Top 15 Best Full-Size Daybeds in 2022

Do you have overnight guests? Not sufficient space for sofa plus full-size bed in your guest room? It seems like a full- Best Full-Size Daybeds size daybed is the ideal solution for you; it’s a perfect seating/sleeping combo with broad array of chic options and practical features.

A full-size daybed is idyllic for bedrooms, kids’ rooms and home offices. They don’t convert into sofa, but can be used as couch in multipurpose rooms like living room, sun room or a gaming den. In houses where space is scarce, a daybed’s a welcome addition. During Victorian era, daybeds became a trendy household furnishing because they merged form with function. They are adaptable and nice-looking, available in various styles or materials, classically wood and metal or wood/metal, and are appropriate for any décor, from contemporary to conventional.

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Buying daybeds is a demanding undertaking and it’s hard for a purchaser to make the correct decision. It is typically not feasible to always perceive the item in person before buying, so the consumer has to pick astutely before placing an order.

To resolve this problem, these 15 best product recommendations are precisely what you require as it will assist you to know the excellent traits of each full-size daybed, and you can then support your decision on the customer experience.

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What Is A Full-Size Daybed?

Full-size daybeds are brilliantly versatile furniture pieces for bedroom, lounges, office space, guest room, or private dens. They offer gorgeous seating, decorative sleeping space when desired. You can augment the sleeping space even Best Full-Size Daybeds more with the addition of an optional trundle unit, which can be pulled out from under the daybed when you need an extra bed.

Despite name, it isn’t merely a normal bed where you spend all day. No, far from being the area where one lounges on a sluggish weekend, a daybed is a particular type of bed which is better version of a sofa-bed owing to the trundle bed options and longer length.

Daybed designs integrate head ends along with foot ends, bestowing them a hybrid-style construction between standard bed and sofa. There are ample perks to daybeds and host of potential applications. They come in various forms, adhering to all modes of dissimilar styles.

Anatomy Of A Full-Size Daybed: What Are Its Major Components?

A daybed is made up of three chief components, frame, mattress support, and non-compulsory trundle.


The frame has three pieces, two side panels with one back panel commonly accessible in wood, metal, or wood/metal amalgamation. They are most frequently designed to lodge a typical full-size/twin-size mattress. Other options comprise double styles with queen mattresses. For kids’ rooms, you can find daybeds with double trundle.

The standard full-size daybed frame comprises two arms and back, imitating essential sofa structure. Depending on brand or maker, daybeds can be either link spring or platform-style referring to how mattress is he Best Full-Size Daybeds ld in place.

A link spring is metal grid acting as a box spring and is attached to frame to support mattress. There is typically a gap amid frame and mattress to accommodate bedding and making the bed.

For platform-style daybeds, mattress is supported by bunkie board/slat rack. A bunkie board resembles box spring without coil work but slimmer, fits inside frame and supports mattress consistently. Slat racks for platform-style daybeds are a chain of metal/wooden slats connected to sides of frame with screws.

The back of daybed is sophisticated, creating visual curiosity and offering a focal point. It gives character and charm making it a distinctive feature. An integral component of frame, the deck, supports mattress, keeping it in position. The two major types of daybed decks are link-spring and slatted.

Mattress Support

A link spring is the most widespread mattress support. It’s a metal grid-like construction with springs substituting for a box spring. The link spring fastens to two side panels of daybed frame to generate a strong, steady bed. This is what the twin mattress rests on allowing room underneath for optional trundle bed and extra mattress.

A slat system is the less familiar mattress support. This system is similar to full-size bed slat structures where wooden slats are connected to front, back rails of bed to support mattress.

Trundles Best Full-Size Daybeds

A trundle is typically optional while purchasing a daybed. It’s an additional mattress frame stored beneath link spring of a daybed, and when needed slides out to provide additional sleeping space. There are two kinds of daybed trundles, pop-up trundle or drawer trundle.

Pop-up trundles are placed side by side; they alter full-size daybed into king-size bed. Pop-up trundles are prepared of metal. They may be left in lowered position or elevated in pop-up position to adapt to primary daybed mattress.

A pop-up trundle unit with integral link spring’s purposely designed to be utilized with standard daybeds to be suitably stored underneath. When required, it may be rolled out and elevated to identical height as daybed, altering it into a typical king-size sleeping area, or two identical beds.

Drawer trundles/slide-out trundles are classically specific to a daybed so drawer dimensions are simply the right fit. Drawer trundles hold a full-size mattress, but never elevate. These styles are admired for kids’ rooms since they’re perfect for sleepovers. Drawer trundles can be left empty and used as additional storage space. This pull-out trundle accommodates a pop-up kind mattress, but does not typically elevate. It is pulled out from beneath like a drawer or rolled out on wheels on a gliding mechanism.

What Are The Benefits Of A Full-Size Daybed?

Full-size daybeds come with a plethora of benefits. Here’s a quick look.

Space Saver: Best Full-Size Daybeds

Space is such a precious commodity in urban homes especially for large families with regular visitors, but they can resolve this difficulty with a full-size daybed with trundle. This multifunctional furniture piece will provide an extra bed without making home space tinier.

It doubles sleeping capacity during nights but keeps space free throughout day. In most trundle beds, trundle is not lastingly attached to daybed, and this creates convenience in sleeping arrangements.

Daytime Comfort:

During the day, a full-size daybed is utilized as seating area. The length is spacious enough to allow several persons to sit. Daybed mattress is a convivial experience with comfort by comprising a luxurious and comfy seating arrangement.

In addition to facilitating a simple seating area, the full-size daybed can be a preferred nook. The parents can sit and read their favorite books, chat, or watch TV. Children enjoy playing time with portable gaming consoles or smartphones. It is feasible that the whole family can relax and unwind since there’s more space to move around.

Soothing Nightly Rest:

These are the finest pieces that you can sleep contentedly at night. A pleasant and roomy area for sleep removes annoyance. To solve many sleep-related troubles, these are the best choice. If there are many gue Best Full-Size Daybeds sts, there is no need for any additional sleeping area because full-size daybed would be roomy enough. Their general structure is found comfy and convenient to lodge guests for night’s rest.


Those individuals who frequently travel amid places, they may have to conciliate on their sleeping arrangements. For these users, the full-size daybed is best and extremely suitable. To add to versatility and expediency of sleeping patterns, they can utilize full-sized daybeds. When they reside in guest room, hotel or anybody else’s room, then there’s a requirement to rest on full-sized daybed. Your sleeping pattern would become simplified with usage of full-size daybed. These daybeds make space clean and possess stylish designs. The ingenious full-size daybeds are committed to add to sleeping convenience.

Roomy Advantage:

The full-sized daybeds are highly accepted for roomy traits. Classically, they are broader than twin by 15”and they are smaller than queen-sized by 5”. The typical dimensions are 54”x75,” which is really roomy. It is preferable for individuals who want own space, particularly teenagers during transitional phases. It could serve as demand for additional space in guest room. Consequently, if you want the correct bed for your adolescent daughter/son, then full-sized daybed would be a correct choice for you.

5 Key Aspects To Remember While Shopping For Best Full-Size Daybeds A Daybed

Buying a full-size daybed isn’t a huge decision; you want to pick the ideal model. Here are some significant deliberations on key aspects you must make before getting one for your requirements.


A full-size daybed for an overnight guest is pleasant to have, but daybed with trundle provides lodging for no less than 2 guests instantaneously. Simply pull out trundle bed tidily stored under daybed’s mattress and support and you get another bed ready. But not all daybeds with trundle accompany a second mattress; you might have to buy one individually.

Buying a full-size daybed with trundle is a sensible move every time you desire to increase space in a room. Choose either drawer trundle/pop-up trundle. In both, trundle stays precisely hidden under daybed. You have to slide it out for spare sleeping space and slide it back if not in use.

Trundle can function as a sofa. During day or amid guest visits, it can be put into additional uses. For example, full-size daybed is placed in kid’s room, it will give them room to play, read and relax during day, then at night it offers additional sleeping space.

Mattress Size

Daybeds come in many sizes to lodge users of different ages and sizes. While often seen with a twin or queen mattress, there are daybeds with full-size mattresses that are a great choice for teen, kids, or adult sleepers. Certainly, a bigger mattress translates into a bigger daybed, so confirm you get the square footage for size you consider.

Assembly Best Full-Size Daybeds

While many daybeds with wireframes and negligible moving parts are swift to assemble, other versions will offer a laudable challenge to DIY furniture builders. Full-size daybeds with headboards, trundles, plus added storage or components might be more complicated and have you handling washers, bolts, or nuts. Consider if you’re ready for a robust assembly, and if not, find a daybed with a straightforward frame, pre-assembled frame, or backless structure.


Some full-size daybeds are designed with contemporary look while others have a customary form. Some are straightforward, while others are stylish with complex carvings and decorations. The daybed that you select must complement décor of your home.


Trundle sections set daybeds apart from conventional beds. A majority of daybeds presently available are designed with trundle sections which either accommodate a detached mattress for an additional sleeper or may be utilized as a storage space.

Notable Features of Full-Size Daybeds

With so many unique traits, it’s necessary to think what you basically wish from your full-size daybed. To save time Best Full-Size Daybeds and reduce annoyance, narrow down the search by observing these basic traits.

Build Quality & Construction

If you prefer minimalistic or cozy theme, acquire a full-size daybed that fits in numerous kinds of concepts. It’s feasible to toggle into any fashion according to room, but it’s best to choose a design that beautifies home and doesn’t demand excessive changes in existing furniture.

Consider daybeds with mattress prepared from natural material like bamboo, Aloe Vera, or green tea. This is essential as comfy sleeping is the key to health. Generally, eco mattresses are appropriate for facilitating outstanding blood circulation and alleviating any likely hazard or toxin and skin allergy released from body. Typically, daybeds have wood or metal, or a combination. The choice of material relies on issues like individual preference, resilience, and comfort.

Engineered woods are processed by utilizing heat and pressure to fasten wood fibers jointly. One kind of engineered wood is MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard. It’s more affordable than solid wood and as strong and tough. A daybed constructed of MDF and mixture of veneers/laminates will render strength and feel of hardwood.

Deemed as the most heavy-duty material, genuine wood daybeds are made from wood cut from trunks of trees such as mahogany, pine, or oak. They are pricier than engineered-wood products.

Metals are a popular material as they are strong and trouble-free to keep clean. Pure metals are too soft, excessively brittle and chemically reactive. Alloys make metal stronger and steady. Choose a resilient corrosion-resistant finish. Frames constructed from sheet metal are stronger than ones prepared from tubing, but daybed constructed from Best Full-Size Daybeds heavy-gauge tubing retains power and durability, while being lightweight and less costly to ship.

There are some styles of beds, like sleigh bed with traditional style having silk finishes, charming curves and graceful lines. Inspired by trends and past social customs, traditional daybeds vary from sleigh bed which initially emerged in Victorian era to simpler forms reflected in Colonial designs.

Transitional-style contrasts stern lines with tender curves, and innate wood finishes with radiant metal accents. It uses nonaligned palette finishes like tan, taupe, and vanilla. Since it fuses contemporary with customary, a transitional daybed will effortlessly blend in with various designs or fashions.

Emerging from later half of 20th century, contemporary style minimizes ornate lines and richer textures of customary furnishings. Modern/contemporary daybed is known for minimalism of line, silhouette, and form. Geometric and unassuming, existing style often mixes textured components like chrome accents with wooden tones.

Country-style daybeds merge formal styling with rural charm. They retain a characteristic period essence like Shaker, Mission, or English Country. Country-style furnishings are constantly constructed of wood, with light to medium finishes, but metal country-style daybeds are now a gradually popular choice.

Daybeds require mattresses, so adhere to usual mattress sizes. This makes them, on an average, bigger than sofa-beds, though most of them are full-size.

Comfort & Storage

Comfort is a key aspect to concentrate while shopping for finest full-size daybeds. It may be complicated to analyze comfort of chosen daybed. The comfort is improved by use of soft mattress, lightweight structure, and larger size. Best Full-Size Daybeds Look for something that possesses a cooling sensation on mattress made with materials like green tea foam, bamboo, or activated charcoal. The same is idyllic for hot/humid countries.

The ample storage place is vital regarding full-size daybed for storing additional belongings underneath bed instead of letting whole space go waste. With sufficient storage space, you can lounge comfortably, conveniently, and toss in diverse directions during the night.

If you have inadequate space or want to make it multi-functional, consider a full-size daybed. While urban space is getting increasingly smaller, people still want to enjoy the identical or better comfort and functionality of larger space. Fitting dissimilar accessories or furniture is clearly not doable as that restricts movement and undermines functionality. You will perhaps end up causing overcrowding or surplus clutter. The solution is finest full-size daybeds serving up as sitting/sleeping points.

A full-size daybed with trundle offers extra storage for household items. The trundle serves as large storage drawer if it’s without mattress. If it’s in guest room, place extra linen over it, and in kids’ room, place toys to maintain room neatness.

Buying a full-size daybed with trundle lets you adapt easily to altering requisites in sleeping arrangements of family members. A family anticipating second child might find trundle bed essential because henceforth the parents won’t buy an additional bed. The two kids may share trundle bed.

Durability & Warranty Best Full-Size Daybeds

Functionality is a significant issue to consider while choosing a full-size daybed with trundle. Ensure that the bed you select is appropriate to suit diverse uses but as solitary unit. You can utilize a daybed as sofa, chaise lounge, guest-bed, or regular bed for kids to sleep on. A flexible daybed is, consequently, suitable because it fits contentedly in any setting.

How frequently would you utilize it? Unmistakably, no one desires to toss/turn every night on congested couches. But if your daybed is utilized for guests who scarcely reside for a few nights, go with a dimly less-stylish model with long-lasting resilience. If you or guests sleep on daybed a lot, just spend for durability and comfort.

The leading full-size daybeds hold several years of manufacturer warranty coverage on authentic product and constituents if obtained from licensed sellers/dealers.

If you find any flaw within warranty period, it’s repaired/changed by manufacturer for no cost. Warranty span are disparate across brands/models.

Top 15 Best Full-Size Daybeds in 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. DHP Victoria Daybed (Top Pick)

Contemporary design

$$$ 4.8
2. DHP Bombay Metal Full-Size Daybed
Easy to assemble $$$ 4.8
3. Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed

Espresso finish

$$$ 4.7
4. DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed
1-year warranty $$$ 4.6
5. DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered Full Size Daybed
Weight Limit: 450 lbs $$$ 4.6
6. DHP Lina Full Size Metal Daybed
Space-saving Functionality $$$ 4.5
7. DHP Dale Full Size Upholstered Daybed
Easy and quick assembly $$$ 4.5
8. DHP Theo Urban Daybed
Manufactured with robust wood $$$ 4.5
9. LikeHome Full Daybed
Daybed dimensions: 77”L x 56”W x 41”H $$$ 4.4
10. Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Wood Daybed

No box spring needed

$$$ 4.3
11. Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed
Solid wood construction $$$ 4.2
12. JULYFOX Full Size Wood Daybed
Solid environment friendly Plantation hardwood $$$ 4.1
13. REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed
Multi-functiona $$$ 4.0
14. Baxton Studio Rebecca Daybed with Trundle
Button-tufting $$$ 3.9
15. Baxton Studio Fabric Upholstered Daybed
Scrolled arm design $$$ 4.0

1. DHP Victoria Daybed (Top Pick)

Relish in the design innovation of DHP Victoria Daybed! DHP Victoria Daybed (Top Pick)

DHP is a division of Dorel Industries Inc. and is a foremost maker/importer of home furnishing products. This division concentrates in ready-to-assemble furniture for home/office use. With a synthesis of novelty and design, DHP Victoria Daybed brings comfort and value to living spaces.

Build Quality & Construction

61.5lbs White multi-functional contemporary-design DHP Victoria Daybed is available in 4 colors and has full-size metal frame and fine detailing.

You can use it as a bed or as additional seating; it fits one regular full-size mattress (sold separately). Box spring’s not essential. It measures 77.5”x56.5”x46.5”.

Whether you’re an active professional needing a faultless small space solution for condo or residence, or cool and practical furniture for dorm or new apartment, exceptional and functional DHP Victoria Daybed gets you covered. It fits your design needs.

Comfort & Storage

Stylish, practical, lightweight and versatile, Victoria Daybed’s designed to ease your life with incorporated support systems that don’t need any extra foundation.

Whether you desire to sit down, lounge or need additional sleeping or storage room, Victoria multi-functional daybeds has got you covered. Get easy and swift assembly in no time. It fits in petite spaces.

Whether for a condo, residence, or a dorm, this multi-purpose product can be comfortably stored and used in dissimilar spaces.

Whether you want extra seating in living room or sleeper for sudden guests, DHP Victoria Metal Daybed is the ideal fit. With encircling finial posts, brushed metal frame, and customary scrollwork, this daybed will add instantaneous charm to any room. Sturdily-made, the bed has metal slats and supporting legs for additional support and ease. DHP Victoria full-size daybed sleeps two users contentedly.

Durability & Warranty

Victoria Daybed is sturdy and steady. It lasts at least 3-5 years and can be effortlessly transported to any move one may make.

As with all full-size daybeds, the comfort relies on mattress you buy. The frame is sturdy and well-made. Kid may sleep in, play and jump every day with no issues. It is essentially much superior, durable, and more comfortable than customary beds. The height permits a trundle bed to be included in future or for beneath-the-bed storage. It has 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Comes in various colors
  • Full-size metal frame
  • Multi-functional furniture


  • Requires patience to handle lots of well-built parts, big or small

2. DHP Bombay Metal Full-Size Daybed

Furniture for all lifestyle is intended by DHP Bombay metal full-size daybed! DHP Bombay Metal Full-Size Daybed

DHP Bombay daybed is an easily-assembled daybed with metal frame and included trundle with a fusion of modernism and design intended for long-term use.

Build Quality & Construction

71lbs Bronze-colored unique and well-designed DHP Bombay daybed is available in 2 trendy colors. Daybed dimensions are 77.5″Lx56″Wx43″H.

Beautiful elegant metal frame with stylish curves and detailing perfectly complements bedroom decor. It ships in one box and necessitates minimal assembly.

Comfort & Storage

Space-saving functionality of DHP Bombay daybed is ideal for accommodating your folks and friends for comfy sleepovers. Ii includes daybed with roll-out trundle having locking casters. With your necessities in mind, DHP Bombay daybed gives you functionality you necessitate with many additional storage options.

Built-in support structure in its slat system helps your mattress stay fresh for longer while also offering the support you require without any extra foundation.

Durability & Warranty

Metal slats ensure stability and durability. It seems sturdy and it won’t budge if you put 400lbs weight including a 50lbs mattress though the listed weight limit is 300lbs. The bed doesn’t squeak, fracture, rock, dent, or twist. It supports weight well.

The bed is gorgeous, very classy and the metal does not appear inexpensive. It comprises two sets of bed risers, one to keep daybed lower, maybe about 6” or further off the ground and the other is to lift up the bed a tad higher. You get 1-year warranty.


  • Metal full-size daybed frame
  • Included twin-size trundle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy structure


  • Holes may not line up correctly if you keep screws loose

3. Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed

Save ample amount of space with Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed! Dorel Living Morgan Full Daybed

If you’re looking to save space in any urban setup, the Dorel Living Morgan full-size daybed is the perfect solution for you with immense functionality.

Build Quality & Construction

68.2lbs Espresso-finish Morgan daybed is made of genuine pine and spruce with clean lines that blends effortlessly with accessible décor. It accommodates a full-size mattress (sold independently). Minimal assembly is required.

Brimming with versatility, this daybed acts as a sleeping space or profound seating structure. It features a mattress slat design removing the necessity for a box spring. It measures 77.2”x56.9”x34”.

This full-size daybed is a versatile furniture piece for both seating/sleeping requirements. The clean lines and affluent espresso finish instantly offer additional sleeping accommodation for guests. The daybed has wooden slats, so no box-spring is requisite, just a mattress (sold independently).

Comfort & Storage

It can be displayed minimally, or decked up to mirror your style with ornamental pillows and throws, offering an extra-comfortable space for reading, visiting, or lounging. Sleep, be seated or relax!

Morgan full-size daybed is a multipurpose piece that solves all sleeping/seating needs. With a well-off espresso finish, this solid wood daybed works fine in formal/casual room.

Open-slat design Morgan Daybed works well in guest room, gaming den or in a tiny living space because of its compact design. This daybed allows for additional storage space underneath it! Comfortable mattress fits comfortably and in a snug way.

Durability & Warranty

The intended maximum weight limit for Morgan daybed is 225lbs. It’s durable and well-made and can bear a lot of weight for a long time. This item is eligible for complimentary replacement parts. You get 1-year warranty.


  • Clean line design mixes well with any decor
  • Space-saving design
  • 1-year warranty


  • If users are over 6’1 , it might be a tad tight for them
  • Difficult to put together

4. DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed

Mingle functionality with design using DHP Sophia Upholstered Full-Size Daybed! DHP Sophia Upholstered Daybed

DHP Sophia upholstered full-size daybed with queen-size trundle is a truly practical furniture piece with elegant design to fit nicely with home décor.

Build Quality & Construction

Create a comfortable lounge space with DHP’s 130.5lbs Sophia Daybed and trundle. Its faintly sleigh arms harmonizing with Tan linen and button-tufted upholstery give it an eternal Victorian look with a contemporary twist. Product Dimensions are 63.5”x93.5”x30.5”.

Built of concrete construction with graceful wooden scroll legs, Sophia Daybed and trundle have manifold wooden slats which eradicate the need for box spring. With backless design, daybed is a multipurpose accent piece to place against wall or utilize as a room divider.

Ships in two boxes and assembles fast! It accommodates one queen-size mattress and one full-size mattress (sold independently).

Comfort & Storage

Bentwood slat system offers support and comfort. No extra box-spring or foundation is required. It’s a snug lounge space by day and sleeping space by night!

It includes a roll-out trundle idyllic for sleepovers or overnight guests. Trundle pulls all the way out and has wheels so you move it to any vicinity. Bottom trundle does not elevate.

You can add a lot of furry body pillows with throw pillows and utilize it as a sofa in living room! Or you can put just a memory foam/gel-infused memory foam mattress for utter comfort. Fabric is comfy with tailored appearance and feel. The trundle works awesome with casters. The feet are blond wood. This is a higher quality comfy furniture piece than you might anticipate.

Durability & Warranty

Assembly is super easy! All parts and pieces are visibly labeled and directions are clear and simple to follow, you can assemble it alone without any effort. It has sturdy construction and slat design.

It’s resilient for constant use in guest room. Taller users can sleep on this bed comfortably. For movie/game night, users can pile up on top & bottom easily.

It is very durable with a mammoth daybed weight limit of 500lbs and solid trundle weight limit of 450lbs. Get 1-year warranty.


  • Contemporary and chic backless daybed
  • Slightly sleighed arms
  • Trundle with casters


  • Wheels (ball bearings) and upholstery/face are flimsy
  • Takes time to put slats on bed
  • Plastic inserts are not too posh

5. DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered Full Size Daybed

Adorn your room décor with DHP Franklin Mid-Century Upholstered Full-Size Daybed! DHP Franklin Mid Century Upholstered Full Size Daybed

DHP Franklin Mid-Century upholstered full-size daybed renders a classic look and feel to any décor along with offering solid comfort.

Build Quality & Construction

1950s had its own style, and now you may bring mid-century look with 88lbs linen and velvet style Franklin Daybed from DHP. The straight lines, slender wooden feet with grey linen upholstery reminisce days when sporty style and gallant statements ruled.

It’s available in 5 shades and numerous sizes. It measures 56.5”x78”x33”. It brings comfort and convenience to all living spaces. It’s ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and guest rooms.

Comfort & Storage

No box spring or foundation’s needed! Just top with a comfy mattress (sold individually). Franklin Daybed becomes your preferred place to sit around contentedly or drift off to a great night’s sleep.

It’s ideal for lounging around, chatting or studying throughout the day. At night, it becomes a perfect spare guest bed or teen bed with its slender form making it idyllic for smallest spaces for all rooms in between. The wood slat base enables idyllic air circulation to keep mattress fresh and provide vital support.

Stylish and versatile, multi-functional Franklin Daybed daybed’s designed to ease life with incorporated support systems.

Durability & Warranty

Versatile contemporary design matches all room décor and fits in rooms of every size. Wood slat base offers improved air flow circulation. It adapts to any weight providing the correct amount of support. Sturdy metal construction makes it last for years to come. Weight limits for bed and drawers are 400lbs and 40lbs respectively. You get 1-year warranty. For bigger users over 250lbs, the daybed fits nicely and stays durable.

Slat boards are simple to assemble even for a kid! The walls on three sides are suitable to use for lounging/sitting in any direction, like a couch by day; and a bed at night.


  • 400lbs weight limit
  • Great air circulation
  • Grey linen upholstery


  • Box is large and heavy

6. DHP Lina Full Size Metal Daybed

Experience sturdiness with long-lasting comfort using DHP Lina Full-Size Metal Daybed! DHP Lina Full Size Metal Daybed

DHP Lina full-size daybed with trundle is your go-to gadget for a small space solution. It excels in design, style, quality, form, and most prominently, multi-functionality.

Build Quality & Construction

Metal-bodied 76lbs DHP Lina full-size daybed is available in 2 colors. It’s the optimal solution to petite space living with super-chic and minimalistic design. This metal bed-frame has elegant design with crisscross metal, emphasized with circular medallions and encircling finial posts. Available in Classic Black and Gold, it compliments any interior. Daybed dimensions are 77.5″Lx56″Wx43″H.

Comfort & Storage

Have guests staying overnight? This daybed obscures a trundle which rolls out and generates yet another bed! Accompany it with duvets and spongy throw pillows, and it’s converted into a comfortable lounging for living room. Maximize living space with Lina Daybed and trundle!

Durability & Warranty

Crafted with a sturdy and durable frame, the bed has metal slats that guarantee steadiness and resilience. Weight limit of daybed is 450lbs and that of trundle is 225lbs. Additional foundation’s not required. The weight limit can’t be augmented, and if bed integrity is altered, then 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is voided.

Minimalistic and modern design’s embellished with crisscross metal, rounded medallions and encircling finial posts. It gives space-saving functionality with daybed and roll-out trundle with casters (2 locking and 2 non-locking).


  • Metal slats included for support and durability
  • 450lbs weight capacity
  • Fits nicely in tight spaces


  • If your mattress is thicker than a normal mattress w/extra cushion, it is a tricky fit underneath

7. DHP Dale Full Size Upholstered Daybed

Forget the tension of overnight guests with DHP Dale Upholstered Full-Size Daybed! DHP Dale Full Size Upholstered Daybed

DHP Dale upholstered full-size daybed serves as a handy and practical solution when you need to entertain overnight guests without compromising on their comfort and relaxation.

Build Quality & Construction

125lbs DHP Dale upholstered full-size daybed comes in 2 colors. It accommodates one typical full-size mattress. Mattress isn’t included. No box spring is needed. You get easy and swift assembly. It ships in 1 box. Daybed dimensions are 77.5”Lx57”Wx32”H.

Simple and stylish, the Mid-Century upholstered Dale daybed from DHP brings late 18th century traditional style to life! With a streamlined silhouette, spongy linen fabric along with nail-head trim, the daybed’s sophisticated profile goes with any style of décor.

Built with strong metal frame, this versatile full-size daybed presents additional seating and sleeps one contentedly. A wonderful fit for any bedroom, living space or guest room, the daybed is grand in extent and beauty.

Comfort & Storage

Classic 18th century modern design comes with upholstered nail-head trim and spongy linen fabric. It can serve as an extra comfy seating area depending on what you require. Dale daybed will go seamlessly with any décor.

Durability & Warranty

DHP Dale daybed is sturdy and effortless to put together. It’s gorgeous and serves as an addition to the master bedroom as the reading/hanging out space with your kids. It is built with a sturdy metal frame that ensures firmness and long-standing durability. It’s sturdy enough to bear the load of kids playing or jumping and whenever parents accompany them in leisure time. Weight limit is 450lbs. Get 1-year limited warranty.


  • Strong metal frame
  • Sturdy daybed with 450lbs weight limit
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Quite heavy
  • Trying to line up screw holes is challenging

8. DHP Theo Urban Daybed

Feel the expediency of DHP Theo Urban Daybed! DHP Theo Urban Daybed

You will decorate your room or living room with DHP’s Theo urban daybed and storage. The essence of minimalism is at its ultimate level with rich clean linen upholstery, boxy cubical profile that initiates modern aesthetic into your home.

Build Quality & Construction

The full-size DHP Theo daybed measures 79”L X 57”W X 31. 5”H with drawer dimensions of 35”L x 23.5”W x 6.5”H. The weight limit is 450 lbs. Its net weight is 98.5lbs.

It’s Gray color finish has a contemporary design with upholstery rich linen. It’s ideal to combine with any Décor. It comes with a wood slat base that gives better air circulation along with superior comfort. It goes perfectly with a standard-size mattress sold separately and features two drawers on casters. It ships in one box and is effortless to assemble. The Daybed is accessible in multiple colors.

Comfort & Storage

Ultimate functionality is integrated through the adding up of under bed drawer storage, letting you expediently store up extra comforters set, bed sheets, magazines devoid of sacrificing costly floor space. Precisely engineered bed frame’s backed with wooden slats system that assists ventilation for your mattress, making it fresh for longer. Theo daybed storage is surely ideal for small room, guest room, studio apartment, and child’s room.

Durability & Warranty

Manufactured with robust wood and extremely longer-lasting Linen materials, Theo gives complete freedom to use anywhere in your room. It’s backed with 1-year limited warranty coverage.


  • Manufactured with robust wood
  • Contemporary design with clean lines
  • Accommodates a standard size mattress
  • Ships in one box, trouble-free to assemble


  • Comes with no instruction manual

9. LikeHome Full Daybed

The authenticity and space-saving comes in the name of LikeHome Full Daybed! LikeHome Full Daybed

LikeHome brand launched the daybed for people who are craving to create a comfortable and inviting environment among their friends. The vital aspect is all about staying practical and being genuine, which also applies to your furniture.

Build Quality & Construction

The full-size daybed’s outfitted with pieces of simplicity, contemporary designs with trendy accent details to put in a touch of warm allure to any room décor. Available in several colors for your likings, it ships in one box. Daybed dimensions are 77”L x 56”W x 41”H with a weight limit of 450lbs. Clearance is 14”. The Trundle dimensions are 71”L x 40.5”W x 4”H with a weight limit of 250lbs.

Comfort & Storage

This set is designed to provide you the functionality you require with flexible designs that contain beds with trundles along with adjustable base heights. Outfitted with solid materials, this line of products gives top-notch support to let you relax in absolute comfort.

Perfect for a condo, apartment or a dorm, this versatile product offers the ideal solution for small space living. A simple solution to provide accommodation for overnight guests; it’s ideal for a child’s bedroom or living room. It goes perfectly with one standard full-size mattress along with one standard twin-size mattress as only fast and easy assembly is required.

Durability & Warranty

It’s backed with solid materials and industrial modern design with curved edges built with a strong metal frame and protected metal slats for extra-durable support.


  • Space-saving with versatile designs
  • Durable and secured metal slats for extra support
  • Quick and easy assembly


  • Isn’t strong enough to support excess weight

10. Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Wood Daybed

Attenuate minimalistic decor with Harper & Bright Designs Full-Size Wood Daybed with Rails! Harper & Bright Designs Full Size Wood Daybed

The stylishly good look of daybed that comes in the brand name Harper & Bright Designs is great for saving space selections. It is multi-function furniture and can be found a lot used in smaller spaces like a studio apartment and a small living room.

Build Quality & Construction

The full-size daybed measures 78.3″W x 57.1″D x 34.1″H; that has material of 100% environmental-friendly 10 wood slats of platform bed; made with solid wood bed frame, it’s strong and easily accommodates kids or adults below 250lbs; made with fine finish, it completely goes with vintage and modern decoration.

It has thoughtful design of three-side rails. It’s a perfect selection for folks in need of retro and contemporary look. Easy installation requires no box spring.

Comfort & Storage

Daybed’s made with comfort is a style all matched-up together; this daybed can be a regular bed when you are sleepy, and it can as well be a cute and fashionable sofa if destined to. Featuring abundance of room below for storage, it gives immense satisfaction to those in need of bed frame with drawer and storage. You will be more structured by few pop-ups trundles intended for the space underneath the frame, thus more room will be saved for you.

Durability & Warranty

It feature 2 small removable legs in the middle, sturdier for 2 adults to sit on; you can also put a trundle beneath if needed; customer satisfaction is top priority; it will need 2-7 days to arrive; feel free to contact the manufacturer if there is missing or damaged parts during shipping.


  • Standard full-size daybed
  • No box spring needed
  • Easy to put together with clear instruction
  • 2 extra legs in the middle


  • Not for handling heavy usage

11. Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed

Redefine daybed comfort with Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed! Discovery World Furniture Bookcase Daybed

Discovery World Furniture Honey finish represents a light and elegant looking finish. The elegance of a 4-step lacquered finish contains mostly a light neutral tone with a golden highlight top-coated by a mild sheen.

Build Quality & Construction

Discovery daybed comes in honey color measuring 78.5″x62.5″x40.5″ and weighs around 176lbs. The daybed is made from solid pine. The product’s outfitted with 6 drawer storage unit which comes completely assembled; the drawers contain European drawer glides with positive stops. Slat kit is incorporated with the bunk bed making it mattress prepared; no obligation to buy a Bunkie board or box spring.

Comfort & Storage

This full-size daybed provides an abundance of storage space devoid of sacrificing a classy look. The headboard comes with 2 adjustable height shelves, with the front of the bed showcasing 6 drawers. The door on the side gives extra storage space that is concealed under the bed.

The bed comes with headboard which gives an abundance of storage space intended for items such as alarm clocks with books. All Discovery World Furniture products go together with extensive instructions that will have your new furniture set up with ease. All under bed drawer units are prepared with metal roller glides that come mounted to cabinet with pre-installed drawers. Just slide drawer unit in place and it’s all set for use.

Durability & Warranty

This product is manufactured from solid wood. All aspects of this bed were first planned using 3D software, which confirms that in-general design of bed is sound and entire safety issues are correctly addressed. Discovery World Furniture sells products with an appealing wood quality as the wood has dissimilar grain quality and can contain pockmarks in line with natural wood pieces. Planned for kids ages 3 and up, it is extremely durable.


  • Mattress-ready with complete slat kit
  • Outfitted with European roller glide drawers
  • Solid wood construction
  • Easy to assemble


  • Manufacturing quality could have been improved

12. JULYFOX Full Size Wood Daybed

Never go wrong in bringing comfort and style with JULYFOX Full-Size Wood Daybed! JULYFOX Full Size Wood Daybed

JULYFOX Daybed comes with a stylish slatted design, this ivory white delightful daybed can be transformed into a sofa or a sleeper to make an inviting corner to cozy up with an immense book or accommodate for the night guests.

Build Quality & Construction

The full-size daybed measures 78.3″x57″x34″. It’s a multipurpose furniture piece that can take care of both seating along with sleeping needs. Including clean lines with ivory white color, this daybed will mingle in with the majority of any decor. You can make use of it plain or dress it up with attractive pillows for an additional stylish touch, even as the wooden slat details include a classic touch. A box spring is not necessary.

Comfort & Storage

The wood daybed frame can accommodate a normal size trundle intended for extra storage space or an additional sleeping space. You can make use of this wooden daybed to present extra sleeping accommodations intended for guests. It will work perfectly in a guest room, den or inside a small living space since of its compact size. The full-size bed frame stands about 9.6″ off the floor designed for easy storage. It features smoothly sliding boxes, backed with storage bins, trundle bed, drawers, as well as more space underneath the bed for convenience.

Durability & Warranty

This bed frame is outfitted of solid environment-friendly Plantation hardwood in Mahogany finish. Its solid wood frame makes it strong and durable. It can bear max 330lbs weight capacity as its heavy-duty structure holds toddlers, teens along with adults.


  • Manufactured of solid hard wood
  • Modern style that looks magnificent in any home
  • Attractive Ivory White color and full size
  • No box spring is required


  • Requires time to install

13. REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed

Relish geometric patterns of chic comfort of REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed with Trundle! REALROOMS Ally Metal Farmhouse Daybed

The brand known as REALROOMS constructs daybed to make the home you deserve. The maker understands that your crucial goal is to have a cozy and pleasing environment for you to take pleasure in some good company.

Build Quality & Construction

70.5lbs Ally multi-functional daybed comes with a trundle that changes into two sleeping areas intended for overnight guests. It comes in two color variant of black and white. Item weight is 70.5lbs and product dimensions are 56″x77″x41″. It features geometric patterns all incorporated with rounded edges together with straightforward circular design medallions that put in a pop of chic and modest new design to your room furnishings. The daybed weight limit is 450lbs. The trundle weight limit is 250lbs.

Comfort & Storage

This daybed is outfitted by space-saving functionality and includes two sleeping areas ideal for friends for following an overnight stay. Just roll the trundle out from below the daybed when required and neatly tuck back beneath in the morning after your guests have enjoyed a soothing night’s sleep.

Have room for one twin mattress together with one full mattress. Mattresses sold independently. No additional box spring’s necessary.

Durability & Warranty

Sturdy metal frame and held metal slats by rounded edges decorated with simple circular medallions makes this daybed to use for regular use for more pleasing days to follow.


  • Easily accommodates one twin mattress with one full mattress
  • It’s Multi-functional daybed
  • Geometric patterns with Cute contemporary design
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Takes a bit of time to install

14. Baxton Studio Rebecca Daybed with Trundle

Render more luxury and comfort with Baxton Studio Rebecca Daybed with Trundle! Baxton Studio Rebecca Daybed with Trundle

Baxton Studio’s mission is to produce a furniture ordering and delivery experience that gives customers a feel of security, comfort, loyalty. Baxton Studio is dedicated to always providing stylish and exclusive furniture.

Build Quality & Construction

The light beige color finish full-size daybed with trundle measures 90.2″x61.4″x37.1″ and weighs 227lbs. Light Beige fabric upholstery gives complete luxury comfort touch to it. It is designed for modern and contemporary feel with button-tufting, and foam padded with engineered high-quality wood frame. It’s outfitted with pull-out twin size trundle that makes it complete.

Comfort & Storage

The beautiful Rebecca full-size daybed is the ideal blend of contemporary details and modern-day clean lines. Rebecca amazes your guests and with its all-over design. The straight lines along with even height of arms with headboard make this daybed trouble-free to incorporate into your guest room, bedrooms, living room and any position where space is at a best. Rebecca Daybed comes with a roll-out twin-sized trundle; making it trouble-free to host guests and ideal for sleepovers.

Durability & Warranty

The bed features comfy foam padding over an engineered wood frame along with a chic fabric upholstery for comfy experience. Also, you get durability with this product that allows you to use it for coming years.


  • Outfitted with foam-padded engineered wood frame
  • Pull-out twin-size trundle
  • Light Beige fabric upholstery
  • Modern contemporary daybed


  • The assembly could have been simpler

15. Baxton Studio Fabric Upholstered Daybed

Bring a comfy side in your corner with Baxton Studio Fabric Upholstered Daybed with Trundle! Baxton Studio Fabric Upholstered Daybed

Alena full-size daybed from Baxton Studio is the epitome of laid-back stylishness. The bed’s usefulness comes from its fresh and contemporary-inspired design. Alena can effortlessly be coordinated with an extensive range of decor, with coastal and glam styles.

Build Quality & Construction

163.14lbs Alena full-size bed is modern and contemporary daybed, outfitted with Dark grey fabric upholstered engineered wood frame; it measures 86.22″L x 57.09″W x 37.48″H and weighs. It also has the elegance of Button-tufting, all backed with scrolled arm design. It’s designed with a pull-out twin-size trundle. The daybed shows off high-end look while providing you practical selections for hosting guests and having sleepovers.

It comes with a scrolled arm design. All with pull-out twin size trundle. It’s manufactured with 100% polyester fabric, MDF, particleboard with foam that is all made in Malaysia. Assembly is necessary. Alena full-size daybed is the essence of laid back elegance.

Comfort & Storage

Alena is outfitted with scrolled arms by a button-tufting design on all side panels, in addition to the front panel of the pull out twin-sized trundle. The daybed shows off luxury, high-end look even as providing you convenient options for hosting guests and kids.

Durability & Warranty

It’s made with a premium range of 100% polyester fabric, MDF, upholstered engineered wood frame as well as foam to ensure durability. It’s backed with a 30-day limited warranty.


  • Grey fabric upholstered engineered wood frame
  • Button-tufting
  • Scrolled arm design
  • Manufactured in Malaysia


  • Slightly bigger for a smaller room

Full Size Day Beds – FAQs

Can I get a full size day bed with wheels?

Many full size day beds come with attached wheels on the legs of the bed. These wheels make it so much easier for Best Full-Size Daybeds you to move the bed from one room to another. Also, you may want to check with the manufacturer if the wheels can be locked or not. If you can lock the wheels of your day bed, it will give you an extra layer of firmness when you crash on the bed for a full night’s rest.

How strong and durable is a day bed? Is it strong enough for an adult?

A day bed is made of durable and sturdy materials like wood, metal, faux wood, etc. So, a day bed is extremely robust. You can expect it to be strong enough to support the weight of large adults easily. However, you can also check with the manufacturer if the bed has any hard limit on the weight factor.

Will I get optimum back support from a full size day bed?

You can expect your day bed to be offer a firm structure for you to sleep on. With the solid structure and the thick mattress, a daybed is certain to offer proper support to your back, shoulders, and neck. A bad bed is going to give you funny pains and sore spots. However, you can expect to sleep on a full size day bed comfortably for long hours and you will wake up feeling well-rested and comforted on the next day.

Do I get a trundle with a full size day bed? Best Full-Size Daybeds

Most full size day beds come with a pop-out trundle. These beds do not need a box spring or foundation to hold it together. The pull-out trundle can be used whenever you need an extra bed to accommodate an adult or a child guest. The trundle is very smooth to set out and can be pushed back with minimal effort. It can be an excellent feature for you if you like to have guests or friends over.

What is the best way to use a day bed?

A day bed is a highly portable piece of furniture that comes with space-saving benefits. You can use it in your guest room, in a studio apartment, in hostels, in hospitals, in dormitories, etc. Being easy to move, it is highly convenient for you if you need to take the bed to a different room. Also, it has space-saving features which helps to declutter the overall look of your home or living space.

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