Top 15 Best Metal Bed Frames in 2022

Even though there are numerous mattress foundations available in the market, metal bed frames are becoming Best Metal Bed Frames popular. The reason is because of the adaptability, adjustability, and extended life when compared with other foundations such as wood. Apart from this, metal bed frames tend to provide sturdy support at an affordable price. Today, the maturation in the industry is providing extensive opportunity for a customer to select from a wide variety of options. An individual can compare the prices, the reputation of the manufacturing company, reliability, design, and go through the reviews before finalizing a metal bed frame.

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Bed frame dimensions and sizes

A metal bed frame is available in numerous dimensions and sizes. As there is no particular standard for the sizes or Top 15 Best Metal Bed Frames in 2019 the dimensions, it is essential to consider the availability of space in the room. The dimensions and sizes also change according to the country. Often, manufacturers use their terminology while manufacturing the product. Therefore, it is preferable to perform research to acquire knowledge about the sizing of the bed frame.

When it comes to the size, a metal bed frame is available in single or twin size beds. If one is willing to shell an additional amount, they can head to Queen, or King sized beds. Every particular design, size, and dimensions have a specific use right from children to single adults and couples. Therefore, the first step involves considering who is using the bed. For example, if it is for a couple, it is preferable to opt for a twin bed, or queen or king-sized beds depending on the space and availability of funds. A larger bed will ensure that there is enough space for a couple.


When we speak about the metal bed frame, it is essential to consider the sustainability it offers when compared with other materials. Leather and wood bed frames are alternative materials. However, metal is the only material that is durable and tough against changing weather conditions. Not only they are sturdy but also possess an extended lifespan.

The decoration of the room

Not only does a bed offer comfort and a necessity in the bedroom, but it also elevates the overall atmosphere. If one is considering a metal bed frame, it is essential to look at the interior design of the bedroom. It is necessary that the selected product compliments and suits the rest of the furniture and room. Rather than becoming an accessory, one can choose the bed frame as the centerpiece.

The budget Top 15 Best Metal Bed Frames in 2019

The next move before finalizing a purchase is to understand how much one is willing to spend on a bed frame. They are available from very inexpensive to very expensive ranges. They all depend upon design, dimensions, size, and other factors such as the company, reliability, reputation, service, and warranty. Although it is fascinating to pick the cheapest among all, opting for a high-quality product is necessary. It not only saves money but also suits the interior design of the bedroom. Therefore, a careful search beforehand on the availability of the styles will provide information about the cost.

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Points to weigh when buying a metal bed frame

Assuming that there is already a mattress that works with all the bed bases, the next step involves considering the crucial factors that allow an individual to buy the needed bed frame. While many choose to believe it as an easy task, the decision is a critical factor for achieving high comforts.

  1. Slats

Slats are an important factor when purchasing a bed frame. Although it becomes invisible upon placing a mattress, slats are a make or break decision. If the distance between the slats is high, then the chances of wearing and tearing of the mattress are also high. The two types of slats available are sprung and flat slats. Sprung slats are just to the body’s profile and give a natural bounce. One can opt for flat slats if they are tight on budget.

  1. Box springs Top 15 Best Metal Bed Frames in 2019

Box springs consist of springs and the frame covered in cloth. The presence of the springs enhances the support to the mattress and act as shock absorbers. They also provide less support to the mattress, as they focus mainly on absorbing shocks to deliver high comforts.

  1. Space availability

As there are several additional items of furniture’s in the room, it is necessary to figure out the rough amount of space required for the metal frame bed. The common factors include a dressing table, and a wardrobe, back storage, shoe storage, television stand, bedside table, and others. If anyone chooses to put all the products against the wall and still have a half a meter of walking space from the bed, then it is essential to calculate the dimensions of the bed frame.

  1. Climb in or jump

The base of the bed enables the mattress to rise to a certain height to make it easier for the user to climb in and out with ease. A few critical factors to consider is the height of the person, the height of the mattress, comfort, age, and the health condition. For example, it is not preferable to choose a low bed if a person has arthritis. The average knee height is between 40 and 61 centimeters from the floor. The distance between the knee and the floor helps one to stand up easily by laying the feet confidently on the ground. It is possible for anyone to measure the height by setting on the edge of the mattress or bed.

  1. Flat-pack

Depending on the location of the bedroom, it is preferable to consider a metal bed frame that comes in a flat-pack. Such cases make it easy to get the product up the stairs and assemble in the bedroom. It is crucial to measure the dimensions of the box, as it will help in understanding whether it will fit through the doorway and the hallways.

The merits of a metal bed frames

Metal bed frames deliver an excellent advantage for both decorative and practical reasons. The following are the significant benefits that one will enjoy when they choose metal bed frames:

  • When compared with wooden frames, which are susceptible to damage, metal bed frames are

    Top 15 Best Metal Bed Frames in 2019

    durable and sturdy.

  • Most of the structures have a good life without the fear of collapse in between. Metal frames have a bonus in the form of resistant towards hazards such as pests, fire, and other incidents. They offer the highest safety when compared with others.
  • They are quick to construct and dismantle and move as and when needed. They are light in weight and yet offer the strength required to accommodate the overall weight.
  • The frames suit personal and home aesthetics. It is possible for a purchaser to choose from the Victorian-era style to that of the modern contemporary design that satisfies the interior design and the requirement. The frames are available in different finishes and styles. Although a few of the finishes go out of fashion, reconditioning will help it to wear a new outlook.
  • The primary reason for choosing a metal frame is for its inexpensive nature. Not only they are affordable but enjoy greater longevity when compared with other materials.

Top 15 Best Metal Bed Frames in 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal Bed
Easy to assemble $$$ 4.8
2. DUMEE Queen Size Metal Bed Frame
Approx outer size:60.43”x83.54”x43.5”,12″ $$$ 4.8
3. Victorian Metal Bed Frame from Elegant Home Products

max support around 660-770lb

$$$ 4.7
4. DHP Brooklyn Metal Bed Frame adjustable base height 7″ or 11″ $$$ 4.6
5. GreenForest Queen Metal Bed Frame
16 pieces steel slats in bed base $$$ 4.6
6. DHP Multifunctional Winston Metal Bed Frame
King size weight limit: 500 lb $$$ 4.5
7. TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed Frame
High quality frame $$$ 4.5
8. Zinus Korey Metal Bed Frame Wood slat support $$$ 4.5
9. HOMERECOMMEND Metal Bed Frame
SGS and ISO certified $$$ 4.4
10. Zinus Casey Premium Mattress Foundation
17-inch clearance from the floor $$$ 4.3
11. OLEE Sleep Mattress Foundation
Anti-slip mattress support $$$ 4.2
12. Zinus Geraldine Metal Bed Frame
Headboard and footboard prevent wobbling of bed $$$ 4.1
13. VECELO Metal Mattress Foundation
12-inch clearance area $$$ 4.0
14. Zinus Van Metal Bed Frame Platform

Foam padded tape

$$$ 3.9
15. DUMEE Metal Bed Frame Queen Size Non-squeaky structure $$$ 4.0

1. Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal Bed

Tribecca brought out the old-school look and feel with the Giselle antique Victorian metal bed in dark bronze. The rustic appearance Tribecca Home Giselle Antique Dark Bronze Graceful Lines Victorian Iron Metal Bed adapts to a traditional house. The bronze finish delivers a vintage look and compliments the different products arranged within the room.


The metal bed comes with a design of curved and straight lines. They provide flowing elegance and acts as a centerpiece rather than an accessory. The foundation holds onto the mattress and the overall weight with ease because of its construction from sturdy iron. The design is such that it offers high comfort and good protection to the cushion that reduces the wear and tear. The company also ensured that the bed’s design helps in using it with a box spring.


Tribecca ensured that the bed meets the specifications and standards of different countries with ease. Apart from being strong, the metal bed frame consists of headboard, footboard, metal slats, and set of rails. The antique bronze finish is what makes it unique and best fits for those who love to add a rustic product to their bedroom. The black rails provided with the set deliver the rare appearance of the vintage era.


When speaking about the convenience offered by the bed, Tribecca guarantees that it delivers the highest amenities – thanks to the design, the presence of the rails, and metal slats. Furthermore, the box spring design variant comes handy. Box spring holds onto the mattress with ease, absorbs shocks, and reduces stress, which in turn, delivers exceptional comfort level.

Assembly and warranty

The metal frame bed is easy to assemble. It arrives in a single box containing all the parts along with the guide that helps anybody to construct the frame with ease. However, one should possess the needed tools to proceed with the assembly. There is a 90-day warranty offered by the manufacturer for manufacturing defects.


  • Rustic look
  • Pricing strikes the right cord
  • Robust construction
  • The design of the metal frame is suitable for use with box spring
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extended lifespan when compared with other materials of bed frame’s


  • One bolt support of the head rail loosens it frequently
  • Many may find the quality sub-par when compared with others
  • Color differs slightly than described

2. DUMEE Queen Size Metal Bed Frame

DUMEE is offering a high-quality metal bed frame for all those who seek strong bed support. DUMEE’s Queen size metal bed frame DUMEE Queen Size Metal Bed Frame arrives with headboard and footboard and is manufactured from premium metal. It not only compliments the existing furniture in the room but also brings in the warmth that one seeks in the place.


DUMEE ensured sturdiness to the structure by using premium steel, unlike other brands. The quality of the product delivers better support and holds up to 660lbs. Besides, the company is providing metal slats that enhance durability while offering the best support to the mattress. Furthermore, there is no quacking sound due to the slats, which one expects the least from a metal bed frame. The use and approach of powder paint are attractive and suits the need of any bedroom décor.

Storage space

The metal bed stands at 12” tall from the floor, providing enough space beneath the frame. The availability of the area ensures a user to utilize the same for storing boxes that help in tidying the clothes, quilts, and toys.


Although most of the manufacturers provide metal bed frames, selecting a certified product is crucial. DUMEE Queen size metal bed frame is ISO 9001 certified. It means that the company is delivering a high-quality product and following international manufacturing procedures to keep rejection at bay.


The metal bed frame comes in a single sturdy box containing all the components and instruction manual. Following the manual will help anyone to assemble the metal bed frame with ease. Moreover, the company provided arrow marks for quick assembly.

Service & Warranty

There is a 5-year backing from the company for the product and free replacement of parts if there are any damages. The quick turnaround time from the company is an additional asset, which helps them to attend to their customers with their requirement.


  • Superior build construction
  • The bronze color suits any interior décor
  • Easy-to-follow manual for assembly
  • Metal slats for enhanced durability
  • Affordable pricing


  • High rise platform – 12”
  • Powder painting chips away within a few months of use
  • Screws loosen due to over drilling in some cases

3. Victorian Metal Bed Frame from Elegant Home Products

Elegance is what everyone searched for when deciding on a metal bed frame. Elegant Home Products is offering the Victorian metal Victorian Metal Bed Frame from Elegant Home Products bed frame with headboard and footboard. Not only the structure is elegant but meets the satisfaction levels of any buyer.


Built from durable metal tubes, the bed frame design, and its Victorian approach capture the attention at first glance. The silver or grey finish is attractive enough to balance the ambiance in the bedroom with other elements. The glossy finish is appealing and stands apart from others.


Elegant Home Products ensured to use high-quality metal tubes to come up with a sturdy product. The Victorian-styled metal bed frame is sturdy and provides the best support to the mattress. The presence of the metal slats increases the strength and extends the life of the mattress. The maximum support offered by the bed is 770lbs.

The steel slabs extend the durability of the structure while offering protection to the mattress. Likewise, the unit stands tall at 12” from the floor (the platform), which gives ample space beneath the bed frame. The headboard and the footboard are attractive and suit the ambiance or help to create the needed environment with the existing décor units.

Assembling the unit

The frame unit comes in a single box with all the needed parts and instruction guide to assemble the same. With the help of a few tools, it is possible for a buyer to assemble the bed frame with ease. The company described the assembly in-detail, which makes it a quick process even for a novice.


Elegant Home Products is offering a three-year after sales worry free 100% warranty for the Victorian style metal bed frame. Because of this, any buyer receives any assistance whenever required.


  • Manufactured from a high-grade metal tube
  • Higher strength achieved due to metal slabs
  • Prolongs the lifespan of a mattress
  • Silver or grey finish suits different decors
  • Comes with simple instructions for assembling the unit


  • Platform height can prove a problem for many
  • Powder coating wears sooner making the tubes vulnerable to rust
  • Quality deteriorates with use

4. DHP Brooklyn Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames not only offer extended life but also act as a centerpiece in the bedroom. DHP is a sub-division of Dorel Industries DHP Brooklyn Metal Bed Frame Inc., and the Brooklyn metal bed frame is an outstanding alternative for those who want to have a sturdy frame.


The design of the product is simple and yet aesthetically appealing. It not only supports the mattress but extends its life by preventing sagging. DHP concentrated on offering a suitable solution for all needs. Therefore, the simplistic approach towards the design helps one to use it as a standalone centerpiece or complement with other interior decors. The timeless design furnishes either the master bedroom or the children’s room in chic style.


The metal bed frame is full size and comes with both the headboard and the footboard. The metal slats offer protection to the mattress while elevating the strength of the structure. DHP further came up with the idea of an adjustable platform. It allows the buyer to adjust the platform at 7” or 11” height from the floor.

Using the metal bed frame without foundation is possible. Given the advantage of the adjustable platform, one can plan to tidy the place by arranging things underneath the structure. The full-size frame offers total support of 450lbs.


DHP ships the metal frame, the slats, side rails, and nuts in a single unit. With the guidance provided by the instruction, it is possible to assemble the parts with ease. The DIY is a simple procedure, as most of the frames have the necessary markings.


Warranty offered by the manufacturer covers the after-sales service and replacement of damaged parts. The company attends to the needs of the customers on a priority. It, therefore, ensured a healthy place in the market.


  • Unique and functional metal bed frame
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Adjustable platform – 7” or 11”
  • Full-size frame with headboard and footboard
  • Possible to use with or without a foundation


  • A few misalignments in the structure
  • Wobbles at the head and the feet section
  • Develops creaky sound after a few months of use

5. GreenForest Queen Metal Bed Frame

If aesthetics and quality are a top priority for purchasers, then considering the GreenForest Queen metal bed frame is of utmost importance. The company invested in research, design, and quality to come up with products that satisfy the purchasers and likewise offer the highest comforts.


Speaking about the design, the Queen metal bed frame, which is a full-size dimension, boasts European styling with headboard and footboard. The presence of the side rails not only elevate the appearance but also deliver the needed support to the mattress.

The matte black color is appealing and elegant. It easily matches any décor of the master or the kid’s bedroom.


Making safety a top priority, GreenForest invested heavily in acquiring top-notch materials to manufacture the metal frame. Although the platform is not adjustable, provision of 12” space underneath the bed makes a huge difference. The availability of the area allows one to store boxes, tidy clothes, clothes, and quilts.

The frame consists of a total of 16 metal slats. They increase the stability and strength of the structure. Furthermore, their addition acts as the foundation of the mattress and increases the lifespan. The spacing between the metal slats serves as ventilation to the mattress.

Assembly & Warranty

Assembling the entire structure is an easy task. The company provides an easy-to-assemble instruction manual along with the shipment. The whole frame arrives at the doorstep in a single unit and consists of the necessary screws and Allen key set. By following the instruction, one can assemble the frame in a few simple steps.

Coming to the warranty of the product, GreenForest ensures that a customer enjoys protection against receipt of damaged goods. The post-sales service is excellent and delivers the needed relief that a customer would expect from a company.


  • Queen metal frame full size
  • Headboard and footboard with guardrails
  • 16 metal slats act as a foundation and increase the stability of the structure
  • European styling is attractive
  • 12” underneath space is a plus point


  • Change in color is disappointing
  • A few parts are missing during shipment
  • Delivery causes damage to the frames

6. DHP Multifunctional Winston Metal Bed Frame

Multifunctional metal bed frames are the best choice for professionals, individuals, and those who are seeking affordable solutions for DHP Multifunctional Winston Metal Bed Frame their bedroom. Dorel Industries division, DHP, came out with the Winston metal bed frame that is multifunctional. The unique furniture frame delivers an excellent solution for every bedroom.


The metal bed frame is stylish and suits the different needs of the customer with ease. It matches the different decorative styles of the bedroom and sits perfectly as an ally or as a centerpiece. The company invested wisely in research, which helped it to come up with the adjustable frame.


To bring a multifunctional product into the market, using high-quality materials for the bed frame is essential. DHP used the same procedure. The quality of the metal bed frame is excellent and ensures protection to the mattress. It, likewise, is sturdy and functions efficiently with proper care.

An interesting factor about the frame is the adjustment of the platform. Unlike other structures, the Winston frame gives the freedom to the user to adjust the platform at 7” or 11” height. The metal frame is available in full, King, Queen, and twin modes. Depending upon the requirement, one can order the preferred size.

Existence of metal slats, additional slats, and legs ensure extended support to the frame. That said, they also help in protecting the mattress and extend its life. The adjustment platform enables the user to set it at a preferred height to tidy things around the bed.

Assembly & Warranty

Assembly of the metal frame is a cake walk. The company ships the product with an instruction manual that helps one to arrange the frames in the right order. Once complete, the Winston frame is ready for use.

DHP provides post-sales warranty and replacement of damaged parts. As customer satisfaction is a priority, they attend to the requests at the earliest.


  • Vintage design
  • Sturdy metal frame with head and footboard
  • Metal slats, center rail, and additional legs
  • The adjustable platform of the foundation
  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Damages during shipment
  • Poor design
  • Centerplate life deteriorates in a few months

7. TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed Frame

The twin size reinforced metal bed frame from TEMMER occupies a healthy position in the market. The use of the sturdy material by TEMMER Reinforced Metal Bed Frame the company ensures safety while offering protection to the mattress. The attractive element of the product is its Victorian style layout.


TEMMER ensured that the metal bed frame meets every décor of the installed room. Keeping this in mind, they went with the classic Victorian style. The presence of the headboard and the footboard not only offer high comfort but also lift the overall appearance of the bed frame. The antique brown color sits perfectly with every object surrounding in the room, giving the needed ambiance.


The use of the reinforced metal prolongs the lifespan of the product. Additionally, with the presence of the headboard, one would no longer require the use of a box spring for the mattress. The metal slats placed at equal distances provide ventilation to the mattress and deliver strength to the structure at the same time. The center railing with the legs increases balance and sturdiness.

As there is less use of screws, there is a reduction in the noise produced by the metal frame. TEMMER opted for welding for most of the elements to suppress the noise and bring the best product to the consumer. The company delivers the product with the needed screws and tools. Using them will prevent wear and tear of the mattress. The 13-inch space beneath the bed is a perfect place to store all the goods, including boxes, toys, clothes, and quilts. The foundation supports a maximum weight of 450lbs.

Assembly & Warranty

The frame is a DIY project. The company ships the product with all the parts, tools, and instruction manual. Following the manual will help any user to fix the frame within a few hours. As for the warranty, the company is offering a 5-year warranty.


  • Victorian style is attractive
  • Antique brown suits every décor style
  • Welded platform structure
  • Spacious underneath area
  • High quality reinforced material


  • Develops sounds within a few months of use
  • Mattress slips due to the absence of lip
  • Color deviations observed

8. Zinus Korey Metal Bed Frame

Unlike other models available in the market, Zinus Korey’s metal bed frame is unique. The reason is the addition of the upholstered Zinus Korey Metal Bed Frame headboard. It makes it comfortable and attractive in the master bedroom.


The design and the approach of the layout make it apart from other models. The upholstered headboard is what makes it unique and attractive. It is also the same thing that helps in mingling with different interiors of a room, be it the master bedroom or the kid’s room. The aesthetic design is simple and fits aptly to every need of any user.


Built from metal, it is sturdy and offers complete protection to the mattress. The use of the metal slats further extends the strength and extends the mattresses life. The gap between the slats allows air circulation that prevents the build-up of molds within the mattress. The slats further restrict the use of the box spring.

The platform of the metal bed frame stands at 14” from the floor giving enough area underneath. The area is helpful for storing tiny boxes, clothes, quilts, toys, and others. The welded parts ensure that there is less squeaky noise during the use.


Zinus Korey delivers the product to the preferred address in a single unit. The unit consists of all the parts, tools, screws, and an instruction manual. With the help of the manual, it is possible even for a novice to assemble the pieces to build the frame from scratch. Importantly, all the parts have the necessary arrows and marking to make it simple to fit the exact portions at the right place.


Zinus Korey is offering a worry-free warranty of five years, which includes post-sales service. The company is offering replacement of damaged parts. Most of the pieces are available, and buyers can order them according to the requirement.


  • Simple and elegant design with upholstered headboard
  • Wood slat support
  • 14” platform
  • Devoids the need for a box spring
  • Sturdy and protects a mattress


  • Missing parts during shipment
  • Color varies than exhibited
  • Gives-in within a few months of use

9. HOMERECOMMEND Metal Bed Frame

For all those who wish to have the old-fashion décor statement in the bedroom, purchasing the metal bed frame from HOMERECOMMEND Metal Bed Frame HOMERECOMMEND is the answer. Copper Veins color is eye-captivating and suits all the settings of the room décor. The guarantee provided by the manufacturer is another area of consideration.


Speaking about the design of the metal bed, it is intriguing and captivating. The plain yet classy design makes it a perfect choice for those who intend to make a statement and keep it humble. The company invests a considerable amount in research to come up with fresh ideas and designs. The inclusion of the headboard and the footboard brings a different atmosphere in the room.


The use of heavy-duty metal makes the entire structure reliable, safe, and comfortable. Additional use of the center rail and metal slats prolong the life of the frame. The slats further protect the mattress from sagging, which enhances life automatically. The structure is capable of accommodating box spring without producing squeaky noises.

The platform stands approximately 12” from the base, offering convenient space underneath the bed. One can utilize the same for storing several things that help in tidying the place. The foundation is stable and is capable of holding 770lbs. The metal slats provide support to the entire structure and enhance the overall strength with ease. They are also responsible for protecting the mattress from sagging.

Assembly and Warranty

Assembling the unit is no longer a tedious task – thanks to the availability of the instruction manual. Likewise, design plays a crucial role. All the parts, along with the tools and screws, ship in a single unit. Following the manual enables the purchaser to construct the frame within a few hours.

The company is offering a 5-year warranty for the product. It covers replacement of damaged parts and additional assistance as per customer’s request.


  • SGS and ISO certified
  • Copper veins finish
  • Heavy-duty material for enhanced sturdiness
  • Quick assembly procedure
  • Easy replace or accommodates box spring


  • Strength deteriorates within a few months
  • Color differs and chips

10. Zinus Casey Premium Mattress Foundation

Mattress foundations are common but occupy space, which makes it difficult to find a useful area under the bed. Also, one requires the Zinus Casey Premium Mattress Foundation use of box spring, which creates sound after using for a while. Zinus Casey premium SmartBase foundation for a mattress is an apt solution for confined spaces.


Zinus Casey SmartBase foundation is the solution for those who would like to have underneath space. Standing tall at 18” from the floor, it offers more space than regular foundations for storing anything.


Manufactured from high-quality material, the foundation is sturdy and devoid of noise. Keeping in mind about the confinement spaces, Zinus Casey designed and constructed in such a way that it is possible to fold and move it whenever needed.

The foundation is available in different sizes. The addition of the slats and the center rail strengthens the overall structure. The gap between the slats also offers air circulation providing breathability to the mattress, which extends the lifespan. Another benefit of the merchandise is its ability to fold. Folding the foundation makes it convenient for quick movement through stairs and doorways.

The Queen size SmartBase is suitable for lower profile mattress such as 6,8, and 10 inches. The overall 17” clearance gives ample space to store multiple goods with ease. Additionally, the plastic covers to the legs offer protection to the floor.


Assembly is quick and straightforward. There is no requirement of tools, making it a surprise element. A simple fold and the frame is in its place. There is no stress involved and hardly requires ten minutes.


Zinus Casey is offering a five-year warranty on the innovative product. The warranty provides a replacement for a damaged product. The company takes responsibility for manufacturing defects and defects caused during shipment and ensures replacement with no questions asked. It is also open to other queries and helps all those who need assistance.


  • Premium construction
  • SmartBase does not require the use of box spring
  • 17-inch clearance from the floor
  • Folding design for quick movement
  • Accommodates headboard using brackets


  • Quality is not up to the mark
  • Defective design of the wingnuts
  • Noises creep in within six months

11. OLEE Sleep Mattress Foundation

Mattress foundation is important. Not only they protect the mattress but prolong their life by keeping them fresh through regular air OLEE Sleep Mattress Foundation circulation. Not all foundations deliver the needed results. It is here that OLEE sleep mattress foundation comes into play.


The design of the structure is simple and elegant. The mattress foundation is suitable for all those who find space as an essential factor. It occupies less space and also provide area underneath the bed. Keeping in mind about the mattress, the company came up with the idea of the anti-slip approach. It helps prevent skidding of the mattress. Likewise, the bed sits into the frame while the side rails offer protection and to avoid wobbling.


Built from heavy-duty steel, the frame is sturdy and capable of holding a weight of 450lbs easily. The bed frame is useful for those who find it challenging to use regular structures for their mattress. Those living in confined spaces find the product as breathable support. Standing tall at 14” from the floor, the area available underneath the bed is useful for tidying the room. One can store toys, clothes, and other stuff.

With proper and secure construction, one can achieve a perfect sleep with ‘no noise” development. The excellent steel slats spaced equally help in increasing the stability of the frame while offering the needed support to the mattress.


The company ships the product in a single unit with all the parts and tools. There is an instruction manual that helps the purchaser to fit the pieces together in a few simple steps. After completion, the frame is ready for accommodating a mattress. Tightening the screws firmly with other parts holds the slats and the whole structure firmly, which prevents the development of sounds.


The company is providing a 5-year limited warranty. It replaces damaged parts and ensures complete assistance during the period.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 14-inch offers ample storage underneath the bed
  • Anti-slip mattress support
  • Easy assembly
  • Non-squeaky structure


  • Welding caves in after a few months
  • Cannot hold the claimed weight
  • Poor quality control

12. Zinus Geraldine Metal Bed Frame

Rather than opting for a frame that holds the mattress, it is necessary to choose the one that best fits the décor and delivers high Zinus Geraldine Metal Bed Frame comforts. Zinus Geraldine belongs to this category and is a perfect solution for those who wish to have a chic appearance.


The design of the product is simple and yet attractive. The reason is the approach to the functional design. Not only it sits flawlessly with any style of the interior décor of the master bedroom or kid’s room but also acts as the primary attraction. The functional use of the headboard and the footboard prevent sagging of the mattress. It helps in increasing the life of the bed while avoiding the development of molds.


The metal bed frame, made from high-quality material, is sturdy and available in different sizes apart from full. It is a perfect answer to confined spaces, as it occupies less space and yet leaves 11” area underneath for storage. Therefore, the purchaser possesses the possibility of storing goods in the available space. Furthermore, the use of the frame eliminates the need for a box spring.


When it comes to the assembly of the metal bed frames, following the instruction manual is the answer. The company is providing all the parts, tools, and screws along with the manual in a single unit. Using the manual as a guide will help the purchaser to assemble the pieces with ease. After completing the procedure, the frame is ready to house a mattress. By following the guidelines outlined in the manual, preventing noises and improper fittings that result in breakage is possible.


The five-year worry-free warranty from the company is a blessing. Not only one can claim for manufacturing defects but also for replacement of product for damaged goods upon arrival.


  • Simple and aesthetic design
  • Steel slats for mattress support
  • 11 inches of clearance from floor
  • Headboard and footboard prevent wobbling of bed


  • Poor quality control
  • Squeaky noises develop within a few months
  • A few parts are missing in the package

13. VECELO Metal Mattress Foundation

The premium bed foundation is a suitable answer for all those who are looking at an affordable solution for bedding needs. VECELO is VECELO Metal Mattress Foundation offering a perfect answer through its premium full-size metal foundation made of metal.


VECELO’s approach to the bed mattress foundation is unique and captivating. The use of the metal structure not only ensures protection to the entire mattress but also extends the life with ease. The Victorian style is worth mentioning. The presence of the headboard and the footboard helps in skidding or wobbling of the mattress. It, thus, ensures the prolonged lifespan of the bed.


Construction plays a vital role in the entire unit. Solid metal construction offers steadiness and prevents weakness at any point. Added to that are the slats placed at equal distances that further increase the sturdiness of the metal frame. The slats also offer protection to the bed. The structure is capable of holding a maximum weight of 660lbs.

The center bearing bar arrives with a foam mat. The mat is helpful in absorbing noises. Because of this reason, a user experiences noise-free ambiance. There is likewise ample area beneath the bed due to the height of the platform from the floor. The 12-inch area is useful for storing boxes, toys, quilts, and other things.


When it comes to assembly, all the user has to do is follow the instruction manual. The company delivers the entire product in a single box. The box consists of the parts, tools, and screws. There is also a manual that helps one to assemble the pieces. The mattress will sit comfortably in the frame without wobbling. The slats ensure breathability, as it prevents the growth of molds.


VECELO is providing limited five-year manufacturer warranty. It means that it helps in replacement of parts with that of damaged ones and send a new product in case the user receives a damaged product.


  • Premium metal bed frame
  • High-quality material
  • Victorian style with headboard and footboard
  • Metal slats improve overall sturdiness
  • 12-inch clearance area


  • Color varies from that of description
  • Missing parts during shipment
  • Quality deteriorates within a few months

14. Zinus Van Metal Bed Frame Platform

Rather than choosing a mattress and a box spring, it is preferable to opt for a metal bed frame that stands tall from the floor. Likewise, Zinus Van Metal Bed Frame Platform the use of the metal frame for a mattress prolongs the lifespan with ease. Keeping these little things in mind, Zinus came out with its simple and elegant product – the Van metal bed frame.


Design of the Zinus Van is appealing – thanks to its simplistic and minimalistic approach. There is no necessity for the use of a box spring, which makes it an added advantage for the user. Not only the frame is capable of holding a maximum of 450lbs but also looks appealing. It fits flawlessly in any place and is the best choice for those with limited space.


Zinus utilized the best materials to manufacture the product. The mattress foundation of the twin size arrives in a single unit. Zinus focused on offering the best appearance product while delivering sturdiness. The round shaped edges are stand-out from the typical sharp edges. They ensure protection while assembling the unit, handling the mattress, and during movement of the structure.

The steel slat support for the mattress prolongs the lifespan. It also increases the durability while safeguarding the mattress from wobbles. There is also the provision for adding both headboard and footboard.


Building up the metal frame manufactured by Zinus is not a tedious task. The unit consists of all the pieces and an instruction manual. Even a novice is capable of assembling the unit by following the instruction manual. The benefit that the assembly section has is the non-usage of tools. The addition of foam padded tape eliminates the noise, thus, allowing a good night sleep.


The Van metal bed frame from Zinus comes with a five-year warranty. The company would replace damaged parts and the entire unit if it arrived in a damaged condition.


  • A simplistic approach to the design
  • Rounded edges are attractive
  • Steel slats for better stability
  • 14-inch underneath clearance area
  • Foam padded tape reduces noise


  • Cannot withstand weight in the long run
  • Misalignment of a few pieces
  • Mattress slips due to the absence of head and footboard

15. DUMEE Metal Bed Frame Queen Size

Queen size metal bed frame from DUMEE is a good investment. The simple-to-assemble frame is aesthetically appealing. It stands out DUMEE Metal Bed Frame Queen Size from the crowd and delivers the needed style statement. The black color of the product suits every interior décor of a master bedroom, children’s room, or the guest room.


The design of the product has a simple approach, making it elegant and approachable for all needs. The powder painting finish has a shine and prevents the formation of the rust. It is a perfect replacement for those who are already using a box spring and living in a confined space.


DUMEE promises to deliver a quality product at all times. It did the same with the Queen size metal bed frame. The company used high-quality materials to manufacture the product.

The intelligent move by the company is the use of the headboard, footboard, and slats. Not only they increase sturdiness of the entire frame but prevent sagging and wobbling of the mattress. Furthermore, the gap between the slats allows air circulation to the bed, which keeps it fresh all through the day. The center rail delivers stability to both the frame and the slats. There is a 14-inch clearance from the base, making it a perfect spot for storing boxes of clothes, toys, quilts, and more.


Joining all the pieces of the frame is no longer a tedious task. DUMEE delivers the Queen size metal frame for a mattress in a single unit. The unit consists of all the parts, screws, and tools along with an instruction manual. The manual helps the purchaser to fix the pieces and build the frame. The process is simple and requires spending a few hours.


The product from DUMEE carries a five-year warranty. It includes a free replacement for damaged parts. Users can also order parts according to the requirement.


  • High-quality material use
  • Headboard, footboard, and slats increase sturdiness
  • Non-squeaky structure
  • Does not require box spring
  • Elegant and simple to assemble


  • Color differentiation
  • Develops noises at ends within a few months
  • Few parts missing during shipment

Metal Bed Frames – FAQs

Can I expect proper support and comfort from a metal bed frame?

A metal bed frame is a robust structure and there will be no caving or curving issues if you sleep on it. You can certainly expect proper back support when you choose to sleep on a metal bed frame after placing a mattress on it. The solid frame supports your weight well and there will be no misalignment of spine, back, or shoulder leading to sprains or sore spots.

How can I best use a metal bed frame?

A metal bed frame is a highly portable item. You can easily fold it into a small and portable shape and size. It is a convenient piece of furniture to carry with yourself if you are going out camping or on a small adventure trip. A metal bed frame can also be highly usable in large scale disaster management. Also, despite the solid construction, this is an item which is not too heavy and is easy to carry too.

What about squeaking and breaking issues?

Metal bed frames are manufactured using advanced techniques and superior craftsmanship these days. If you get your bed frame from a trusted brand, you can be assured that there will be no squeaking or breaking issues. The frames are highly supple, allowing you to spread it out and fold it back with minimal effort. Once laid out, the frame stands firmly, without any chance of squeaking or breaking of the parts.

Is it easy to assemble a metal bed frame?

A metal bed frame is a rather simple piece of furniture despite its structural strength. So, once you get the package delivered, it is not likely to take you a long time to assemble the pieces and to make it into a proper bed frame to rest your mattress on. There will be a manufacturer’s instructions sheet provided as well which you can follow to finish off the task quickly on your own. It takes about ten to twenty minutes time of work to assemble it for the first time.

How durable is a metal bed frame?

A metal bed frame is extremely durable and sturdy in quality. It is designed in a manner so that you can just place the mattress and crash on it for a good night’s sleep. There is no need of a box spring to offer extra structural strength. Made of robust parts, a metal bed frame can easily support adult weight.

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