Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019

Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019

Why would anyone buy an expensive mattress under $2000? If you’re a business-person, who just landed a new Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019promotion, and your spouse has been redecorating and continuously complaining about the saggy 8-year-old mattress, or maybe you have serious back problems, you might consider a high-end product. If you’re single fit millennial with a new job and a vast amount of debt, a high-end mattress might not be of utmost importance. A top-notch mattress simply caters to specific clientele.

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While it’s believed that a regular run-of-the-mill mattress gets the job done, this might not always be correct. If you sleep eight hours per night, you spend roughly one-third of your life in bed. That’s a considerable time with a mattress and you must get precisely what you require from it. There are remarkable attributes found in top-notch luxury mattresses not typically found on opposite side of price spectrum, making it completely worth buying.

Shopping for a high-quality mattress can actually put a dent in wallet if obtained at brick-and-mortar stores. But, the resurgence of direct-to-consumer mattress industry simply skips middleman and supplies directly to customers who get high-quality mattresses made of all-natural materials under $2,000. This direct-to-consumer smart investment provides big savings instead of store-bought mattresses.

With a solid budget of $2,000, your choices expand to a massive diversity of first-rate mattresses. For some users, this abundance of options can be overpowering. So, if you’re about to make a considerable investment in a new mattress under $2000, go through these 15 best product recommendations to know you’re spending money wisely.

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What Constitutes The Best Mattresses Under $2000?

You might imagine that purchasing the expensive mattress would make sense. After all, top-notch means superb Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019quality and assuring warranties. A mattress just under $2000 is an epitome of luxury, having higher-quality materials and better support, whether you sleep on side/back/stomach.

The $1,000-$2,000 range has the best mattresses. And it isn’t merely memory foam residing in this range; there are hybrids, latex foam, and innerspring coil mattresses in this category.

Mattresses under $2000 are thicker than lower-priced counterparts. This is because they have manifold layers that work jointly to offer comfort and support. Just as memory foam comfort layers offer body contouring, poly-foam supports cores, or innerspring coils provide support and/or body contouring. Understanding what every layer does help you shop for the best, suited to your sleep habits and physique type.

A thicker mattress naturally provides better support, essential for sleepers suffering from back pain and for heavier users, for whom a thinner mattress might sag/compress, causing them to be unsupported and sore.

Higher-end mattress has longest warranty since they are made of superior materials and are estimated to hold up fine and last longer than low-priced alternatives.

Many mattresses under $2,000 are made with all-natural materials and have certifications that let customers know the product is ecological. Mattresses made with low-priced synthetic materials often generate a chemical off-gassing odor when unpacked; those with natural materials don’t have this drawback.

Who Can Go For The Best Mattresses Under $2000?

While shopping for mattresses, most people tend to wonder about why choosing such mattress is the way to go. The following buyers/users must opt for a superior-quality mattress:

Unlimited Budget:

If cash is not any consideration, it makes sense getting a mattress with best materials and technology. Sleep quality isTop 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019 important, so there’s no cutting corner. Those who can make somewhat larger investment should pick best mattresses under $2000.

Pain Relief:

Body/back pain is caused by wrong mattress, too soft/firm or subpar materials that are deficient in support. New mattress is a first-line defense against body pain.

Heavy Users:

Cheap mattresses are thinner and aren’t good for heavyweight sleepers. The extra layers in expensive mattresses keep heavier sleepers supported throughout night.

Décor Renovation:

If you’re shopping for a mattress to match new decor, it makes sense to spend for a mattress that matches your newly-renovated house where everything personifies luxury and your old saggy mattress is a misfit. Young couples moving in a new apartment/house can invest in something that lasts for years to come.

5 Top Traits To Scrutinize While Choosing Best Mattresses Under $2000

Does a mattress that costs just under $2,000 actually offer a dissimilar sleeping experience from one that costs lesser? What makes it different? Shopping for a high-end mattress doesn’t signify it’s unavoidably a better one. It’s significant to look beyond marketing terminology to see how it’s designed and what the manufacturer offers.

Here are a few traits that well-informed mattress shoppers must seek while researching the top-rated mattresses under $2,000.


Regarding mattress quality and price, the higher you set out, the thicker it will become. Thinner mattresses need lesser materials to manufacture, making them a less luxurious product. When you choose for a mattress under $2,000, you’ll find they’re thick and have various comfort layers relieving achy joints, support layers to guarantee that you don’t experience you’re sinking into it, and transition layers between two realms. Each layer is strategically-put to Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019produce idyllic comfort, so most high-end mattresses can’t be flipped.


Low-priced mattress designs feature innerspring coil technology or thinner foam. As price point moves higher, mattresses will utilize a varied assortment of sleep technology in designs. You’ll find mattresses that use innerspring coils, mattresses with strategic foam layers for pressure relief and support. You’ll find hybrids that mingle innerspring coils and foam layers.

Material Quality

Mattresses in higher price-tiers have higher-quality materials. This means avoiding synthetic materials and utilizing natural materials that offer comfort while releasing less noxious chemicals and creating negligible impact on environment.

Bed Size

There are noteworthy price differences based on bed size. Consequently, you’ll cautiously consider the right mattress size. Many factors control the right choice including room size, height, sharing mattress with another person, space needed to lounge out in bed, and you can save money by ensuring you find an aptly-sized mattress.

Knowing preferred mattress size help in comparing prices amid brands and models. If more than one individual is using mattress regularly, then it’s really important to talk through issues like bed area, comfort preference before considering potential mattress choices.

Warranty Assurance

One signature of high-end mattress makers is their desire for clientele to really get an opportunity to try and enjoy a fresh mattress before buying. A liberal sleep-trial gives user sufficient time to break in a fresh mattress and see how it feels. Seek a manufacturer that stands behinds its merchandises with long-lasting warranty; this exhibits they anticipate their mattresses to hold up fine over time.

It’s important to purchase from a brand that’s known for first-rate customer service. If you have issues with your mattress, you can be assured that company will achieve a resolution and not leave you stranded with an unnecessary mattress.

Tips To Care For Your Top-Notch Mattress Under $2,000

If you decide to invest in a high-end mattress, it’s perhaps a priority to make it last no less than 8-10 years to get Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019money’s worth. Even though it’s premium material, upkeep is important to ensure it stays nice.

Mattress may not have a machine-washable cover. If you can’t wash the cover then don’t remove it, as they’re complicated to put back on, so unless a company distinctively states the mattress cover is machine-washable, use a different method to keep it clean.

If you spill wine or any beverage on mattress, use a mild detergent and moist microfiber towel to spot-clean it. Be cautious; don’t get mattress too drenched or detergent-saturated as it can damage foam. Wait until it dries to put the sheets back.

If you want to evade spills completely, purchase a mattress protector of right size and decent quality. With a mattress protector, you can be assured that whatever you spill won’t leave a perpetual stain, and it will protect against usual abrasion.

What Are The Noteworthy Features To Look For While Buying Best Mattresses Under $2000?

While some may be hesitant to spend around $2,000 for a mattress when lesser-priced options are available, finding the top-notch luxury mattress is an excellent investment. Here are the features you can expect from a mattress under $2,000.

Design & Construction

Mattresses have wide range of softness/firmness, materials, colors, styles, and sizes. Here are some options to try while you decide which is right for you.

Innerspring/coil mattress is the type that’s most customary. Conventional innerspring beds contain interlocked coil-system that works to offer support, while new coil-beds typically have individually-pocketed coils for support, but superior motion-isolation than innerspring. Normally, the more coils there are, the more support it presents. It’s recommended to heavy users, and they’ll last longer for heavyset users more than any foam bed would.

Memory foam is comfortable and really soft; foam offers pressure relief to hips/back/shoulders. It limits motion Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019transfer. It has a slow response rate as you apply pressure, with low bounce. There are other people, nevertheless, who don’t desire memory foam due to profound viscous feeling of dense foam. Plus, it retains body heat.

Latex foam is a blend of coil and memory foam. While it doesn’t hold actual coils, the way it bounces back after application of pressure impersonates receptiveness of coil mattresses. Latex foam is high-quality material and hypoallergenic, it’s an immense choice if you’ve allergies or are fitness-conscious. Polyurethane neutral foam is popular among bed-in-the-box brands because it’s comfortable, neutral and safe.

Gel memory foam has an additional gel component to make it significantly cooler than traditional memory foam mattress. Gel memory foam helps if mattress gets warm throughout night after hugging your body and retaining heat. They have a cooling agent.

Gel-like non-traditional hyper-elastic polymer on foam top provides an inimitable sleeping experience for anyone. Gel-like ice-cube tray structure is unbelievably-breathable and good for sweaty sleepers who need good airflow.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Sleeper type denotes the position(s) you are comfortable sleeping in, back/stomach/side, or a blend of all three. It’s vital to locate a mattress that accommodates your sleeper type for utmost comfort and support. Giving up comfort will probably cause some pain.

If you sleep on your back/stomach, get top-notch firmer mattresses providing support to areas your body will require: hips, neck, shoulders, and torso area. With a spongy mattress, these body parts sink into bed causing misaligned spine for the sleep duration. You’ll wake up with aches.

If you’re a side sleeper, consider a softer luxurious mattress so body curves are supported where necessary. A soft mattress contours itself to shoulder/hip shape and in place of a dense mattress that pushes up against you, causing pins-and-needles feeling, cut off blood circulation, or painful compression.

With carefully-structured manifold layers creating a precise sleep experience, higher-end under $2000 mattresses are comfier than cheaper options.

There could be many other dissimilar reasons why someone would rather select mattress under $2000 than other Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019low-priced options. Suppose you’re an athlete, a football/basketball player tackling other exceedingly large men, you must perhaps consider an opulent mattress accommodating larger sizes and offering targeted body support.

Maybe your spouse sleeping on opposite side of bed might want additional edge support so you don’t go rolling off the side during sleep. Whatever your motive, there’s an assortment of mattresses to select that fit specific needs.

Durability & Warranty

Extending the cost range roughly under $2,000 lets you exclude mattresses prepared of synthetic materials, off-gassing is ruled out. Such mattresses are easy to maintain or care.

A highly-durable mattress denotes as you go through research and purchasing procedure, you’ll enjoy the new mattress for several years without sagging, dents, breaking down, wearing out or creating uneasiness.

Higher-end mattress manufacturers offer longest warranties. Their mattresses are prepared of superior materials and are estimated to hold up nicely and last longer than low-priced options.

These beds have certifications galore being GREENGUARD Gold Certified signifying they are certainly safe to sleep on and buy for your home. The natural materials are sustainably-sourced and even certified by eco-INSTITUT. The materials inside the mattress are generally OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. Mattresses under $2000 are eco-friendly.

Top 15 Best Mattresses Under 2000 in 2019





1. Tuft & Needle Cal King Mattress, Bed in a Box, T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler with More Pressure Relief & Support Than Memory Foam(Top Pick)
10-year warranty$$$4.8
2. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes – Patented Airflow Transfer System, Kool-Flow Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Cover
4-month sleep trial$$$4.8
3. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Dual Firmness: 1 Side Soft – Other Side Firm, Copper Keeps You Cooler! (King)

Copper-infused memory foam

$$$$ 4.7
4. Leesa Hybrid Mattress, Luxury Hybrid 11″ Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified 3 Layer Spring/Memory Foam ConstructionLow VOC emissions$$$$4.6
5. Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 Memory Foam Mattress, King
Measures 80 inches x 76 inches x 9 inches$$$4.6
6. Eco Terra ECOT1106 Eco Life 11″ Medium-Firm Luxury Latex Full Mattress King White
Balanced sleep temperature$$$$4.5
7. iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 Hybrid Luxury Firm Mattress, Smart Adapt Hybrid Coil & Foam System
10 Year Worry Free Warranty$$$$ 4.5
8. Luxury Plush King Memory Foam Mattress, CopperRest Sleep 13″ Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box, 15 Year Warranty and 60 NightErgonomically-constructed$$$$4.5
9. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness – King
Great design, construction$$$$4.4
10. Beautyrest Silver Plush 600, Queen Innerspring Mattress
Extra contouring support$$$4.3
11. Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Coil-Spring Latex Mattress, Gel-infused Memory Foam + Coils + Latex + Triple Edge Support(12″ Plush, King)
768-count five zone pocket coil technology$$$$4.2
12. Firm King Memory Foam Mattress, CopperRest Sleep 9″ Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box, 15 Year Warranty and 60 Night
Relieves pressure point and improves sleep pattern$$$$ 4.1
13. Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm 1000, Cal King Hybrid Mattress
10 year limited warranty $$$$4.0
14. Beautyrest Platinum Luxury Firm Pillow Top Montego, Twin XL Innerspring MattressAdvanced pocketed-coil technology$$$$4.0
15. PlushBeds 12″ Luxury Bliss Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress with Encased Coils – Queen

Certified Organic Latex Comfort Layer


1.Tuft & Needle Cal King Mattress, Bed in a Box, T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler with More Pressure Relief & Support Than Memory Foam(Top Pick)

Find a blissful sleep haven with Tuft & Needle Cal King Mattress, Bed in a Box, T&N Adaptive Foam, Certi-PUR & Tuft & Needle Cal King Mattress, Bed in a Box, T&N Adaptive Foam, Sleeps Cooler with More Pressure Relief & Support Than Memory Foam(Top Pick)Oeko-Tex 100 Certified, 10-Year Warranty!

Tuft & Needle Cal King Mattress sleeps cooler with T&N Adaptive Foam and is a connoisseur’s choice as it provides additional support and pressure relief than conventional memory foam.

Design & Construction

73lbs Tuft & Needle Cal King Mattress measures 84”x72”x10” has plush T&N Mattress cover made with micro-polyamide plus polyester blend. It has superior, spongy feel. It’s breathable, heat-soaking, and anti-pilling/tearing. Micro-Polyamide dries 6-8 times swifter than cotton, makes you sleep cooler, sounder.

Proprietary, recently-engineered T&N Adaptive® Foam combines memory foam and latex benefits by preventing subdued attributes. Foam has cooling gel, graphite to support cool sleep, extra bounce than traditional foam.

Foam is ideal for sleepers of several sizes/weights. Custom T&N Adaptive® Foam is coupled with a first-rate supportive base layer that shapes idyllic mattress foundation.

Ergonomics & Comfort

To capitalize on comfort, Tuft & Needle focuses on quality of layers. It’s soft without any sinking feeling, comfy, bouncy and supportive; perfect for all sleeping positions. Comfortable T&N Adaptive® foam and provides immense pressure relief without feeling like quicksand. Support layer offers wonderful base for a full night’s sleep.

Besides heat-soaking graphite and cooling gel in T&N Adaptive® foam, cover is extremely breathable to keep cool. High-grade foam has localized bounce so you won’t alarm your spouse.

It’s ideal for users with back problems but won’t create pressure points under hips/shoulders/upper back.

It works well for perspiring users during sweltering summer nights. The lower foam layer is dense; supportive foam permits the body curvature to sink into it while not risking back/joints.

Durability & Warranty

Just Amazon buys that palpably utter ‘Ships from and sold by Amazon’ are sanctioned by Tuft & Needle, and comprise Amazon’s 100-night return policy with T&N’s candid, 10-year manufacturer warranty.

10-year limited warranty covers manufacturing/workmanship defects including sagging, body impressions larger than 0.75”, or foam crash causing split, rupture, or deterioration. Any undone stitching in cover zipper is warranted.

If you don’t like it after trial, get a full refund and free removal to any preferable charity. Built-to-last mattress unpacks smoothly in minutes. Fabric has high durability. Mattress cover fabric is pilling-/tearing-resistant. It’s compatible with bed box/slatted/adjustable frame.

CertiPUR-US® certified foam is free from damaging chemicals, and low on VOCs. It’s GREENGUARD Gold certified undergoing stern testing that assures less off-gassing and better indoor air quality.

It has Parent Tested Parent Approved™ certification, signifying testing from actual parents and their families if they liked it and would recommend the product. It has skin-safe STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.


  • Localized bounce, no motion transfer
  • Heat-absorbing breathability
  • 10-year warranty


  • If you’re a heavy individual, twist to assuage upper back pressure

2. Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes – Patented Airflow Transfer System, Kool-Flow Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Cover

Relax in the lap of luxury with Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes (King)!

Experience Snuggle-Pedic Difference and get snuggly cooler, supportive sleep you merit with a mattress that Snuggle-Pedic Mattress That Breathes – Patented Airflow Transfer System, Kool-Flow Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Coverbreathes with Kool-Flow ultra-luxurious bamboo cover.

Design & Construction

100% US-made Kool-Flow extra-breathable micro-vented zipper-removable Natural Ivory cover has 43% bamboo viscose, 56.4% polyester, 0.6% lycra to keep you cool all night long! Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover allows utmost breathability, with ultra-luxurious comfort for cooler, comfy sleep.

Snuggle-Pedic King mattress has USA Orthopedic Flex-Support memory foam. Modular cover is designed for easy-access in case any layer exchange within mattress is needed to alter comfort/support.

10” luxury thickness comes in various sizes. King measures 76”(width)x80”(length)x10”(height). Forget middleman, go factory direct! It flexes perfectly with adjustable beds or any firm/plane solid surface. You can use own firm, level foundation with closely-knit slats supporting mattress.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Foam mattresses relieve pressure effectively, but they are too hot, they don’t breathe fine. Support and longevity are not better.

Snuggle-Pedic solves this by offering Patented Airflow Transfer System for needed breathability allowing body heat to dissipate with 100 times additional airflow created from thousands of tiny surface holes connecting to open airflow channels that generate full airflow, giving a cool sleep and preventing mattress from wearing out quicker from fabric and sweat, foam’s worst enemy!

It’s perfect for side/back/stomach sleepers. Flex-Support technology offers pressure relief of memory foam/gel mattress; it’s easier to move around on and supportive. It’s CertiPUR-US Certified eco-friendly.

Pressure-relieving surface gives conforming cushion for shoulders/hips with extra-accommodating & firm channeled lower layer for ideal balance, spinal support for back/stomach sleepers and universal comfort.

It has low temperature-sensitivity & ultra-reactive sleep surface. Unique extra-buoyant Flex-Support memory foam reacts to body in any temperature setting for instant pressure relief, while still lessening motion transfer between partners. It might be over 100 degrees outside, this mattress sleeps extremely cool.

Durability & Warranty

Hypoallergenic & dust-mite resistant Snuggle-Pedic is rolled & vacuum-sealed for eco-friendly shipping & 120-night no-hassle refund guarantee.

It has industry-leading 20-year warranty and complimentary customizations and exchanges.

It has non-toxic durable components and very low V.O.C.! Everything from fabric, cover, and fire-proof chemical-free socking are made domestically in Southern California Factory. Low in VOC foam is tested to be made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead and other heavy metals, formaldehyde.


  • Patented Airflow Transfer System
  • USA-Orthopedic Flex-Support memory foam
  • 20-year warranty
  • 4-month sleep trial


  • Quite heavy for a single user to carry

3. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Dual Firmness: 1 Side Soft – Other Side Firm, Copper Keeps You Cooler! (King)

Stop counting sheep with Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Dual Firmness: 1 Side Soft – Other Side Firm, Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress – Dual Firmness: 1 Side Soft – Other Side Firm, Copper Keeps You Cooler! (King)Copper Keeps You Cooler! (King)!

Layla Sleep Memory Foam King Mattress has twofold firmness: one side squashy, other side firm! Copper-infused mattress is flippable for firmness. Copper sleeps cooler, cleaner, and is more obliging under profound density so you wake up feeling hearty.

Design & Construction

109.3lbs Layla Sleep has dimensions of 50.8”x19”x18.8”. Copper is the ultimate multi-tasking element as it’s the most conductive metal; it wicks away heat and dispels it. Copper is anti-microbial, so mattress remains fresh forever.

Copper-infused CertiPUR-US certified memory foam allows swift heat transfer, profound compression support, and antimicrobial advantage. This copper-infused cooling structure offers cool sleep and support for every sleeping position.

Convoluted foam gives profound comfort and highest airflow. Base foam/polyfoam allows core support. Thermogel-infused cover offers great heat dispersion. It responds to body temperature to evade body from getting warmer during sleep.

Layla Mattress has preferable firmness. The spongy side is 4.5 out of 10, and firm side is 7 out of 10. Flip mattress for dialed-in custom comfort.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Any back issues fade away with ergonomically-designed Layla Sleep. It has flippable soft/solid characteristic so if you desire a soft bed and your spouse likes firmness, Layla is the answer. For heavyset users with pressure points concerns, Layla is the best.

If you’re a combo sleeper, Layla Sleep would have room for your any sleep style/position. This mattress doesn’t get excessively hot as you sleep. If you always wake up numerous times each night because of motion transfer, pick Layla Sleep.

Durability & Warranty

Easy-to-maintain Layla is considerately-designed for breezy, fresh, comfy sleep imaginable, for an active day. Layla offers 120-night sleep trial and if you aren’t fond of it, it’s picked up and donated to neighborhood charity and company will issue you full refund. There’s lifetime warranty.


  • Flippable mattress
  • Copper-infused memory foam
  • 120-night trial


  • A bit thin for heavy users

4. Leesa Hybrid Mattress, Luxury Hybrid 11″ Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified 3 Layer Spring/Memory Foam Construction

Find ultimate luxury with Leesa Hybrid Mattress, Luxury Hybrid 11″ Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified 3 Leesa Hybrid Mattress, Luxury Hybrid 11″ Mattress in a Box, CertiPUR-US Certified 3 Layer Spring/Memory Foam ConstructionLayer Spring/Memory Foam Construction, California King, White & Gray!

Leesa Hybrid 11″ premium mattress-in-a-box is top-rated by industry experts and customers. Leesa Hybrid is meticulously-engineered to provide matchless sleep experience for those who desire best of both worlds with sense and support of springs with benefits of memory foam like pressure release and cooling.

Design & Construction

White & Gray-colored 142lbs Polyester US-made California King Leesa Hybrid measures 84”x72”x11”. It has CertiPUR-US Certified 3-layer spring/memory foam construction.

Leesa Hybrid mingles premium foam layers with independently-wrapped pocket springs for superior edge-to-edge support. The mattress features cooling high-performance 1.5″ arena-foam top layer, contouring 1.5″ memory-foam recovery layer and 6″ active pocket-spring layer improved with edge support.

Comfort layer sleeps cool, with ideal hug and bounce. Recovery layer relieves pressure and contours to body. Support layer fine-tunes to all body types.

Leesa Hybrid vigorously responds/adapts to body during sleep, quietly pushing back on pressure points throughout night. The hybrid pairing gives consistent, yet luxurious rest.

Leesa is covered with iconic 4-stripe highly-breathable virtually-seamless mattress cover with no tapered edges.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Leesa Hybrid features implausible edge-to-edge support because of 1,000+ individually-wrapped pocket springs.

Sapira is the true luxury hybrid mattress designed to bring enhanced pressure relief, despite your body type or sleeping style.

Unique pocket-spring sizes diverge from edge to center, giving you outstanding edge support while sitting/lying down. The support layer minimizes motion transfer. The comfort layer takes weight off hips/shoulders.

Durability & Warranty

Purchase is 100% risk-free. It includes a 100-night in-home trial backed by no-hassle, full-refund policy and 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. There’s free shipping/returns.

It’s long-lasting and CertiPUR-US®-Certified, made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates for good indoor air quality.


  • 1,000+ individually-wrapped pocket springs
  • Low VOC emissions
  • 10-year warranty


  • Extra firmness

5. Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 Memory Foam Mattress, King

Get undisturbed and complete sleep cycles with Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 Memory Foam Mattress, Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 Memory Foam Mattress, KingKing!

Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 memory foam King Mattress lets you sleep comfily without any disruption and you stay in the pink of health.

Design & Construction

63lbs Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 memory foam King Mattress measures 80”x76”x9”. Medium-firm feel mattress has Cool-Action gel memory foam with a first-rate all-foam support system. It requires two King foundations or platform bed for whole set.

Ergonomics & Comfort

It’s designed to solve 5 universal sleep problems and reduces tossing and turning with Cool-Action Gel Memory Foam; encourages appropriate back support and alignment with Comfort Last Foam Core, promotes a reasonable sleep temperature with general mattress design that promotes airflow.

It minimizes shock from partner movement with finest support system and sophisticated foams for motion isolation; it resists sagging and edge roll-off with Serta’s ‘Comfort Last’ construction and ‘Ultimate Edge’ foam encasement. Comfort Scale Rating (of 5) = 2.

Serta’s flexibility and firmness enable body and mind transition from initial stage to deep sleep stage swiftly. The memory foam and firmness heal stress, insomnia, and eliminate fatigue. Serta mattress supports spinal cord roots connecting CNS to facilitate circulation and stimulate deep sleep.

Durability & Warranty

Serta perfect sleeper is durable and easy to care; it’s designed to offer absolute relief to pressure points in circulation system. The memory foam heals pain and stress from receptive spots for years.

Serta’s resilient materials are absolutely secure from detrimental chemicals, allergens, and other irritants which disturb your sleep. It has 10-year warranty.


  • Cool-Action gel memory foam
  • No tossing/turning
  • Back support/alignment
  • Balanced sleep temperature
  • Zero motion transfer
  • No sagging/edge roll-off


  • Very firm

6. Eco Terra ECOT1106 Eco Life 11″ Medium-Firm Luxury Latex Full Mattress King White

Correct your spinal alignment with Eco Terra ECOT1106 Eco Life 11″ Medium-Firm Luxury Latex Full Mattress Eco Terra ECOT1106 Eco Life 11″ Medium-Firm Luxury Latex Full Mattress King WhiteKing White!

Eco Terra ECOT1106 Eco Life 11″ medium-firm latex full mattress is made with 100% natural latex. Experience the buoyancy and durability of latex as you drift off to dreamland. Eco Terra is painstakingly engineered to offer optimal sleep experience.

Design & Construction

11″ Eco Terra Organic Cotton White King Mattress has 3″ plush layer of 100% natural plant-derived hypoallergenic talalay D75 latex, a premium independently-wrapped, fabric-enclosed coil core, wool fire-barrier, and 100% organic cotton cover.

Single-source natural latex gives reliable uniformity that each latex mattress was calibrated with for accurate support and buoyancy you require to reach deep and soothing REM sleep.

Latex foam creates buoyant support layer cradling you for restful sleep. Breathable, pinstripe design of EcoTerra is enhanced by organic cotton fabric for perfect sleeping surface for complete relaxation.

Fabric-encased, specially-designed, 16-gauge USA Steel 1283 calibrated coils offer continuing comfort, while minimizing partner movement. Each coil is exclusively-calibrated for augmented support while eliminating tender pressure points in any sleep position.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Delightfully-receptive, 100% all-natural latex molds to body physically for invincible comfort and support. Individually-wrapped coils curtail motion transfer; you sleep soundly with no partner annoyance. Quantum coils strengthen Eco Terra for comfortable sleep surface right to edge.

Eco Terra latex mattress is lavishly-soft, with right amount of firmness/support for deep REM sleep. It’s 5.5 out of 10 on firmness scale, you feel cradled and supported, despite your sleep position.

A natural latex layer reduces painful resistance feeling at pressure points. The isolated coils beneath act as unwavering support network, to keep spine in ideal alignment without dense foam feeling.

Durability & Warranty

GOTS-Certified organic cotton is hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and extra-soft eliminating harsh dyes/chemicals that cause irritation. 100% natural uncompromised latex foam has no fillers/blends. It’s 26% more durable than foam. Fabric-encased coils last longer. Eco Terra comes with 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 100% natural latex
  • Fabric-encased coils
  • No assembly required
  • Proudly handmade in USA


  • A little tough for side sleepers

7. iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 Hybrid Luxury Firm Mattress, Smart Adapt Hybrid Coil & Foam System

Sleep cool and comfily with iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 Hybrid Luxury Firm Mattress (California King)!iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 Hybrid Luxury Firm Mattress, Smart Adapt Hybrid Coil & Foam System

Scientifically developed for best sleep, iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 Hybrid Luxury firm mattress’s engineered hybrid structure with specialty smart foams and adaptive-response pocketed coils allow optimal sleep with temperature regulation, pressure release, adaptive sustenance, and comfort.

Design & Construction

14″ California King USA-made iDealBed Luxe Series iQ5 has medium-firm luxurious comfort level, unique floating feeling with no pressure points for total body comfort.

Quilting Layers are iDeal Smart Temp Luxury Quilt Fabric, 0.5″ iDeal Sense Gel-Foam and 1″ iDeal Smart Adapt Foam for buoyant floating feel.

Upholstery layers are 1″ iDeal Firm Contour Memory Foam, 1″ Response Support Latex for alignment and 2″ iDeal Tech Liquid Gel Memory Foam.

Support System is iDeal Contour Dual-Response zoned Pocketed-Coils for targeted support eliminating pressure points.

It has dual-support full-edge foam encasement and ultra-high-density support base-foam. Coil count is 1362.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Medium-firmness has additional cushioning, for softer initial impact. Prepare to experience newest improvements and innovations in luxury sleep!

Mattress provides perfect mix of comfort and support for best sleep with a unique floating feeling which alleviates all pressure points resulting in normal relaxation for restorative sleep in any sleep position.

The soft-knit luxury cover permits breathability to incessantly draw heat away from body allowing optimal surface temperature. iDeal Sense Gel Foam/iDeal Tech Liquid Gel Memory Foam produce ceaseless cooling sensation preventing mattress from sleeping hot. Dual-Response Pocketed-Coils eliminate pressure points and wakeful nights.

Durability & Warranty

Highest-quality luxury-build is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, Certi-PUR US & Oeko-Tex 100 certified, Compatible with all foundations and frames including box spring/platform frame/adjustable bed/floor.

Made durably in USA, you get risk-free 120-night sleep-trial, 10-year worry-free warranty; pair with an iDealBed Adjustable Bed for ultimate sleep system.


  • iDeal Smart-Adapt Foams fine-tune for comfort
  • Certi-PUR US/Oeko-Tex 100 certified
  • 120-day sleep trial


  • Mattress cover could be better

8. Luxury Plush King Memory Foam Mattress, CopperRest Sleep 13″ Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box, 15 Year Warranty and 60 Night

Bring ultimate comfort in your bed with Luxury Plush King Memory Foam Mattress!

CopperRest from Accord Comfort Sleep Systems comes with handcrafted beds derived from years of experience Luxury Plush King Memory Foam Mattress, CopperRest Sleep 13″ Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box, 15 Year Warranty and 60 Nightwithin the industry. Perfectly, your mattress is constructed for your comfort and health in mind that will bring the finest night’s sleep.

Design & Construction

13″ luxury plush king foam mattress measures 80″x76″x13″ and weighs around 122lbs. Avail all health benefits with copper and gel-infused beds. By this technology provide bone, joint relief, and improved circulation as it’s completely anti-microbial/anti-bacterial.

This mattress is the healthiest mattress range in the world. This is since how they’re constructed and outfitted from only premium core construction materials, mattresses are all rolled, vacuum-compressed, so they ship expediently in a box to your door through FedEx/UPS.

Ergonomics & Comfort

By means of special Accord Comfort Reflex Layer, get finest support devoid of worries of causing pressure points as coil spring mattresses do. Copper-infused gel latex provides you a firm however plush feel, and removes body heat to keep the mattress top cool thus you find the finest sleep.

The copper treats numerous ailments, similar to bone and joint relief, superior blood flow and circulation, it is ideal for anyone who’s having allergies and different health-associated issues.

Durability & Warranty

This handcrafted bed’s made with quality and technologies conforming to every individual, providing the most exclusive feel and very best quality sleep. Get this mattress with confidence as you get 60-night comfort guarantee. If you don’t like it; you get a full refund.


  • Proudly made in USA
  • Copper-infused gel latex
  • Accord Comfort Reflex Layer
  • Ergonomically-constructed


  • Slightly heavier

9. Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness – King

Go sleep blissfully with Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress!

Sleep On Latex brings you the mattress that is all carefully-designed with natural latex intended for comfort, Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress – Medium Firmness – Kingattractiveness, durability, and accessibility that comes in attractive sizes for your preferences.

Design & Construction

King-size mattress measures 76″x80″x9″ and weighs around 150lbs. It has 100% pure green natural latex; that means it has no poly foam, no synthetic latex foam, or no blended latex foam. The attractive quilted-cover’s manufactured with cotton and organic New Zealand Wool.

It features medium firmness that has 6” of 34 ILD Natural Latex Foam with 2” of 20 ILD Natural Latex Foam and organic wool padding making it complete. There is no assembly needed; just put the mattress on your bed frame, open the plastic wrap, your mattress is ready to use.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The mattress is equally comfortable and supportive. It has approximately 1″ of quilted wool into mattress cover to give additional height and comfort. Natural latex foam gives entirely pinpointed elastic support. This elasticity lets the foam regulate right away toward your every move, letting you get constant support devoid of any resistance.

Various other types of foam sink as the night goes by, but this pure green latex foam maintains similar support entire night. Every one of the constituents stays cool. The natural latex foam includes tiny air chambers that run all through foam and let air effortlessly circulate all through mattress.

Durability & Warranty

The mattress is made with only the highest quality components. Every bit of fabric used in this mattress is 100% organic cotton. The latex foam is prepared with 100% natural latex and complies with world’s toughest health standards.

The mattress is all GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL and has no fire retardant chemicals added.


  • 100% Natural Latex Foam
  • 100% Organic New Zealand Wool
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Great design, construction


  • Slightly smelly

10. Beautyrest Silver Plush 600, Queen Innerspring Mattress

Dive into the Beautyrest Silver Plush 600, Queen Innerspring Mattress for truest sleeping hours!Beautyrest Silver Plush 600, Queen Innerspring Mattress

Simmons Mattress manufacturer has been a leader within mattress manufacturing for over 100 years. Beautyrest flagship product has been a household name for numerous decades that give ultimate comfort and health benefits that someone is looking for.

Design & Construction

600 firmness of Queen-Size innerspring mattress measures 79.5″x60″x12″; item weight is 68lbs and shipping weight is 77.5lbs. It needs one Queen-Size foundation or platform bed to make a complete set. You deserve the best sleeping feel. The mattress features stylish design paired by sensitive technologies thus you can wake up each morning re-energized.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The mattress features standard pocketed coils or the models by extra BackCare Support including more coils for additional contouring and support. The mattress is tested for every size and sleep position.

Durability & Warranty

These beds work well in the practical sense, have reasonable materials integrated into their design, they originate from one of the largest, finest known mattress producers in the world. You can carefully reflect on these mattresses with assurance and focus on knowing if any of their models go perfectly with your situation and needs. Also, mattress’s backed with 10-year limited warranty coverage to give complete peace of mind.


  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Sophisticated design, technology
  • Extra contouring support
  • Long-lasting materials to ensure durability


  • Firmness is slightly on harder side

11. Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Coil-Spring Latex Mattress, Gel-infused Memory Foam + Coils + Latex + Triple Edge Support(12″ Plush, King)

Enjoy wistful sleeping experience with Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Coil-Spring Latex Mattress!

Voila is America’s top-rated and finest luxury hybrid mattress available in market today. It’s outfitted with all right Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Coil-Spring Latex Mattress, Gel-infused Memory Foam + Coils + Latex + Triple Edge Support(12″ Plush, King)layers at the right places to promise a cool and relaxed sleep at night. The mattress is delivered within a box at your doorstep.

Design & Construction

12″ king-size plush mattress measures 79.5″x75.5″x12″ and weighs about 164lbs. It features luxury showroom quality that ranks #1 in innerspring mattress range. It’s completely crafted to give you a magnificent sleep experience by no sacrifice in quality.

It comes with unmatched support of 768-count five-zone pocket coil technology to offer ultimate support, and with triple edge side-wall for support. Manufactured with gel-infused memory foam and latex that enhances Airflow system, you maintain coolness. Voila offers a customized firmness comfort option of Plush/Medium/Firm.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The mattress was constructed to offer the vital luxury sleep experience, giving you comfort in all the correct areas, and providing you a pleasant and comfortable sleep that lets you wake up re-energized. An innerspring mattress has the finest quality that meets and exceeds every CertiPUR-US standards.

Durability & Warranty

After many years of engineering and improvement, Voila produced an ultra-premium mattress and offered it straight to customers. The company offers a free comfort exchange if you choose and want a dissimilar firmness option, and gives you a 100-night sleep trial to ensure you value your mattress. It’s backed with a full refund and free returns all through sleep trial. Also, the mattress comes with a full 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind.


  • CertiPUR-US polyurethane foam
  • Customized-comfort firmness option
  • Reasonable quality
  • 10-year warranty


  • Craftsmanship could have been better

12. Firm King Memory Foam Mattress, CopperRest Sleep 9″ Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box, 15 Year Warranty and 60 Night

Sleep easy and glide into the Firm King Memory Foam Mattress!

Accord Comfort Sleep Systems brings you a mattress that is all built with your comfort and wellbeing in mind. You Firm King Memory Foam Mattress, CopperRest Sleep 9″ Copper/Gel Infused Latex Bed in a Box, 15 Year Warranty and 60 Nightcan relax easy, knowing we’ve got your back since this mattress is constructed simply for you that will bring about the supreme night’s sleep you ever had.

Design & Construction

The firm king-size foam mattress measures 80″x76″x9″ and weighs around 75lbs. The copper-infused technology is verified to supply bone and joint relief and superior blood circulation besides being fully anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, also ensure cool temperature for finest possible sleep. The handcrafted beds contour to every individual, giving the most exclusive feel and extremely best quality sleep.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The mattress will give you the finest sleep experience of your life because of copper-infused gel latex that’s within this mattress. This copper-infused gel latex provides you a firm although plush feel, comes with antibacterial and antimicrobial features, and removes body heat to keep mattress breathable and cool thus you get the finest sleep.

The mattress features exclusive Reflex Layer, giving you the finest support devoid of the worries of occurring pressure points in coil spring mattresses. The mattress is constructed with a layer of copper and gel-infused latex that has been revealed to relieve joint pain and signs of arthritis.

Durability & Warranty

The mattress’s made with precise design team and technologies and crafted from simply premium core construction materials. Purchase with confidence and get 60-night comfort guarantee. If you don’t love this mattress, simply contact the company for a full refund. Also, you get 15-year warranty coverage.


  • Copper and gel-infused latex
  • Made in USA
  • Relieves pressure point and improves sleep pattern
  • 60-night comfort guarantee


  • Slightly firmer feel

13. Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm 1000, Cal King Hybrid Mattress

Enhance your sleeping hours with Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Luxury Firm 1000, Cal King Hybrid Mattress!

Beautyrest Silver Hybrid mattresses that feature an Evenloft cover tops, with durable comfort of DualCool Memory Foam; it can improve your sleep pattern quite drastically; feel fresh and energetic as waking up in the morning.

Design & Construction

The cal king Silver Hybrid measures 83.5″x72″x13″ and weigh around 109lbs. You get medium comfort feel. It needs two Cal King foundations or platform bed to make it a complete set.

The silver mattresses are futuristic of Beautyrest advanced sleep system. They bring the comfort of memory foam by the most favorable contouring support with Pocketed-Coil Technology. The mattresses have 100’s of Beautyrest’s separately-wrapped, pocketed coils that regulate separately to your weight and your body contours.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Silver Hybrid mattresses offer refreshing sleep. You get memory foam comfort that is backed with advanced memory foam technologies to get together for decisive conforming support and comfort. It’s backed with memory foam of DualCool Technology that assists in removing heat from mattress surface thus you keep cool and comfortable.

AirCool memory foam soothes pressure points by conforming to body’s natural position. Moreover, Dynamic Response Memory Foam has an exclusively firm feel intended for conforming back support and comfort. It features antimicrobial properties that stop the expansion of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.

Durability & Warranty

The silver mattress’s made with premium quality materials and technologies to give a long-lasting performance, backed with 10-year limited warranty to give complete peace of mind.


  • Memory foam for cool, comfortable feel
  • AirCool Memory removes pressure points
  • Memory foam has DualCool Technology
  • Antimicrobial properties


  • Sleeping area is slightly narrower

14. Beautyrest Platinum Luxury Firm Pillow Top Montego, Twin XL Innerspring Mattress

Attain luxurious comfort of Beautyrest Platinum Luxury Firm Pillow Top Montego!

Beautyrest Platinum comes with superior style and inventive design mattress. The bed is expertly-produced for a Beautyrest Platinum Luxury Firm Pillow Top Montego, Twin XL Innerspring Mattresstrendy sleep system that energizes your body.

Design & Construction

The twin XL innerspring mattress measures 79.5″x38″x16″ and weighs about 73lbs. It has plush comfort feel to give sound sleep. You need one Twin XL foundation or platform bed to make this set complete.

It comes with Advanced Pocketed-Coil Technology to give conforming back support and pressure point relief. It’s outfitted with patented sleep technologies with AirCool MAX Memory Foam to help refine comfort. Benefit from a perfected sleep climate and superior temperature management by facilitation of Surface Cool Plus Fiber with other innovations.

Ergonomics & Comfort

It offers conforming back support plus pressure-point relief. The mattress is suitable for anyone who prefers luxury firmness. This bed is mainly useful for back/stomach sleepers. It gives better comfort, sound rest, correct spine alignment, and appropriate weight distribution.

The pillow-top is constructed with gel-touch foam that gives stimulating comfort backed by exceptional conformability and surface contouring. The luxury firmness performs an amazing job of giving a neutral spine position. The bed moreover gives superb bounce with motion isolation.

Durability & Warranty

The performance of bed is simply flawless as best materials have been placed to make this exclusive bed. Beautyrest Platinum’s backed with limited 10-year warranty, which covers defective product with poor workmanship.


  • Superior pressure relief
  • Advanced pocketed-coil technology
  • Tencel-infused fibers maintain favorable sleep temperature
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Firmness is slightly on softer side

15. PlushBeds 12″ Luxury Bliss Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress with Encased Coils – Queen

Sleep contentedly in your PlushBeds 12″ Luxury Bliss Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress!

PlushBeds brings you premium mattress that keeps your spine aligned for improving sleeping posture and no aches, PlushBeds 12″ Luxury Bliss Hybrid Natural Latex Mattress with Encased Coils – Queenpains while waking up in morning. The mattress conforms to body curvature intended for an adapted sleep experience and buoyant support of spring.

Design & Construction

The queen-size 12″ Luxury Bliss mattress weighs 130lbs and measures 80″x60″x12″. The mattress features medium-firm density, the finest for stomach/back sleepers; features about 1,188 individually-wrapped premium steel motion-isolating coils to eradicate disturbances among partners.

You can avail mattresses through different thickness/dissimilar support layers. It features certified organic-latex comfort-layer to give complete soothing experience, the Joma Wool works as a Fire-Barrier to pass on a softness and protection layer working as a temperature regulator.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The mattress’s made with finest-quality fabric-encased coils that react individually to exclusive pressure made by every inch of body. The outcome is better support, least motion transfer, and relaxed, buoyant sleep feel.

The open setting of fabric-encased coils gives amplified airflow, which lets you cool as you rest. This is an airy bed that promotes air circulation and keeps bacteria and irritating mold away. The individually-wrapped premium steel give motion-isolating coils to reduce disturbances among partners.

Durability & Warranty

PlushBeds’ made with high-quality durable materials placed in construction, by high standard technologies to bring vital comfort for long.


  • Medium/medium-firm density
  • Certified Organic Latex Comfort Layer
  • Spine alignment, improves sleeping posture
  • Buoyant support of premium spring


  • Slightly denser
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