Bamboo Mattress Pad Extra Plush Cooling Topper Review

Bamboo Mattress Review The Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt, Extra Plush Cooling Topper is a product of eLuxurySupply, a company that provides specialty linen. ELuxurySupply operates from Evansville, Indiana. Most of their products receive a Bamboo Mattress review in the United States, including their bamboo mattress pad. They started by selling Egyptian cotton beddings, then later included a line of rayon bamboo fiber products like the best bed sheets.

Product Material

The Bamboo Mattress Pad is part of the eLuxurySupply bamboo line. It is a product manufactured in the United States. It is made of a blend of rayon sourced bamboo fiber, designed and marketed as a fabric that regulates body temperature. The material used on the top of the mattress pad is 70% polyester blended with 30% rayon. The bottom of the mattress pad is 100% polyester.

Rayon is a kind of cellulose fiber, a natural raw material that is chemically processed. It can be sourced from different natural materials including wood, paper, and cotton. Rayon fabric used by eLuxurySupply is sourced from bamboo. Since bamboo is a renewable resource, mature bamboo is harvested every 4 years, so the Bamboo Mattress Pad is genuinely an environmentally friendly product.

Bamboo Mattress Pad Extra Plush Cooling Topper

Rayon is a natural fiber that is silky to the touch. It is breathable but can be prone to mildew. Rayon does not conduct static electricity. When made into clothes, rayon is the kind of material that requires dry cleaning only. Rayon also tends to turn yellow over time. By blending with polyester, eLuxurySupply has smartly created a bedding product that has all the positive traits of rayon, but the durability, stability and mildew repelling qualities of polyester.

The topper is filled with hypoallergenic down, which is brilliant news for people who get allergies or sinus infections. The down is called RevoLoft Cluster Fiber, a polyester fiber created by the company RevoLoft. It is a high loft, high bounce, and durable siliconized polyester filler, which means the fiber has been coated with silicone. eLuxurySupply claims RevoLoft Cluster Fiber can replicate the texture of real goose and duck down, minus the feathers or allergies.The biggest advantage of RevoLoft Cluster Fiber is its hypoallergenic qualities. RevoLoft Cluster Fiber is also sold by eLuxurySupply.

Product Design and Sizes

ELuxurySupply has several products in their bamboo line of the best mattress encasements. The Extra Plush Mattress Pad, Topper with Fitted Skirt is the same product you’ll find in Marriott Hotels. These mattress pads come in several sizes, not just Queen size. You’ll find them in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, Cal King, and Split King. You’ll also find they have RV sized mattress pads, to fit narrow bedding in RVs. Unconventional sizes are found on the company website.

The Queen size mattress pad is 60” by 80”, and will fit a mattress as deep as 18”. Shipping weight is 9.3 pounds and shipping origin is from the United States. The product is designed to regulate body heat, which means that the mattress padding will not cause you to sweat and overheat, resulting in better sleep. The mattress pad is filled and quilted, but not intended as a cushion. It will lay nicely on spring, memory foam and latex mattresses. The thread count of the mattress is 160, using a double baffle box stitch for durability.

ELuxurySupply Product Warranty

The company accepts return of the product within 30 days of receiving the product. This deadline extends during the holiday season. This policy is “no questions asked” refund or replacement, which means you don’t need a reason to return the product if unsatisfied. The company is not responsible for providing customers with a second box for returned or exchanged products.

ELuxurySupply is more restrictive for international returns because of the high cost of shipping. They will only honor returns and exchanges in cases where a defective product is their fault. They won’t be responsible for the cost of shipping in cases of error by the customer, such as entering incorrect purchase details.

Product Pros and Cons


  • Rayon and polyester blend fabric is durable, easy to wash, regulates heat, and feels soft.
  • Cools a hot mattress, as advertised.
  • Batting is hypoallergenic
  • Can be laundered in a washing machine with cold water
  • Company has a good reputation, it is highly rated
  • Responsive customer service
  • Easy return and exchange policy within the United States
  • Free shipping


  • Difficult to refund or replace if buying outside the United States
  • Do not tumble dry, it may shrink. Air dry as much as possible.

Verdict of the Bamboo Mattress Review

This product definitely has more pros than cons. The Bamboo Mattress Pad would especially benefit people who suffer allergies and asthma, since the Mattress Pad is hypoallergenic. People who are hot sleepers and prone to hot flashes will find this Mattress Pad very soothing to sleep on. The Pad is easy to clean, it can be laundered in a washing machine with cold water. The product is durable, as long as it is cared for as instructed.

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