Aviya Mattress – Complete Review for 2021

The quality of your mattress can dictate the comfort level you will enjoy while sleeping. The Aviya mattress is made Aviya Mattress Review with premium quality materials to ensure that you will get the highest level of support, comfort, and durability. Each mattress is handcrafted and made to order in the USA to follow strict company standards that guarantee a supremely comfortable and luxurious feel in your mattress – but without the accompanying sky-high price. These mattresses are designed to stay cool even when you sleep for the duration of the night for uninterrupted and blissful slumber.

Feels up to 15% Larger (Compared to Other Brands)

The Aviya mattress features a layer of high-density foam that wraps around the perimeter. This foam provides edge to edge support to allow you to use and enjoy all the areas of the mattress – including the edge portion. Being able to lie down or sit on the edge of the mattress will make it seem a lot bigger than its actual side because you are not limited to using only the middle of the mattress. With the strong edge to edge support, you can confidently stay on the perimeter of the mattress without fear that you will accidentally roll off with the slightest movement.

Advantages of an Aviya Mattress

These are the benefits that you can have with an Aviya mattress:

Three Firmness Levels

The Aviya mattress can be enjoyed in three different firmness options, allowing you to customize the comfort level of your sleeping surface. You can choose depending on the level that feels the most comfortable for your preferred sleeping position so you can get the most out of the mattress. The plush or soft level keeps your body surrounded by a welcoming surface while you sleep, while the luxury firm option feels like a hotel bed with just the right level of firmness and plushness. The firm option, on the other hand, is ideal for people who want substantial support with just a little yield for added comfort.

100 Night Sleep Trial

The Aviya mattress off Aviya Mattress Review ers a 100-night trial to help you determine if this is the right mattress choice for your specific needs. The company understands that your body may take a few weeks to fully adjust to the feeling of sleeping on a new mattress, and the sleep trial provides you with a generous timeframe that will let you experience all the benefits of the mattress in the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom. If you discover that you do not love this mattress and its features, you can request for it to be returned within the trial period and get a full refund without any hassle involved.

Supportive Innerspring System

The mattress is built with a layer of heavy-duty 15-gauge steel coils that provides strong support so your spine can maintain proper alignment while you sleep. This will enable you to sleep without feeling body aches that often result from lying down with your back unnaturally curved. With this strong support layer, you can enjoy deep, rejuvenating sleep without being greeted with body pains when you wake up in the morning.

Cool Sleeping

The innerspring core and foam layers of an Aviya mattress work to ensure that air is allowed to pass freely through the materials. The enhanced breathability prevents body heat from being trapped within the mattress and is instead encouraged to dissipate before it can bring you discomfort. The result is a mattress that maintains a comfortably cool profile, making it possible for you to sleep for long hours throughout the night without being woken up repeatedly by hot spots forming on the mattress that can make you extremely warm.


The foams used in constructing an Aviya mattress are CertPUR-US-certified to be free from heavy metals (such as lead and mercury), chemical flame retardants, phthalates, and formaldehyde. You can enjoy peaceful sleep night after night without being exposed to common allergens or harsh substances that may post health risks, providing you with the assurance that you and your loved ones will have a healthy sleep environment.

Firmness Options

The Aviya mattress is available in three comfort/firmness options:


This firmness level is for those who want to lie down on a softer, plusher surface while sleeping. The mattress Aviya Mattress Review features several layers of plush foam that will encourage your body to gently sink into the surface, so you can feel that you are being hugged as the mattress follows your body’s shape.

Luxury Firm

This is the most popular firmness level of the Aviya mattress. It offers the perfect balance of slight firmness to keep your body stable and supported while you are lying down, with a plush layer to keep you surrounded by a comforting surface. This firmness option feels like the most comfortable hotel beds that you have slept on, offering excellent comfort and stability throughout the night.


The firm option is for those who prefer to sleep on a mattress with substantial support that still allows a little bit of yield for comfort. You will feel like you are literally lying on top of this type of firm mattress instead of sinking into it.

Aviya Mattress – Highlights
Aviya Mattress Review Latest Price
Firmness: Three firmness levels available – plush/soft, luxury firm, and firm
Warranty: 10 years
Type: Hybrid mattress (innerspring coils and high-density foam)
Ideal for: People who want several options for the mattress firmness

Those who tend to sleep hot and want a mattress that will stay cool

Individuals who want a mattress that does not have harsh chemicals that can pose health risks

Sizes available: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king
Quality of Materials: Natural cotton

15-gauge steel innerspring coils (individually wrapped)

High-density foam

Differentiators: Offers three different firmness levels to suit your comfort preference

Three inches of high-density foam surrounds the edges for a 15% larger feel compared to other brands

Made with breathable materials that allow air to pass through to keep the mattress comfortably cool

Comparable mattresses: Sweetnight Breeze Mattress

Ssecretland Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Avenco Memory Foam Mattress

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Material & Construction

This Aviya Mattress has a 1-inch thick stability layer that works to equally distribute the weight and energy on the Aviya Mattress Review mattress.

It comes with 15-gauge steel innerspring coils that are individually wrapped to keep your back and entire body fully supported while you sleep. The queen-sized mattress has 850 innerspring coils, while the king size has a total of 1,100 springs. The middle portion of the innerspring coil system layer features more heavy-duty steel springs to provide stronger support exactly where it is needed the most – on your body’s core.

A layer of foam lies on top of the innerspring coil layer to provide you with additional support so your back stays in proper alignment while you sleep.

Two layers of high-density foam work to resist sagging and maintain the longevity of the mattress for years to come while also offering the comfort and stability that your body craves to be able to sleep in the most blissful manner possible.

The mattress comes with a 3-inch layer of high-density foam is used to wrap the sides of the entire mattress, making it seem a lot bigger compared to other brands. This edge to edge support also allows you to enjoy all parts of the mattress without feeling like you will roll off the edge.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The mattress has three available firmness options that you can choose from so you can customize your sleep experience. The soft or plush level is great if you prefer a more a softer, more welcoming surface that allows you to gently sink into the mattress while you sleep. The most popular luxury firm level balances support and softness to keep you completely comfortable, just like sleeping on a hotel bed. The firm option is for those who want a strong supportive surface without too much give.

The innerspring coils work to keep your body fully supported and your spine in correct alignment while you sleep. This strong stability ensures that regardless of the sleeping position you prefer, you will always enjoy a comfortable sleep that will protect you from the pain associated with sleeping with your back curved unnaturally.

The spring coils are individually wrapped, allowing them to work independently so that the effects of movements are concentrated on where they were made. Even if you move around restlessly during the night, your loved one on the other side of the bed can continue sleeping without being disturbed by your tossing and turning.

This mattress maintains a comfortably cool feel throughout the night with the help of breathable fo Aviya Mattress Review am layers and an innerspring coil layer that allows air to freely pass through. These features prevent heat from accumulating inside the mattress so you will not need to experience the discomfort of an overheated feeling.

Durability & Warranty

This mattress offers a 10-year warranty.

The mattress edges are wrapped with a 3-inch thick 80 ILD high-density foam that enhances the product’s durability to ensure that you can stay on the edges without feeling like you will completely fall off the bed.


The mattress can be enjoyed in the following size options: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

Who is This Mattress Ideal For?

This is ideal for those who want a mattress that feels luxurious but does not come with a sky-high price tag. The Aviya mattress is built with topnotch materials that are guaranteed to deliver the comfort and support you need for the most comfortable sleep experience. However, the company also worked to eliminate the overhead costs from having physical stores and salespeople, so the mattress can be offered to customers at a budget-friendly price.

It is an ideal choice if you want to sleep soundly throughout the night without being disturbed by your partner’s movements on the other side of the bed. The innerspring coils in this mattress are individually wrapped, allowing them to move independently so the effects of movements are concentrated on the area where they are made. This means that movement made on the left side of the mattress will not travel to the other side so sleep disturbance between partners sharing the same bed is significantly reduced.

The mattress is ideal for people who are looking for a healthier option that will not expose them to harsh substances. The foams used in the Aviya mattress are CertiPUR-US-certified to contain no harmful materials including formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, and chemical flame retardants. You can rest assured that you and your loved ones will not be exposed to components that can trigger sensitivities or allergies or may pose health risks even when you use the mattress night after night for years to come.


  • Equipped with heavy-duty 15-gauge steel coils that keep the body supported to maintain proper spine alignment while you sleep
  • Made with breathable materials that allow air to pass through freely to prevent body heat from accumulating within the mattress
  • Offers 3 firmness options that enable you to customize the feel of the mattress to suit your sleep comfort preferences
  • The individually wrapped coils limit motion transfer to minimize sleep disturbance between the persons sharing the same bed
  • Features high-density foam layers that resist sagging to prolong the high-quality functionality and appearance of the mattress


This is an excellent mattress if you want to have the freedom to choose the firmness level of the surface you will sleep Aviya Mattress Review on. The Aviya mattress comes in 3 different comfort options that allow you to enjoy personalized comfort according to your personal preference or corresponding to your sleeping position. Choose the soft/plush option if you want a softer and more welcoming surface to lie on. On the other hand, the luxury firm option is your best choice if you want just the right balance of plushness and firmness that feels like you are sleeping in a hotel bed. Finally, the firm option is the one for you if you are looking for the strong support that will yield just a bit to keep your body in the position you want for the rest of the night.

This is a superb choice if you want to enjoy all of the areas of the mattress while enjoying a comfortable and stable feeling. The perimeter of the mattress is wrapped with a 3-inch thick high-density foam layer that provides an edge to edge support, ensuring that you will get the chance to use all of the mattress surfaces including the edges without feeling like you will instantly roll off when you stay too close to the perimeters.

It is a fantastic mattress if you want to solve the problem of overheating when you sleep for long hours at a time. The Aviya mattress is made with breathable high-density foam layers and an innerspring coil layer that allows air to pass through within the material. The structural design of the mattress prevents body heat from being accumulated and trapped so the sleeping surface stays cool and comfortable, protecting you from feeling hot and sweaty so you can sleep blissfully undisturbed throughout the night.

It should be noted, though, that there were some comments that the firm and luxury firm options turned out to be on the softer side. Some customers commented that the firmness level did not live up to their expectations since they were hoping to sleep on much firmer surfaces to ensure comfortable sleep for their favored sleeping positions.


The Aviya mattress was borne out of the need to have a high-quality innerspring mattress available online at an affordable price. The founders of the company were trying to buy a mattress online, but the only options available at that time were the pure foam ones – options they were not too keen on using again. They then decided that they could make a mattress that had a luxurious feel, did not feel hot, and does not smell bad at a budget-friendly price range. The owners searched for master mattress craftsmen who helped them in the development and design of the most affordable and most comfortable mattress option that they can come up with, using only premium materials such as individually wrapped innerspring coils and high-density foams. Affordability was ensured by eliminating the need for salespeople and retail store expenses, resulting in a great value mattress with topnotch features delivered directly to the customers’ doorsteps.

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