Top 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019

Top 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A futon is a Japanese style of bedding, also known traditionally as Shikibuton (or Shiki Futon). It is primarily a Top 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019rectangular, foldable cushion filled with cotton batting to provide ultimate level of comfort with minimalist style. The futon is usually slimmer than the modern-day foam cushions, measuring only about 3 to 4 inches. Now, a variety of sizes are already available to fit specific needs for personal conveniences, but conventionally there is a single size manufactured for all Japanese futons. The bedding is placed on top of a woven Tatami mat (made of grass or reed) to keep the bedding away from the direct floor.

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The Japanese are credited for this innovative piece of art and furniture. However, designers and manufacturers all over the world have come up with their own versions to suit their own markets. In addition, the growing trend of small space living has created a demand for even better space saving furniture that are as versatile as the classic Japanese futon.

The high demand for space saving furniture obviously racked up the prices of such products in the market. A lot of these products can a bit pricey or not suitable for your small living space. You might be thinking to yourself if you will ever find cheap and affordable yet stylish and equally functional futon to fit your style and space saving needs.

Well you do not have to think too long as what you want and need surely is available in the market. You just have to look deeper for the most affordable ones that fit your preferences. Here are some of the advantages of choosing an affordable futons.

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Advantages of Best Quality Affordable Futons

Best quality does not always mean expensive. There are futons out there that can be bought at a fraction of the priceTop 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019 of a designer brand yet give you the exact same quality if not better. Here are the advantages of buying the best quality affordable futons:

Saves you money.

Needless to say, buying budget-friendly futons will save you more money than if you buy into the designer collections of expensive brands. You will burn about a thousand dollars or more for expensive furniture, but spend just two hundred dollars or less with affordable versions.

Most affordable futon brands also include warranties with every product you purchase so it is purchasing more than just a cute sofa bed, it is buying the services to be provided for you by the manufacturer in the years to come for upkeep of your futon. Now that is a good use of your money any day.

Saves you space.

Futons are perfect for small start-up apartments, college dormitories, home offices, and the like. You need not buy an additional sofa for your living area or an extra bed for guests on overnight stays. The futon conveniently and easily converts from a sofa to a lounger or recliner to a legitimate bed in just seconds! You do not even have to move much of your other furniture to make space for it.

Minimalist elegance.

The best quality affordable futons are minimalist yet exude elegance in its design and construction. It does not have a lot of bling like shiny buttons and other decals and that is where its charm comes from. It maximizes functionality over style, but does not shy away design accents like chrome slanted legs or tufted upholstery. This quiet elegance is what sets modern futons apart from other furniture.


The top advantage of best quality affordable futons is undoubtedly its versatility. It adapts to what you need for your space and gives you the same level of comfort and convenience. Futons can easily be converted from a sitting sofa to a reclined lounger for a more relaxed seating. The best part is that it can turn into an extra bed when you need it.

Main Types of Futons

There are two (2) main types of futons and that is the original Japanese futon and the Western type of futon which isTop 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019 a contemporary take to the original.

Japanese futon.

Also called Shikibuton, it is the mattress that is handcrafted by true master craftsmen who know how to look at every detail of a real Japanese futon. It is made with only the highest quality natural cotton cushioning and no foam pads are added inside which can trap moisture and incubate toxic molds. It is usually paired with a Kakebuton which is like a comforter or a quilt that goes on top of the futon. A Kakebuton is similar to a western duvet and may be used with additional covers as well.

Japanese futons are minimalist and do not require any frame as it is usually placed on the actual floor, which not only saves valuable real estate, but also keeps the space relatively cleaner and less cluttered. However, this style may not fit the lifestyle of the western world, which urged designers to come up with their own versions.

Western futon.

This contemporary take on the classic Japanese futon is more suitable for the functional needs of people in the Western hemisphere. Not all people have the real estate space to place a full sized futon in every night so coming up with a design that is 2-in-1 in functionality is the best one could ever hope for.

The western futon’s ergonomic design features elements of a comfortable sofa and recliner and the ease of a complete bed. A frame is added in to make it a more stable piece of furniture that is able to transform from a lounger to a bed in a matter of seconds. This eliminates the need to make your bed religiously like how you would with a Japanese futon.

Features and Characteristics of the Best Quality Cheap Futons

Shopping for the perfect cheap futon requires consideration of its parts. While there is only one type to the classic futon, modern futons are made up of a few more things than that.

Frame. This is the very foundation of a modern futon. It has to be well built to support the easy transition from a sofa to a bed. It has to be strong and durable without being too difficult to navigate. Some of the usual futon framesTop 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019 are made of wood, steel, or a combination of both. Some are also constructed with built in arm rests while some have none.

Mattress. The best quality futon mattress must be comfortable enough to be used both for sitting and sleeping. Is should be made with high quality materials such as cotton, microfiber, or pressurized foam. Some also have coil springs inside for added durability.

Cover. Faux leather, microfiber, linen, and polyester are just some of the more common futon covers available. Some may be removable and some not so it is best to think before you choose the right one for your home. Another thing to consider is if the cover will be easy or tough to clean with continuous use.

Style. Different styles are available for modern futons. A traditional style futon most closely resembles a classic sofa which has full arms and a unified look in its overall upholstery. Armless futons are also available for those who value their space. The armless look gives an open feel to the futon. Another style is a lounger which provides a more relaxed feel than the usual sofa. Most models have multiple notches of recline so you do not have to settle for just one specific angle every time. Lastly, the bunk bed style of a modern futon is less popular but the most ergonomic. It is also the most elaborate when it comes to design and would be perfect for a child’s room or a small dorm room, combining the traditional futon set up with a full bunk bed frame to allow for two full beds and more seating space.

Top 15 Best Cheap Futons in 2019





1. Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon
Easy maintenance$$$4.8
2. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed
Modern look and design$$4.8
3. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon
4Kodiak Futon Lounger3 position options$$$4.6
5. Mozaic Full Size Futon Mattress
Cotton Twill Tufted Cover$$$4.6
6. Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed
7. DHP Katherine Linen Futon
Chrome, sturdy legs$$$ 4.5
8. Mozaic Full Size 6-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress
Durable and Comfortable$$$4.5
9. Divano Roma Furniture Verne Modern Linen Plush Futon
Split back feature$$$4.4
10. DHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon Couch
Weight limit: 600 lb$$$4.3
11. Best Choice Products Microfiber Convertible Futon
Compact and versatile$$$4.2
12. DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon
Sleeping dimensions: 68.5″L x 38″W x 14″h $$$ 4.1
13. Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa
Easy set up by Click-Clack Technology $$$4.0
14. Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa Bed
Finger-guard mechanism$$$4.0
15. DHP 6″ Microfiber Futon Mattress Sofa Bed (Indigo Blue)
Sturdy wooden legs$$3.9

1. Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon

Futons are strategically designed to fit smaller spaces while being able to provide the functionality of both a loungerMainstay* Memory Foam Futon and a sleeper. The Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon is no different. Its ergonomic design allows for quick conversion from a comfortable sofa to a bed in a matter of seconds.

Measuring at 32.5 by 71.7 by 33.5 inches (32.5ʺ x 71.7ʺ x 33.5ʺ), this is the perfect size for small apartments. The slick black faux leather cover provides extra comfort especially on cold nights when you just want to lounge watching TV while comfortably tucked in under a blanket. Clean up is also a breeze, as a damp cloth will be enough to wipe out small stains and debris.

The design in its entirety provides a creative vibe to any space. The black faux leather is not too loud yet not too subtle as well that any kind of interior design you put around it can still make it stand out and be the focal point of the space. This aesthetic is perfect for those who wish to express their creative minds in designing an intimate space.

The memory foam provides great support to even the toughest sitters and can seat up to three adults. The metal frame can withstand up to about 600 pounds of weight given its durable metal construction and six (6) thick metal legs. The functionality of this futon is not lost even when it is used primarily as a lounger.

What is amazing about the Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon is how inexpensive it is compared to buying a separate sofa and say, a king-sized bed frame with a heavy mattress. This futon is built to be everything you need and more while considering your home space and budget all at the same time.

Value for money

This futon will not only save you money, but also save you time. No more moving or purchasing separate furniture when you have this two in one, affordable futon.

Great even for pets

The Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon is perfect for those with pets in the house as it is comfortable enough even for them to sleep on. There are no springs underneath the memory foam so you can be sure of a relaxing time while sitting on it.

Just the perfect size

No need to worry about it not being able to fit your door. This futon was designed to fit a small apartment or room without the need for major adjustments.


  • Inexpensive
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Easy maintenance
  • Two-in-one furniture
  • Easy assembly
  • 6 metal legs for support


  • Not for tall people
  • Little storage underneath

2. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed

The Emily futon of Dorel Home Products (DHP) is a striking piece of furniture that is sure to make a big statement in DHP Emily Futon Couch Bedany living space. This piece features a stunning yet minimalist modern design, the tufted velvet upholstery gives off classic sophistication while the chrome legs add a burst of modern flair.

It is an impeccable combination of functionality as well as style. The DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed offers multi-functionality and versatility as it can be converted from a couch or sofa to a bed in just a few seconds. An advantage of the Emily Futon is its convenient split back, giving you and your guest an equal choice as to the adjustment of the futon to your comfort level. One can be sitting up and the other lounging back a little or even lying straight. The DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed also has a low-profile design with slanted chrome legs thus removing the strain of not having your feet touch the floor as you sit on the futon.

Offered at a very reasonable price, the Emily futon fits not just your private space, but more importantly, your budget. DHP has been in a trusted brand for many years and the Emily futon is one of their bests. What is more, the DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed comes with a warranty so you can be sure to have peace of mind in choosing this product

Budget friendly

Having this in your home eliminates the need to buy an additional sofa or guest bed to accommodate your friends and family. You can stick to your budget while still maintaining the stylish feel of your home.

Low to floor design

The DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed is all about your relaxation and peace. Its design has a low center of gravity, making it easy even for kids to come up and enjoy the comforts of a futon.

Split back

The DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed comes with a split back design which allows multifunctional usage. It can also provide different comfort levels without adjusting the entire couch. One side can be laid flat, while the other side can be used with its back upright. No fuss!


  • Reasonably priced
  • Multifunctional design
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable chrome legs
  • Split back


  • No arm rests
  • Challenging clean ups

3. KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon

The Studio Bifold Futon from KD Frames is as classic as classic can get when it comes to futon frames. Made entirelyKD Frames Studio Bifold Futon out of wood and measuring at 74 by 54.5 by 10 inches (74ʺ x 54.5ʺ x 10ʺ), it is just the right size for a cozy lounger area or reading nook.

It has a five (5) position option for the reclining sofa and it can also be easily converted into a bed. The assembly is easy, as the package comes with a simple instruction manual and the materials are all included when it is delivered to your doorstep. No need to stress out with complicated tools and parts!

This KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon is well constructed and sturdy that it can withstand the combined weight of about 500 pounds including the mattress. The slats on the wood design also tolerates air passing through and around the mattress, allowing it to stay fresh longer and avoid bacteria from accumulating.

It is a great addition to any space, be it a large or smaller area, as the bifold futon can be perfectly concealed under your mattress. Therefore, any design you wish to surround it with can look beautifully curated.

For a price not even reaching 200 US dollars, the KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon is really a bargain. You get the classic, minimalist aesthetic with all its proper functionality at a price that will not hurt your pockets. This is one good buy you surely do not want to miss.

Classic design

This fully wooden bifold futon frame is the best in class when it comes to minimalist design. Nothing beats having sturdy wooden furniture in modern styled houses. It gives a classic spin on an otherwise uptown vibe, making the home feel more welcoming.


Having wood constructed piece at your home can feel expensive as the cost of high-quality wood can be steep. However, the KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon is offered at a price that you can afford with the quality you can count on.

Smooth light wood finish

The craftsmanship put into the KD Frames Studio Bifold Futon is top notch and you can see it in every inch of the wooden frame.


  • Affordable
  • All wood construction
  • Allows proper air circulation
  • 5 position option
  • For any-sized space
  • Sturdy make


  • Mattress not included
  • No space underneath
  • For indoor/covered areas only

4. Kodiak Futon Lounger

The best type of fixture any home owner wants is something that provides versatility. This futon from Kodiak Kodiak Futon Loungercertainly delivers that and more. The Kodiak Futon Lounger is perfect for a studio apartment, a guest room, a college dorm room, or even just a quiet little nook at your covered porch.

It boasts three (3) positions – sit, lounge, and sleep. It includes a five (5) to six (6) inch mattress which is available in a variety of colors and designs, two (2) pillows and a metal powder coated black frame. Strong wooden slats are also included to support the mattress. The Kodiak Futon Lounger is perfect for any stylish college student or the creative professional.

The mattress and pillow are both made of 100% polyester blend while the mattress fill is 80% blended cotton and 20% polyurethane foam. The overall finish is suede and is not waterproof though, so care must be observed when spot cleaning. It is perfect for indoors and even on your covered patio, making it a really versatile piece. It has a low clearance from the floor to the mattress so getting on or off the futon will be stress-free.

Dainty piece of furniture

Smaller than most, this futon can be the piece that completes any room décor, as it can be placed in the most awkward spaces due to its small size. However, its design and overall construction still provide that “wow” factor in the room even if it is small in size.

3 position options

The Kodiak Futon Lounger offers 3 position options that include sitting, lounging, and sleeping. This makes it an excellent multi-functional furniture that will save you money and space.

Chic style. The design takes on a more current vibe from the classic futon construction. It gives a youthful, modern vibe that invites more relaxation and conversation. Easily, a very practical piece for the modern home owner.


  • Inexpensively priced
  • For awkward sized spaces
  • Perfect for patio/porch
  • Metal and wood supports
  • 3 position options
  • Includes thick mattress and pillows


  • Spot cleaning only
  • Not waterproof

5. Mozaic Full Size Futon Mattress

Comfort and versatility are guaranteed when it comes to this 10-inch cotton twill futon mattress by Mozaic. Made in Mozaic Full Size Futon Mattressthe USA using only top grade poly-cotton blend, it is available in a variety of colors that would fit any style of room. The stylish tufted design of this futon mattress is perfect for your living room or guest room and can also be placed on your loft or covered patio.

Its unbelievable versatility not only saves you valuable space in your home, but more importantly saves you money! You no longer need to buy a separate bed mattress and couch for a guest room as you can conveniently convert this futon mattress for sitting, lounging, and sleeping. Just pair it with your favorite type of frame for wherever you want to place it. In addition, it is completely reversible so you do not have to worry about remembering which side to sleep on.

Mozaic’s futon mattresses are made of supreme materials that are sure to offer you a relaxing escape. You can choose from a variety of memory foam options, pocket coil, or cool gel pocket coil mattress to match your comfort level needs. The poly-cotton blend material is both soft and durable and follows the Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. You can be sure that this product is not just comfortable; it is also safe for you and your family.

Poly-cotton blend

Super soft yet durable, the poly-cotton blend of Mozaic’s cotton wool futon mattress is guaranteed to make you feel like you are lounging on a cloud.

Safe and durable

This futon mattress utilizes foam wrapped in cotton fiber which not only provides plush comfort but also ensures the longer life of your full-sized mattress. It only weighs 47 pounds with measurements at 75ʺ x 54ʺ x 10ʺ. It is not a very heavy mattress considering its full size.

Warranty provided

A great buy is when you get more for what you paid for, which is exactly what this futon mattress gives you. At an affordable price with a warranty included, it is just what value for money means.


  • Reversible
  • Handmade
  • Lace-tufted finish
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Warranty provided


  • Frame not included

6. Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed

Best Choice Products has innovated the traditional futon into a sleek, contemporary, and theater-style futon sofa bed. Their modern take on the classic futon takes inspiration from upscale movie theaters with faux leather comfy chairs as well as arm rests for and cup holders for your chosen drinks and snacks. And now, you can have the convenience of having those features while in the comforts of your own home.

The striking faux leather construction of this futon sofa bed is accentuated by four shiny chrome legs. The legs are slanted outward slightly for better weight distribution, as it can easily hold up to 500 pounds of combined weight. The multipurpose lounger is great for a night of binge watching as the reclining function can be adjusted to suit your preference. The side arm rests can be removed while the middle arm rest can be folded down if needed. The cup holders can securely sit even large soda cups and various snacks without spilling all over the futon sofa bed.

However, accidental spills can happen, especially if you have kids around the house. Good thing is that the Best Choice Products Futon Sofa Bed is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Assembly is also trouble-free as it comes with a zip compartment for storing legs and hardware. You can just as easily move it to another space in your home when you feel like rearranging your furniture.

It is just the perfect size for small spaces, at 30 inches long, 66 inches in height and 30.5 inches wide (30ʺL x 66ʺH x 30.5ʺW), it is just the solution you need to make the most out of your studio or apartment space.

Faux leather and chrome combo

The upscale modern vibe of black faux leather and chrome construction exudes a lifestyle that is for the rich and famous. This futon sofa bed by Best Choice Products can give you that and more without hurting your budget.

Removable Arm Rests plus Cup Holders

Aside from the many features that the Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed has, it even included the ability to remove arm rests if needed. It also comes with cup holders that can be conveniently folded up or down depending on your requirements.

Minimal cleaning required

The faux leather cover keeps spills from seeping in and the cup holders are conveniently placed in the middle to ensure you can relax and not think about any mess.


  • Inexpensive
  • Cup holders included
  • Removable arm rests
  • Multipurpose lounger
  • Trouble-free assembly


  • Low seating capacity
  • Not suitable for humid areas

7. DHP Katherine Linen Futon

Dorel Home Products (DHP) has been manufacturing futons for more than 25 years so it is no surprise that they DHP Katherine Linen Futonalready have a wide selection of well-loved and popular futons. The DHP Katherine Linen Futon with chrome legs and memory foam seat is one of their best sellers and it is easy to see why.

At a price range less than 200 US Dollars, you might think it is impossible to get a quality futon for small space living. However, the DHP Katherine Linen Futon delivers with its simple, unassuming design that provides the functionality of a futon. It is compact and extremely comfortable, made of memory foam encased in high quality grey linen. It is also available in a variety of other colors and even faux leather.

The DHP Katherine Linen Futon’s overall construction is guaranteed to provide superior relaxation. The memory foam is designed to provide relief to pressure points while the sturdy and solid wooden core with slanted chrome legs is designed to provide maximum support and stability. The versatility of a traditional futon is translated with a modern flair in this linen futon as the back rest can easily be reclined to a seating or lounging position and even lowered all the way down to be an extra seating space or additional bed.

The whole package only weighs 68.5 pounds and is shipped to your door in one box so there is no need to worry about a time consuming assembly. All these features you can get without breaking the bank so there is no reason not to buy.

High quality upholstery choices

The power of choice is yours with the DHP Katherine Linen Futon. You can choose between linen or faux leather upholstery to best suit your living space aesthetic.

Sturdy make

The DHP Katherine Linen Futon is made to be long lasting as it comes with a durable wooden framing as well as chrome legs to help support not only the weight of the mattress but also the users.

Multifunctional usage

The DHP Katherine Linen Futon is multifunctional as it can be used to as an ordinary sofa or lounger as well as a couch sleeper. All this can be done in matter of seconds. Definitely not rocket science.


  • Fabric-covered memory foam
  • Strong wooden frame
  • Chrome, sturdy legs
  • Multifunctional use
  • No fuss assembly
  • Affordable


  • Deep-clean recommended
  • Not waterproof

8. Mozaic Full Size 6-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattress

If you want an even slimmer, yet same quality cotton twill futon mattress, then this 6-inch mattress from Mozaic Mozaic Full Size 6-inch Cotton Twill Futon Mattressmay just be the right one for your home. Made with the same high quality, dual-sided polyester memory foam, this futon mattress guarantees comfort and style in every use.

This futon mattress measures about 75″ x 54″ x 6″.  It is still basically the same standard full-sized mattress, but this time only more slender. It fits any standard full sized futon or platform bed frame, making for a very versatile product. You can conveniently position this futon mattress as an additional bed for your guests or a lounger in your living area for when your friends are in town for a visit. This khaki colored futon mattress is also perfect for a farmhouse style covered patio, among the other wooden furniture and the lush greens of your garden.

Durable and comfortable, this futon mattress is proudly handmade in the USA following Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633. It is also pretty lightweight at 35 pounds for a mattress filled with cotton fabric, polyester fiber, and foam. It has the same poly-cotton blend upholstery therefore it is pretty easy to maintain. Just spot clean with cold water and it is good as new.

Best part? It is cheap! Not even hitting the 200 USD mark, this quality piece can be the best addition to your living space without hurting you or your budget.

For a lighter sleep

This is perfect for those who prefer moderately thick mattress over really thick ones. Although more slender, it does not in any way lessen the comfort of the futon mattress. The lace-tufted upholstery only adds to its clean and finished look while ensuring proper weight distribution whether used as a sofa or a bed.

Color options available

You can choose from eight (8) different colors to suit your style. Other colors to choose from are navy, ivory, red, burgundy, blue and hunter green.

Keeps fresh for longer

Its reversible design is for extended wear and keeps the futon mattress fresh for longer. Your choice of futon frame can also help keep your mattress fresh even longer.


  • Tufted upholstery
  • Reversible mattress
  • Easy spot cleaning
  • Cotton-wrapped foam
  • Many color options


  • Frame not included
  • Non-removable cover

9. Divano Roma Furniture Verne Modern Linen Plush Futon

How would you like a bargain that gives you three products for the price of one? That is exactly what the Divano Divano Roma Furniture Verne Modern Linen Plush FutonRoma Furniture Verne Modern Linen Plush Futon is all about. Divano Roma Furniture prides itself in manufacturing quality products at affordable prices.

First, this futon is a modern split-back sleeper which is a perfect addition to an apartment space to be shared by guests. Second, it can be fashioned into a comfortable tufted sofa to provide maximum comfort for you and your friends while watching TV in your living area. Lastly, it can also be converted into a recliner that can accommodate two lounge positions at once, thanks to its split back design.

However, what sets this apart from other futons in the market is the inclusion of really loud and vibrant solid colors for the linen fabric cover. Some of these cute colors include light blue, light purple, and orange – such nice colors for young college dormers or artistic professionals. These colors will positively affect the overall vibe of a space, making the futon a focal point in any area where it is placed. Aside from being a really functional piece of furniture, it can also provide a more welcoming atmosphere to you and your guests.

Another thing that is great about this piece is its hypoallergenic mattress fill, making it a better choice for kids and even pets to be able to have maximum comfort. Its solid frame and metal legs also ensure weight distribution to ensure your futon will last for years. It also comes with a warranty so you can sleep easy – a great addition to any modern home.

Buy one, take three

This futon is incredibly affordable that it gets you three pieces of furniture for the price of one. Convertible furniture not only saves money, it also saves your valuable real estate.

Vibrant color choices

With colors such as orange, light blue, and light purple you can choose the type of personality you want to have for a particular room design. Darker, more serious toned colors are also available.

Plush tufted linen

The simple lines and smooth designs are signs that this futon is masterfully made with your comfort and style in mind.


  • Strong hardwood frame
  • Split back feature
  • Tufted linen upholstery
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Multifunction
  • Fun colors available


  • Not waterproof
  • Slender metal leg supports

10. DHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon Couch

Dorel Home Products (DHP) has done it again with another multifunction futon, this time it is called “Chelsea”. DHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon CouchDHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon Couch is a black faux leather convertible split-back futon couch that is just as fine if not better than the other DHP futons available.

The black faux leather with mid-century modern tufted design can easily make any room feel like an executive suite. It is fitted with a plush pillow top seating that adds to the appeal of a comfortably inviting modern style couch. Its slanted metal legs and wooden construction are a DHP design staple and is considered one of the best features in all of their futons.

This futon is the size of a twin bed so it is big enough to fit you and a few friends. It is strong enough to carry the combined weight of 600 pounds as well. The splitback can be reclined independently to a lounge or sleeping position, so you can lounge comfortably while your guest can lie down restfully on the other half. This functionality is unparalleled and is a feature customers love in the Chelsea convertible futon.

At just 88 pounds, measuring 70 inches wide by 34.5 inches in length and 31 inches in height (70ʺW x 34.5ʺL x 31ʺH), it is just the perfect fit for a small apartment or office space. It is also shipped in one box so it is not much of a hassle to bring in and assemble.

The best part? A one year warranty is included with your purchase. It is a reminder that DHP delivers quality products with the service only an expert in the business can provide.

Executive look

The DHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon Couch is perfect for a small office space, wherein everything is clean and luxurious. The black faux leather with tufted design is sure to make your guests feel exclusively welcome.

Convertible design

From a lounger to a bed, the DHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon Couch is easily convertible at different angles depending on your preference.

Splitback feature

The DHP Chelsea Convertible Splitback Futon Couch comes with a splitback feature that allows you to convert one side either into a lounger or sleeper couch without affecting or moving the other half.


  • Convertible
  • Faux leather comfort
  • Plush pillow top seating
  • Easy cleaning
  • Hassle free assembly
  • One year warranty


  • For chill areas only
  • No arm rests

11. Best Choice Products Microfiber Convertible Futon

Comfort and convenience are the words that can perfectly describe this microfiber convertible futon from Best Best Choice Products Microfiber Convertible FutonChoice Products. It has a multifunctional approach to a regular sofa and utilizes the idea behind a classic Japanese futon.

It is made with a soft and durable microfiber cover designed only with your utmost comfort in mind. Used as a sofa, it measures 68.5″(L) x 20″(W) x 30″(H) while it measures 68.5″(L) x 40″(W) x 13.5″(H) when used as a bed. The mattress is thick and can safely accommodate a combined weight of about 600 pounds. Its simple folding design converts the sofa into a bed in seconds, great for entertaining guests even in small living spaces. You can have your friends and family over for an overnight watch party and just lounge around in this microfiber futon for hours on end.

Assembly is also stress-free as instructions are provided with the package to be delivered. Legs are also stored in a pocket in the back of futon so moving it to another space will be a breeze. The craftsmanship really shows as even the smallest details like those were incorporated in the design.

Versatility, functionality, convenience and comfort – what else can you look for in a futon? Plus, it is very affordable! Only a little over a hundred US dollars, you will not even be breaking into your savings just to buy this amazing piece of furniture.

Simple folding design

This futon easy converts from a recliner to a bed in just a snap with its innovative simple folding design. This makes it easy to use and not time consuming to fold out and fold back in.

Small yet sturdy. It can securely carry the combined weight of 600 pounds with ease even at its size. It is also constructed to be close to the floor to remove the stress of sitting in a high leveled sofa.

Comfort guaranteed

The Best Choice Products Microfiber Convertible Futon is made with a thick mattress for a relaxed sleep or rest. It is also covered with microfiber textile that is both sturdy as well as soft, adding more comfort to the overall feel of the futon.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Microfiber cover
  • Thick mattress
  • Sturdy make
  • Easily convertible


  • Limited color choices
  • No arm rest

12. DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon

Another addition to the Dorel Home Products (DHP) line of affordable futons is the Zorro model upholstered DHP Zorro Upholstered Futonmicrofiber futon. This full sized sleeper doubles as a lounger or recliner and converts to any of these in just a few seconds.

Its design is reminiscent of contemporary pieces in five star hotels, only this is way more affordable and just right for homes with small spaces. The soft microfiber upholstery designed with simple tufting on the back rest and seat ensures the cover never displaces with everyday use. The mattress is firm and can hold up to 600 pounds of combined weight with the help of its strong and sleek chrome slanted legs underneath.

The DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon measures 68.5″L x 32.5″W x 29″H when used as a futon while 68.5″L x 38″W x 14″H when utilized as a bed to sleep on. It can conveniently be placed in small living spaces, just enough for it to be used both as a futon and a bed. Assembly is also very quick and moving it around would not be a problem as well, considering it is only weighs 56 pounds.

To add more, the DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon is available in a variety of colors so you can choose whichever suits your style and room décor or theme. No need to settle for what is only available in the market and design your room around it. DHP also provides a warranty to give you peace of mind and a more restful sleep knowing you paid for a quality item with equally qualified service.

Firm mattress

The microfiber upholstered mattress of the Zorro is thick and firm and is guaranteed to last for years to come. Together with the durable frame, the DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon can hold up to 600 lbs of weight.

All-around functionality

Whether you need a sofa or and additional bed, the DHP Zorro Upholstered Futon is here to provide a solution. You can convert this futon from a couch to a bed within seconds, no additional assembly required.

Color variations. The choice is yours when it comes to the color of this futon. A variety of colors is available to cater to a wider range of stylistic individuals.


  • Chrome slanted legs
  • Soft microfiber upholstery
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy assembly


  • No arm rests
  • Non-removable mattress

13. Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa

Serta’s addition to the futon craze is their Rane Collection convertible sofa. It is built and designed to be able to Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofaadapt to your space and needs. The attention to every detail is eminent as every stitch on the futon mattress and every screw on the base was well thought out in its construction.

This 100% quality polyester futon is perfectly sized for smaller living spaces. It has a simple yet sophisticatedly modern button tufted design that looks relaxed and inviting so it is a great addition to a lounge area or a covered patio. Ultimate comfort is delivered with its added high-density foam webbing within the cushions and pocket coils. It also has elegant slanted chrome legs that are durable and long lasting and serve as shiny accents to any room.

It multi-functions as a living room sofa and easily converts from sitting to lounging to a sleeping position. The Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa was designed with patented Finger Guard mechanism with your finger safety first in mind. It provides users protection and safety when adjusting convertible furniture, avoiding any injury. Set-up is also easy due to its Click-Clack Technology. Simple instructions and tools are also included in the package to help you with the quick assembly process.

Finger Guard mechanism

Serta kept you and your family’s safety in mind in developing the Rane’s design. Their patented finger guard mechanism protects against injury while you adjust your convertible futon. You can breathe easy knowing your furniture is safe to use.

100% high-grade polyester

Easy to assemble, easier to clean. Only the highest quality polyester was used to create this stunning futon. It is stylish and comfortable so you and your guests (and even pets!) can relax for hours on end.

Premium foams used

The Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa is layered with only the best quality premium foams. It includes a memory foam layer that adapts to your body’s contour, a solid foam which increases the comfort as well as the density of the material, and a pure bonded foam that is recycled parts free.


  • Chromed metal legs
  • Premium foams used
  • Finger-guard mechanism
  • Quick assembly
  • Timeless design


  • Low seat height
  • No arm rest
  • No storage provision

14. Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa Bed

Most futon sofas in the market are either in the darker spectrum of colors or the loud and vibrant colors and designs. Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa BedThere are not a lot of beautifully clean futons, let alone in the color white. However, the Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa Bed is unapologetically white, so clean and so pure in its design.

It measures 66 inches long by 32 inches wide and 31 inches in height (66ʺL x 32ʺW x 31ʺH) as a sofa. Its bed measurements are 66 inches long by 38.5 inches wide and 14 inches in height. Definitely, just the right size for a small guest room or lounge area. It fits small living preferences with sophisticated style and luxurious feel.

Naomi Home developed this white faux leather futon and paired it with sturdy wooden legs to give your space an open appeal, inviting your guests to come, sit, and chat for hours while you all relax on this futon. The pure white faux leather brightens up any space and gives more light not only to the futon, but also to its surrounding furniture as well.

The Naomi Home Button Tufted Futon Sofa Bed is also a very affordable piece considering its very luxurious look and construction. Plus, it is easy to clean and does not need to have a heavy upkeep schedule – a worthwhile investment without breaking the bank.

Luxurious white upholstery

The white faux leather finish is made extremely well to fit a modern, uptown style.

Easy to clean. A damp cloth or wipe can easily remove dust and small particles from this futon. Just remember not to spill heavy colored substances or you will surely regret it.

Affordable investment

A quality product from Serta that is sure to win your heart and your bank account. You can save money and time with this affordable futon that is also easy to set up and enjoy. No need for a whole of tools and instructions, just attach the legs, secure the screws, and you are good to go.


  • Elegant white upholstery
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sturdy wooden legs


  • No storage space
  • Not for humid spaces
  • No arm rest

15. DHP 6″ Microfiber Futon Mattress Sofa Bed (Indigo Blue)

This full-sized, indigo blue microfiber futon mattress sofa bed from Dorel Home Products (DHP) is the perfectDHP 6" Microfiber Futon Mattress Sofa Bed (Indigo Blue) addition to smaller interiors. It does not and will not disappoint whether you place it in a lounge area or a guest bedroom. Its modern design is well suited for busy professionals looking for small space solutions to a small condo or home while its functionality is also a perfect fit for college dormers or first time apartment spacers.

It features a durable mattress made with 100% polyester, from the microfiber cover to the fiber pad filling. It has been awarded with the Greenguard Gold certification which is the gold standard when it comes to the safety of interior products and materials. This certification is proof that this futon is manufactured with low chemical emissions, ultimately improving the air in which this product is used.

The sleek microfiber cover is built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Its elegant tufted design ensures that the mattress will retain its original shape even after many years. The backrest can be reclined so you or your guests can enjoy relaxing on this comfortable futon mattress. It also can carry about 600 pounds of weight with its sturdy metal frame underneath.

With the DHP 6″ Microfiber Futon Mattress Sofa Bed, you need not break into the bank to shell so much out for a good piece of furniture. Great quality for a fraction of the price.

Environment friendly

With the Greenguard Gold Certification, you can rest assured that the DHP Microfiber Futon Mattress has been made with the highest standard of safety in mind. Even kids and pets are safe to sleep and lounge on this beautiful futon!

Affordably elegant

Cheaper does not mean low quality. At a very affordable rate of less than 200 US dollars, this futon is perfect for all types of people – from the easy going to the sophisticated tastes. Its frame is designed to include a beautifully designed arm rest for added comfort.

Perfect home starter

Whether you are just starting your independence or building a small family, this futon is the best fit for smaller, more intimate spaces. Place it in your living room or in a quiet area by the window and everyone in your home will feel more welcome.


  • Durable polyester mattress
  • Microfiber cover
  • Reasonably priced
  • With arm rest


  • Built-in cover
  • Slimmer mattress
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