Top 15 Best Headboards with Storage In 2022

Headboards have astonishing effect on how your bedroom appears. Conventionally it acts as a support to the Top 15 Best Headboards with Storage In 2020 mattress and the sleepers, but it has more importance than being a support system. Innovation is not just restricted to flashy gadgets, it has evolved, pruned, and become inclusive by touching every arena of life. It is innovation that has brought in headboards and with it the innumerable advantages.

Headboards come in countless designs and styles as it forms the focal point in a room with its ability to enhance the look of you room. The churning up of products that make life easier by industries is to catch up with modern times, with such progressive world, you wouldn’t want to continue a spartan life! Headboards offer many advantages apart from complementing the interior of your room, therefore, having a headboard is important.

Keeping the benefits that come with headboards alone, the ones that come with storage have more to offer. Along with the convenience, the style it adds to the otherwise boring bedroom makes them among the best options.

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Advantages of Headboards with Storage

The headboards with storage option come with its share of advantages which make your life easier and your Top 15 Best headboards with Storage In 2019 bedrooms more stylish. Below are few of the reliefs and benefits that such headboards provide.

Makes Your Room Fancy without much effort

Headboards are primarily designed for support and protection apart from the ornamental requirements. They naturally light up your rooms, and if they have a storage option that is a win-win. With more variety and the facility to decorate the storage sections, you get a fancier look. The space varies from being able to hold decoration items to storing larger items so that there is always enough room to keep things instead of stashing them up like a mountain on chairs or sofas. The beautiful decoration pieces or place to line your books on the shelves of the headboards is a fascinating and exciting option. If you get to keep your novels by your side on the storage shelves, you can follow the practice of reading for 15 minutes before you fall asleep daily with the books nearby!

With the storage option you don’t have to pile up cartons and boxes to keep your extra stuff underneath the bed. No one would fancy crawling underneath the bed to get to the box and encounter the cobwebs and dust. Your things too would be ruined in a place where people rarely clean.

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Saves you some bucks

The storage space offered by headboards differ according to the designing of the headboard. Some have more space to even contain the bedspreads, clothes, or other small item, while few have racks or shelves with them. In either case you get more space to keep your things, which saves you from spending on buying an extra cupboard for your belongings or installing a rack for your books or frames to give a fresh look to your room. It means no splurge and no burden on your pockets.

Space Efficient

Since you don’t have to buy extra furniture to keep your things you get more space in your room. A room too filled up with furniture or even embellishments gets too boring. Less is more! Moderate yet elegantly festooned. The requirement for another piece of furniture is completely eliminated with the extra storing space you have. You can get more space in your room by purchasing headboards with storage along with other convenience.


Storage headboards offer more safety to fragile things. There is no fear of mishandling or falling off from cupboards. Top 15 Best headboards with Storage In 2019 Also, things that can collect molds too are safer in the storage section of the bed. Storage headboards, therefore, keep your things protected and safe from even children as the lids are not possible for them to open.

Types of Storage Headboards

With the space storage bed provides to store your household item that can be accessed and retrieved easily you will be amazed and jubilant to find the many types of storage headboards you will find in the market. The different types of headboards will meet all your preferences of style along with the above-mentioned advantages.

Box Storage

Box storage headboard has its storage space with two folding lids. This helps in picking of the lid easily as it gets lighter and more convenient rather than holding a heavy lid while you place or retrieve the item. However, even though they have an edge over single lid storage headboards, you should place those items in it which are rarely used.

Hydraulic Storage

A hydraulic storage bed even though spacious can be a bane! You have ample of space to keep your things but in addition to the lid you have to remove the mattress as well for access. You must consider this drawback before you purchase, but if you have to keep things that you rarely use or wouldn’t be in use for a long time, then this is bed is perfect for you.

Side Drawers

By far the side drawer storage headboards are not only famous and used more often, they provide easy access. There are drawers on each side of the bed that are large enough to keep your things also, the drawers provide you more space and an organized option to store your belongings. However, make sure that the area around your bed is clear so that you have no problem in sliding the drawers open.

What to Look for in a Storage Headboard


Whenever you purchase a storage headboard you should keep the dimensions and space of your room in mind. With hydraulic storage make sure there is space to open to the lid without touching lights or ceilings, and for the side Top 15 Best headboards with Storage In 2019 drawers make sure there is ample of room for easy and full opening of the drawers without touching other furniture and causing wear and tear.


The base of the headboard matters. You will have to see how it is placed on the floor or made to stand on wooden feet? This and all other questions are attached to it and so the choosing of the base matters as you wouldn’t want your flooring and carpeting ruined.


Think of the space you need to store your things. If they are large or small, and the space they would need. Buy a headboard by first enlisting the kind of things you want to place in it. If you want to store smaller items like, towels, socks or other foldables, you can go for the side drawers one. In case you are planning on bigger things or brittle things, your crockery or jewellery, go for a hydraulic or box one.


See how the space has been sectioned, whether it has large enough chunks to get more things inside or not. If the partitioning has been done properly to keep your belongings secure or not.

These are few of the basics of storage headboards. The guide has been made to introduce not only to the basics but to some of the best storage headboards you will find in the market.

FAQs Top 15 Best Headboards with Storage In 2020

Does a headboard with storage comes with a bed frame or a wall mount?

Usually a headboard does not come with a bed frame or with a supporting wall mount frame. You will get the headboard with plenty of storage space and versatile options. Some headboards can be attached on top of the bed while others can be directly mounted on the wall space above your bed. It depends on the type of design and decoration you want in your bedroom. Just make sure to get a headboard that is compatible with the size of your bed.

What can I store in the space in my headboard?

The headboards available in the market have plenty of space and it depends on you what kind of items you would like to store in the headboard unit. It is better to get covered headboards so that your things can be kept clean and dust-free. Usually, people keep books, mobile chargers, night creams, showpieces, and other utility items in the storage space of the headboard for ease of access. You can also store pillows, blankets and other sleep aids in the headboard if there is sufficient space.

Which material is a storage headboard usually made of?

A headboard can be made of various materials like wood, faux wood, wrought iron, etc. It is better to choose a storage headboard that is made with the same material as your bed. That would make the appearance of your bedroom more aesthetic and in sync. The finishing is usually done in a trendy and contemporary manner. But if you are someone who prefers wooden finish with a touch of elegance and finesse, then you can get classy headboards Top 15 Best Headboards with Storage In 2020 made in solid wood as well.

How hard is it to install a storage headboard?

Some storage headboards come with the bed while others you have to buy separately. In most cases the installation bit is a simple job of fixing a frame and then mounting the headboard onto it. It is not a difficult job and even if you are not a DIY enthusiast, you can expect to install the headboard on your own without any help from others. Just take out a free hour, follow the steps, and get to work. A few screwing of nuts and bolts and your storage headboard will be installed neatly. You can also hire a carpenter to install it for you if you wish some special modifications to be done.

Top 15 Best headboards with Storage In 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Prepac DSH-6643-V Salt Spring Queen
Headboard dimensions Measure 43″ H x 65.75″ W x 11″ D $$$ 4.8
Prepac BSH-8445 Sonoma Storage Headboard 2. Prepac BSH-8445 Sonoma Storage Headboard
Stylish and functional $$$ 4.8
3. South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with Storage
Non-toxic materials $$$ 4.7
Prepac ESH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard 4. Prepac ESH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard 5-year limited warranty $$$ 4.6
5. Pocono Full Size Headboard 4653 from Nexera
Espresso laminate finish $$$ 4.6
6. Revere Headboard with Storage
Engineered wood construction $$$ 4.5
7. Sauder 410147 Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard
Eco friendly wood $$$ 4.5
8. South Shore Spark Bookcase Headboard with Storage multiple practical and accessible storage spaces $$$ 4.5
9. Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors
CARB-compliant laminated composite woods $$$ 4.4
10. South Shore Summertime Bookcase Headboard with Storage
4 open storage spaces and a top shelf $$ 4.3
11. Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills
two adjustab $$ 4.2
12. Benzara Contemporary Style Gray Headboard
Finished in Rich Espresso Laminate $$$ 4.1
13. South Shore Fynn Headboard with Storage,
14. Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard-Queen/Full-White Easy to assemble $$ 4.0
15. South Shore Cosmos Bookcase Headboard with Storage


$$$ 3.9

1. Prepac DSH-6643-V Salt Spring Queen


The Prepac Salt Spring Queen headboard is simple and elegant option for anyone who wants to give a lighter touch Prepac DSH-6643-V Salt Spring Queen to the bedroom. Although it is simple it gives of a stylish look with gray finishing and the modest sections for you to place your things in. This headboard is for anyone who has fewer things to store and plans on to keep the room light with minimum furniture and things. The lighter your room feels the more fresh air can move in.


Freestanding Design

The storage headboard has a freestanding design which is very convenient. You can carry it separately instead of along the bed, this means you won’t have to shoulder extra weight as well scratch anything when you move the bed. You have the freedom to get any bed of your liking and can simple place the headboard no matter what the size of the bed. You can even get a Queen size bed and join place the headboard with the wall.

3 Compartments

The headboard has three sections where you can keep your books or decorative items. This headboard doesn’t offer much space to store large and bulky item. It is a spartan headboard that can hold just a few items. Salt Spring Queen headboard is definitely not for anyone who plans to keep crockery or jewellery or even foldable items. It is a plain headboard that is suited to people who want minimum things in their room.


You should not buy or come closer to anything that messes up with your breathing or causes allergies. This is why the Prepac Salt Spring Queen headboard has been crafted out of non-toxic materials so that you don’t have to inhale in toxic components that can cause you allergies and other problems. The entire headboard has a gray lamination that adds a unique look to the headboard.  However, you have to be careful with the headboard as it is not very strong to bear with the constant moving and screeching on the floor, handle it gently and carefully. It is not too heavy to carry so you won’t have any problem. It is not good for rough usage.


  • Easy to assemble if you get an understanding of the parts
  • Makes a difference to your room with its unique look
  • Worth the price


  • The parts are not labelled which makes assembling very difficult
  • It is too soft to use a hammer
  • Not very sturdy and is prone to breakage

2. Prepac BSH-8445 Sonoma Storage Headboard

The Prepac Sonoma storage headboard brighten ups your room with the styles and elegance it adds your room. The Prepac BSH-8445 Sonoma Storage Headboard many-sided storage headboard is a convenient addition to your bedroom and pretty much stores up all your essentials eliminating the need to own another piece of furniture. This frame needs only a mattress and goes with any bedroom layout. The features below show more of what this stylish storage headboard has got.



Sonoma Storage Headboard has a simple frame with is flawless finishing that adds style to your room. It gives off a soft look, yet its charm makes its presence felt with the ambiance it creates in your bedroom. Wood always proves to be the best construction material and you can always add new colours to it.


You will be surprised by the space it offers you to keep your things, as if it wouldn’t any other space offering furniture to remain in your room. The head space allows you to keep your books or clock or any other decoration item. The spacious 6 drawers store pretty much everything! You can keep your towels, clothes, socks, even crockery in the drawers. These spaces allow you to keep things organized and in place, taking off burden from other things.


Prepac Sonoma Storage Headboard is made of top-hole laminated composite wood to make for a sturdy headframe. The non-toxic materials ensure your good health. Each drawer has finger pulls impressions at the bottom so that you just have to place your fingers in the impression and easily pull out the drawers. The wood slats have been placed in a length wise position which helps in distributing the weight through out equally so that you can sleep soundly.


  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Strong and enduring


  • Slats do not stay at place
  • Difficult and time consuming to assemble

3. South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with Storage

You don’t need to gape at the glossy pictures in the magazine of some interior designer and wish for the same South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard with Storage bedroom as with South Shore Vito Bookcase Headboard you can install furniture that is designed to give your room that crisp, fresh, and modern look you dream of. The headboard is affordable and has maximum storage capacity to make space for what matters. The small spaces have been optimized to give you more freedom and control to revamp your room the way you want.



This elegant piece of furniture comes with simple storage shelves that are placed not only at the front of the frame but even at the sides. There is a cable management hole at the back so that you can place lamps or any electronic device with easily without bundling up wires at the sides of the bed which gives a dirty look.


South Shore has done an appreciable job by turning to eco-friendly means of production so that to a la mode bedroom you don’t have to compromise nature. The bed is made out of non-toxic laminated particleboard to keep you safe from harmful components as well as saving the environment.

Easy to Clean and Great Warranty

You will be delighted to know that the headboard comes with a 5-year warranty so that when you go out shopping you can purchase with trust and confidence. As for the cleaning you don’t have to spend interminable hours scrubbing the headboard to clean it, it is very easy to wipe off any dirt using a dry cloth, so there is no extra effort at anything.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Stylish to give your room a unique look
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a great warranty
  • Non-toxic materials used for construction


  • There are reports of pieces not fitting in properly
  • Cheap particleboard used

4. Prepac ESH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard

Get ready to treat your bedroom with this magnificent bookcase headboard! It not only complements your present Prepac ESH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard décor but also provides you with great room to fill up your trappings. This free-standing wonder can be paired up with any queen size bed to make it 10 times more appealing!



The Prepac Bookcase headboard is tall so that you can match it up with any queen size bed. Being tall it even has 8 roomy shelves so that you can keep your belongings along with the decorative accent. This gives it a stylish look along with being of use. The headboard is slanted giving it a sleek, espresso finish. This can really light up your room.


The headboard is made out of laminated composite wood with an espresso veneer. The headboard is constructed to last long, so it is not just the appearance, it is the durability as well that makes it a fit for purchasing.

Easy to Assemble and clean

The headboard wouldn’t require painstaking hours to set up. It is easy to put together and stands strong. Buy it with the assurance that it is going to remain with you for long. You can use a dry cloth to clean it as the cleaning is not difficult.


  • Elegant
  • Gives unique and stylish look
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly
  • Spacious


  • Poor construction

5. Pocono Full Size Headboard 4653 from Nexera

Pocono Headboard is a useful storage headboard that comes with enough space to keep your essentials. The Pocono Full Size Headboard 4653 from Nexera headboard is reversible to minimize efforts on your part and to be convenient so that you can choose on your own where to place the bookcase section. This one is never going to get old or out of fashion! It is here to stay to be one of your great bedroom collection.


Reversible headboard

Sharing room with someone comes with a number of sacrifices. Either it is the sides or the shelves that have your personal things. This problem has been addressed by the Pocono headboard by making the headboard reversible so that you take your things with you no matter which side you sleep in. No more compromises or fights so you can expect a peaceful union.


Designed in Canada, this headboard has been made of particleboard to make it an eco-friendly choice. Along with the handy storage, this headboard is certified which seals you trust in the product. The headboard has an espresso laminate finishing to top up your room with all the style out there.


The headboard has been crafted out of quality materials to last longer. You will have to assemble it upon arrival and you will see for yourself the top-quality materials employed for the construction. However, the headboard won’t fit in with metal bed frames.


  • Reversible headboard
  • Great finishing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Certified
  • Quality materials used


  • Breaks easily
  • Poor construction
  • Loosely fitted with the bed

6. Revere Headboard with Storage

You sure have the option to store your things underneath your bed but encountering cobwebs and dirt every time Revere Headboard with Storage you delve underneath is not a desirable action. Besides when you have got great things, you need to put them up instead of packing them up in boxes and making excuse to retrieve them, fearing the difficulty. Revere headboard comes with ample of storage to not only keep the essentials but also any decorative item. Its presence automatically enhances the look of your room, but you sure have more embellishments in your mind!


Great Storage

The revere headboard has got great storage for you that pretty much stores all your important belongings. The exquisite headboard has bookshelves and drawers at each side. The space above the drawer adds more room.


It is very easy to put together the headboard. It attaches to frames and bed boxes. It is cracking great, with its trim look that takes your room to new levels. This amazing piece of furniture is a great purchase and addition to your room. It settles in easily with any bed. With the manufacturers aim to present to you the best headboard you will find minimum hindrance in setting it up.


There is a back-panel access for your cords so that you can reach to the switch without worrying about tangling things with the wire.  It has solid construction with great finishing. The headboard is suited to any room, however, the smaller rooms turned out to be most preferred option for the headboard.


  • Great look
  • Great construction
  • Very spacious
  • Hole for cords at the back


  • Poor quality materials used
  • Not strong enough to last long

7. Sauder 410147 Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard

Your preferred space to rest has the right to look great as well! Give your room a crisp and a la mode new look with Sauder 410147 Shoal Creek Bookcase Headboard this full/queen shelf headboard from the Shoal Creek accumulation. This attractive headboard gives you stockpiling for all your bedside needs. It includes a roomy open rack that is perfect for putting away and showing a wide range of things like your preferred evening time book and perusing glasses to your morning timer and a spot to charge your advanced mobile phone medium-term.


The Storage Space

The Sauder 10147 likewise incorporates two cubbyhole stockpiling territories alongside two simple floating drawers for extra room of various room fundamentals like the TV remote and your mystery reserve of bites. It additionally incorporates string access through the encased back board for helpful go through for every one of your wires. It joins to a full or queen estimate bed to give you a finished look whether it’s in your lord suite or in the extra room a few doors down. Completed in Jamocha Wood, this cabinet headboard is exactly what your room needs.


Most Sauder items are American-made and fabricated with built wood — a composite of excellent trimmings and post-processing Leftovers. To advance that go-getting greenness, the assembling procedure changes over lingering sawdust into power in one of a kind cogeneration plant. Any outstanding wood squander gives an assortment of economical uses, similar to animal bedding. The whole procedure serves to boost the utilization of uninvested regular assets and redirect low esteem leftover material into employments that dispense with the need to landfill. Sauder was established on the standards of stewardship and servanthood and its family always respect these qualities with capable procedures that try to save the world.


When you purchase Sauder, you are purchasing from an American organization with profound roots in the Midwest. Erie Sauder established Sauder Woodworking Co. on a shoestring amid the Great Depression. Three ages later and still family possessed, Sauder is the innovator and understood maker of prepared to-collect furniture in North America. Actually, 90% of the item is still created only a stones-toss from the horse shelter in Archbold, Ohio where everything began.


  • American made
  • Eco friendly wood
  • The huge Storage Space


  • Heavy to assemble

8. South Shore Spark Bookcase Headboard with Storage

With its numerous simple to get to open stockpiling compartments, this shelf headboard is ideal for satisfying South Shore Spark Bookcase Headboard with Storage bedside stockpiling needs. An extra room available from the side of the headboard might be put on either the privilege or left relying upon your inclination. We like its flexible look, which mixes effectively with whatever may rouse you and we ensure you’ll like it as much as we do.


Including Creative Storage

This great shelf headboard highlights useful open extra rooms isolated by tough and solid fixed racks. There is a gap in the back board that enables links to go through for better wire the executives. The bookshelf is anything but difficult to keep clean with a delicate dry soft cloth.

The design

This modern headboard will help make a mitigating environment in the wake of a monotonous day. With its numerous simple to get to open stockpiling compartments, this shelf headboard is ideal for satisfying bedside stockpiling needs, keeping your perusing materials and individual things sorted out and close nearby when you need them.

5-year limited guarantee

South Shore is glad to remain behind this bookshelf headboard with capacity with a restrictive 5-year constrained assurance. Shop with certainty realizing your buy is constantly secured. Every one of the items meet or surpass North American wellbeing benchmarks and the bundling is tried and affirmed to lessen the danger of harm amid shipment. This thing is transported in 1 box, make a point to have a companion with you. Get together is required by 2 grown-ups and devices are excluded. In the event that you have questions with respect to this item or need help don’t falter to contact South Shore Furniture 7 days help. This item is made in North America with covered particleboard. Embellishments excluded.


  • Easy Assembly Instructions
  • Hole in the back panel for wire management
  • Classic & Sophisticated Style


  • Headboard is higher than the mattress

9. Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors

Give your room a pinch of tastefulness with the Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors. This reasonable headboard Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors flaunts sleek subtleties like enriching side and top moldings and oval brushed nickel handles. The entryways, fitted with 6-way flexible self-shutting pivots, give a perfect hideaway to any belongings you need inside reach yet far out, and are flanked by two extra compartments for significantly more stockpiling. This piece consummately supplements full and queen bed casings and matches Prepac’s Platform Storage Beds.


Fits perfectly

We obtained this for a full-sized bed instead of a queen. The edge will fit. At the base of the headboard, there are boards on either side that are sufficiently huge to oblige a queen or full-measure bed, however they don’t accompany gaps pre-penetrated.

The shelf effectively holds novel-sized writings. There is a slight shade with hardbacks, yet just by not exactly a centimeter. You have the option to fit around 40 books altogether of shifting sizes. The cabinet is about a similar width as the shelves, however with somewhat less profundity to oblige the cabinet entryways. There is a lot of room for whatever you may wish to store.

Assembly instructions

The assembly guidelines prescribe two individuals, yet you have the option to do it without anyone’s help. This headboard is considerably more tough than the most famous brand of self-get together furniture with which are for the most part recognizable. It stands upstanding effectively all alone even without being rushed to a bed outline. We were persuaded after an ongoing minor tremor that this thing is vigorous. The majority of the equipment is either metallic or polyvinyl. Moving the 70-pound box inside was troublesome, however after assembly the weight dissemination makes moving the unit solo a lot simpler. This is by a wide margin the sturdiest self-get together household item we have ever reviewed.

Fixing the headboard

We battled to some degree with adjusting the cabinet entryways. The mounting component takes into account modification, so extricate those screws, push, pull, and alter as required until the entryways are straight. The instruments are powerful, so don’t give this procedure a chance to threaten you.

The manual demonstrates that get together (with two individuals) would take around 75 minutes. Solo it was around 90. Not awful, particularly on the off chance that you grew up playing with LEGOs and appreciate mechanical undertakings. We suggest looking into the rationale behind nailing on the sponsorship of any household item so as to facilitate that bit of the structure procedure. On the off chance that you’ve at any point fabricated a bookshelf, you’ll know precisely the test we are talking about.
What’s more, well, it looks cracking great. The trim is attractive. The cabinet handles are chic, yet subtle. On the off chance that you aren’t the wild kind, you can put bookends on the highest point of the headboard and store 100 additional books. We recommend a clasp light mounted on the top trim.


  • Beautiful design
  • Sturdy built
  • Good storage space


  • Very tough to assemble on your own

10. South Shore Summertime Bookcase Headboard with Storage

This nation style cabinet headboard helps us to remember long, apathetic summers by the ocean. You may think first South Shore Summertime Bookcase Headboard with Storage about a straightforward, serene setting however why not go for an astounding, brave stylistic theme. Its flexibility implies you can adjust adornments and hues as your little fortune’s taste advances. Include a portion of his or her own DIY for a much progressively special look.


Easy to assemble

All items accompany a reasonable get together report that will control you through all means. On the off chance that you have any inquiries amid the get together don’t dither to contact South Shore Furniture for quick help. This thing is delivered in 1 box, make a point to have a companion with you

Made for your bedroom

This Shaker Pure white and Natural Maple complete twin mates bed (39 in.) highlights regular maple complete wooden handles and is a piece of south shore furniture’s shaker line. The strong bed gives a lot of helpful bedside extra room with its three ample drawers. It very well may be utilized with the twin bookshelf headboard to shape a progressively complete troupe.

Storage and warranty

This exquisite bookshelf headboard highlights down to earth open extra rooms isolated by durable and solid fixed racks. There is likewise an opening in the back board to enable links to go through for better wire the executives. You can easily clean the headboard with a dry cloth which will make the pure white shine bright as new.

South Shore is pleased to remain behind this shelf headboard with capacity with a selective 5-year constrained certification. Shop with certainty realizing your buy is constantly secured.


  • Elegant design
  • Simplistic
  • Good storage options
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • You have to be careful with the pure white color as it is delicate

11. Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills

Include a dash of customary style and class to your room stylistic layout with this full/queen cabinet headboard from Sauder 401294 Orchard Hills the Orchard Hills accumulation. This attractive bookshelf headboard effectively appends to a full or queen measure bed casing to give your room a cleaned look. Its bookshelf rack gives an extensive zone to store and show sleep time books, your morning timer, and other evening time necessities. Completed in an exemplary Carolina Oak, it additionally includes wire access through the encased back board. Spruce up your bed with a shelf headboard today.


The headboard that fits perfectly in your bedroom

The Sauder Orchard Hills Bookcase Headboard is intended to fit twin size beds. This stockpiling cabinet headboard has extensive showcase zone for morning timer and books. Encased back board has line access to ward off tangled wires. This headboard is produced using designed wood to offer a strong exhibition, and its covered Carolina oak complete adds more excellence to its general looks. This a la mode yet practical wooden cabinet headboard will make an extraordinary expansion to any twin size beds and highlight the vibes of your room too. Simple to amass, it may set aside an exceptionally short effort to do it.

Stylish design

Appreciate useful room style with this full/queen headboard. A sum of five presentation and capacity compartments are ideal for morning timers, books, or room style. The two side racks are flexible to accommodate your room extras. Encased back board highlights line access for hardware. Completed in a warm Carolina Oak, this headboard is additionally accessible in twin size.

Bring back the old days

The best thing about the Sauder orchard hills is that it has a vintage vibe to it. How you ask? Well, it is finished in exceptional Oak so that you can have the feel of the good ol days while resting on this headboard and the other great thing about this headboard is that it has a decent storage space along with a wire hole in the middle so that you can place a lamp or your charger while lying on the bed. Therefore, making the Sauder orchid hills one of the best headboards out there.


  • Unique design
  • Good storage space
  • Classy look


  • Assembly is difficult

12. Benzara Contemporary Style Gray Headboard

In our regularly tight city lofts, numerous household items must work twofold obligation. Headboards are no special Benzara Contemporary Style Gray Headboard case. Beyond any doubt they are beautifying highlights that give your bed and rooms a completed look, however they can likewise be a capacity compartment for holding books, perusing glasses and different things and this where Benzara steps in with its stylish Gray headboard with six storage shelves. What’s so special you ask? This headboard looks great and does a great job at storing bedroom items as well.


Adds beauty to your bed room

Give your room a bit of class with the dim completed twin size shelf headboard. This down to earth headboard flaunts tasteful subtleties like elaborate side. This present headboard’s six open racks with empty coasts offer all that could possibly be needed space for your other than prerequisites, regardless of whether a morning timer or a teddy bear. The headboard is done in a durable dark cover. This furnishings piece will make an expansion of tastefulness and style in your stylistic layout.

Best price and Quality

Overseen by a well-experienced group of experts, Benzara is resolved to keep up exclusive expectations of value and creation. They guarantee that the rates, which you would pay, are aggressive and practical. Benzara center around giving top quality, and incentive to their clients with our tremendous choice of item classes which incorporate enlivening frill, highlight furniture, mirrors, divider stylistic theme, lighting and nursery.

Global outreach of the company

We source through our accomplices over the globe and highly esteems giving the administration all through North America to the retail, online business, discount. We keep up a Distribution office in Southern California


  • The headboard has 6 storage racks
  • Looks great in gray color
  • Has a pocket friendly price tag


  • There have been complains regarding the quality of the product

13. South Shore Fynn Headboard with Storage,

Make your room into a desert spring of rest and closeness with the Fynn gathering. Its straight lines and striking outh Shore Fynn Headboard with Storage, asymmetry were motivated by the trendiest contemporary structures, and it includes a rich and present-day Rustic Oak complete that can fit pretty much any stylistic theme. The gathering’s utilitarian and current style truly radiates through in its advantageous headboard, which highlights covered open compartments on each side for effectively available capacity inside reach of the bed. The Fynn accumulation gives you a chance to make an interesting stylistic theme that will never get old!


5-Year Warranty and Easy Assembly

South Shore Furniture covers all deformities on furniture parts and workmanship for a time of 5 years from the date of procurement.
Make a point to have a companion with you to gather the furnishings because the assembly can be a difficult task if done alone and most importantly you need to have the right tools before you begin so do keep that in mind before you start the assembly procedure.

Simple Care

Buying a headboard isn’t everything, one needs to keep it in good shape as well so that it looks in your bedroom and this headboard is pretty simple to take care of. You just need to keep it clean with a dry cloth and there you go; it’ll be as good as new. The headboard will shine up with just a single wipe so do keep in mind to give it that glow every now and then.

Certified to Give You Best Product

To diminish the danger of harm, South Shore has constructed an in-house ISTA research facility to test all items’ bundling quality so that you can safely use all products by South Shore at your home without worrying about anything.
South Shore is motivated to structure and assemble furniture that is lovely, moderate and made for reality. Your life. Making more stockpiling, improving little spaces, and ensuring structure and capacity are battling for control of your home! They take the responsibility is to rearrange your life so you can prepare for what is important.


  • Easy to clean
  • Quality material used
  • Certified
  • Easy to keep


  • Time consuming to set up

14. Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard-Queen/Full-White

Include a completing touch and extra room to your room with the Full and Queen Bookcase Headboard. Intended to Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard-Queen/Full-White suit any style, this headboard includes three compartments of capacity to your room. Change the rack in the center compartment to suit your necessities and style. At long last, a spot to store and show your books, morning timer and picture outlines. This unattached item is intended to be combined with any full or queen bed.


Made to fit any bed

The Humble Crew Bookcase Headboard with Storage is intended to fit a queen- or full-size bed and offers extra room with an in vogue, present day plan. The 8.5 inch bookshelf headboard will compose your books, morning timer, picture outlines, and other stylistic layout.
The best thing about the Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard is that it isn’t just a headboard, it also comes with smart storage options so that you can place your alarm clock, your books and other room items in the storage racks. The headboard has a unique design that will surely will your bedroom a facelift.

Sturdy built

The next best thing about the Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard is that it has sturdy built and a durable constriction so that no matter how much your kids jump and play on the bed and the headboard, we are pretty sure it won’t break that easily.

 Easy to assemble and clean

The one thing which haunts every headboard buyer is its assembly. In our survey we have found out that the assembly is probably one of the most difficult things to do, you have to get all the right tools and probably some help from your friends and in rare cases some headboards are too difficult to assemble that they require professionals but the Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard wins big here as it very easy to assemble with the basic tools and you can do all by yourself.

Most headboards require wood polishing, waxing and varnishing but cleaning the Humble Crew GJ043 Storage Headboard is quite easy as you only need to wipe the headboard with a clean dry soft cloth and it will shine like brand new.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has good storage place


  • There have been complains about the quality

15. South Shore Cosmos Bookcase Headboard with Storage

Let’s be honest – there’s just so much you can pack underneath your bed. On account of books and other stuff, you’d South Shore Cosmos Bookcase Headboard with Storage, Full 54-inch, Black Onyx and Charcoal like a spot to really show them however in a minor room, they’re regularly consigned to being stacked quickly on the end table or stuffed into an edge of the storage room.

Enter the South Shore Cosmos Bookcase Headboard with Storage: the multi-utilitarian furniture arrangement you may have neglected. Incredible for little spaces that could utilize the room an end table takes up, or only for anybody with a lot of books to store.


Modern design

This cutting-edge headboard will help make a relieving air in the wake of a difficult day. With its numerous simple to get to open stockpiling compartments and side stockpiling, this cabinet headboard is ideal for satisfying bedside stockpiling needs, keeping your perusing materials and individual things sorted out and close within reach when you need them.

Smart Storage Solution

This cutting-edge cabinet headboard highlights down to earth open extra rooms isolated by durable and dependable fixed racks. Making stockpiling in an unused vertical space and an opening in the back board enables links to go through for better wire the executives. The cabinet is anything but difficult to keep clean with a delicate dry material.

The oversimplified, contemporary bookshelf headboard mixes moderate style and usefulness in a straightforward and exquisite bit of room furniture. Providing numerous pragmatic and open extra rooms inside simple achieve, the bookshelf headboard has fixed racks and extra stockpiling on one side. This headboard includes a link the board gap in the back board for clean association

Eco-Friendly and comes with a 5-year warranty

Made in Canada with non-poisonous overlaid particleboard, the headboard’s bundling is tried and confirmed to decrease the danger of harm amid shipment. Now you can shop with peace of mind that your purchase is protected with a 5-year limited warranty so that in case of any unfortunate accident you can always have some help from the company itself.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Eco friendly
  • Stylish
  • Good storage


  • Difficult to assemble

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