Top 15 Best Fabric Bed Frames in 2022 – Complete Guide

A good night’s rest and an even better sleep cycle can be easily owed to the quality of our beds and the amount of Best Fabric Bed Frames comfort offered by them, their placement, and functionality. The quality of our bed greatly depends on the kind of mattresses that we use and the functionality offered by these mattresses. The fit and comfort of these mattresses depend on the bed frame in use. Even the greatest mattress will fail to perform if the bed frame does not fall well with its shape, weight, or built.

So, in order to have a harmonious sleep, you need to be smart and pick up the most ideal bed frame for your bed. Since fabric bed frames are in vogue and trend these days, we will be talking every inch about them in this article. So, if your existing bed is begging you to get a replacement or you are simply in a mood to make a new addition to your bedroom, this is the best time to get a nice fabric bed frame for yourself and treat yourself to a nice rest that your body deserves.

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However, before we move ahead in this article and tell you everything about fabric bed frames and how you can choose the right one, here is a general list of rules that you must abide by if you are looking to get yourself a new and perfect bed frame:

  • A bigger bed is more comfortable. Hence, go for the largest frame that you can afford and the most comfortable mattress that you can spend on.
  • Before making a purchase, take into account the designated space that you want this bed frame to take up in your bedroom. The size of your bed frame will heavily depend on the overall size of your bedroom.
  • Make sure that the bed and its aesthetics go well with the color and the look of your bedroom decor. This Top 15 Best Fabric Bed Frames in 2019 - Complete Guide should be done keeping in mind the color and aesthetic tones of your room.
  • Always and always consider the size of your mattress in case you already have one; especially if you have a heavy mattress.
  • Consider the height of the headboard that would be desirable for you.
  • Assess the requirements of any under bed storage if that is a priority.

Now, that we have the generic rules available for you to go through, it’s time to talk everything about the fabric bed frames in specific, and about what an ideal fabric bed frame is like. Having this buying guide will help you invest smartly in the right choice of a fabric bed frame.

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Fabric bed frames: Not your traditional bed frames

If you are someone who would love a dash of modern bedroom essentials in their home space, then the stylish, Top 15 Best Fabric Bed Frames in 2019 - Complete Guide functional, and unconventional fabric bed frames can be your sure thing. They are so very comfortable and visually appealing that they will effortlessly transform the look and feel of your bedroom. They will help you make an effective style statement and also impress your friends. Also known as an upholstered bed frame, a fabric bed frame is all about providing a sophisticated and modern look to your resting area. So, if the idea of an aesthetically appealing and super comfortable bedroom excites you, you are in the right place.

If we are to talk about the most popular fabric bed frames, it has to be the ones with the velvet fabric. They are so in trend at the moment and also provide a luxurious touch and feel to your bedroom. They might be on the expensive side but they are definitely durable and provide a super modern touch to your bed that will make the first right impression for you.

So, are you already thinking of purchasing a great fabric bed frame for your sleeping and resting area? If the answer is in positive, here are the most important factors that you must consider before you place out your money in the market.

So, ask yourself the following questions before shortlisting your choices for a fabric bed frame:

  • Do you have any picture references for the fabric bed frame that you are looking for? If yes, show them at the concerned sales point or find a pick that is closest in terms of the resemblance, in case you are open for online purchase.
  • Consider the weight that will be held by the bed frame i.e. if this bed frame is competent enough to hold two individuals easily and offer optimum comfort while also holding the weight of the mattress.
  • Are you or are you not looking for under bed storage?
  • Consider the lifetime of the bed frame that you choose; durability is a preference. Top 15 Best Fabric Bed Frames in 2019 - Complete Guide
  • Are you just looking for the comfort feature of these bed frames or do you want to pick up a luxurious one?
  • Check for the product warranty offered with the bed frame?
  • What is your budget for the purchase and maintenance of this bed frame?

Factors to consider before purchasing a fabric bed frame

Now, it’s time in the article to talk about the most important features of every fabric bed frame that must be considered before making a confirmed purchase.

Size of the mattress:

Before you begin to consider the factors about the frame, you will have to assess the measurement of your existing mattress or the ones that you would prefer buying. This is important because the right assessment will help you have a well-fitting mattress on the bed frame.

Size of the Fabric Bed Frame:

Next up, the size of your Fabric bed frame is the most important factor to be considered before you make a choice. This factor needs to be assessed given into account the size of your room and the allotted place to the bed. Based on your choice, you can choose from bed sizes ranging from the single, double, king, and super king size frames.

Fabric Bed Frame Style:

Now, we are talking about the style that you would prefer for your fabric bed frame. It will be based on your personal preference and your idea of the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Choosing the right style to suit your preference is a must because a bed frame is going to be a long term investment.

You can choose fabric bed frames with or without a headboard, and also choose the amount of padding that you are Top 15 Best Fabric Bed Frames in 2019 - Complete Guide looking at. An ideal headboard will provide your back and head the rest required during reading or watching movies. It also looks great. Again, the overall look and feel of this headboard can be heavily personalized. Sleigh bed style is also an option for fabric bed frame enthusiasts. You can also determine the storage available in your bed frame options.

Your choice of Fabric used:

Yet another crucial factor behind the choice of a fabric bed frame is the fabric used in it. Velvet fabric remains the dominant choice for fabric bed frames and it is easily one of the most favorite choices. Other fabrics in use are leather, vinyl, faux leather, linens, etc. Again, based on your choice of fabric, you can select the one that will suit your room decor and your personal preference.

Assembly of the frame:

If you are someone who is armed with tools and equipment to assemble a frame, only then should you go for self-assembling options. Otherwise, you shouldn’t mind spending some extra money for getting the assembling done with the help of professionals. A rightly assembled bed frame will cause no issues when it is brought into regular use, meaning no squeaks or movement.

Strength of the bed frame:


This is also a very important factor to consider before you spend your money on a fancy looking fabric bed frame. The strength of this bed frame will determine its longevity and also lend long term support to your mattress. A strong and sturdy bed frame will help you have a good sleep, providing you the optimum amount of comfort.


A lot of us overlook the kind of maintenance that would be eventually be demanded by our furniture. Since a bed frame is a part of furniture that is meant for prolonged and regular use, they will tend to bear a lot more wear and tear. Especially in a fabric bed frame, you will always be plagued with issues such as staining and settlement of dust, so make sure that you are able to carry out these tasks for the maintenance of your bed.

A fabric bed frame isn’t going to be a traditional choice. It provides your bed and room with a soft and warm feel. They also let you sit up and read or simply browse through your devices with their comfortable fabric based headboards. So, if you are really looking forward to making a statement, fabric bed frames should be your ultimate pick.

Now that you have a full-fledged buying guide for your reference, we hope that you will now be able to easily make a choice and make a good one if you are looking to furnish your rest area with a fabric bed frame.  Now, let us help you with our top 15 picks of the best fabric bed frames to let you make a clear selection.

Top 15 Best Fabric Bed Frames in 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed
Diamond stitched and button-tufted soft linen upholstery $$$ 4.8
2. Zinus Ibidun Platform Bed (Queen Size)
Foam padded tape $$$ 4.8
3. Home Life Platform bed (Full Size) Outer Dimensions – 85″ L x 64″ W x 51″ H $$$ 4.7
4. Zinus Lottie Platform bed (Queen-size) Headboard Height – 43 Inches $$$ 4.6
5. Home Life Platform bed (Queen Size)
Light Grey Silvery Llnen $$$ 4.6
6. Roundhill Nanterre Furniture Bed (King size)
13 bed slats, no box Spring needed $$$ 4.5
7. Zinus Dachelle Platform Bed (Queen Size)
5 year limited warranty $$$ 4.5
8. DHP Rose Upholstered Bed (Full Size) bed measurements – 79.5(W) x 58.5(D) x 39 (H) Inches $$$ 4.5
9. Pulaski Mason Upholstery Bed (Queen Size)
Sturdy wooden Construction With thick foam padding $$$ 4.4
10. Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed, Full
Classic Styling and strong, closely-spaced wood slat support $$$ 4.3
11. Flash Furniture Brighton Tufted Upholstered Twin Size Platform Bed
Underbed Height: 6″ $$$ 4.2
12. Flash Furniture Riverdale King Size Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed
45 wooden support slats $$$ 4.1
13. Monarch Specialties I 5925F Bed Frames
Accented with black solid wood block feet $$$ 4.0
14. Monarch Specialties I 5920F Bed Frames
Easy to assemble and quite affordable $$$ 3.9
15. Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed in Stone Khaki, Queen Clean line style with neutral upholstery $$$ 4.0

1. Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

If you are looking forward to getting a classic bed added to your resting area, this timeless fabric bed frame will help you make a Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed statement. Based on the area you are willing to allow your bed to take up, the Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed can complement your area to a great extent, providing you the best kind of comfort.


The Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed comes with sturdy center support and a durable wood slat foundation. So, you can use a mattress of any size that suits your varied requirements without the need of a Box spring. This purchase will bring you a headboard, footboard, a frame, and solid wood slats.


The rectangular headboard on the bed frame stands at approximately 4-feet. The headboard is quite sturdy and long-lasting but also lightweight at the same time. Along with the metal frame with wood slat support, the headboard is made out of strong, lightweight, and long lasting metal tubing. You will now easily be able to bid farewell to the usual box spring and frame setup.

This bed frame has been specially designed to help your mattress last longer. It prevents your mattress from sagging as it provides ample support with the help of its evenly placed slats across the top of the platform. So, if you have a heavy mattress, you must go ahead with the purchase of this bed frame.

The 8-inches legs on the bed frame are solid wood and the fabric is diamond stitched and button-tufted soft grey upholstery. The bed frame is quite a piece of work with its gorgeous inset soft button-tufted diamond stitching. Obviously, the fabric provides a delightful touch.

The bed frame is available in grey or linen and in full, queen, and king sizes. So, you can have the one that suits your requirement the best. When the package arrives, you will be delighted to see that it can be easily carried across the narrow doorways, hallways or stairwells. The bed frame is so easy to assemble that you will be able to put it up all by yourself in less than an hour.


  • 3-year worry-free warranty
  • Unique taste and style
  • Very easy to put together
  • Sturdy built
  • Pre-installed hardware in the frame
  • Double metal supports down the center with heavy duty hardware
  • Great packaging


  • Might slide or move a bit on wooden floors

2. Zinus Ibidun Platform Bed (Queen Size)

The Zinus platform bed is designed to transform the look of your bedroom. It comes with all the required parts needed for easy Zinus Ibidun Platform Bed (Queen Size) assembling. It has a classic look that consists of a modern designer headboard. It offers extremely soft fabric and is quite comfortable due to the tufted fabric cover. The wooden material used to construct the product is also quite strong and long-lasting.


The product weighs about 94.8 pounds and the dimension is 87.5 x 65 x 44.5 inches. It takes about half an hour to set it up and has 6 inches height from the ground for proper under bed storage. The slats consist of Velcro which keeps it one place.  The steel frames have additional foam tape.


This Platform bed from Zinus has a classic style and comes with button styled tufted taupe fabric. It is built with premium quality wooden slats and steel frame. The cloth material is knitted polyester which is extremely comfortable. The packaging of the order consist of the footboard and wooden slats.

It comes with all the required parts for easy assembling. It also comes with instructions to set it up quickly. All the disassembled parts are placed in the zippered space located at the headboard. However, it does not come with a mattress. You will have to buy the mattress separately. The manufacturer, Zinus also provides a 5-year warranty for the product.


  • Takes less time to set up
  • Has a good under bed storage
  • It has a zipped compartment for storing extra blankets


  • Might make squeaky sounds after prolonged use
  • Reportedly, not good for long-term use

3. Home Life Platform bed (Full Size)

The Home Life Platform bed comes with premium linen upholstery to give you additional and over the top comfort. It comes with a Home Life Platform bed (Full Size) luxurious look and offers a classic design for the ones who prefer their things the classic way. It has a sturdy build for extended use over a period of time. It comes in different color shades which will go well with any color theme of your bedroom. It does not require any box spring as the slats are ultra-sturdy and durable.


The Home Life full platform bed comes in a dimension of 85 x 64 x 51 inches. It weighs about 50 pounds. The headboard, 51 inches, is quite tall. The fabric used in the product is premium polyester linen which soft and comfortable with a great finish. It comes in a variety of color shades for you to choose from.


The Home Life platform bed comes at an affordable price. Its remarkable feature is that it is easy to put together. It consists of an instruction manual which is easily understandable. So, for someone who has not even done it before, the frame will take only a few hours to fully set this up.

The overall bed frame is built with a solid metal frame and sturdy wood. The wood is of high quality and is durable. So, you can have no doubts regarding the performance of the bed frame. The fabric is real and made of premium linen which not only looks beautiful but also provides enough comfort. It is so strong that it can handle even some jumping on the bed. It comes with an elegant headboard design which has high-quality linen. It has the button tufted design with metal studs to make it look modern yet luxurious.


  • Long-lasting built with comfortable linen
  • Comes at a budgeted price
  • Easy to set up


  • Reportedly, it caused itching for some users
  • No protective layer on the wood

4. Zinus Lottie Platform bed (Queen-size)

Zinus manufactures some of the best platform beds in the world. They have been a favorite and as their tag line says, ‘Behind every Zinus Lottie Platform bed (Queen-size) fluffy mattress is a strong foundation’, that holds true for all their bed frames. Similarly, this Lottie Platform bed is one of the most popular platform beds from Zinus. This bed is designed to provide a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night. It is built with strong high-quality wood and comes with a comfortable and soft fabric.


This Zinus Lottie platform bed comes with separated parts and an installation manual. The installation manual is also present on the website in pdf format. The dimension of this bed is 80 x 60 x 14 inches and it weighs around 93.9 pounds. It comes in two colors i.e. grey and blue slate. The height from the bed to the ground is 8 inches which is enough space to store your things properly if you are interested in under bed storage.


The Lottie platform bed from Zinus has a classic design which will suit your myriad bedroom themes. It comes with strong slats to support your mattress and your weight. It consists of 10 slats and frames. For a noise-free sleep, the bed also comes with foam pad tapes on the frames. The upholstery used in the bed frame is soft and comfortable and the fabric used is knitted polyester. It is available in a dark grey color. The parts for arranging the bed are placed in the zipped compartment at the headboard. You can assemble the whole bed within 30 minutes. You may use the installation videos or the installation manual if help is required.


  • Strong build
  • Takes about 30 minutes to set up the whole bed
  • Easy to set up the bed
  • Comes with an instruction manual


  • The bed may get squeaky after some time of use
  • The headboard cushions might be too big for some users

5. Home Life Platform bed (Queen Size)

This is one of the best platform beds from the Home Life brand which is known for its high-quality designer beds. It is a Linen Home Life Platform bed (Queen Size) platform bed with strong slats to support any type of mattress that you might want to pair up with the bed frame for your use. It comes with the separated bed parts for easy assembling, right at your home.


This queen-sized bed has a dimension of 89 x 69 x 51 inches. It weighs around 60 pounds and comes with parts packed for the assembling at your home. It comes with premium linen upholstery which is smooth and comfortable to touch. The package will consist of two boxes. The color of the linen upholstery is Light Grey or Silvery shade, based on your preference.


Home Life bed products are popular because of the use of premium linen and their budgeted price range. This bed is upholstered with polyester linen which gives it a royal look. It has a classic design and comes with a cushioned headboard. It is designed and styled in such a way that it looks good in every kind of bedroom theme. However, Home Life also provides various other color shades to choose from. The best thing is, this bed doesn’t require any Box Spring because the wooden slats are sturdy enough to withstand the weight. They are strong and long-lasting. The headboard is elegantly designed which has a tufted button design.


  • The bed is quite sturdy
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Comes in an elegant color


  • Not all the parts of the beds are labeled
  • It might take more time to connect some parts of the bed

6. Roundhill Nanterre Furniture Bed (King size)

This Roundhill Furniture bed is specially crafted for a good night’s sleep. So, if you are an advocate of good sleep, this is the right Roundhill Nanterre Furniture Bed (King size) choice for you. The bed is designed in such a way that it will look luxurious and elegant in any kind of bedroom set up. It is available at an affordable price. It gives a simple yet classy feel when you look at it. It consists of high-quality Fabric which is soft and light.


This bed is available in two sizes which are king size and queen size. The king-sized bed is of the dimension 86 x 86 x 56 inches which is a perfect size. The bed weighs about 103 pounds. The product name is B002K. It comes in a Tan color and at an affordable price point.


Roundhill Furniture bed is well-known for its soft fabric upholstery. The Fabric used in the bed frame has a neutral color. Extra padding is added with the upholstery to give the bed some generous padding and girth. The headboard is button tufted and nail head trim design makes it look classy. It consists of metal slats which provide a strong platform for the mattress.

The whole bed frame design is pretty to make it adjustable to the bedroom theme. It also has space for box spring. The package also comes with an instructional manual which you may follow to help yourself easily set up the whole bed. The headboard and the base of the bed are shipped to the customer in two boxes.


  • Affordable price point
  • The design is elegant
  • The bed is quite sturdy
  • Generous padding


  • Adding the box spring makes the bed very high
  • May not come with all the necessary items

7. Zinus Dachelle Platform Bed (Queen Size)

Zinus’ Dachelle Platform bed is designed to make your bedroom look elegant and sophisticated. A bed is the centerpiece of any Zinus Dachelle Platform Bed (Queen Size) bedroom; therefore, Zinus has come up with this amazing bed frame to transform the look and feel of your bedroom. It has a sophisticated and classic style which will go with almost every bedroom theme. The wood material used to build this platform bed is quite sturdy and durable.


The queen sized Dachelle Platform bed comes in a Dark Grey color scheme. Its dimension is 85 x 63 x 44 inches and weighs around 103.8 pounds. It consists of a button tufted headboard design which is about 13.8 inches high. This product is also available in three sizes which are twin, full and King.


This platform bed is made of sturdy wood material which can hold your mattresses and your weight perfectly. The slats are placed with a 3-inch gap. It comes with all the required materials which are needed to set up the platform bed easily. It comes with all the bolts and screwdrivers too, which are necessary to assemble the bed. This bed frame is also noise free, thanks to the addition of foam padded tape to the steel frame.

The core components of this bed are wooden slats and steel frames which are sturdy and long lasting. The fabric used for the upholstery is knitted polyester which is comfortable and smooth. Moreover, it also comes with a worry-free 5-year limited warranty! You will get the installation guide book too with the shipped package. You will find the parts for assembling the bed in the zippered compartment on the back of the headboard. So, now you can easily rest in comfort and style every night.


  • Quick & Simple Assembly
  • Comes with all the tools and parts required
  • Sturdy wood slats
  • Engineered for Efficiency
  • Quality constructed with a great contemporary style


  • Issues with customer care services reported by several users

8. DHP Rose Upholstered Bed (Full Size)

DHP is a popular name in the home furniture industry. The DHP rose upholstered bed is one of the best beds offered by the DHP Rose Upholstered Bed (Full Size) manufacturer. It is a storage bed that comes with a cushioned headboard. It consists of a headboard and the base, both of which are cushioned to make the overall bed frame look elegant and simple at the same time.


It comes in 4 sizes which are the twin, full, queen, and king and 5 colors for you to choose from. The Lenin colors are selected by DHP keeping in mind the common color scheme of bedrooms in the present day scenario. The bed measures 79.5 x 58.5 x 39 inches for the Full size. The weight of the bed is about 83 pounds which is quite light compared to other beds. There is a gap of 3 inches between the floor and the bed.


This is a great bed frame that comes with storage boxes at the bottom. You will get 4 storage boxes, 2 on each side of the bed. The bentwood slats are strong and sturdy and are placed with 4 inches gap on the bed. It doesn’t require any additional support or any box spring. The linen portion at the headboard is button tufted.

The whole bed can be arranged very quickly and all the parts are shipped in a single box. The bed has a touch of mid-century style which makes it look royal and elegant. It also comes with padded foam on the head and the baseboards. The metal side rails and 24 wooden slats provide strength to your bed frame and ventilation to keep your mattress fresh and safe, respectively.


  • Comes with strong storage boxes
  • Available at an affordable price
  • The frame is strong
  • Trendy Design
  • Space Saving Products


  • Curved slats are quite thin
  • Reported breakage
  • Time-consuming assembly

9. Pulaski Mason Upholstery Bed (Queen Size)

The Pulaski’s Mason bed is a combination of modern style and luxurious comfort. It will definitely make your room look elegant. It Pulaski Mason Upholstery Bed (Queen Size) comes with a tufted headboard which gives it a classic look. The wooden slats are strong and sturdy to withstand enough weight. They are made of high-quality wood which also makes the fabric bed frame reliable and long-lasting. This bed is perfect for a traditional themed bedroom.


The fabric material used for the upholstery of this bed is 100% polyester material which is long lasting. The polyester used is soft and easy to clean. The dimension of the queen sized bed is 32 x 4 x 65.8 inches. It weighs about 83.1 pounds. It does not come with a mattress and the box spring.


The queen sized Pulaski’s Mason bed comes in a soft beige color. It is a beautiful bed frame within an affordable price range. It consists of only 3 slats which are placed far apart so you might need to put additional slats. However, the slats used are quite sturdy and strong. They will not break easily and are durable. The bed frame is constructed with sturdy wood and its thick foam padding ensures that the overall product is durable and that it offers ample support.

The bed comes with an instruction manual which you may follow to set it up. It takes about 1 and a half hours to completely assemble the bed. The headboard has a button tuft design to make it look elegant and traditional. The linen used is durable and reliable. It is extremely soft and smooth to touch.


  • Elegant design
  • Beautiful color scheme
  • Takes less time to assemble the bed together


  • Box spring required but not included
  • The headboard height adjustment is a bit tricky

10. Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed, Full

This is a great platform bed by Zinus. This bed is available in 3 different sizes i.e. as Full, Queen, and King. Due to its sleek and Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed, Full unique design, it can deliver a contemporary outlook to your room. Moreover, the bed is easily compatible with different mattresses. It delivers easier integration, thus, one can comfortably set up this bed in the room.


The Full-Size bed measures 80 x 60 x 40.7 inches whereas the Queen Size bed measures 84 x 63.4 x 40.7 inches. The King Size bed has the dimensions 80 x 60 x 39.5 inches. The weight also differs according to the size of the bed; they are 75.4 pounds, 79.6 pounds, and 90.6 pounds, respectively. This platform bed frame has been crafted to enable optimum support for any memory foam, spring or latex mattress.


The bed is comprised of a wood slat support that is closely-placed. This gives the bed an overall classic look. Diamond stitching and the cobblestone upholstery make the bed frame even more impressive. The fabric used in the bed is knitted Polyester. The steel frames present in the bed are attached with foam- padded tape to ensure noiseless usage.

The bed is available in two color variants i.e. Sage grey and Dark grey. The color of the upholstery differs accordingly with the color of the bed. Again, the zippered compartment on the back of the headboard contains all the parts required for assembling the bed.


  • Quick instruction guide for quicker assembly
  • Stylish Design, Sturdy Form
  • Overall, a comfortable product offering
  • Compatible with many types of mattresses
  • Quick shipping


  • Manufacturing defects reported by users
  • Customer service might not be up to the mark

11. Flash Furniture Brighton Tufted Upholstered Twin Size Platform Bed

The platform bed by Flash Furniture comprises of a modern outlook and a dose of charm for interested users. It is probably the best Flash Furniture Brighton Tufted Upholstered Twin Size Platform Bed choice for the ones who do not like high beds. The Twin sized platform bed can deliver the ultimate comfort to the user. The bed is available in 4 different colors i.e. Beige, Black, Dark Grey, and Light grey.


The dimensions depend on the size of the bed. The Twin Size bed has the dimensions of 81 x 44.5 x 51 inches. The weight of the item is around 94 pounds. The shipping weight of the product is 97 pounds.


The bed is mad or the Polyester fabric with a frame construction made of plywood.  There are 15 support slats present in the bed frame made of wood as well as a center support leg. The headboard is button-tufted which provides a luxurious feel to the bed. The design is quite open that adds on the optimum comfort wherever used.  The under bed clearance delivered by the bed is 6″. No box spring is needed to be used.

The panel headboard carries a charming nail head trimming which adds a flair of charm to your overall bedroom.


  • Effective design of the bed suitable for both classical and contemporary bedrooms
  • Easy to assemble
  • Supportive Wood Slats
  • Tall headboard for more safety
  • Statement piece


  • Screws and holes might not match up
  • Might have to use the hand drills
  • Could use better packaging

12. Flash Furniture Riverdale King Size Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

Platform beds carry a marvelous look and can be the best for incorporating in a modern room. The Flash Furniture Riverdale King Flash Furniture Riverdale King Size Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed Size Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed can easily deliver the desired comfort to the user because of its compatibility with any kind of mattresses. Good support can be expected from the bed when assembled properly.


The bed has the dimensions of 85 x 84 x 48.5 inches. The net weight of the product is 124 pounds. The shipping weight of the product is 77 pounds. It is made out of Polyester fabric and sports a quite durable plywood frame construction. The 45 wooden support slats on the frame provide great support to the mattress. Also, no spring box is required for this bed frame.


The gorgeous bed frame features exquisite nail head trimming on the protruding sides and button tufting. Together, the bed frame and the headboard make up for a great look of the bed. The headboard is quite tall and the design is open. A center support leg is also placed in the frame to support the mattress. This is definitely an elegant piece that will stay durable and not go out of trend for recent years to come.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Delivers good comfort to the user
  • Design complements the modern and contemporary room themes


  • Missing parts reported by some users
  • You might face some technical problem while assembling the bed
  • The mattress might not fit at times to the twin size bed

13. Monarch Specialties I 5925F Bed Frames

This is a bed frame which will add an ample amount of elegance to your bedroom with its outstanding design. If you are a fan of the Monarch Specialties I 5925F Bed Frames arched cutout silhouette that carries a contemporary feel, this is the right kind of fabric bed frame for you. One can also get decent comfort by adding the right mattress over this bed frame.


The dimension of the product is 80x58x45 inches. The net weight of the bed frame is 52 pounds. However, the shipping weight of the product is 54 pounds. This frame is available in full size which allows decent space for one to sleep.


The arched cutout silhouette is one of the main offerings of the product. This product is composed of a chic soft grey linen-look fabric that will effortlessly work to add style and elegance to your bedroom. The chrome finish nail head trim adds to the gorgeous appearance of the product. Further, the frame is accented with black solid wood block feet. A compartment is present at the back of the headboard to allow proper storage of the components necessary for assembling the bed frame.


  • The bed frame is available in the market at affordable prices
  • A great piece to add to the bedroom
  • Cost effective yet sturdy
  • The product delivers full comfort to the user


  • The fabric finish might differ from the shown picture
  • At times the screws might be loose

14. Monarch Specialties I 5920F Bed Frames

This is a bed frame that you can keep in your bedroom, irrespective of the kind of decor theme followed by your room and the Monarch Specialties I 5920F Bed Frames contents in it. The bed frames from Monarch Specialties are available in different variants and colors. So, if you are looking for a fabric bed frame that comes in a contemporary design with a tufted headboard for a classic appeal, this is the piece meant for you.


The Full Sized I 5920F bed frames from Monarch Specialties comes in the dimensions of 80 x 58 x 45 inches. The weight of the product is around 51 pounds. The shipping weight of the product is approximately 56 pounds.


The upholstery of the bed is of a soft, chic grey linen-look fabric. The design of the bed will totally compliment the look of your bedroom. The tufted headboard is however present with the bed that provides a classical outlook to the bed frame. Wooden slats are present in the bed frame as well that work to support a box spring. For added stability, the bed frame is equipped with a solid wood black finished block feet.


  • The comfort provided by the bed frame is quite decent
  • The plywood present in the frame is of the best quality
  • Easy to assemble and quite affordable


  • Not enough slats
  • The technique of assembling the bed might seem difficult

15. Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed in Stone Khaki, Queen

This product is overall a complete bed combination that comes in a single package with headboard, footboard, and rails. This queen Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed in Stone Khaki, Queen size bed from Crown Mark can is the epitome of comfort. The user can keep this queen size bed in the room for its outstanding design which can be compatible with numerous kinds of interior decors and themes.


The total weight of the bed is 60.5 pounds. The dimension of the product is 86.4 x 64.4 x 53.5 inches. The shipping weight is around 62.5 pounds. The assembled Height, Width, and the Length of the bed frame are 50 inches64.4 inches, and 86.6 inches respectively. It can also be used with an existing box spring.


This bed is available with all the accessories like the footboard, headboard, and rails. This product is upholstered with polyester-blend fabric in a neutral stone khaki tone, a fully neutral look that helps it to be compatible with all types of decors. The body of the bed is made by manufactured wood and the frames are comprised of plywood. The headboard compartment present in the product allows every component to be shipped in it. It is also easy to assemble.


  • Sturdy built
  • Noise-free
  • Simple to assemble
  • Clearly labeled pieces for assembly
  • Affordable purchase


  • The product might at times get defective
  • Lack of headboard padding

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