams have a rich and premium look and resemble hotel-style bedding both in terms of looks and quality. These Kotton Culture shams are built to accommodate queen sized pillows and have the dimensions of 20 inches x 30 inches. Though the product described here is white in color, it is available in 15 different colors to suit your style, taste and decor.

The pinch-pleat construction in a puckered diamond shape design brings gorgeousness and style to any space. Overall, these Kotton Culture shams are built for strength, quality and utmost comfort.

Comfort and durability

In terms of comfort and durability, the Kotton Culture shams put on a tough competition to the shams we’ve discussed above. Made with the finest quality Egyptian cotton and built to a thread-count of 600, the level of comfort these shams offer is unparalleled.

The shams are very easy to clean and maintain as well. They are easily machine-washable though the manufacturer advises a cold, low tumble dry option to ensure minimum wear and tear. These shams are constructed with a premium, high-strength finish for maximum durability. Its classic envelope-style closure makes it convenient and functional to use.

The Kotton Culture pillow shams are made with the highest quality standards in mind. They are designed to offer you a lint-free wash and neat, wrinkle free comfort. The extra-long staple cotton used in these shams ensures their high longevity, comfort and quality.


  • Made from authentic long-staple Egyptian cotton
  • Premium look that is similar to plush hotel-style bedding
  • Decorative pin-tuck construction for an elegant look
  • High strength finishing for ultimate durability
  • Thread count of 600

9. Microfiber pillow shams from Vaulia

These contemporary shams from Vaulia are definitely mood-refreshers for any room!

Another set of gorgeous pin-tuck shams, this time from Vaulia are equally pretty too! Light in weight, solid and Microfiber pillow shams from Vaulia durable – the shams offer great value and comfort for its affordable price.

Material and construction

This is another set of pin-tuck design pillow shams, this time from Vaulia. The two pillow shams are constructed to a standard size and are made up of high quality and soft microfiber material.

The dimensions of these shams measure 20 inches x 26 inches and perfectly fits standard sized pillows. Though the product described here is white in color, these Vaulia shams are available in 4 different colors.

Though made from polyester microfiber, these shams are light in weight and very comfortable to the touch. Though this product comprises only of pillow shams, they can also be purchased with a matching duvet cover if you want an entire lookalike set.

The pin-tuck pattern is well-designed and goes well with most decors. The design adds a classy and stylish touch and uplifts the mood and vibe of the space.

Comfort and durability

This pin-tuck white sham set from Vaulia has a very urban and minimalistic design. The shams feature a beautiful construction and design that uplifts and adds a unique charm to your bedroom space. These shams are made out of premium quality microfiber material which is light in weight and designed for long-lasting comfort.

The product is easy to clean and is made for machine wash – provided certain things are taken care of to ensure durability. The shams are also fade resistant and thus the color on them stays fresh and new for longer. The envelope or fold over closure is a convenient option to ensure easy access and that the filling stays evenly spread out at all times.

The fabric on the shams is thin and soft, thus ensuring a high level of comfort. Overall, these Vaulia shams are great in terms of looks, quality and comfort, and a good choice to make.


  • Made out of soft microfiber material
  • Fade resistance and high durability
  • Pin-tuck design for ultimate class and elegance
  • Standard size dimensions

10. Pinch pleated sham set by StichIndia

These beautiful pinch-pleated shams made from Egyptian cotton are a treat for the body and eyes!

These StichIndia shams are luxurious and a royal treat to the eyes. Made from expensive Egyptian cotton, the Pinch pleated sham set by StichIndia level of comfort they offer is unparalleled.

Material and construction

Yet another pinch-pleated sham set by StichIndia, this set is comprised of two luxurious and decorative pillow shams. With dimensions of 20 inches x 26 inches, the StichIndia shams are designed to fit standard sized pillows snugly well.

The premium pillow shams are made out of pure and 100 per cent Egyptian cotton, thus offering a brilliant bang for the buck. Though this sham set is a standard size variant, it is also available in other sizes namely – European, king and queen sized.

Also, though this description is for the white colored shams set from this range, the product is also available in 8 other colors as well, thus offering a range of choice for the buyer to suit their styles and color preferences. This StichIndia sham set is made up of fabric that has a thread count of 600, thus adding a layer of quality and reliability to your bedding.

Comfort and durability

This pillow sham set from StichIndia is made out of rich Egyptian cotton, thus giving you a comfortable feel and experience. With its impressive 600 thread count, the pillow sham is designed for luxury and longevity.

They are built to offer optimum and complete cover and protection to your pillows and are designed to help keep the filling evenly stay put. The StichIndia pillow shams have a high-strength and quality finishing that ensures less chances of fraying, wear and tear. The product is also designed for easy and quick cleaning and maintenance.

These pillow shams are designed for machine wash provided a few safety considerations are taken into account as stated by the manufacturer. The StichIndia pillow shams have a tight weave and are thus thick, smooth to the touch and super durable. The fabric is hypoallergenic and the Sateen weave makes them highly comfortable and strong.


  • Made out of premium long-staple Egyptian cotton
  • Lustrous, strong and luxurious finish
  • Thread count of 600 for high durability
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on skin

11. Ruffled pillow shams by Queens House

Bring home a wonderful child-like vibe with these pretty ruffles from Queen House!

If you’re looking for something different, these Queen House shams can bring in just the right excitement you’re Ruffled pillow shams by Queens House going for. These shams have the prettiest ruffles on them, setting them truly a class apart.

Material and construction

Pretty, elegant and durable, these ruffled pillow shams from the Queens House are a must-have if you want to spice up your bedroom decor to another level. Grey in color, these pillow shams are sophisticated-looking with beautiful frilled edges on all sides.

Made out of washed microfiber material, these pillow shams are extremely soft and smooth to the touch. The set includes two vintage-style pillow cases with dimensions of 20 x 36 inches. These Queens House shams have a classic French style construction, and the chic handmade ruffles add to them a whole new level of style.

With a natural wrinkly texture, the Queens House shams are easy to use and maintain and do not require ironing. The shams are built to fit king sized pillows. Overall, the simple and versatile style of these pillow shams makes them an ideal choice for different settings.

Comfort and durability

These ruffled shams from Queens House are made of the finest quality washed microfiber and thus are extremely comfortable. High in quality, these shams are built to last a long while and bring warm and fresh comfort to you all through the year.

These are available in a wrinkle style design and are thus easier to maintain. They require no ironing, and give the pillows a good, generous fit. The charming construction of the Queens House shams makes the product a good choice for a special occasion and as a holiday season gift. With its simple ruffled pattern and look, it pairs deliciously well with multiple colors and patterns of bedding – and thus is a versatile choice to make.

The pillow shams are easily washable in a machine, but the makers suggest a delicate wash cycle to preserve good shape. Overall, these ruffled pillow shams from Queens House add a lot of style and substance to your bedroom space.


  • Elegant, vintage and pretty handmade ruffles
  • No ironing required – wrinkly design
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Made out of washed microfiber
  • Versatile design and colors
  • Built for king-sized pillows

12. Boho cotton pillow shams from Flber

Classic, beautiful and a treat for the eyes – these simple Boho cotton shams are a brilliant buy indeed!

Comfort has always been constant with bedding from Flber. While the makers have kept this promise strong, they Boho cotton pillow shams from Flber have added some pretty awesome designs here for extra appeal.

Material and construction

This delicate looking set of pillow shams from Flber has a classic and beautiful construction. Made out of authentic, pure cotton, these pillow shams have a beautiful fringed-tassel trim design for a well-decorated look.

The set contains two pillow shams both measuring 18.9 inches x 29.1 inches. These pillow shams were meant to fit regular queen-sized pillows for a snug and well-rounded fit. These Flber pillow shams have an envelope style closure at the back for convenience and easy access.

The construction is strong and sturdy and features a hidden zip back for seamless usability.

Comfort and durability

These Flber pillow shams are made out of authentic and soft washed cotton and thus offer superior comfort. These shams have an intelligent and ingenious design that is designed to make them versatile and super-convenient to use.

The design is geared towards total durability with the high-end finish. Another great detail to note here is that the four corners are sewn-tied to prevent fraying. These pillow shams are overall a great deal in terms of durability, looks and overall comfort.

They would make a great choice regardless of the kind of décor or setting you’re going for.


  • Made from soft, pure washed cotton
  • Beautiful fringe-tassel trim design
  • Built for durability and comfort
  • Versatile design for a well-rounded look

13. Pure Cotton pillow shams from La Vie Moderne

La vie Moderne shams to bowl you over with their super-simple yet highly functional design!

If you’re looking for something simple yet highly comfortable, this option from La Vie Moderne is probably your Pure Cotton pillow shams from La Vie Moderne best bet. Its soft cotton, simple construction and durable finishing are all guaranteed to give you the best experience ever!

Material and construction

These plain looking white cotton shams from La Vie Moderne are a blend of excellent comfort, strength and good design. This set of pillow shams contains two shams made of high quality cotton fabric.

The dimensions of these shams are 39 inches x 23 inches and are made to fit standard sized pillows. White in color, these pillow shams are also made in other colors like gray and ivory. The pillow shams are also available in a queen sized variant.

The La Vie Moderne pillow shams have a highly minimalistic design and can be easily paired with a variety of bedding choices. Because of its simple and solid construction, it goes well with white as well as a wide range of colors and patterns. The crisp white fabric that makes the pillow shams has a thread count of 400.

Comfort and durability

These pure white cotton shams from La Vie Moderne have a simple yet classic appearance. These have a well-rounded versatile construction and go perfectly well with different styles and designs of bedding.

The intelligent construction and choice of fabric make it a comfortable and well-deserved choice for use all year round, across multiple climates. Also with the minimalistic design of these shams, the manufacturer claims to be able to reduce wastes and costs effectively, thus aiding a greener planet. The cotton fabric that is used to make these shams has a thread count of 400 thus making then super-efficient, comfortable and highly durable.

These shams are easy to care for, maintain and can be machine washed. The ultra-soft construction of this La Vie Moderne sham set is sure to replenish your body and mind, and bring to you a world of rest and comfort always.


  • Ultimate comfort, class and quality
  • Easy to wash, maintain and clean
  • Plain white minimalistic design
  • Impressive thread count of 400
  • Design reduces waste and is healthier for the planet

14. Pink pillow cases by OJIA

You will never say no to these adorable sham set if pink is the color you love!

If you love pink and would like to play with colors a bit, choose this super-pretty pink sham set from OJIA. The Pink pillow cases by OJIA magic of these shams lies in their super-expressive detailing, and they will leave no stone unturned in adding a lovely vibe to your space.

Material and construction

If you’re in the mood to up your decor with a splash of pretty pink, look no further. This product has the perfect design to bring a beautiful, refreshing charm to any space. Made out of finest Microfiber material, the OJIA pillow shams have a soft and silky peachy pink color.

The shams are outlined with attractive ball design that adds an extra layer of beautiful detailing to their body. These shams are made to fit two standard sized pillows and have dimensions of 20 inches x 26 inches. The polyester material adds a certain strength and durability to the product. The shams have a classic envelope style design that is devoid of zippers.

These soft pillow sheets are perfect for a wide variety of sheets, duvets and quilts thus making them super-versatile and easy accents for any space. They are also super light in weight and comfortable.

Comfort and durability

These pink OJIA pillow cases are made of 100 per cent pure microfiber and offer delightful smooth comfort. These shams are feathery soft and silky to the touch. They are designed for cool breathable comfort all through the year.

Their perfect weight makes them warm, snugly and comfortable, ideal for use all round the year. If you’re looking for a good pillow case as a part of your skin and hair care routine, the OJIA pillow shams are also great option to consider. These shams are built to comfortably envelop the pillows and ensure a snug fit.

The high-quality microfiber offers a resilient, cozy and durable experience. The envelope closure design on the end is built to add convenience and functionality to the product. They are easy to clean, maintain and can be machine washed. Overall, these pink OJIA pillow cases are a brilliant choice to make for a stylish and comfortable affair.


  • Stylish, cute and comfortable construction
  • High-quality microfiber construction
  • Convenient envelope closure on ends
  • Light and breathable for every season

15. Standard pillow cases from NTBAY store

These premium shams add a distinguished sense of class and style to your personal space.

NTBAY makes some of the most comfortable and premium beddings, and this one is no different. Black in color Standard pillow cases from NTBAY store with an exquisite workmanship, this piece promises one some serious commitment to quality and comfort.

Material and construction

This pack of black pillow cases from the NTBAY store has a distinguished and well-designed construction. With a size of 20 x 26 inches, these pillow shams are designed to fit two standard sized pillows.

The NTBAY pillow cases are made out of authentic and pure cotton and are also available in size variants for king, queen and euro sized pillows. The cotton fabric has a thread count of 500 making it extremely comfortable and durable. There are also 6 color variants available to suit your color and style preferences.

The construction of these pillow shams is solid and durable, and the shams feature excellent sewing and stitch-work. The pure cotton fabric is fully breathable, light and comfortable all year round. The NTBAY pillow shams pair effortlessly with different styles and colors of bedding, and give one versatile styling choices for their bedroom space. They are available separately and also as a set (along with matching duvets/quilts)

Comfort and durability

These splendid shams from NTBAY help you add a distinguished look to any space. Made out of premium quality cotton, these shams are guaranteed to be gentle and treat your skin with love and care. They are highly breathable and are an excellent option to use all through the year (and throughout seasons).

Like many premium pillow shams discussed here, this one is also designed for utmost usability and functionality. Their intelligent construction makes them easy to wash, dry and clean. The impressive thread count of 500 is a wonderful attestation to its lush quality and reliability.

Given that these sheets are highly breathable, they offer one a haven of comfort and rest all through the night, and all through the year.


  • Premium and exquisite appearance
  • High-quality cotton fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable material
  • Versatile and well-rounded design
  • Feature a thread count of 500
  • Easy to wash, clean and maintain

Care and maintenance of pillow shams

Like every other piece of bedding, pillow shams too require good care and maintenance to provide lasting comfort. Here are a few care and maintenance tips on how you can ensure that your pillow shams stay in great shape throughout the year.

  • Change your pillow shams regularly. These pieces of bedding are prone to sweat, dirt, drool and dust and require regular cleaning to remain fresh and last long.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s label and instructions for tips on how to clean/wash your pillow shams. Not following specific care advice by the manufacturer may shorten the life of your product and cause it to wear early.
  • Purchase at least two pillow covers/shams per pillow you own. This will make sure that you have a fresh Top 15 Best Pillow Shams - Guide & Reviews 2020 and clean one ready when one goes into the wash. An extra supply of pillow cases always helps you change into fresh ones whenever needed.
  • Turn your pillow sham inside out when you throw them in the wash. This will ensure minimum wear and also ensure that the embroidery/intricate artwork stay strong and safe.
  • Your sham would do well with gentle washing. Hand washing with a gentle detergent and cool water is probably a great way to keep it as good as new.
  • If you do put your sham into the laundry use the “delicate” setting and a low spin cycle to minimize damage.
  • Avoid putting your pillow sham into a dryer as the heat can cause it much damage. Pillow shams are best laid flat to dry on a fluffy, dry towel. Also, never wring-dry your pillow sham.
  • Avoid application of heat in any form on your pillow sham. Do not iron your sham, instead fold and store neatly in an airtight storage container for further use.


Pillow shams come in a wide variety of materials and colors. They can undoubtedly enhance the design of your bedroom. The top three pillow shams on our list rate highest in terms of quality while also providing the most bang for your buck – the White Paisley Quilted shams from Brandream, the Vilano Springs shams from SouthShore linens and the Crown Collection’s Pinch-pleated shams.

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