Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2022 – Ultimate Guide

A headboard is not a key element in a bedroom’s decor, but it has the potential to be one. This can be the show- Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2020 - Ultimate Guide stopping centerpiece or a design element that ties up other pieces of furniture and the color schemes. For a headboard to create such an impact on the overall decoration, it has to stand out from everything else in the room. A black headboard has every quality to be a standalone piece.

Some people may think that applying only one color takes the variations and diversities out of the headboards. Well, black might not be a good option for a fancy baroque surface because the dark shade may play down certain details. But the color itself is gorgeous and can accentuate a simple design.

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The Unique Advantages of Black Headboards

Black may not be the first choice for many people when choosing the color of their headboards. But it could play a Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2019 huge role in defining the style of the entire room and enhancing the aesthetic.

A Nice Focal Point

The bed is the most common focal point in a bedroom but a black headboard can be the second fiddle and add the finishing touch to the overall look of the bed by providing it with an attractive backdrop. Working as a visual anchor to the sleeping area, the black headboard can lift or complement the existing decoration or color scheme.

Create a Contrasting Look

There’s nothing better than an ebony headboard to create a dynamic high-contrast look in certain decor schemes. If you are in love with pitch dark tones, have some lighter touches here and there to stop the room from projecting a very dark image. If both the bed and headboard are blackish, go for red, white, or yellow linen for the bed and matching wall treatments to keep the contrasting tones.

Set up the Decoration Tone

You can set the decoration of an entire room around a black headboard. All the design and decor elements will come together if you can choose them carefully. A charcoal bed frame and headboard look good against the backdrop of a whitewashed wall. If the wallpaper is what you prefer, look for black and white color patterns or some high-contrast floral designs. The accessories and furniture pieces around the bed should be of light or neutral colors.

Versatile Style

Dark headboards look good in any style of decorations. Whether you want to create a classic or contemporary bedroom decoration or a fan of eclectic furnishings, these headboards are a great choice. Also, the ebony shades are so versatile that you can pair them up with any other colors.

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Types of Black Headboards Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2019

Back headboards come in all the styles available in the market for other headboard types. You can categorize into various groups depending on several factors:

The Materials

Black headboards are available in all types of materials. You should know the benefits of each type to make the right choice.

Wood—The most common of all variations and the most versatile. It goes will different decor looks and you can customize them with various design details to fit the existing decoration of your home.

Wood headboards are long-standing and you will get them at various price ranges. However, high-quality pieces can be quite pricey.

Metal—These headboards are available in various metal types like stainless steel, iron, brass, and aluminum. They are hard-wearing and long-running, which makes them worth the money. Available both straightforward and ornate designs, they suit all sorts of decor schemes. However, metal headboards can be uncomfortable as they are really sensitive to temperatures.

Upholstered—The most comfortable of all these kinds, ideal for people love to lean on the headboard while watching TV or reading books. Available in velvet, linen, and leather, these options are great for uplifting the bedroom with a luxurious, elegant vibe. If you are going for leather, the full-grain version has the best quality and is the most expensive while the aniline version is the most budget-friendly.

Fabric upholstery is difficult to clean and may attract dust mites. Leather ones are comparatively easier to clean but you have to purchase some cleaning solutions.

Headboard Styles

Just like the materials, there are variations in headboard styles too. Knowing about them will help you choose the right design. Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2019

Traditional—Most traditional headboards are frame-mounted that you have to attach to the bed directly. The medium can be different, but wood is the most common. Traditional headboards often feature heavy ornate details reminiscent of the European decor elements from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Contemporary—These headboards will look good in modern homes due to their streamlined structure, clean lines, and minimal design. Any material can project the contemporary flair as long as the design is not overbearing.

Slat Headboards—Crafted from metal and wood vertical slat spindles, these headboards come in various styles. The slats can be arranged in various ways to create different sorts of visual effects.

Panel Headboards—Classic in style, these headboards are crafted mostly from wooden panels. Arranged within a rectangular frame, you can create diverse looks through carvings and etchings.

Bookcase Headboards—They come handy when you need extra storage. Typically made of wood, you can use these headboards for storing books, DVDs, accessories, photos, or some decor elements. The shelves keep the bedroom clutter-free.

Installation Options

According to the installation style, you can divide black headboards into three categories:

Bed Frame Mounted—You can attach them directly to the bedstead. Once mounted, you will get an all-in-one standalone bed framework. Make sure that the headboard comes with brackets and bolts if you are buying it separately from the bed.

Freestanding—Sold separately from the bed frame, these headboards can stand on their own with no support from the bedstead. However, some models require mounting to either the bed frame or the wall. Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2019

Wall Mounted Headboards—As the name suggests, you have to mount them to the wall. All of them come with mounting fixings, bolts, and screws required for the installation.

Key Features of High-Quality Black Headboards

A headboard with the right design and style can transform the ambiance of a bedstead and the entire bedroom. It adds an aesthetic touch, complements the bed frame, and enhances the overall decor scheme of the room. A black headboard can do all these functions with its stylish, luxurious look.

If you have decided to purchase a black headboard, make sure that it has these features:

Construction & Durability

Both of these factors depend on materials and craftsmanship. Metal headboards are the most durable, but they have to have proper a finishing to ward off rust and corrosion. Wooden boards are durable too, but they also need proper polishing to avoid wear and tear. Plus, they catch scratches pretty easily, although the black coating does a good job in concealing the scuff marks.

The upholstered versions need the highest care and wear off quicker than other materials. The low-quality ones could have loose buttons (tufted style) and poor stitching.

The headboard comes in all sizes including single, double, queen, king, and a few variations in between. Always check the size of your bed before buying the headboard. Also, a lower headboard is good for a compact space but the taller ones suit bigger space better and are recommended if you spend lots of time in the bed w Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2019 atching TV or reading books.


The headboard design can be subtle, bold, sophisticated, or minimalistic. However, it should not clash with the existing decor. Matching a black headboard with bedroom decorations can be tricky sometimes but not overly complicated. For example, an ebony headboard will not create a visual harmony when placed within a floral-themed decor.

Also, the focus should be given on functionality. A bookcase headboard is the best option if you lack enough storage space in the bedroom.

We’ve reviewed 15 high-quality black headboards. Check them if you are yet to make up your mind.

Top 15 Best Black Headboards in 2022

Picture Name Feature Price Rating


Name Feature Price


1. VANT Upholstered Headboards
Solid grips on drywall $$$ 4.8
2. Baxton Studio Myra Upholstered Headboard
Adjustable headboard legs with five pre-drilled holes $$$ 4.8
3. Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Headboard Headboard Size: 56.75″W x 3″D x 24″H $$$ 4.7
4. Modway Lily Deep Tufted Vinyl Upholstered Headboard Stylish button-tufted design $$$ 4.6
5. Home Styles 5531-501 Bedford Queen Headboard
multi-step Black Ebony Finish $$$ 4.6
6. Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Headboard
Box Stitch Design $$$ 4.5
7. Modway Annabel Button Tufted Vinyl Upholstered Headboard
Top-quality construction $$$ 4.5
8. South Shore Gloria Headboard 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY $$$ 4.5
Prepac BHHQ-0520-2K Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard 9. Prepac BHHQ-0520-2K Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard
Constructed from CARB-compliant laminated composite woods $$$ 4.4
10. Prepac BSH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard
Dimensions: 65.75″W x 55.75″H x 11″D $$$ 4.3
11. South Shore Step One Bookcase Headboard
Multiple storage shelves $$$ 4.2
12. Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors
5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty $$$ 4.1
13. South Shore Step One Headboard
Eco-friendly wooden boards $$$ 4.0
14. South Shore Vito Headboard
15. Prepac BHFQ-1301-1 Select Queen Flat Panel Headboard Black Finished in deep black laminate $$ 4.0

1. VANT Upholstered Headboards

With an amazing versatile style and modern look, the upholstered headboard from VANT can create a one-of-a-kind design. It has VANT Upholstered Headboards every element to stand out as a statement piece or something to complement the decor. Everything of this headboard including the padding, fabric, color, and depression adds a certain charm to the design.

Construction & Durability

Made with plush durable micro-suede material, the headboard from Vant is a soft stunner. The construction is top-notch with expert finishing and brilliant polishing. The ebony color looks so gorgeous on the leather surface that it can single-handedly uplift the ambiance of a room. It offers elegant style and excellent quality in a single box.

The headboard comes with a simple (and patented) mount system. It grips firmly on drywall and the mounting process is not complicated because there is no anchor or stud involved. There are just anchorless screws with extra wide threads. However, installation still takes time because the panels are heavy and you definitely need another hand. Vant claims a 5-minute installation, which might be possible if a couple of professionals are doing the task.

Each box includes four panels with dimensions of 11.5 x 39 inches (h x w). The mounting hardware is included in the box.


Design-wise, the most promising aspect of the Vant panels is that you can configure them in several ways. The posh panels are truly customizable as you can stack them up upright or flush to the wall with whatever fabric you want. The framework remains adjustable even after the initial installation. You can add more panels to create an accent wall and make the whole setup surprisingly chic.

If you get tired of the look, move some of the panels into other areas to create cute DIY projects. In other words, possibilities are endless when using these headboard panels for decorations.


  • Beautiful design
  • Durable construction
  • Customizable
  • Anchorless screws
  • Solid grips on drywall


  • Installation takes time

2. Baxton Studio Myra Upholstered Headboard

Wanna wake up in a beautiful bedroom with a luxurious upholstered headboard? Choose the Myra headboard from Baxton Studio. Baxton Studio Myra Upholstered Headboard It offers everything you can expect in a quality headboard—comfort, high-grade materials, and abiding style. You don’t have to deal with the same wear and tear normal for an upholstered chair or sofa.

Construction & Durability

The queen-size headboard looks elegant with tufted faux leather upholstery. The padded surface with button tufted texture feels soft to the touch. Leaning against it will feel comfortable and relaxing.

The solid wood frame and legs make sure that the sleepers get the best support. Maintenance is easy, and the headboard sits well between the wall and bed frame. The legs don’t show after assembly, which is good for aesthetic purposes.

You will need to assemble the headboard, which could be a chore for people with no prior experience. The legs have two pre-drilled holes near the bottom and five on the top. The package comes with all necessary hardware and tools, so there is no need to buy extra.

The only downside is it wobbles a bit. You may need to use some supportive pegs so it is more stable and does not thump against the wall.


The Myra headboard has every element to be the focal point of your bedroom getaway. It adds an accent of interest to the existing style and works well with Leggett and Platt bedsteads.

The curvy outline adds a soft, romantic touch to the bedroom. The arched framework and tufted design adapt well in places filled with gilded fabrics and patterned decoration. The layout also draws the eye up, which looks good in a small room because it makes the ceiling feel higher.

The 61 inches height looks decent when you pair it up with a regular mattress. But using a pillow-top may make it look shorter.


  • Soft faux leather
  • Tufted texture, curved layout
  • Solid legs
  • Shipped with required hardware


  • Slightly wobbly

3. Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Headboard

The elegant beauty of the Cambridge headboard from Flash Furniture can enhance the look of a place in a moment. The beautiful Flash Furniture Cambridge Tufted Upholstered Headboard board oozes quality and attaches to the bed frame without any issue. Plus, the reasonable price tag is quite hard to beat.

Construction & Durability

The panel headboard featuring black fabric upholstery makes a room feel more spacious due to having a slim profile and a streamlined layout. The plush surface is convenient for propping the pillows against it and lean. If you are renovating your bedroom, the headboard will make it look fresh.

One huge plus point of this product is that there is hardly any chance of bed bug infection. The use of high-quality and brand new materials has eliminated this possibility.

You can mount the headboard directly onto the bedstead as long as the measurements match. The headboard’s dimensions are 3 x 61.5 x 56.25 inches (l x w x h) so the bed frame should match the width at least.

Installation is a two-person job and takes around one hour. The metal legs have slots at various heights so that you can adjust it at a suitable elevation.

The new headboard may discharge a weird smell, but it will wear off over time. You can spray a little amount of essential oil and keep it in an open place for a day to hurtle the process.


The Cambridge headboard oozes contemporary style with its metal legs, black fabric, and smooth lines. However, the slight curve on the top and the button tufted design with a diamond pattern stitching are befitting for eclectic style too.

If your bedroom is overflowing with geometric or floral patterns, this headboard will keep the tone down and save the decoration from going overboard.


  • Contemporary style
  • High-quality materials
  • Metal legs
  • Adjustable heights
  • Reasonable price


  • Releases unpleasant smell

4. Modway Lily Deep Tufted Vinyl Upholstered Headboard

Do you need a good-quality queen-size upholstered headboard that is pleasing to the eye too? The Lily black headboard from Modway Lily Deep Tufted Vinyl Upholstered Headboard Modway is a perfect choice. It’s hard to make up the mind due to the numerous products available in the market. But the Lily headboard is a relief to the amateur shoppers who look for a decent quality at moderate price points.

Construction & Durability

The black color looks surprisingly relaxing on the high-quality faux leather of the upholstery. The padded leather is soft to touch and comfortable to lean on.

You can mount the headboard to your existing bedstead due to the solid and nicely constructed framework. Because of using fiberboard and plywood, the headboard is lightweight without compromising with support. However, it will not be as stable and long-lasting as original wooden materials.

You can attach the headboard to the bed frame without any issue. The legs have pre-drilled holes at different heights so that you can adjust the headboard at your desired height. You can set it up at 45 inches or 52.5 inches.

The headboard may wobble a bit after attaching to the bedstead. You will get the best result by anchoring to the wall instead.


The Lily upholstered headboard has the look to be the statement piece in a room. The beautiful style and elegant design have the power to change the overall ambiance of the place it sits.

The headboard looks stunning due to the button-tufted surface and aligned trim. The checkerboard style stitching creates a chic look while the subtle details on the faux leather surface exudes a timeless appeal. It can transform your bedroom decor by adding just the right amount of style.

If you are worried about the faux leather (vinyl) not being cozy enough, don’t be. It is comfortable, and it keeps its shine for many years because cleaning a vinyl surface is easier than leather.


  • Stunning, classic look
  • Stylish button-tufted design
  • Faux leather oozes elegance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reasonable price


  • Wobbles a bit

5. Home Styles 5531-501 Bedford Queen Headboard

A shocker for the price! The Bedford queen-size headboard from Home Styles is a relief for the budget shoppers who are looking for Home Styles 5531-501 Bedford Queen Headboard decent products at affordable prices. Combined with the attractive look, the headboard could be a nice addition to any modern bedroom.

Construction & Durability

On close inspection, you will find that the Bedford headboard is not made of high-quality products, which is acceptable given the price point. The good news is it looks heady, sturdy, and nothing about it appears to be cheap. No matter wherever you place, it will look richer than what you actually spent on it.

The multi-step black ebony finish gets the finishing touch with a clear coating that guards the surface against regular wear and tear. However, the headboard won’t be an ideal choice if you are looking for 100% oak or pine wood and smooth, silk-like lacquer.

You will need to attach the headboard to the bed. Home Styles supplies with all the necessary tools, so no extra purchase is required. The legs have pre-drilled holes so you don’t have to go through the hassle of drilling. However, you cannot adjust the height unless drilling some extra holes into the legs.

The assembly requires extra hands because the headboard weighs 50 pounds and is 52 inches high.


The Bedford headboard conveys a sense of tranquility and serves as an impressively stylish backdrop for your bed. The wooden material with a black finish lends just the right amount of grace. It does not stand out (unless placed in a highly contrasting color scheme) but ties together the furnishings and decor elements in a modern bedroom.

The raised panel featured on the board creates a classic appeal. The headboard can easily be a part of the traditional and contemporary decoration scheme.


  • Nice finish
  • Looks good in various design settings
  • Easy assembly
  • Affordable


  • Materials are not high quality
  • Non-adjustable heights

6. Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Headboard

You want a headboard that complements the bed frame or the interior decor of the bedroom, right? Well, the Bedford headboard Flash Furniture Bedford Tufted Upholstered Headboard from Flash Furniture is the perfect candidate to fill up that requirement. Available in an elegant black color, it could be the perfect furniture piece that your bedroom is missing.

Construction & Durability

The upholstered headboard has padded upholstery for cushioning comfort and metal legs for firm support. The black fabric upholstery features checkered detailing. The cotton material is not as long-lasting as leather or wood but will last for a few years if you take proper care.

The black metal legs have adjustable bed rail slots for hassle-free assembly. Sure, you will need extra help because it weighs 22 pounds and has dimensions of 54 x 57 x 2.5 inches (h x w x l).

The fabric upholstery releases a kind of odor, which is not intense and intolerable. However, if you can’t tolerate it, leave the headboard in the open for a few days and the odor will go away.


The fabric upholstery does not have the classy impression of leather or vinyl surface. But, it still works for a modern interior and low-key decor settings. Plus, the box stitching patterns make it appealing to the eye.

The contemporary style looks great for most bedroom types these days. The modest look creates the perfect backdrop for all sorts of bedding and pillow sham. Also, the headboard is large with an option to adjust the heights so that you can use it with different beds.


  • Contemporary style
  • Checkered box stitching design
  • Height adjustable
  • Metal legs
  • Reasonable price


  • Does not look classy
  • Odor lingers for a few days

7. Modway Annabel Button Tufted Vinyl Upholstered Headboard

Looking for a quality headboard at a reasonable price? The Annabel headboard from Modway could be a good choice. The king-size Modway Annabel Button Tufted Vinyl Upholstered Headboard headboard will definitely be a great addition to any bedroom for its versatile design and sophisticated appearance. The less than $150 price tag is not cheap but reasonable nonetheless.

Construction & Durability

The legs have two sets of pre-drilled holes so that you can adjust the height to your preference. Its dimensions are 4 x 78.5 x 58 inches (l x h x w) and you can set the height at four different positions—30.5, 28, 25.5, and 23 inches.

The wooden frames and steel legs make the framework sturdy and reliable. The exterior vinyl is button-tufted and hand stitched to the frame for ensuring high quality.

You can attach the headboard to the bedstead and adjust the height since the legs have four sets of slots. However, it would be best to set it up against a wall because the legs are not sturdy enough to hold the weight when someone leans against the board. It may fall off if you rest on it a lot.

Also, the headboard may not sit flush with the wall and flex with movement. In that case, you can make it stay still by using some foam and Velcro straps.


With the black vinyl surface, button-tufted design, and diamond-shaped stitching patterns, the Annabel headboard is ideal for any bedroom. It will be in character with classic, modern, and eclectic styles. However, the dark shade and plain veneer may not be the best choice to pair up with highly ornate or flowery decoration.

You will definitely enjoy leaning against the headboard for watching TV or just relaxing because of the cushioning surface.


  • Looks gorgeous
  • Befits plenty of styles
  • Top-quality construction
  • Button-tufted design
  • Adjustable legs


  • Feels wobbly

8. South Shore Gloria Headboard

The bed can define the style of a room as the largest piece of furniture. And a headboard helps with setting up that tone of the style. South Shore Gloria Headboard With the Gloria headboard from South Shore, you don’t have to work much to make the bed a statement piece. The beautiful headboard not only complements the bed frame but also cheers up the entire place. The less than $200 price tag seems just right for a designer furniture piece like this one.

Construction & Durability

This large headboard (5.5 x 79.8 x 61 inches) is quite rugged and strong. Despite being made of plywood, it is going to last for years if you are careful with cleaning and maintenance.

The materials are eco-friendly because they are non-toxic laminated particleboard. The smart packaging keeps the delivered headboard free of damage. You can be assured of the quality since the product is made in North America.

Another plus point is South Shore backs this product with a 5-year limited warranty. You can now shop with confidence!

You will need to assemble the headboard and you will need an extra pair of hands because it weighs almost 96 pounds. Unfortunately, the company does not supply the bolts that you need to attach the headboard to the bed frame. You have to purchase them separately. However, it has pre-drilled holes at the bottom, which saves you from further hassle.

Taking care of this headboard is pretty easy as you just need to wipe off the dust with a dry cloth.


Set the bed with this headboard at a stately, centralized position in the room to get the most of its charm and beauty. Wood is a traditional material for headboards and it is great for creating versatile styles. Similarly, this wooden Gloria headboard is suitable for various kinds of decor schemes.

Although the headboard flaunts a modern design by featuring smooth lines and a textured surface, it will fit any luxurious, elegant, or contemporary bedroom style.

The two LED lights are another nice touch and give the headboard a unique appearance. They offer gentle illumination when the night falls. The switches are underneath the top board but it’s a bit difficult to reach them to turn the lights on and off.


  • Stylish, contemporary design
  • LED lights
  • Eco-friendly
  • 5-year of warranty
  • Easy maintenance


  • Accessing the light switches is difficult
  • Materials are not solid wood
  • Bolts are not included

9. Prepac BHHQ-0520-2K Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard

The Prepac Series 9 designer floating headboard is a bit expensive than other products on this list. But, the price is Prepac BHHQ-0520-2K Series 9 Designer Floating Headboard justified since you have to spend way more for such a designer furniture piece from a top-of-the-line brand. Prepac is a designer and manufacturer of stylish home furniture from North America.

Construction & Durability

The headboard is constructed from CARB-compliant laminated composite woods. The width is suitable for a queen-size bed and you can set it up at any height as it has a hanging rail system. In fact, the height adjustment option makes it suitable for accommodating any bed and mattress combination.

You have to mount the headboard directly to the wall. There is no minimum distance to be kept between the wall and the bed. Assembling the headboard takes a few hours. The instructions are clear except for missing a few minor details.

In some models, the headboard pieces may not align with each other perfectly. However, these are minor flaws that you can overlook because the piece is beautiful, and the price is hard to beat.

The construction of the headboard is durable despite not using solid hardwoods. Be careful about the corners of the drawers because they are sharp enough to cut the skin. Remember that your face will be close to these edges when you are lying on the bed.

Prepac offers a 5-year of limited warranty for this product.


The headboard is primarily designed to match the brand’s Calla Bedroom Collection and Platform Bed. But, it looks good with other bed frames too, especially if they are sleek and feature a contemporary design.

The floating headboard has two nightstands, freeing up plenty of floor space. There is a removable plastic grommet on the top side of each nightstand for efficient wire management. Tuck neatly all the wires from chargers, reading lamps, and clock radios behind the nightstands.

Without being too ornate or focusing on details, this headboard celebrates simplicity and functionality. The clean lines, smooth edges, and clutter-free design make it a precious furniture piece in a modern setting.


  • Simple, elegant design
  • Floating storage space
  • Adjustable height
  • Grommets for wire management
  • Reasonable price


  • Made of composite woods

10. Prepac BSH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard

Prepac is a manufacturer and supplier of voguish and super-functional home furniture. All the products this North American brand Prepac BSH-6656 Tall Slant-Back Bookcase Headboard sells are ready to assemble. The BSH-6656 bookcase headboard will be a practical addition to any modern bedroom setting. The less than $150 price is just too good to be true.

Construction & Durability

The functional furniture piece is built with good-quality laminated composite wood panels. The bookcase headboard offers plenty of storage with eight separate shelves. It fits perfectly with a full- or queen-size bed.

You will need to assemble the headboard as it is shipped in parts. However, putting together is not really hard since there is a manual with instructions. The good news is that you don’t need to secure it to the bedstead as it is a free-standing piece. Just settle it against a wall and push the bed against the headboard.

It is possible to hitch the bed frame to the headboard. But you have to drill holes and purchase bolts and screws to do that. Also, it is likely to wobble a lot.


The shelves in the headboard do not have any cover. The open design creates the illusion of space, which looks good in a small bedroom. Also, the shelves offer huge floating storage space while taking up minimum floor space.

You can fill the eight compartments with books, magazines, and other knick-knacks that you would like to have close at hand while lying on the bed.

The unique slant back structure softens the otherwise streamlined layouts and helps it to be a fitting element to most decor designs. The rich, dark wood varnish looks nice in a place with modern decoration.


  • Provides plenty of storage space
  • Free-standing furniture piece
  • Good for small bedrooms
  • Rich, dark polish
  • Reasonable price


  • Made of composite woods

11. South Shore Step One Bookcase Headboard

The Step One bookcase headboard from South Shore is a perfect fit for any modern bedroom—whether it is large or small. However, South Shore Step One Bookcase Headboard a headboard with storage space aptly goes with today’s tiny apartment concept. Like other South Shore products, the price is really competitive given its competitors in the market.

Construction & Durability

The quality of the product seems fine for the price. Made of MDF boards, the headboard will definitely provide years of service if maintained properly.

People often get confused about whether or not a headboard will fit their bed. Well, this headboard has approximately 24 inches of space until the shelves start. So, it will be fine as long as the combined elevation of your bedstead, box springs, and the mattress is below that height.

The headboard is shipped with all the hardware required to secure it to a South Shore bed frame. But, if you have a different bed, you have to purchase extra nuts and bolts. Plus, the screws have to be 8 to 10 mm of diameter and 2 inches long.

The non-toxic lamination and particleboards are not harmful to the environment. Another good thing is the 5-year of limited warranty. If anything goes wrong or you don’t find the quality satisfactory, you can get a refund or the product replaced.


With a minimalist style and functional design, the Step One headboard adds to the dynamic of a modern bedroom scenario. It enhances beauty and adds more space to a tiny place.

This bookcase headboard serves as accessible bedside storage. There are three open shelves and a top shelf where you can keep your personal items like watch and cellphone and reading materials. It keeps the room clutter-free and some necessary items close to your reach. Also, there is a hole in the back panel for wires to pass through. You can keep the chargers and other wired gadgets there without making the shelves look cluttered.


  • Functional piece for a tiny bedroom
  • Multiple storage shelves
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Non-toxic materials
  • 5-year warranty


  • Requires extra hardware
  • Made of particleboard

12. Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors

If you are looking for an eye-pleasing headboard that doubles up as a storage unit, the Kallisto bookcase headboard is a great Black Kallisto Bookcase Headboard with Doors choice. You can use it for storing different kinds of stuff, especially a hundred books without compromising the aesthetic of the bedroom.

Construction & Durability

The Kallisto headboard is not made of solid wood pieces. Instead, laminated composite woods and a strong MDF backer go into the making of this furniture piece. The construction is fine as long as you treat it with care, although the use of real wood would ensure a longer lifespan. Plus, the application of composite woods keeps the price reasonable.

Prepac ships the headboard ready to assemble. It is more heavy-duty than most self-assembly furniture products from other brands. The headboard even stands on its own without being attached to a bedstead. It does not have pre-drilled holes and you will need help from another person for the assembly.

The company offers a 5-year limited warranty on the product to assure customers about its quality.


The Kallisto headboard does not have eye-catching finishes like tufted buttons or nailhead trim. The design is rather practical as you can use as a mini storage space. Despite the plain bearing, the headboard exudes a nice contemporary charm.

The headboard can steal an imposing impression in any modern settings with the streamlined edges and deep black lamination featuring a grained texture. It looks like a mini bookshelf with five separate shelves, two doors, and two 6-way adjustable hinges. The brushed nickel knobs and stylish details like top moldings and decorative sides add a bit of visual interest to the completely black surface.

This is a handy piece of furniture if you live in a tiny apartment. The shelves can be used for storing various items like books, smartphones, alarm clocks, and small accessories.


  • Charming contemporary style
  • Offers a pleasing but unobtrusive look
  • Has space for plenty of items
  • Stands on its own
  • Reasonable price


  • No pre-drilled holes
  • Heavy
  • Made of composite woods

13. South Shore Step One Headboard

You will definitely love this headboard piece from South Shore if you are a fan of the minimalist style. Available at an extremely South Shore Step One Headboard competitive price, the Step One headboard could be a visibly pleasing addition to your domicile. It is not a statement piece but works great if you need something to anchor the decoration of a place.

Construction & Durability

The headboard is made of MDF boards, which is understandable given the cheap price point. The quality is not bad at all, and you can expect a long lifespan with proper care.

Assembly is required as it is shipped in six separate parts. Careful handling is necessary because you may otherwise scratch the surface. The headboard will fit any full- or queen-size bed frame because it has two mounting points to put up with these sizes.

The construction is flexible enough to attach it to a wooden or metal frame. It does not come with hardware required for the assembly so you have to purchase them separately. However, you can keep it unattached, standing freely against a wall. Just shove your bedstead and mattress against it to keep it stable. The headboard can be pretty wobbly when there is nothing behind it to support.

People who prefer to lead a sustainable lifestyle would be happy to know that the Step One headboard is made of non-toxic laminated particleboard. Another plus point is the 5-year limited warranty that takes the anxiety out of the shopping.


The simple European-inspired design of the headboard does not stand out, but it nicely complements any modern decoration. The curved cutout lines add grace to the framework and make it befitting to neutral color schemes.

The dark shade and smooth varnish look good with both wooden and metal bed frames. Even if you need to change the bedstead for any reason, the headboard can stay because of its versatile style.


  • Elegant, minimalist design
  • Accommodates full and queen sizes
  • Fits both wooden and metal bed frames
  • Eco-friendly wooden boards
  • 5-year warranty


  • Made of particleboard
  • Wobbles
  • Hardware not included

14. South Shore Vito Headboard

If you find beauty in simplicity, this Vito headboard from South Shore could be a perfect piece for your bedroom. The beautiful South Shore Vito Headboard piece has just the right amount of style to enhance decoration without screaming. The less than $100 price tag is hard to beat given the quality of the piece.

Construction & Durability

The headboard is compatible with full- and queen-size bedsteads. However, the sides will be poking out when attached to a full-size bed frame, giving the bed a different style.

The wooden headboard is made of particleboard instead of hardwood. It is not as sturdy and hard-wearing as a solid wood headboard but you can still count on it or years of service.

The assembly is easy but may take some time to figure out the placement of the pieces since the headboard arrives in separate parts and the manual lacks clear instructions. Also, the hardware does not come with the packaging so you have to purchase bolts and screws. The good news is you can just place it against a wall without hitching to the bed frame.

The headboard could feel flimsy if you mess up with the assembly. It requires cams, locking pins, and big and small screws to be put together. You cannot over-tighten the screws since these are just MDF boards. The framework will feel pretty sturdy if you can do everything perfectly.

However, this is still not a headboard to lean on a lot. It is perfect for a guest room. For a bedroom, placing against a wall is the best option.

The particleboard and the lamination are non-toxic. So, nothing to worry even if you are using it for your kid’s bedroom. The 5-year warranty is a great relief to the budget shoppers.


Contemporary in style, the headboard is versatile enough to be a part of any bedroom decor unless it is highly ornate or Victorian in style. The wooden material and dark shade make it a fitting companion for a metal bed frame too.

The thick molding gives visual interest to this otherwise plain headboard. The gentle style is perfect for adding the finishing touch to a modern bedroom.


  • Minimalist design
  • Laminated surface
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 5-year warranty
  • Inexpensive


  • No hardware included
  • Feels a bit flimsy
  • Made of MDF boards

15. Prepac BHFQ-1301-1 Select Queen Flat Panel Headboard Black

Prepac is known for manufacturing designer headboard pieces and this one is another addition to that line. With a nice and simple Prepac BHFQ-1301-1 Select Queen Flat Panel Headboard Black design, this queen-size headboard is a steal of a deal at less than $100. It could be a perfect addition to any modern bedroom.

Construction & Durability

The flat-panel headboard will disappoint if you are looking for premium quality because it uses composite woods instead of hardwood panels. However, you could take some solace from the fact that the materials and their lamination are CARB-2 compliant and non-toxic. Being manufactured in Canada and meeting all North American safety standards, there is no doubt about the construction quality of this headboard.

Shipped in nine separate pieces, you have to spend some time to putting all the parts together. There are no written instructions except for pictures so you have to be smart to figure out which part goes where. The pre-drilled holes make the assembly a bit easier. The headboard does not come with the hardware required for attaching it to the bed frame.

The headboard has the perfect measurements to be paired up with Prepac’s 4-post platform bed. However, you can still attach it to other bedsteads. It is also possible to lean this piece against the wall without hitching to the bed frame.

If you are worried about the quality of this headboard, don’t be. The company offers a 5-year warranty so you can shop with no concern.


The Prepac flat-panel headboard brings aesthetic and elegance back to your bedroom with its clean, simple, minimalist design. The beautiful finish nicely complements the sleek lines and soft edges. The deep black lamination is so gorgeous that it will look charming amid any color palette and decor setting. People may not consider a dark color for rustic decoration. But this furniture piece can pull off that look with ease.


  • Simple, elegant look
  • Excellent quality
  • Non-toxic panels and lamination
  • 5-year warranty


  • No hardware included
  • Unclear instructions

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