BedJet 3 Climate Comfort – Complete Review 2022

The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds is the new and improved version on V2 which had very powerful cooling and BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019 warming capability for beds and mattresses.  It has been re-engineered and has been shrunk in size by 30%. It is also a sleeker design now and is made available to the purchaser with an advanced remote control which is equipped with a color screen. This is undoubted, the most sophisticated remote control available in the sleep industry and it is also equipped with Smart Home connectivity. The Smart Home features would be made available to the purchase in a new firmware which will come out in late 2019.

Benefits and Uses of BedJet 3

Hassle-Free Usage

The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds is very easy for us. It provides either cooling or warming to the entire mattress is a very user-friendly way. Even though the cooling and warming technologies involved give a very powerful performance, yet there is no danger of any electricity, tangling wires, Electromotive Force (EMF) and no use of hot or cold water, tubes, mattress pads, or any other specialized mattress topper. This makes this equipment very safe to use, and it does not add any additional burden on the mattress or the bedding. It can work easily with the existing bedding however, there is always the option of using a Cloud Sheet which is sold separately from this unit.  The use of the Cloud Sheet would let the equipment give its best performance. The nozzle from this device connects directly to the Cloud Sheet and ensures that the cool or warm air will be distributed evenly across the entire mattress. The equipment provides on-demand cooling and dries sweat to provide comfort in the bed throughout the night and can work on any sized mattress or bed including adjustable beds as well.

Safe to Use for Everyone

It is very easy to use as its ventilation cooling, which is powered by the equipment wicks away sweat and moisture away from the body and draws away the body heat as well. It provides a great solution for hot sleepers as well as for BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019 people who get hot flashes and who sweat in the night. It provides awesome cooling relief to all such sleepers. For those people who prefer to be warm while they sleep, the equipment provides a deep sauna like warmth in a matter of a few seconds in the heating mode. This is ideal for those people who have cold feet in the night or cold legs. This equipment is a lot safer to use as compared to heating pads or electric blankets In fact, and it warms up the bed 15 times faster as compared to such older technologies. It utilizes air Biorhythm sleep technology which enables automated and smart control of temperature. It can even be programmed to provide different temperatures at different hours in the night.

Temperature and Humidity Control for Hot Sleepers

Mattresses tend to lock in a lot of heat as well as body moisture. The BedJet 3 Climate Comfort for Beds eliminates night sweats by getting rid of both the moisture and the heat which cause sweating to occur. Although there are many mattresses which are advertised as creating a cool environment, they sometimes do not provide adequate cooling for ‘hot sleepers.’ The amount of body heat, as well as moisture released by hot sleepers, is so much that these mattresses are not able to cope with it on their own by relying solely on cooling structure of their construction materials. Outside support is required to get this task done. BedJet is very powerful, and with its cooling technology, it can regulate the temperature for such hot sleepers and provide a perfect sweat drying system which is the best available in the market. The equipment provides relief instantly to people who get hot flashes, a lot of night sweat and also to those people who sleep on stuffy and hot memory foam mattresses. The equipment not only works to control temperature, it also fights against humidity. There are many water-based hydronic systems available in the market however, they cannot pull out the sweat and heat as quickly and effectively as BedJet due to its advanced and powerful technology.

Compact but Powerful

BedJet has been at the forefront when it comes to revolutionizing bed or mattress cooling and hearing technology, and its subsequent models have always been better and more improved as compared to the previous ones. The latest BedJet 3 has got many new features as well as upgrades in terms of cooling and heating technologies and their ease of use. It is as powerful as the previous v2 however, its size has been decreased by 30% which means it occupies BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019 much less space as compared to before.  It requires 6 inches of clearance now compared 7 inches which were required by the previous model. This is very useful for those who use a low bed frame or do not have sufficient space in their bedroom. It is also much sleeker, and its looks are now more modern and elegant as compared to the earlier models. The previous models had a strong resemblance to fans or air conditioners however, this new model consists of a minimalist rectangular design which can very easily fit into all types of room decors. The smaller size does not mean that it lacks power or performance capability. It packs even a more powerful punch as compared to the earlier models. Older version could only cool the mattress or the bed down to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This new version can take the temperature down to as low as 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum temperature for both the versions is the same, and they both provide maximum heating of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperature settings cover an entire gamut of temperature preferences for all types of sleepers and as such provide everyone with an option to set their sleep temperature preference for the night.

Individualized Settings

The BedJet 3 is a perfect climate control system that provides individualized temperature settings for sleepers. It is placed under the bed and uses a hose attachment to connect to the mattress and supplies a current of cool or warm air depending upon the setting by the sleeper.  The hose is held perfectly in place by clips which ensures that the hose does not change its position throughout the night. The equipment can even be set for different temperatures for different hours during sleep time. The equipment is available in two different options. The first option is the single zone option while the second one provides dual-zone temperature control. The latter is ideal for couples who prefer to sleep at different temperatures. It is a widely known fact that 55% of couples are different preferences for temperature settings for the night. The individualized temperature settings within the range of 66 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit covers both cool and warm temperatures and suits the needs of all types of people with different temperature preferences. These settings are also suitable for the whole year-round. However, in extreme weather conditions, this equipment is not a substitute for a room heater or an air conditioner which would need to be used to cool or heat the entire bedroom.

Easy Set-Up

The BedJet 3 Climate Control System is very conveniently set up in the bedroom under the bed or the mattress. It BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019 delivers cool or warm air which is delivered to the bed via a hose. The single-zone unit is the easiest to set up as it is placed beneath the bed or could even be placed vertically next to the bed and its power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. The hose attachment is then run into the bed under the sheets while the nozzle is placed at the foot of the bed to get the best performance. The hose is then attached to the bed with the help of clips, and after it is properly secure, temperature adjustments can be made.  The Dual-zone BedJet 3 Climate Control system, consists of two units.  There are thus, two hoses which couples can attach to their respective sides of the bed.  Each BedJet unit is then programmed for the corresponding temperature adjustment. The purchaser has the option of purchasing a Cloud sheet from the manufacturer which is sold separately from this unit. It is made out of 100% cotton and has got suitable compartments to accommodate the BedJet hose. This is not a mandatory accessory, but it gives the best results, especially if cooling is desired. It can distribute the air more evenly as compared to normal bedding between the neck and the feet. Once the setup is done and the unit started, the effects of warming or cooling will be felt within seconds.

Types of BedJet 3 Climate Control Systems

There are two different types of Climate Controls system available with BedJet 3. These are:

Single Zone Climate Control System

This BedJet 3 configuration is used when the sleeper has to sleep either along on his/her bed, or if it is being used by a couple then the couple has similar preferences for sleep temperature settings on the bed during the night.  The system consists of a single unit and has got one hose which needs to be attached under the sheets, and its nozzle is placed at the foot of the bed. The unit ensures the same temperature setting throughout the mattress or the bed and keeps the entire mattress at the same sleep temperature regardless of whether there is one person sleeping on the bed or two. Both sides of the bed have the same sleep environment with regards to moisture control and temperature adjustment. The single-zone climate control system cone unit with hose connects and one color screen remote control. The battery for the remote control needs to be purchased separately. BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019

Dual Zone Climate Control System

This system is made available to the purchaser in the form of two units of the product. Each is set on each side of the bed as it is used by couples who disagree on the desired sleep temperature. This is, in fact, true for 55% of the couples and therefore, this system is highly recommended if this is a disagreement on sleep temperature settings among the sleep partners. There are two hoses in this system, and each is connected on the respective side of the bed for each sleep partner. One partner might want to have a cool sleep at 70 degrees Fahrenheit while the other might prefer to have the sleep temperature in high eighties. The partners can easily adjust the desired temperatures on their respective sides and start the system. Within seconds, one side of the bed or mattress would be cool, and the other side would be warmer.  The dual-zone climate control system consists of 2 BedJet 3 units, and each has got its respective hose. It also includes either one large King size Cloud Sheet or two split-king sized ones and depending on the preferences of the couple; these could be acquired. To allow each sleep partner to have his/her control over his/her side of the bed, two remote control units are included. The batteries for these units have to be purchased separately.

BedJet 3 Climate Comfort – Highlights
Price: $$$
Temperature Range:
66 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
Warranty: Two years limited warranty and 60-night return guarantee
Motor Life:
20,000 hours
Ideal for: People who sleep too hot or too cold, people who have hot flashes and night sweat, people with small bedrooms, and couples with different sleep temperature preferences
Quality of Materials: Powerful and durable motor, high-quality materials used in the hose and optional Cloud Sheet.
Firmware Updateable:
Availability of Remote-Control unit: Yes
Availability of App: Yes (IOS and Android)
Compatibility with Smart Home: Yes
Differentiators: Single and Dual-zone climate control, preprogrammed and personalized hourly temperature biorhythmic sleep setting by the degree.
Rating: 4.4/5.0

Features of BedJet 3 Climate Control System

The BedJet 4 Climate Control System has got a very powerful motor which is a 20,000-hour wide range digital DC BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019 motor. This means that on the average if the product is used for 10 hours in 24 hours, it would easily perform well for more than five years. The temperature range is 66° to 104° Fahrenheit. The air filter is washable and can be used for a very long period. It can last for as long as the equipment lasts. The manufacturer has included an Essential oil aromatherapy diffuser kit with the unit, and this helps to keep the sleep environment fresh and fragrant. The power consumption for the single-zone climate control system and the dual-zone climate control system are different.  In the cooling mode the BedJet 3 can consume anywhere from 150 to 1,500 watts depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature settings. At 50% of its power output, the unit produces 38 to 39 dB of sound, and this increases to 42 or 43 dB at 100% or full power. AS far as the requirement for clearance under the bed is concerned, any bed with a 6-inch clearance can easily be fitted with this system.  The side rail clearance needs to be about 3.5 inches as the unit can always be placed vertically along the side of the bed. The length of the hose is 7.7 feet which is more than adequate for all sizes of beds used by people.

BedJet 3 Remote Control

The Smart Remote-Control unit has been upgraded for BedJet 3. Remote control units are still in vogue and would remain so even though in late 2019 or early 2020, all the remote-control functionalities would be available in the BedJet App as described below in detail. Some people would still prefer to use the remote control unit as they tend to turn off their smartphones in the night to avoid discomfort during sleep. The remote-control unit connects to the BedJet 3 unit via Wi-Fi network and controls the temperature of the bed by the degree. The airflow can be adjusted from it and the auto-shutoff times can be set. It also allows for programming biorhythm sleep cycles. It is even possible to control dual-zone setups with a single remote-control unit.  The keys on the remote control unit are backlit for easy visibility at night. The firmware on the remote control is updateable.

Biorhythmic Sleep Cycles BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019

The BedJet 3 Climate Control system can be used via the remote control unit to program different temperature settings for beach hour of the night. Thus, this biorhythmic sleep control enabled through automated smart temperature control allows the sleeper to sleep much better according to the biorhythmic sleep cycles. BedJet was the first company to have introduced this type of technology which allows for preprogrammed and personalized cooling or warming settings on an hourly basis.

BedJet 3 App

The BedJet 3 App is required in case an updating of the firmware is required on the wireless remote control unit. This connects the BedJet 3 through a Wi-Fi network.  This app, however, has no controverted the heating or cooling temperatures of the unit.  Only the remote control can do that.  In late 2019 or early 2020, however, BedJet would be releasing an updated version of this app which would have all the functionalities that are currently available on the Remote-Control unit. Therefore, it would then become possible to control the unit from any smart device which would have the app installed. The app works on iOS and Android.

Durability and Warranty

The BedJet 3 Climate Control System is highly durable as its 20,000-hour powerful motor can function for 10 hours each day for as long as 2000 days.  The hose and the optional Cloud Sheet are also made out of high-quality materials.  The unit carries a limited warranty of 2 years, and it covers defects due to materials and workmanship. The Company also provides 60-day return guarantee with 100% refund within the United States.

Who Is It Ideal For?

The BedJet 3 Climate Control System is ideally suited for those people who tend to sleep hot. Such people are known BedJet 3 Climate Comfort - Complete Review 2019 as hot sleepers, and they tend to give out a lot of body heat as well as sweat a lot during sleep. This also cusses discomfort for them, and they often toss and turn because of this discomfort. The BedJet 3 Climate Control System provides them with very col and temperature regulated sleep. They even have the option of sleeping at as low a temperature as 66 degrees Fahrenheit to compensate for the body heat. It is also highly suitable for those people who sleep very cold and get cold feet or legs in the night while sleeping. They can adjust to warm temperatures and can have a perfect night’s rest till morning.  Other people who have small or stuffy bedrooms can also make good use of this climate control system as the unit would increase the airflow around them and keep them feeling fresh throughout the night.  There are many people who experience night sweats or hot flashes, and the system can provide a high degree of cool comfort to them. Finally, all those couples who have differing preferences for sleep temperature can use the dual-zone climate control system to ensure that both would sleep comfortably in the same bed albeit at different temperatures the whole night.


  • The BedJet 3 Climate Control system allows for a temperature range of 66 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The unit comes in 2 different types; one for keeping the same temperature on the bed and the other for keeping two different temperature settings on each side of the bed.
  • The powerful motor in the unit has got a 20,000-hour life.
  • The dual-zone system is made available with one large or two small cloud sheets.
  • The sleeper can pre-program the temperature settings according to the biorhythmic sleep cycle.
  • The remote control has got Backlit keys for visibility in the night.
  • In late 2019 or early 2020, the app would have all the remote control functionally.
  • The firmware on the remote control is updateable.
  • The product is Smart Home Compatible, and it includes the Wi-Fi chip for this purpose.


  • The 38 dB plus sound might disturb certain people who tend to stay awake in a mildly noisy environment.
  • Some people find the nozzle small for blowing air all over the bed.


The BedJet 3 Climate Control System is well-suited for hot sleepers and people with stuffy bedrooms. Couples with different preferences for sleep temperature find it very useful. The product is durable vas its motor is capable of a long life.  Its remote-control unit is multifunctional and allows for preprogrammed and personalized hourly temperature settings by the degree. The same functionality will be available in the app by late 209 or early 2020.

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