Top 15 Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers in 2022

Finding an ideal mattress is always a tough challenge. It’s quite harder if you have a larger-than-average body type. If Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers you’re a heavier person, many conventional models just can’t provide you with the back support, cushioning, and firmness you need and deserve.

A mattress which is a good fit for lighter users won’t essentially work well for somebody who is heavier. However, many mattress companies formulate their products considering the requirements of heavy-set people. While looking for a new mattress, users just need to pay enough attention to the carrying weight. Moreover, user must note the different functionality and design essentials a mattress should have to offer an optimal sleeping experience for overweight and larger-than-average sleepers.

Are There Any High-Weight Tolerance Mattresses For Overweight People Which Are Truly High-Quality And Comfortable?

While it’s true that you can’t examine the mattress before purchase, some online retailers offer a stress-free trial with a money-back guarantee, if you aren’t 100% pleased with your product. For heavy sleepers, this opportunity ensures the mattress is a right fit before the users commit.

It’s actually true that you can surely spot a high weight tolerance mattress with proper comfort. Before settling on an optimal model, consider the following points to enjoy a deep and supportive sleep. Top 15 Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers

Edge Support Boosts Weight Limit: Edge support is an important aspect for heavier sleepers. Some individuals use their mattresses when sitting during daytime hours, owning a mattress with supportive edging is grand for individuals who sleep near the edge of a bed.

Strong, well-built edges prevent sagging, allowing sleepers to rest securely and stay in a proper posture all-night long. Hybrid or innerspring styles present the finest edge support.

Thickness Ensures Weight Tolerance: While a moderately thin mattress is often adequate for kids and lighter sleepers, for heavier individuals it’s better to buy something thicker; usually, 10″ or thicker. A thicker mattress provides profound, balanced compression support, an aspect to keep body fully supported allowing a user to wake free of body aches, soreness, and stiffness.

Medium Or Firm Mattress Works Best In Bearing Load: For heavier sleepers, it’s essential to consider the overall firmness level. It’s preferable to pick a medium-firm mattress, often around a 6-7 on a firmness scale. To identify the best firmness, take your weight into account.

If you’re 200+ pounds, you will normally experience an additional 2″ of sinking feeling while using the mattress, although this might vary across individual sleepers and mattress structure. Typically, the heavier you are, the more profound sink you would feel.

Advantages Of Having A High-Quality Mattress With A High Weight Tolerance Top 15 Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers

Getting a top-quality high weight tolerance mattress can fetch a lot of benefits than you could possibly imagine. Here’s a rundown.

Restful & Healthy Sleep: Getting a mattress which is well-suited for heavy sleepers results in magnificent sleeping experience every night. You wake up well-rested, energetic and completely ready for any day. Waking up with pains or aches is something that can ruin your day, and bring forth long-term complications.

Motion Isolation: Tossing and turning on an ill-fitted mattress can wake up anybody resting on the other side. This is why motion isolation is a must-have for a mattress made for heavier sleepers. If you decide to buy a mattress, be certain they carry additional comfort and body support layers, which eliminates any motion transfer. Good motion isolation is obtained with a memory foam mattress. Innerspring mattresses are a lot bouncier and are deemed responsible for sleep disruption.

Medically-Proven For Pain Relief: A high weight tolerance mattress gives comfort to users with chronic back problems. Find a mattress to keep the back aligned while sleeping, something that aids in pain alleviation. The heavier you are, the denser your mattress should be. Many retailers can offer a trial period where you may return the mattress for a refund if you aren’t pleased. Just try before you purchase.

Expert Tips

Before you invest in a mattress intended for heavy sleepers, consider these expert tips:

  • Some mattresses aren’t resilient enough to support heavy users long term. So look at spring beds with separate coils to spread out weight and stop sagging. Top 15 Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers
  • Hot sleepers must buy memory foam containing gel beads or open-celled architecture to scatter heat evenly. When you lay down, most of the body gets better air.
  • Is it for a primary bed? If so, you must splurge on it as you’d sleep on it every night for many years to come.
  • Back/stomach sleepers dispense their weight consistently across the bed to relieve pressure points. If you’re a side sleeper, weight is more concentrated, and your body touches the bed unevenly. Buy deeper mattress, to relieve pressure, but adequate structure to keep the spine straight.
  • Find a mattress that offers firm support beneath with quality comfort.
  • If you’re 200+pounds, limit your options to 12+ inches for the deep compression support.
  • Enjoy the strategic placement of separate comfort zones in mattresses to provide better support for hips, upper back, and shoulders using an innerspring base unit.

What Are The Features You Must Consider While Buying Mattresses For Overweight Sleepers?

Typically, heavy sleepers have separate needs as it comes to finding the proper mattress. While many attributes of a good mattress cater to users of all sizes, there are important aspects to consider for sleepers who are heavier or larger than usual.

Material & Construction

A memory foam mattress is an excellent choice for heavy sleepers with its array of diverse builds, styles and materials, this can be soft to firm as well with ample cooling structure and temperature regulation.

With high-quality versions and outstanding support, an innerspring mattress is a first-rate choice for overweight sleepers creating balanced support, leaving out stiffness, aches and pains in the long-term. Top 15 Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers

If you opt for innerspring mattress, buying one with pocket coil construction is the safest bet. Pocket coils offer superior support, better feel, and eventually, a peaceful night’s sleep. A big plus point of innerspring mattress is the increased edge support for those who sit or sleep close to the edge.

Combining both spring coils and foam, Hybrid mattresses are great for heavier sleepers offering efficient temperature regulation from the augmented airflow within coils and ample edge support and bounce from foam.

The firmness level of a mattress is determined by the kind of sleeper you are. Check out any informational mattress firmness guide to help identify the correct firmness. Most heavy sleepers need and prefer a mattress on medium to medium-firm side (which is 4-7 on the firmness scale, 10 is the firmest).

While considering the correct firmness, address your weight with firmness and feel. The heavier you are, the deeper and more distinct sinking feeling you’ll experience. Sleepers associate amplified sinking feeling with augmented softness. As a general rule, if you’re 250+ pounds, you’d experience 1-2″ of extra sinking feeling (varies across brands and body shape).

Comfort & Ergonomics

Renowned for offering outstanding, reasonable support, a high weight tolerance memory foam mattress relieves pressure points, making it perfect for larger sleepers suffering from back or joint disorders.

Innerspring mattresses made specifically for back and side heavy sleepers include reinforcements to ensure the mattress is comfortable and ergonomic. The extra foam on top offers a plush feel easing those pressure points and offering a comfy sleep experience.

While lying down, your body should lay flat with steady support and remain in contact with the mattress surface in a constant manner, distributing the body weight to alleviate stress.

This helps uphold correct stance and guarantees your spine to remain straight so that your neck, shoulder blades, lower, middle, or upper back are well-supported. Extra spaces between body and mattress top may reduce support and cause joint pains.

Commonly occurring with heavier sleepers, sleeping hot or minimal breathability can cause users to sweat and wake repeatedly during the night; this can become irritating resulting in restless sleep and insomnia. Top 15 Best mattresses for heavy and overweight sleepers

The heavier a sleeper, the larger his mass, and more heat is generated; consequently, larger users experience uncomfortable breathability. So, it is essential for heavier sleepers to go for optimum breathability mattress to ensure a cool sleep. Foam mattress technology with advanced gel layers and better structure largely solves this issue.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

There is no fixed lifespan for any mattress; it depends on use. If you no longer feel comfort, switch to a new one. To preserve a strong spine and posture, mattresses must be replaced within 8-10 years of normal use.

To compute weight tolerance, find out how many people might use the mattress and what’s their collective weight and how much weight might be concentrated over it. It’s important to know this before you’re shopping, so you pick the model rated for that specific weight.

Mattresses guarantee many years of warranty coverage when purchased from authorized dealers; the warranty period, nonetheless, varies between models and brands. Any problem found within this period is fixed/replaced by the company for free. We have also written about the best mattress brands for your convenience.

Top 15 Best Mattresses For Heavy And Overweight Sleepers – Chart in 2022


Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Leesa Mattress, Cooling Avena

100 Night Trial and 10 Year Warranty

$$$$ 4.8
2. Sleep Master iCoil Euro Mattress
 10 year limited warranty $$$ 4.8
The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress 3. The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

protect against allergens and dust mites

$$$ 4.7
4. Perfect Cloud Hybrid Mattress
DIMENSIONS | 80 x 76 x 11 inches $$$ 4.6
5. WinkBeds  Foam Mattress
101 night free trial period $$$$ 4.6
6. Aviya Mattress, 3 Layers  Foam
CertiPUR-USA approved foam $$$$ 4.5
7. GhostBed Memory Foam
11″ of ultra premium foams: 1.5″ continuous aerated latex, 2″ 4lbs superior technology $$$ 4.5
  8. The Novosbed Medium Full
Dimensions 75 x 53 x 11 inches $$$ 4.5
  9. Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress
100-night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt $$$ 4.4
  10. Cloud 9 Closed Cell Foam Mattress

Certi-PUR & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified


$$$ 4.3
11. DynastyMattress  Memory Foam
2″ + 2″ Cool Airflow, 3.5″ foam $$$ 4.2
  12. Memory Foam by Perfect Cloud
DIMENSIONS 75 x 54 x 12 inches $$$ 4.1
  13. Mattress for Heavy People
Heavier Body Weights 300 – 400 lbs, Mattress $$$ 4.0
  14. Sealy Response Essentials Mattress

2-inches of SealyCushion

$$$ 3.9
15. Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress

Dimensions 15 x 15 x 44 in

$$$ 4.0

1. Leesa Mattress, Cooling Avena and Contouring Memory Foam Mattress

Get resilient weight tolerance with Leesa 10inch Cooling Avena and Contouring Memory Foam Mattress! Leesa Mattress, Cooling Avena and Contouring Memory Foam Mattress

Leesa’s flagship 10″ King mattress is an all-foam construction containing supportive three-layer design, based on the materials used, it offers a reasonable feel of pressure relief and back support.

Material & Construction

Weighing 96lbs. and measuring 80″x76″x10″, the 10″ luxury Leesa King mattress is skillfully crafted to generate a cozy feeling to heavier sleepers. Leesa has 3 layers of premium foam to grant accurate feel, sink and bounce.

Made of polyester blend, the cover is soft and has a cozy feel. The comfort layer consists of 2″ perforated Avena foam with a rapid response to pressure, offering firmness, coolness, hug, and bounce.

The middle layer has 2″ memory foam contouring to the body, allowing sleepers to sink into it for pressure relief.

6″ core support layer or base contains high-density poly foam offering strength and support to the comfort layers and the sleeper. This layer acts as a foundation maintaining mattress shape and giving it durability.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Leesa is crafted to generate a luxurious feeling and appealing look with its nice breathable lycra/cotton cover providing cool, supportive comfort in summer.

3 layers of first-rate foam deliver cooling bounce, body-contouring pressure relief and vital support for amazing sleep every night.

Avena has cooling properties and combined with perforations in top layer and convoluted (eggshell) bottom design regulates temperature.

Memory foam is body-contouring and allows sleepers to sink into it and acts as a defense against overheating. Its location under the responsive comfort layer allows for pressure relieving advantages without worrying about being stuck.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

Leesa brings a promise of durability being US-made and #1-rated direct-to-customer product in America’s foremost consumer rating publication. Leesa donates one mattress to homeless shelters for every 10 items sold.

The weight tolerance is high. For one 6’+ person weighing 250lbs+, it sinks in just sufficiently but offers plenty of body/back support.

Leesa comes with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing faults should the mattress ever soften, droop, or form indentations more than 1″. The mattress has been tested and may last up to 20 years. The company extended its trial period to 100 nights for users to make a decision or return it for a complete refund.


  • 3-layered Avena + memory foam construction
  • Weight tolerance of more than 250lbs.
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year warranty


  • Can experience a floating feeling if you’re lightweight

2. Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring Mattress

Skip all back pain with Sleep Master iCoil 13 Inch Euro Top Spring Mattress and BiFold Box Spring Set, Queen! Sleep Master iCoil Euro Top Spring Mattress

Sleep Master iCoil 13″ Queen Euro Top spring mattress and bi-fold box spring set from Zinus not only helps you sleep better but also boosts your fitness, typically your back.

Material & Construction

The sleep solution set by Zinus comprises a Sleep Master iCoil 13″ Deluxe Euro box top spring mattress and bi-fold box spring. The mattress has hundreds of individual iCoils offering bespoke support while ensuring motion isolation for a constant sleep.

Measuring 60″x80″x13″ and weighing 105.6lbs., Sleep Master has a knitted Jacquard cover, followed by micro-fiber quilted fabric, and the subsequent layers of 1.5″ comfort foam, 3″ comfort foam, 0.5″ high-density foam, 7.5″ iCoil pocketed springs.

The bi-fold box spring can be put directly on the floor with mattress on top, the height is too conducive for children and elderly individuals. It’s easy to put in tight places. No assembly is necessary, just open the box, slide it out and unfold, it will assume the box spring’s shape.

Patented technology allows it to be smartly compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box expediently to your doorstep. BiFold box spring has heavy-gauge steel frame and fabric cover. Folding mattress foundation compresses for trouble-free portability and storage.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Sleep Master mattress has comforting fiber quilted covers, pressure-alleviating comfort foam, iCoil pocketed springs for steady support and the foam is certiPUR-US certified for resilience, performance, and content.

For side sleepers with severe back & spinal problems from old injuries, the Queen mattress can stop constant tossing & turning all night. This mattress is perfectly cool & comfortable.

If you have chronic back pain, this mattress is dense but still is cushy, so you won’t feel like swinging in a hammock; and won’t sink in middle.

If your spouse wakes you up by suddenly getting up or moving around, his/her movement won’t sway/influence your side. It won’t make you sweat.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

Zinus Sleep Master mattress offers worry-free 10-year limited warranty and bi-fold box-spring set has 5-year limited warranty. 13″ mattress can support more than 600lbs. of collective weight, excluding the mattress weight.

No creases, no sag, no indentations; Sleep Master is an epitome of durability, it’s harder than it looks and the heavy gauge steel allows for long-lasting durability.


  • 13″ mattress, box spring set
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • 10-year warranty


  • Limited edge support

3. The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

Get maximum breathability with The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress

The Purple Bed queen size mattress allocates equalized pressure and promotes appropriate spine alignment. The Purple Bed – Queen Size Mattress Mutually, these offer you vital sleep experience for better recuperation and relaxation your body requires after a long day.

Material & Construction

Purple Bed mattress has super-stretch cover, 2″ Hyper-Elastic™ polymer called Purple, 3.5″ HD medium-soft comfort foam, 4″ HD medium-firm support foam. It weighs 115lbs. and measures 63″x16″x16″.

The patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is FDA-certified for secure usage, and the foam has been certified by CertiPUR-US­®Certified program, so materials are completely safe and nontoxic for anyone.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Purple Innovations created this queen-sized mattress utilizing sleep science and foremost technology to create motion isolation with proper spine alignment, equalizing body weight’s pressure so you won’t feel movement and sleep disruption from others sleeping beside you.

Free Air Flow technology with breathable channels counterbalances temperatures and doesn’t trap heat like memory foam/latex. For back sleepers, it offers natural curve to spine, and for side sleepers, a straight line is maintained along the spine.

It’s naturally antimicrobial with no synthetic germicides, the materials utilized also shield you against harmful allergens and dust mites.

The high-tech sleep innovation panel designs Purple by using two layers of CertiPUR-US­®Certified polyurethane foam along with a smart-comfort grid arrangement which generates walls that support or fold, based on the amount of pressure delivered at any time.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

Purple is temperature-neutral made from non-toxic food-grade materials. There are absolutely negligible body indentations, no dips and it looks and feels as new as ever.

There’s a 10-year warranty and you get the 30-day trial period after buying it from Amazon. Purple Bed mattress is designed to hold up to 300lbs per person.


  • Antimicrobial, queen mattress
  • FDA-certified Hyper-Elastic Polymer™
  • Smart-comfort grids
  • Free-flow air channels


  • Might feel hard if shoulders or hips need more support

4. Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Cloud Hybrid

Get extremely restful sleep and rest with Memory Foam Mattress (King) – Perfect Cloud Hybrid 11-Inch – NEW Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Cloud Hybrid 2018 MODEL!

Perfect Cloud hybrid 11″ King memory foam mattress is built with restful sleep in mind. The new 2018 model utilizes the most pioneering technologies to let you experience the memory foam’s soft touch with a comforting balance of a spring mattress.

Material & Construction

11″ Perfect Cloud mattress has a medium-soft feel with a 6 score on firmness. It has removable stretch premium-textile knit cover with the newest mesh gusset Air-Transfer technology containing anti-skid fabric bottom. The breathable cover matches any decor and can be cared easily.

The subsequent layers are 1″ cuddly CoolTouch plush memory foam, 2.5″ cool ventilated gel-infused memory foam, 1″ transition poly support foam, 5.5″ individually-wrapped coils with foam encasement, 1″ firm poly support foam.

Experience less motion transfer so you can sleep better. Dimensions are 80″x76″x 11″ and the weight is 106.7lbs.

It’s made without ozone depleting materials, PBDE flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates banned by Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s low VOC and gives better indoor air quality.

Comfort & Ergonomics

By incorporating pioneering technologies of pocket coil spring and memory foam, Perfect Cloud is both comfortable and completely supportive. Get body support without motion transfer with 1023 individually-wrapped 16 gauge coils.

The mattress doesn’t feel hot, the Hybrid mattress has a cooling technology. 2 types of cooling gel wick away body heat leaving users cool and dry. It is a fantastic blend of soft and firm at all the right spots.

Get a weightless sleep experience of accurate layering of different foam densities balanced by pocket spring coils for the support and softness you require.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

Perfect Cloud gives durability as it offers the resilience of highest-quality spring coils with luxury memory foam. Stretch-knit cover is completely removable for trouble-free care. Take it off and rinse, and keep it looking new for years. It can handle a combined weight of around 500+ pounds.

Buy with confidence knowing as it’s CertiPUR-US-certified, USA-designed and backed by 10-year warranty. It has a 30-day trial. Returns and exchanges are handled according to Amazon’s Return Policy.


  • Premium knit cover, hybrid 11″ mattress
  • 10-year warranty, risk-free purchase
  • USA-designed mattress


  • Quite firm if you’re looking for something softer

5. WinkBeds – Mattress For Sale – Foam Mattress

Get proper airflow and pain relief with WinkBeds Foam + AirSprings + Gel Hybrid, 100% CertiPur, Medium/Firm WinkBeds – Mattress For Sale – Foam Mattress Mattress!

WinkBeds designs every mattress in a bespoke manner so it offers a better sleeping experience. The business model stresses on re-engineering the supply chain to create a better mattress at a lower cost.

Best-rated medium/firm mattress from WinkBeds is 100% CertiPur-US-certified and offers the support of a hotel mattress.

Material & Construction

WinkBeds is a unanimously comfy hybrid non-flip mattress combining the goodness of sleep technology with plush foam comfort and contouring support of 2 spring coil layers.

Weighing 60lbs. and measuring 60″x80″x14″, it’s solely available online and hand-crafted in the US with durable, US-sourced materials.

WinkBeds comes with three firmness levels (soft/medium/luxury-firm). It’s 15″ thick with 5 different layers and TENCEL cover for extra breathability and smoothness. 2″ foam layer allows for extra comfort.

Active cooling base (coolControl technology) can boost or reduce the temperature based on your preference. It can be controlled from your smartphone.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The sleep experience is deep. Unique hybrid design is universally comfy for all sleepers. Each mattress is hand-crafted in the US using allergen-free eco-friendly materials (CertiPur-US-certified foam and latex).

WinkBeds is absolutely one of the top beds for heavier sleepers being 15″ thick and having coolControl system to avoid sweating.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

WinkBeds utilizes a factory-direct model to maintain the durability and US-handcrafted hybrid bed combines typical features found in high-end resilient bedding.

Mattress has 101-night free trial period with 15-year warranty. The mattress is good for people under 300lbs. But, if you desire extra support, choose the ‘Plus’ option for heavier users (300+ pounds).


  • 15″ thick hybrid mattress
  • Eco-friendly product
  • 101-night free trial


  • Initial memory foam odor

6. Aviya Mattress, 3 Layers of High-Density Foam

Get rested and rejuvenated with Aviya Mattress!

California King Aviya mattress with innerspring system has 3 high-density foam layers to keep you cool and Aviya Mattress, 3 Layers of High-Density Foam breathing smoothly.

Material & Construction

Measuring 84″x72″x13″ and weighing 120lbs., plush Aviya California King mattress blends a hybrid of 3 dissimilar sag-free high-density foams, first-rate quilting and an individually-wrapped coil innerspring core system for plush comfort and support.

Luxury hybrid mattress is available in 3 firmness alternatives (Plush/Luxury Firm/Firm). With a great spring depth, the innerspring system provides deep and considerable support than micro-coil spring systems.

Comfort & Ergonomics

For long-lasting comfort, Aviya utilizes 3 layers of high-density, upholstery-grade foam in comfort layers with separately-wrapped innerspring coils for active support and better sleep.

Unlike 100% foam mattresses, hybrid mattress offers core support using innerspring system where every individual steel coil is wrapped in individual fabric pockets. Springs offer “vigorous support” against foam’s reflexive support thrusting back to support the spine.

Aviya ‘breathes’ permitting airflow keeping you cool. Mattress is wrapped in 3″ foam making its edges strong with the additional support about the perimeter and boosting sleep area.

Reinforced lumbar support of foam and innerspring combination gives your spine the needed support. Downy quilted layer offers mattress a “hotel feel” and comfort. Aviya contains motion transfer quite well leaving you undisturbed.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

Stay assured knowing that Aviya is US-made with locally-sourced, environmental-friendly, non-toxic, durable materials and CertiPUR-US approved foams.

Sleep soundly with 100-night trial “sleep perfect” guarantee (with full refund) with 10-year warranty. The weight limit is 300lbs. per side.


  • 3 sag-free high-density foam layers
  • Finest edge support
  • 10-year warranty


  • Offers medium firmness if you’re looking for something extra-firm

7. GhostBed Mattress-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress

Get high weight tolerance with GhostBed Mattress-Queen 11 Inch-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress! GhostBed Mattress-Cooling Gel Memory Foam-Mattress

For over 15 years, makers of GhostBed mattress have stressed on sleep innovation by creating sophisticated adaptive gel memory foam product. GhostBed is the top-quality luxury latex and gel memory foam mattress available now.

Material & Construction

US-made GhostBed is packed with magical comfort and made with 11″ ultra-premium foams, 1.5″ continuous aerated latex keeps users cool, 2″ 4lbs. advanced technology cooling gel memory foam minimizes pressure and 7.5″ added high-density support core foam enhances durability. It measures 80″x60″x11″ and weighs 85lbs.

The removable cover is lush and resilient, zippered for effortless removal and care. It’s vacuum-sealed/packaged for trouble-free shipping and perfect hygiene. Give the mattress a few hours to completely expand, breathe, and acclimatize to room temperature.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Sleeping on handcrafted GhostBed is like floating on clouds, cool and comfortable, without pressure, aches and pains to keep you up at night. 1.5″ top high-quality latex comfort layer is naturally responsive and soaks pressure without causing sweat. This continuous aerated latex foam provides ideal softness.

2-inch gel memory foam layer with 100% pressure-relieving material with gel beads soak up heat to regulate sleeping temperature for a cooler, soothing sleep.

GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep has a high-density base layer for augmented support and resilience. Designed to offer comfort for heavy sleepers, this layer gives superior spinal alignment without any uncomfortable hard feeling. No crippling lower back pain or body indentations are caused by GhostBed.

GhostBed features a washable, ultra-soft, removable cover blended with viscose and polyester to keep you cool by wicking away warmth and dampness.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

With a 100-night sleep trial, free of cost returns, 20-year warranty, Amazon-backed GhostBed is 1″ thicker than other regular mattresses, ensuring comfort and enhanced support, and better resiliency and durability. It bears a massive weight of up to 2000 pounds.


  • Plush removable cover to wick away moisture
  • High-density base foam
  • Gel memory foam
  • 2000-pound weight tolerance


  • You might slide off as there’s no edge support

8. The Novosbed Medium (Double / Full)

Experience undisturbed sleep cycles with The Novosbed (Medium) – Full! The Novosbed (Medium) – Full

Novosbed (Medium) Full is a premium, conventional memory foam mattress backed by industry’s finest sleep trial. Expertly US-crafted, the next-generation memory foam and ultra-plush washable cover combine to create a luxurious product.

Material & Construction

Ultra-supple, moisture-soaking, machine-washable, Novosbed top cover made from Tencel fabric gives a cool, dry sleep. Knitted with complex 2-way stretch, InterLock Blue adjoins a second fortification layer for foam core and a moisture guard for extra coolness.

2″ extremely-breathable, third-generation, best airflow memory foam offers a heat dissipation that’s superior than that of customary memory foam. 2″ premium, plush memory foam transition layer offers perfect comfort and pressure relief.

7″ premium support foam features billions of minute separate cushion pocket-coil springs supporting sleepers by removing motion transfer. Novosbed weighs 79lbs. and measures 75″x53″x11″.

Durable high-end upholstery siding makes the mattress supple and supportive with a first-rate non-slip bottom for added stability.

Comfort & Ergonomics

3 firmness levels are accessible, ideal for heavy sleepers, the 120-night trial enables users to ‘Perfect Firmness’ through a firming/softening alteration layer for a bespoke feel. Thousands of vertical air channels keep users cool during sleep. If you have bulging discs in lower back and pinched nerves anywhere, Novosbed can give you pain relief.

Comfort+ is a layer of firming/softening foam that incorporates seamlessly into Novosbed. If your mattress doesn’t feel right, Comfort+ kit is sent gratis. Unzip the mattress’s top cover and place Comfort+ layer. Zip Comfort+ extender to mattress base and then to top cover, as needed. The entire process takes 2 minutes or less.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

Novosbed mattresses are obtainable in 3 firmness levels, all covered by Perfect Firmness Guarantee, 120-night sleep trial, with 15-year warranty. It can hold up to 350-400lbs. per side.

Built to last, Novosbed is entirely American-made with next-generation premium foams and high-end textiles, certified by CertiPUR-US. Washable top cover preserves new mattress feeling.


  • Moisture-wicking Tencel fabric cover
  • Billions of tiny pocket-coil springs
  • 120-night sleep trial, 15-year warranty


  • Replacement cover may not be available

9. Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Contentment of sleeping with Lull 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress|King Mattress! Lull Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Lull gel memory foam mattress provides you comfortable and soothing sleep as it has undergone precise independent testing. Bring class to your sleeping bed while maintaining a perfect shape of your body.

Material & Construction

The king size mattress has 10″ thickness; it has gel memory foam including Lull’s 1.5″ visco-elastic memory foam top layer made with a gel polymer.

The 1.5″ transition layer is prepared from a proprietary mixture of finest foam combined with 7″ of high-density layer of polyurethane core support to ensure the appropriate body alignment even as you are sleeping.

The mattress dimension is 80″x76″x10″ and it weighs 87.5lbs. A breathable top layer of fibers and open-cell foam structure help better airflow to assist heat flow liberally away from you.

The mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified. It’s not much of firm however you feel supportive. The mattress is specially designed for heavy and overweight sleepers to make them feel more supported.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Premium-quality gel-infused memory foam lets you feel cool and enhances pressure relief. Find comfort and finest therapeutic support while you sleep on it. Every layer works simultaneously to help support heavier user and provide soothing sleep.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The weight tolerance is 250-300lbs. The 7″ core support layer is prepared with premium polyurethane foam. This layer gives strength, sturdiness, and constitution to the mattress that withstands more weight. The mattress is backed by 10-year warranty.


  • Built with premium-quality durable materials
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified memory foam
  • 10-year warranty
  • Proper spine and back support


  • Some users found this mattress a bit hot

10. Cloud 9 Closed Cell Foam Mattress

Stay in better health with Cloud 9 Closed Cell Foam Mattress! Cloud 9 Closed Cell Foam Mattress

The closed-cell foam mattress coming from the brand name Cloud 9 is made precisely to withstand extra weight that will last for years to come. The optimal range of this mattress gives you aesthetic feel in your bed and deliver perfect mood to sleep.

Material & Construction

The queen-size mattress is cell foam with 11″ thickness with a dimension of 60″x80″x11″; it is an ultimate firm mattress which is perfect for applying heavy weight on it that makes t perfect for an overweight sleeper.

It has Tencel fabrics that give the superior cooling feel, traditional, along with modern versions. Two alternate core are available that give premium responsive support and elastomeric push which is best suited for active lifestyle people.

It gives superior heat transfer with closed-cell core and the Tencel properties of the finest fabric help cooling far superior to conventional foam-based mattresses. The mattress is CertiPUR-US & Oeko-Tex 100 Certified as well.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress gives you true adaptive support with maximum comfort and experience to get your finest night’s sleep thus you can begin your day fresh.

It gives even weight distribution for your entire body. It is best suited for overweight sleepers and those who are searching to sleep without pain or worry from any pressure points.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The mattress is highly durable that withstands the weight tolerance of up to 265lbs. It’s good for people who traditionally choose a firmer mattress or for larger and heavier individuals are liable to prefer latex. It comes with a standard 10-year warranty.


  • True adaptive back support technology
  • Manufactured with Tancel fabrics for superior cooling
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year warranty coverage


  • Heat transfer could have been better

11. DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sound sleeping experience with the finest range of DynastyMattress! DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Get ready for having luxurious sleep with innovative DynastyMattress manufactured particularly for heavy and overweight sleepers; giving best back support while accommodating any sleeping position; append more aesthetic feel to your living room.

Material & Construction

The newest range of DynastyMattress mattress features 10″ thickness and weighs about 80lbs. The product dimensions of King RV size are W76″xL80″xH10″. The king-size mattress features 10″ Cool Breeze GEL with 4lb of superior-density memory foam giving comfort to heavy individuals.

It is manufactured with 4-layer 2.5″ HD memory foam, delivering 2″ Cool Airflow and 2″ Support of Cool Airflow Foam with 3.5″ high-density foam for definitive support base. It is infused with gel beads. The mattress feel is medium firm with plenty pressure relief and superior airflow for a sound sleep.

The attractive white covering with brown suede has fire barrier and washable zipper cover features. You also get 2 free gel memory foam pillows that are CertiPUR-US certified.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress is manufactured with infused gel beads and best memory foam; delivers the decisive sleeping delight, combining comfort, relieving pressure points and better airflow for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The mattress has the weight limit of 280lbs., ideal for heavyweight sleepers and is manufactured with superior and durable 4-layer memory foam. You get the durability assurance for years to come. The product is backed by 20-year warranty.


  • Elegant luxurious design
  • White covering with brown suede washable zipper cover
  • Free 2 gel memory foam pillows, CertiPUR-US certified
  • Reliability of 20-year warranty


  • Faint chemical smell

12. Memory Foam Mattress (FULL) Gel-Pro Double Layer by Perfect Cloud

Surpass your sleeping comfort with Perfect Cloud 12″ Visco Gel-Pro Double Layer Full Memory Foam Mattress! Memory Foam Mattress (FULL) Gel-Pro Double Layer by Perfect Cloud

Enjoy the finest double layer full memory foam mattress of the brand Perfect Cloud that is infused with advanced gel memory foam best suited for heavy and overweight sleepers. You can get smooth night’s sleep while alleviating back pain effortlessly.

Material & Construction

Perfect Cloud mattress is 12″ in thickness with a weight of 75.6 lbs. The dimension of the product is 75″x54″x12″ and it delivers the medium-firm feel. The mattress contains Gel-Pro Memory Foam that comes with thick top 1″ layer of HD Air Infused with memory foam on top of 1.5″ of regular Air Infused Memory Foam. The mattress meets the popular Goldilocks standard.

The third layer includes a 2″ layer of Gel-Pro Memory Foam coming with pioneering gel-infused memory foam that delivers additional body conforming features for overweight sleepers while regulating cool sleep temperature. The fourth layer is 7.5″ HD Base Support Foam which provides perfect weightless sleeping experience.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The premium materials used in manufacturing this mattress includes stretch knit cover and features latest Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer Technology to promote more air flow and keeps the mattress always fresh and cool.

It also includes a dense layer of proprietary Air Foam Memory Foam along with two dense layers of Gel-Max Memory Foam, that deliver the best sleep while removing pressure points.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The elegant range mattress is precisely engineered and manufactured for heavy and overweight sleepers; the high-standard durable quality materials have been used to accommodate the weight limit from 40-400 pounds; the mattress is designed to last and is backed by 10-year warranty.


  • Premium textile removable stretch knit cover
  • Anti-Skid technology on the bottom
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • A bit firm

13. Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Specially Designed for Heavy People

Attain the good night’s sleep with finest Over Weight Bariatric Mattress! Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Specially Designed for Heavy People

Find an accurate bed with the brand name Ultimate sleep that delivers an adequate amount of additional support devoid of hindering your comfort. Best-quality memory foam with latex has come in the new bed for overweight individuals.

Material & Construction

The king-size Over Weight Bariatric mattress is made with the finest range of latex for comfort, it is the firm mattress that gives hard-wearing support with  5″ of 36 Talalay Latex Foam layer offering 15% more foam than numerous competing range.

It is dedicatedly manufactured for overweight individuals with a weight tolerance of 300lbs-400lbs. The mattress features non-fatiguing ultra-cell high resiliency base foam with adequate support. Additionally, the mattress fabric cover features premium quality Micro-Lux cotton blend for delivering ultimate sleep.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress is manufactured with a premium range of fabric cover that is Micro-Lux cotton blended; giving you a fabric that has the four-way stretch capability for superior comfort. Firmer complete edge support provide you with superior entering and getting out from the bed. The mattress delivers a more easy sleep experience crucial for the health-conscious overweight individuals giving you sufficient back support while removing pain in the pressure points.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The mattress is known for its durability and is precisely manufactured for overweight individuals with a weight limit of 300-400 lbs. The latex material gives enhanced comfort, finest durability, and exceptional resiliency that is perfectly covered with 10-year standard warranty.


  • Easily supports weight threshold of 300-400 lbs
  • High-resiliency base foam support
  • Premium range of Micro-Lux cotton blend cover
  • 10-year warranty assurance


  • Not suitable for soft mattress sleeper

14. Sealy Response Essentials Plush Euro Top Mattress, Full

Integrate better sleeping lifestyle with Sealy Response Essentials 11.5-Inch Plush Euro Top Mattress! Sealy Response Essentials Plush Euro Top Mattress, Full

The plush Euro top mattress of Sealy is a highly-engineered end-product for withstanding proper body weight of heavy sleepers. The premium design and comfort range of this mattress are worth admiring delivering long-lasting stability.

Material & Construction

The full-size mattress has 11.5″ thickness with dimensions of 74″x53″x11.5″. The product weighs 46lbs., manufactured with best-quality Response Coil System to offer the perfect back support for pleasant sleeping.

The mattress is manufactured with 1″ SealySupport Firm Foam, 2″ of SealyCushion to give additional squashy softness with a luxurious, extra-supportive feel. 2″ of SealyCushion Air Foam is prepared to shape peaks with valleys allowing supplementary airflow. It has the plush firmness with softness and more pressure point relief.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress comes with superior back support and comfort. The mattress delivers outstanding full-body support with the effortlessness of movement, for the feeling of sleep-on-top with the desired  comfort you want.

You can trust this brand that easily accommodates heavy and overweight sleepers by offering delightful sleep and removing pain in pressure points.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The mattress blends innovation, defined-engineering, and industry-leading testing to guarantee quality and durability that easily withstands weight limit of 250 lbs-300 lbs. You can buy this mattress for durability that comes with standard 10-year limited warranty.


  • Features SolidEdge HD system
  • SealyCushion air foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified mattress foam
  • Durable quality


  • Quality could have been better

15. Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress

Attain uninterrupted sleep from your Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress! Cocoon by Sealy Soft Foam Mattress

Revolutionize your sleeping habit with Cocoon by Sealy soft and premium quality foam mattress with comfortable, fresh layers that improve the sleeping position, designed for overweight and heavy sleepers. The brand has been reputed name for almost 130 years giving people more comfy sleep.

Material & Construction

Queen size Cocoon by Sealy mattress has the dimensions 79.5″x60″x10″ with comfortable 10″ of thickness to deliver ultimate back support. The item weighs 73.2lbs and comes in two matchless feels of soft and firm to suit heavier people.

The mattress has soft stretch-knit cover by spun poly fibers particularly manufactured to make it breathable maintaining coolness and attenuate durability of the mattress.

Perfect Fit Memory Foam delivers you an unmatched quality and superior density foam gives back support, flexible comfort layer and support layer endow with the essential, best base support that your body requires you to relax. The premium-range stretch-knit cover is infused with “Phase Change Material” that give cool sleeping in any environment.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress has perfect comfort level settings that come with soft and firm ranges as you can select the best that suits your need. The mattress is precisely manufactured for heavy and overweight individuals to give the best back support and pain-relieving features to pressure points and results in an uninterrupted sleep.

Weight Tolerance & Warranty

The mattress has a weight tolerance of 230lbs. and is manufactured dedicatedly for heavy and overweight sleepers, with tested and durable materials. The item is US-made, backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • Premium stretch-knit fabric cover
  • Robust materials
  • Perfect fit memory foam
  • 10-year warranty


  • Light smell

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