Top 15 Best Bedspreads in 2019 – Complete Guide

Are you looking for a bedspread to enliven your space and bring joy and meaning to your bedroom?Top 10 Best Bedspreads in 2017 - Complete Guide

While comfort and quality are non-negotiable factors to look for, choosing the right bedspread for your personal space can mean much more.

Bedding and decor choices are true extensions of our personalities, and can bring home a lot of depth, meaning and inspiration.

When you choose the best bed sheets, the key is to make sure that it blends well with the aesthetics of your bedroom and also meets your style and comfort needs.

Generally, the term bedspread is used to refer to all top-layer bedding, and they add an extra layer of warmth and cosiness to your bed.

Bedspreads are of different types based on their structure and uses, and we will discuss them in some detail below. We have also written a complete guide about best Purple Bedding Sets.

Types of Bedspreads


Comforters are an easy-to-care-for bedding option, and are mostly used as a decorative top layer for bedding.Top 10 Best Bedspreads in 2018 - Complete Guide

They are specifically designed to retain extra warmth, and are made by sewing together two layers of fabric filled with wool, cotton, down/down alternatives, and a variety of other materials.

The filler materials have high insulating capabilities and help retain an adequate amount of warmth. Traditional down stuffing is lightweight and natural – made from duck/ geese feathers while down alternatives are mostly made from synthetic materials like polyester and are for people allergic to traditional down stuffing.

The weight and warmth level of a comforter is decided by the thickness and loft/fluff of the filling.

To keep the down filling evenly spread all through, the two layers of fabric are sewn together in a Sewn-through box-type or Baffle-box-type stitch. This is done to minimize cold spots and to help the comforter retain the filling throughout.

In a Sewn-through box-type stitch, pockets or boxes are stitched all along the body of the comforter to keep the down in place. There may still be cold spots along the stitch lines because of down moving away from that area.

A Baffle-box-type stitch incorporates walls between the boxes, to allow more even distribution of down within the boxes and increase loft.

Benefits:Comforters provide extra warmth, and traditional down can retain maximum amount of insulating air. All-natural and light, traditional down comforters are the best bet for an excellent warmth to weight ratio.

Duvet Cover and Insert

Very similar to comforters, Duvets are also filled with down, feathers, cotton, silk, Polyester and several other materials for warmth and weight.

Generally, Duvets are not that decorative as comforters, and come in plain white or off-white colours. These are used as inserts for a decorative Duvet cover, also used for protection from spills and stains. The Duvet cover can separately be laundered, and thus is more convenient than traditional comforters and quilts, which are often difficult to wash.

Duvets are usually preferred for their simplicity and ease of use, and are often paired with matching shams for aTop 10 Best Bedspreads in 2018 - Complete Guide sophisticated look.

Like comforters, they come in different weights and a variety of fill materials. The warmth a Duvet provides depends on its weight, fill material and amount of filling used.

The scientific unit of measurement for the relative warmth of a Duvet is called the Duvet Tog. This is basically a measure of the amount of heat lost through the Duvet to the external environment.

Duvet Togs are directly proportional to the warmth of a Duvet, so the higher the tog rating, the warmer your Duvet is going to feel.

These soft, baggy bedspreads are great for modern, minimalist bedrooms and are very popular in most parts of the world.

Benefits: Duvets are simple, easy to wash and can be used with a range of covers. Since the covers are removable, they are great for maintenance and laundering. They can be used on their own and can replace all other forms of bed covering.


Quilts are an artistic bedding option, used as bed covers. They consist of three layers – a bottom layer of fabric backing, a middle layer of soft batting and a top layer.

The top layer of a quilt usually is made by stitching together several different pieces of fabric into complex patterns to form a quilt top.The middle layer- the batting, consists of fluffy, thin layer(s) of wool, cotton or downtoadd the required warmth. The bottom layer of the quilt is a piece of plain fabric that provides a solid backing.

These three layers are joined together into a single piece by a method called Quilting using stitches or ties.

The stitching technique uses stitches at regular intervals along the pattern of the design, while tying uses ribbon or yarn to tie the layers of the quilt together.

Quilts mostly use four common fillings, the natural ones being cotton, wool, and feather or down, and the fourth one is synthetic–often polyester. Apart from these, there are other fillings that are used occasionally such as silk, bamboo and also recycled plastic.

Natural fillings are a perfect choice for breathable, light and comfortable quilts. However, if you require that the quilts be washed frequently, synthetic fillingsare a better choice to make.

Quilts are usually very thin in comparison with duvets or comforters, yet they are dense and warm- perfect for spring and fall.

Benefits:Quilts make great bedding for the warmer months since they are soft, light and breathable. They areTop 10 Best Bedspreads in 2018 - Complete Guide perfect to be used as an addition alongside duvets or comforters as an extra layer if needed for colder climates. Quilts are machine washable and easier to maintain in comparison with comforters. They are traditionally used to mark life events and celebrate special occasions.


Coverlets are thin, lightweight bedspreads, designed to be used over thicker bedspreads. Coverlets can also be used as a standalone bedspread or otherwise as a throw blanket for the bed or couch.

Today, coverletscome with an additional layer of batting to provide the necessary warmth to be used on their own. These reversible bedspreads are either woven or quilted and can very much work as an extra layer of bedding for the colder months.

Primarily, these are decorative pieces of bedding and can be used all through the year, in all seasons.

One thing that sets a coverlet aside from other bedspreads is that, it is not designed to achieve a pillow tuck due to its size and decorative quality. However, coverlets can be charming and fuss-free, and effortlessly add appeal to your space.

Coverlets can be made of different materials, the most common being cotton. Other types of coverlets include quilted coverlets, velvet coverlets, satin coverlets, crochet coverlets, matelassé coverlets, silk coverlets and hotel coverlets.

Coverlets are usually paired with matching shams, available in a wide variety of designs and patterns, and can be changed suitably to match your style and taste.

Most coverlets are easy to wash and maintain when compared to other heavy bedding.

Benefits: Coverlets serve as decorative pieces of bedding, incorporate modern and traditional designs and patterns and give your space a touch of class and beauty. Easy maintenance, and can be used as a standalone bedspread or in combination with heavier bedspreads.

Things to consider while buying a bedspread

Here are some important features you must consider while choosing a bedspread:Top 10 Best Bedspreads in 2018 - Complete Guide


Bedspreads come in a variety of materials; the most common ones include cotton, polyester and microfiber bedspreads.


Cotton bedspreads can either be of standard cotton, or Egyptian cotton type.

Standard cotton bedspreads are highly breathable and can keep you cool during summers, while providing warmth during the winters. These bedspreads are known to get softer and thinner over time, and hence, are not very durable.

Egyptian cotton bedspreads consist of fibres denser and stronger than standard cotton. Bedspreads made from Egyptian cotton tend to achieve higher thread counts when compared to standard cotton, and thus feel softer and smoother to the touch.


Bedspreads made of polyester may not feel as comfortable as cotton bedspreads, but are more durable in comparison.

Maintenance is also much easier when compared to cotton bedspreads, and is a good choice if durability and maintenance are your key priorities.


Microfiber is also a synthetic fabric that can also provide a high level of comfort and maintainability.

These are highly durable and the fabric tends to be wrinkle-free and fades less when compared to other materials.

Though microfiber bedding feels soft and comfortable, the material can sometimes cause irritation and allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin.

This material also tends to absorb dirt and dust more frequently and thus may require more washing and cleaning.

Thread Count

The number of horizontal and vertical threads running per square inch of a bedspread is its thread count. Top 10 Best Bedspreads in 2018 - Complete GuideTraditionally, the higher the thread count of a bedspread, the more comfortable and softer the bedspread feels. Though this has been the belief all through, this may not be true in all cases.

The standard thread count is somewhere in between 200 to 800. Luxury bedspreads usually have thread counts starting from 800 and can go on till 1000.

Fill Power

The fluffiness of a bedspread decides the insulating capacity of a bedspread, and is measured using a unit of measurement called the Fill Power.

The term Fill Power also associates to the insulation rating of thebedspread.

An average Fill Power can be between 400 and 450, while a good Fill Power can extend from 500 to 550. Anything above 550 to 750 is excellent and can provide total warmth and insulation during the winters.

Low Fill Power bedspreads are perfect for the warmer times during the year; while higher Fill Power ones can keep you really warm during the colder seasons.

Bedspread size

While choosing a bedspread, the first important thing to consider is the size of your mattress.

Bedspread sizes vary from full size, twin, twin XL, king and queen. It is always important to buy bedding after thoroughly checking the size of your bed and mattress.

Now that you know the basics of how to choose the right bedspread for your bedroom, here are our top ten picks for the best ever bedspreads made. Have a look and choose what suits you best!






1. Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set Spa-Blue
Resists wrinkles, shrink, fade$$4.8 
2. Bedspread Set (Queen, Charcoal grey) – 3 Piece
measuring 100 by 106 inches$$4.7 
3. The Madison Park Aubrey King Size Quilt Bedding Set
machine washable, spot clean pillows$$$ 4.6
4. Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and Off White 3-piece
1- Coverlet 118″ x 102

5. Home Soft Things Serenta Tivoli Ikat Design 5 Piece
90% Cotton / 10% Polyester$$4.5 
6. Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread100% Cotton$$$4.4
7. Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set100% Polyester$$$4.4
8. 3pcs Fully Quilted Embroidery Quilts BedspreadSize: 102×94″ $$ 4.3
9. Chezmoi Collection 3 Piece Austin Oversized Bedspread10 Colors Available, Machine Washable

10. Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection BedspreadMachine Wash, Sheet: 72″x84″ with 15″ pocket$$4.2
11. BrylaneHome Amelia Bedspread
machine wash, Queen; 110″ x 122″, King; 118″ x 122″$$4.2
 12. Madison Park Quebec Dusty Pale Seafoam100% polyester, 90/10 cotton/other fiber $$ 4.1
 13. Modern Heirloom Collection Bedspreadmachine washable and, King Size 120-inch by 118-inch$$$4.0
 14. Quilt Set Solid 2 Piece Coverlet Set by BedsureMachine wash cold, gentle cycle. Do not tumble dry$$4.0
 15. Raintree 3-Piece  Bedding Coverlet Set100% Microfiber, machine washable$$3.9

1. Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set Spa-Blue

This Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set Spa-Blue – BEST QUALITY Comforter Oversized 3-Piece Quilt Set (King/Cal King, Spa Blue)Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set Spa-Blue bedspread is just ideal for those families that have either children or pets. The Pinsonic stitching is so strong that it would not unravel and thus the bedspread would last for many years. The bedspread has been prepared using the best of workmanship and long-lasting brushed microfiber.


The bedspread is a King/California King 3-piece bedspread set. There are a 111 inches x 106 inches bedspread and 2 Shams which are 20 inches by 36 inches each.  The bedspread is able to cover all the sides of the bed as well as its end.  Even if there are some extra layers of padding added, it is still able to cover the bed. This bedspread is not bulky at all, unlike many others. It is extremely lightweight and is able to wrap the user in a luxurious warmth for an extremely comfortable sleep throughout the night.


The bedspread has been prepared using the best a long-lasting brushed microfiber and has is stitched using the best of workmanship. The material is wrinkle-resistant, and is equally so to shrinking, stains and fading as well. The material is considered to be more durable than cotton. It is resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.

Design and Pattern

The bedspread is elegant to look at and luxurious and comfortable to touch and feel. The ultrasonic Bedspread coverlet set has been decorated rather profusely with exquisite details and the apt craftsmanships have resulted in an extremely carefully crafted bedspread that can supplement to the classic touch that most people have in their bedrooms. It has an overall effect of enhancing the bedroom decor as well.


  • Elegant in looks and luxurious to feel and touch
  • It is more durable than even cotton.
  • Resists wrinkles, shrink, fade, dust mites and allergens.


  • Not good for people with sensitive skin as it is made out of polyester

2. Bedspread Set (Queen, Charcoal grey) – 3 Piece

The Bedspread Set (Queen, Charcoal grey) – 3 Piece Luxurious Soft Brushed Microfiber Coverlet set – Quilted Embroidery OversizedBedspread Set (Queen, Charcoal grey) – 3 Piece Luxurious Soft Brushed Microfiber Coverlet set – Quilted Embroidery Oversized Bed-Cover by Utopia Bedding Bed-Cover by Utopia Bedding includes two pillowcases as well as the bedspread. It is extremely plush and has an extremely soft feel adding to the c0mfort of the user in the night and wrapping him/her softly with care and tenderness.


The sizes of the bedspread and the pillow cases are such that the 2 pillowcases which are 20 inches by 26 inches in size and the Queen bedspread a well which measures 100 inches by 106 inches. The size is just perfect for the bedspread to cover both the sides of the bed as well as the ends and even if the padding is included, this does not fall short. This is a perfect bedspread for any Queen size bed and ensures that it fully covers it without any hassles.


The Bedspread Set (Queen, Charcoal grey) – 3 Piece Luxurious Soft Brushed Microfiber Coverlet set – Quilted Embroidery Oversized Bed-Cover by Utopia Bedding is made from such durable material as the 85-90 GSM microfiber fabric which has the characteristic of providing an extremely soft and comfortable feel which is great to touch and to feel. The stitching employed is of very high quality and is responsible for the durability that is the hallmark of this bedspread.  Similarly, the strong weaving also contributes to the overall strength of the bedspread and its resulting durability.

Design and Pattern

The emphasis on the design of the bedspread is on the softness and plushness of the bedspread. It is extremely soft to touch which enhances the level of comfort many folds. It also gives a luxurious feel and is extremely pleasing to look at. It can add to the beauty and décor of any bedroom wherever t is used.


  • Very durable and strong
  • Excellent stitching makes it last longer
  • High-quality weaving adds to the durability


  • The bedspread does not have any natural fiber and thus has low breathability

3. The Madison Park Aubrey King Size Quilt Bedding Set

The Madison Park Aubrey King Size Quilt Bedding Set – Blue, Brown, Paisley Jacquard – 5 Piece Bedding Quilt Coverlets – Ultra SoftThe Madison Park Aubrey King Size Quilt Bedding Set – Blue, Brown, Paisley Jacquard – 5 Piece Bedding Quilt Coverlets – Ultra Soft Microfiber Bed Quilts Quilted Coverlet Microfiber Bed Quilts Quilted Coverlet is basically available in blue color only and it is 100% imported.  However, on the reverse side, it has another color choice available for its users which is a rich taupe color. The bedspread is, therefore, usable are two colors as such. one on the front and one on the reverse side. It is an ideal choice for those people who are planning to get a new look in their bedrooms.


This bedspread is available in King size and measures a full 120 inches by 118 inches. It is ideal to spread from side to side and from end to end. Even if there is a thick p[adding on the bed, the size is adequate enough to cover the whole bed without the hassle of pulling too much. The 2 King shams that are included with this bedspread are 20 inches x 36 inches and are 2 inches thick. The 2 decorative pillows available with the bedspread are 18 inches by 18 inches and 6,5 inches by 18 inches.


The Madison Park Aubrey King Size Quilt Bedding Set – Blue, Brown, Paisley Jacquard – 5 Piece Bedding Quilt Coverlets – Ultra Soft Microfiber Bed Quilts Quilted Coverlet is made out of 100% polyester materials which include to a large degree, the polyester jacquard, however, it does contai9n 7 oz/sq. yard of cotton as well. There are other polyester fillings which contribute to about 10%. The pillows are made out of faux silk. The bedspread as per the materials it is made from is thus machine washable.

Design and Pattern

The Pattern is Paisley. The Jacquard weave has an inspiration from the paisley motif which is the updated version.  It has been very aptly woven into a very beautiful blend of soft blue, taupe and a slight touch of platinum to give a slight sheen to the bedding. The bedspread once quilted along with the exquisite Shams offer very beautifully detailing to the bedspread with blue piping and taupe flange. Once the bedspread is reversed, it presents a very rich taupe color with the 2 decorative pillows which are detailed with pleading and have a lot of embroideries which blend with one another.


  • Very beautiful colors; soft blue and taupe
  • Usable on the reverse side as well
  • Extremely decorative to give a new look to the bedroom


  • Use of polyester inhibits use by people requiring highly breathable bedspread

4. Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and Off White 3-piece

The Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and Off White 3-piece Bedspread Coverlet Set (King/Cali King)Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and Off White 3-piece Bedspread Coverlet Set (King/Cali King) enhances the aesthetic appeal of any bedroom by adding to the beauty of the bedroom decor. The quilting of the bedspread which is quite elaborate is controlled by the use of a computer and thus the automation ensures that the filling is even in all places and does not shift or goes out. The microfiber filling is very nicely distributed in such a way that there are small and uniform partitions which allow the bedspread to have its characteristics soft feel and comfort. It is a highly durable and easy to wash and dry bedspread.


The Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and Off White 3-piece Bedspread Coverlet Set (King/Cali King) is 118 inches by 102 inches in size and the exquisite pillowcases are 20 inches by 36 inches.  The coverlet is basically oversexed to make sure that it fits both the King size beds as well as the California King size beds. This ensures that the sides and well ass the ends of the bed are easily reached by the bedspreads without any hassle of applying too much of a pull to extend the ends.


The material used in this Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and off White 3-piece Bedspread Coverlet Set (King/Cali King) is 100% polyester which is basically a soft microfiber surface, off-white in color with gray diamond patterns on it.  The materials used do not contain any cotton or naturally occurring substances. It is made out of 100% polyester materials.

Design and Pattern

  Prewashed Durable Comfy Bedding Chevron Quilted Gray and Off White 3-piece Bedspread Coverlet Set (King/Cali King) has got quilting which is highly delicate and tender chevron quilting.  This ensures that the bedspread remains durable but lightweight at the same time. The off-white microfiber has got a gray diamond pattern on it.


  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Bedspread is available for both King and California King beds.
  • Quilting is very delicate and tender


  • Available only in gray color patterns

5. Home Soft Things Serenta Tivoli Ikat Design 5 Piece

The Home Soft Things Serenta Tivoli Ikat Design 5 Piece Teal Aqua Printed Prewashed Quilted Coverlet Bedspread Bed CoverHome Soft Things Serenta Tivoli Ikat Design 5 Piece Teal Aqua Printed Prewashed Quilted Coverlet Bedspread Bed Cover Summer Quilt Blanket with Cotton Polyester Filled Embroidery Pillow Set, Oversize Summer Quilt Blanket with Cotton Polyester Filled Embroidery Pillow Set, Oversize is a 100% Polyester bedspread that has been imported from China. It is an ideal gift for any friend or family member who would be gifted with an ideal and comfortable sleep after using this bedspread. It is ultra-soft and ultra-stylish as one look at it would tell.


The bedspread includes 5 different pieces of items. It has got a Coverlet which is 122 inches by 106 inches in size which is adequate enough to cover the bed on both the sides and both the ends without any extra hassle. It has got 2 Pillow shams which are 20 inches by 36 inches in size. On top of these 3 core items, it has got 2 decorative pillows of different sizes which are 16 inches by 16 inches and 12 inches by 16 inches respectively.


The materials used in the bedspread are mostly polyester based. The main shell of the bedspread is made out of 100% Polyester while the filling contains 90% cotton and 10% polyester. For this reason, it is recommended that only cold machine washes be utilized to clean it while it can easily be tumble dried on the lowest possible heat setting.  It is not recommended to bleach this bedspread at all. The materials used are extremely durable and long-lasting.

Design and Pattern

The bedspread carries the Tivoli Pattern Design which locks vigorously in Aqua and Teal Colors. It has got the hints of taupe and beige with an extremely exquisite mesh of rounded scale type patterns.  The overall look of this bedspread creates a very modern feel to the bedrooms it is used in and adds perfectly well to the home decor as well.  The users can use this lavish dressing for their beds to enhance the beauty of their homes at all times.


  • Extremely beautiful design and pattern that light up the bedroom
  • The materials are durable and long lasting
  • The bedspread serves as an ideal gift to friends and family members


  • While the filings are 90% cotton, there is no natural fiber in the shell of the bedspread

6. Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread – Queen – White – with String Fringe

Take a step back in time as you indulge in the comfort of thisstunningly beautiful Martha Washington bedspread.Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread – Queen – White – with String Fringe

A perfect fit for passing down as a familyheirloom, thislovely Colonial-style bedspread is everything you need to impartnostalgia to your bedroom. With replicated Candle-wick patterns from the Mt. Vernon home of Martha and George Washington, this traditional, mid-weightspread is made to last years, if not a lifetime.


The Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread – Queenmeasures116 x 102 x 0.8 inches and weighs 8.7 pounds. A great fit for your queen-sized bed, this bedspread fully covers the entire frame as it falls perfectly around your bed.

It also allows plenty of coverage for pillow space, and makes an ideal choice for anyone looking for an elegant, sturdy bedspread.


The Martha Washington’s Choice Bedspread is made of 100% cotton and is machine washable. Softand luxurious to the touch, this one is a clear winner when it comes to comfort and quality. The material is neat and wrinkle-free, and has a great weight and fabric feel.

The dense, mid-weight bedspread provides just the right weight and warmth for summers, and may require an additional blanket underneath during the winters.

Design and pattern

The original of this bedspread was chosen by George Washington for his bride, Martha for their home in Mt. Vernon. Martha Washington’s Choice has grown to be America’s most famous bedspread over the years, and has successfully preserved the classic weave and texture all through. This Candlewick bedspread is smooth to the touch with raised, knotted tufts creating flower basket and garland patterns.


  • Pure cotton, high comfort and quality
  • Imparts classy and retro look
  • Highly durable- will last years
  • Good weight- for comfort and warmth


  • For taller beds, size might be a concern.

7. Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set, King, Palace Blue

Watch your bedroom take up a brand new personality with the enchanting Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set, King, Palace Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set, King, Palace Blue Blue bedspread ensemble.

If you are looking to impart a classy, feminine and romantic look to your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with the Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set. With its generous size, weight and beautiful thread pattern, this bedspread set offers you the best of both worlds- in terms of looks and comfort.


The Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set, King, Palace Blue is 120 x 120 x 1 inches in size and weighs 9.8 pounds. Along with the bedspread, this bedroom ensemble consists of two King-size shams of size equal to 20 x 36 + 2 inches and one pillow measuring 16 x 16 inches.

This is an oversize bedspread and is a perfect choice if you are looking for a bedspread to cover the entire bed and go all the way down to the floor. It even has enough material to go over at least two pillows and to tuck-in.


This bedspread is made of 100 per cent Polyester, but does not have the touch and feel of cheap synthetic fabric. It is extremely soft and luxurious to the touch, and is the perfect weight for summer months. However, this mid-weight bedspread is great for winter months too. The fabric feels light weight and breathable, and has a silky touch and feel to it.

Design and pattern

The Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set, King, Palace Blue comes with a bedspread, two shams and a pillow. All of these individual bedding components have the same colour and make the perfect bedspread set.

The edges of this bedspread are scalloped and are bound with the help of bias bands. The quilt work on this bedspread is almost decorative and artistic.

The stitches are beautifully done and usually in a contrasting colour which gives these stitches a shadowy effect and hue.


  • Oversized and falls over bed well, reaches floor
  • Eliminates need for bed skirts
  • Soft and luxurious touch and feel
  • Imparts a classy, romantic look to your space


  • There may be loose threads in some places. These have to be carefully removed.
  • Material may seem to pucker in some places.

8. 3pcs High Quality Fully Quilted Embroidery Quilts Bedspread Bed Coverlets Cover Set, Queen King (Beige/Taupe)

Create an oasis of serenity for your personal space with this inviting, vivid and rich bedspread set.3pcs High Quality Fully Quilted Embroidery Quilts Bedspread Bed Coverlets Cover Set, Queen King (BeigeTaupe)

If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable and light bedspread to give your bedroom a serene touch, then this maybe the right bedspread for you. The colours on this bedspread are surprisingly vivid and vibrant, and impart to your bed a cosy, inviting look. They are like a breath of fresh air for your décor, and are just perfect for summer evenings.


This comfortable bedspread set contains three pieces – a bedspread of size 102 x 94 inches, two pieces of pillow sham, each measuring about 20 x 30 + 2 inches, and the weight being 7.5 pounds.

The bedspread may not cover the bed completely like our previous choice, but this one surely makes up for it with its great texture, comfort and durability.


This bedspread is made of 100 percent polyester material, and is a comfortable, lightweight and decorative bedspread. The colours used on this bedspread help the room come alive in a wonderful, deep and rich way.

Though these spreads have a perfect weight, one may choose to use an additional blanket along with it during the cooler months.

Design and pattern

Beautiful little hearts are quilted all through the body of the bedspread, the edges are scalloped and the stitch work is warm and welcoming. The colours especially hog the limelight when it comes to these spreads, because of their vibrancy and vividness.

Excellent workmanship shines through this elegant bedspread, and adds a very homey look to the entire bedding.


  • Fills your room with a subtle elegance and vibrancy
  • Warm and light weight, perfect for summer
  • Machine washable and durable


  • The edges may not go over the bed completely to the floor

9. Chezmoi Collection 3 Piece 118 by 106″ Austin Oversized Bedspread Coverlet Set, King, White

Give your bedroom a contemporary look with the king-sized white Chezmoi bedding collection.Chezmoi Collection 3 Piece 118 by 106″ Austin Oversized Bedspread Coverlet Set, King, White

If you are looking for an affordable bedspread with a rich, classy and contemporary feel, this one may be just the one for you. The white Chezmoi bedspread is a large, gorgeous and oversized bedspread that adds the right level of comfort and sheen to your bedroom. Perfect for lazy and warm summers, this one can be paired with another layer of bedding during the winters.


The Chezmoi 3-piece bedspread collection comprises of an oversized King bedspread accompanied with 2 shams. The bedspread measures 118 x 106 inches with a weight of 6 pounds while the shams are 20 x 36 inches in size.

This oversized bedspread covers the entire bed and hangs past the bed rails on both sides of the bed, and also provides enough coverage for pillow tucking.


This contemporary bedspread is made from 100% Microfiber and is machine washable. Quality is top-notch and the feel is genuinely soft and beautiful. The bedspread is even, and does not show signs of loose stitching or shoddy workmanship. The entire bedspread is just one quilted layer and does not have a middle layer of batting like the other bedspreads discussed earlier.

Though made up of synthetic fibre, this one makes you feel cosy and comfortable, and is quite breathable.

Design and pattern

As discussed earlier this is a single layer bedspread and is quilted throughout. The colours are simple and classy, and can beautifully be paired up with colourful runners for a splash of colour. The gorgeous white quilting work imparts a subtle yet classy feel to the room, and allows you to play with more colours by adding decorative pillows with shams.

The patterns on this bedspread are contemporary, yet traditional and the stamped design is crisp and elegant.


  • Oversized – Covers entire bed, and provides pillow coverage
  • Lightweight and breathable- apt for summer
  • Eliminates need for top sheets, and doubles as a blanket and sheet combined


  • May wrinkle easily

10. Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection 600 Thread Count Bedspread 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Impress your guests with this silky, super-soft chocolate bedspread from the Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection.Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection 600 Thread Count Bedspread 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

This luxurious Chocolate coloured bedspread from the Mayfair Linen Bedding collection creates a wonderful evocative accent in your bedroom giving it the look and feel of a cosy hotel room. Mayfair has the distinction of producing versatile, durable and high-quality bedding, and this one’s no different. This eye-catching bedspread is soft and smooth with a great weight, and is a treat to sleep in.


This package includes one flat sheet with dimensions of 102 x 108 inches, one fitted sheet of 72 x 84 inches with a 15-inch pocket, two king-size pillow cases measuring 20 x 40 inches and the package weighs5.5 pounds. Apart from this, a 4-inch hem imparts a classy, luxurious look to the bedspreads. Giving your mattress a great fit, these wrinkle-free bedspreads effectively help elevate your sleep experience.


This Mayfair Linen Bedding collection set is made from a highly breathable,100 per cent Egyptian cotton fabric with a thread count of 600, to keep you cool and dry all through the night. These bedspreads are made from luxuriously woven long staple cotton yarns, and are soft, smooth, with a good weight. Satiny soft to the touch, this material has a smooth, substantial texture, and is delicately sturdy. Apart from breathability, these bedspreads have hypo-allergenic properties for delicate skin types.

Design and pattern

The stunningly luxurious solid, chocolate coloured spreads brighten up your room and feel refreshingly cool.  They have elastic bands to help them fit completely under the mattress, to help ensure a snug and perfect fit for your mattress and deep pockets that work well on any king sized bed. These Egyptian cotton sheets are stitched with elegant hemstitches and are sophisticatedly formal.


  • Luxurious and high quality
  • Suitable for all-season use
  • Machine washable
  • Great hotel look on a budget


  • May sometimes need ironing

11. Brylanehome Amelia Bedspread

Add a graceful layer of comfort to your bed with this rich, super-soft and contemporary Brylanehome Amelia Brylanehome Amelia BedspreadKing-size Bedspread.

If you are looking for a contemporary bedspread to add grace and comfort to your bedroom, this lovely, detailed Brylanehome Amelia bedspread could be a good choice. Perfect for the guest room or your very own bedroom, this extremely soft and comfortable bedspread is rich-looking and boasts of meticulous embroidery.


This bedspread is available in different sizes – Twin-size, Full-size, Queen and King. The twin-sized bedspread is 80 x 110 inches in size, full measures 96 x 110 inches, while the Queen is 102 x 118 inches and King measures 120 x 118 inches. With a weight of 6.9 pounds, this gorgeous bedspread is perfect with cosy sets of sheets for your bed. These sheets are wide enough to give you plenty of room to tuck the pillows in.


The Brylanehome Amelia bedspread is made from polyester microfiber and is super soft and comfortable. The rich material adds layers of comfort to your bed and gives it a graceful drape with the quilted scalloped border.

With a great weight, it is a good addition to your bed to add an extra layer of comfort.

Design and pattern

This imported bedspread has meticulous embroidery all-over and looks superiorly rich. The embroidery is detailed with paisley motifs and an additional quilted scalloped border.  The colour is an inviting and comfortable grey, and has elegance written all over it.


  • Washes well
  • Graceful and high quality


  • Sweeps floor on a regular height bed. May not be suitable if you want a spread barely touching the floor.

12. Madison Park Quebec Dusty Pale Seafoam 3-Piece Quilted King Coverlet Set

Give your bedroom a cool, beachy theme with this classic, plush Seafoam bedding set.Madison Park Quebec Dusty Pale Seafoam 3-Piece Quilted King Coverlet Set

The Madison Park Quebec Dusty Pale Seafoam 3-Piece Quilted King Coverlet Set includes 1 coverlet  and 2 shams, and is a perfect layering piece for your bed with a solid, new look. This lightweight coverlet/ add-on pairs easily with your existing décor and has a delightful, vibrant feel.


This coverlet measures 104 x 94 x 1.5 inches and weighs 7.8 pounds. The shams are 20 x 36 inches in dimension. The generously sized coverlet is covers the mattress completely, and hangs on the sides of the bed beautifully, while the shams are roomy and comfortable.


This bedspread is made from 100 per cent polyester, 90/10 cotton/ other fiber filling to ensure optimum comfort. The top and reverse layer of the spread is made from 100 per cent polyester while the filling is 90 per cent cotton and 10 per cent polyester. This bedspread can be used as a coverlet under a heavier comforter and duvet.

Sturdy and gracious, these simple, light-weighted bedding pieces are perfect for spring and summer.

Design and Pattern

Covered in upscale embroidery, these Seafoam bedding pieces are soft, creamy and neutral. The classic stitch patterns impart a well- tailored look to the heavy cotton, sturdy spread.

The traditional looking soft blue bedspread has an impeccable floral design that stands out beautifully.


  • Soft, comfortable and durable
  • Upscale colour, design and patterns
  • Machine washable


  • More suitable for warmer months

13. Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Cotton Filled Bedspread, King, 120 by 118-Inch

Bring in a classic, country look to your bedroom with this fancy and homespun heirloom quilt.Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Cotton Filled Bedspread, King, 120 by 118-Inch

If you want to give your bedroom the perfect finishing touch, the Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Cotton Filled Bedspread is a good choice to consider. With great colours to choose from, this beautifully bright and quality bedspread is exquisitely embroidered and appealing to the eye.


This heirloom collection bedspread is king-sized with dimensions of 120 x 118 inches and hangs well around your bed. The bedspread is wrinkle free, oversized and lays flat on the bed. There is enough fabric to tuck the pillows in without sacrificing the coverage.


The Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Cotton Filled Bedspread is made from 100 per cent cotton and is filled with a brushed poly back. This high quality, breathable bedspread is warm and weighs well enough to keep you warm throughout the year.

Design and pattern

This bedspread is made up of exquisite embroidery of floral motifs with a dandelion in the centre, and trailing vines all around. Though this bedspread is completely machine embroidered, the embroidery work looks rich and well done. Apart from the comfortable fabric and dynamic colours, the quilting is appealing and substantial.


  • High quality and comfortable
  • Rich colours that complement your bedroom


  • Shams have to be bought separately

14. Quilt Set Solid Grayish Blue Twin Size(68″x86″)2 Piece Coverlet Set by Bedsure

Add to the overall décor of your bedroom with this impressively soft “old time” bedspread high on style and elegance.Quilt Set Solid Grayish Blue Twin Size(68″x86″)2 Piece Coverlet Set by Bedsure

This bedspread is lightweight yet warm, making it perfect for spring and fall. With the detailed stitching and simplicity, this one is sure to last you a long time.


These twin bedspreads are 68 x 86 inches in dimension and the set weighs 3.2 pounds. This bedspread is hypoallergenic and is made to work well with sensitive skin.


The bedspread is nice, warm and comfortably heavy. Though made from polyester, this one is plush and breathable, thus being a great addition to your bedding set at a reasonable cost.

Multiple layers of super soft microfiber make this bedspread essentially comfortable, warm and soft.

Design and pattern

These durable bedspreads are reversible, and thus make it effortless to change styles of the room. The bedspread has a detailed diamond pattern which makes it interesting despite its solid colour.

The stitching is well done and detailed.


  • Affordable and high quality
  • Great for multiple seasons


  • Fabric might have a “polyester” feeling to it, but this is a great mid-end bedspread.

15. Raintree 3-Piece Lightweight & Breathable Super Soft Bedding Coverlet Set

Bring a blend of simplicity and luxury to your bedroom with this well-structured, elegant and durable bedspread.Raintree 3-Piece Lightweight & Breathable Super Soft Bedding Coverlet Set

For astylish and modern touch to your personal space, this elegant three-piece Navy blue coverlet has a geometrical pattern and is great for the summer months. The coverlet set includes one solid coverlet and two shams.


The Queen coverlet has dimensions of 96 x 90 inches and the shams measure 20 x 26 + 2 (self-flange) inches. The bedspread is well structured and has a great fit.


This comfortable and light weight bedspread set has a soft microfiber polyester face for ultimate comfort. The fabric is smooth and cuddly and luxurious.

Design and pattern

This simple, yet classy bedspread has a geometric square pattern all over it, giving it a structured look and feel. The quilling pattern is sharp and the workmanship excellent. The fabric is crisp and durable, and washes well.


  • Has a great look and feel
  • Elegant and classy, yet simple
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Might need an extra layer for warmth during the winters

Caring for your bedspread

Whatever bedspread you choose based on your personal needs and taste, it is universally important to follow certain basic and integral care tips, which will help your bedspread, serve you better and much longer.

You should be careful not to bring your bedspreads in touch with harsh and chemical detergents, fabric softeners and bleaching agents since can coat and weaken the natural fibres of the fabric.

Following the label or the washing instructions of a particular product, gives you a clear understanding about the kind of care a fabric needs.

During a machine wash, lukewarm or cold water works best since heat weakens cloth fibres. Also, avoid overloading the machine with clothes.

Bedding needs to be cleaned and washed at regular intervals, so as to stay and keep the family in good health.

Having a clean and well maintained bedspread will help you relax deeper and enjoy a good night’s rest.

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