Adjustable Beds with Remote

Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide

In this day and age, every part of our lives is automated. Automation has greatly helped us reduce the strains in our life. Of course, while physical and emotional strains can never be completely eradicated, we can always look for avenues to lessen them by using smart technology.

Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide

One piece of such technology is adjustable beds that come with a remote. Experts highly recommended this piece of tech, because it can help elevate your mood, reduce your physical aches, and even provide you with mental comfort, all at your fingertips.

Adjustable beds that come with a remote control feature can be your savior, as they make the entire product incredibly user-friendly. Down below, we have outlined the various functions of this remote, the possible issues that can arise with it, and ways to solve those issues.

Curious? Let’s get into it!

Why Choose An Adjustable Bed With a Remote?

Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide

Sure, adjustable beds do wonder for our comfort levels, but the process can still be quite tedious if we have to do it manually. All adjustable beds out there that are manually operated tend to be tricky to handle as you will have to work to bring them to your desired level. There are levers located either under or on the side of the bed which can be used to move the bed upwards or downwards.

Hospitals have long used automatic adjustable beds with a remote control to make handling easy for patients and staff. Any individual who is not in a position to move their bed up or down can simply do it by using a remote control.

The most surprising and fun element to all of this is that we can easily adjust it without getting out of bed. How cool is that?

Adjustable Bed With a Remote or Without?

Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide

Adjustable beds with remote controls are much more comfortable than your conventional beds or ones without a remote because of the amount of inclination and changes in position they provide. Moreover, ones with remote controls even come with a programmable memory through which you can save your favorite positions. The up and down buttons on the remote control will be enough to guide your bed according to your preference.

Other than the basic benefits, a built-in massage feature is a huge one. This massage feature won’t be as easily accessible if there is no remote present. With a remote, you can adjust the intensity of the massager.

Let’s now take a look at some of the features that set these two apart:

Adjustable Beds With a Remote Adjustable Beds Without a Remote

Remote controls will do the entire job, and there will be no need to get out of bed for adjustments.Adjustments will have to be made by pulling on levers or pushing down the front. The positions and settings of the bed can be saved for future use.Beds without a remote control won’t have programmable memory so no saving feature will be available.Independence factors are another plus point. One partner can lower or raise the bed according to their preference without bothering the other person.Both the people on the bed will be affected if either one moves it manually. Adjustable beds with a remote are expensive as compared to beds without.These might involve a little manual effort, but they are the cheaper options.

Remote of an Adjustable Bed

Any automated bed will come with a remote control for you to manage the settings. The bed’s entire point is to avoid the hassle of manual adjustment. A good one will come with a remote that is easy to use and won’t require too much effort in understanding the basic functioning operations. The purpose of an adjustable bed remote might be simple, but there are a ton of factors that sets one remote apart from another.

Let’s take a look at some of the functions of a remote for an adjustable bed.


Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide


The most important function is the adjustment of the positions. Some remotes will come with buttons such as Zero Gravity, Flat, etc. There will also be buttons for raising the head and feet, such as up and down buttons.

Wired or Wireless?

The remotes are available in two major forms: wired and wireless. Both types of controllers help adjust the settings, but of course, a wired one will be more convenient. The wired ones can be operated either by using Wi-Fi connectivity or with the help of batteries.

Back-lit or not?

The higher you go, the more advancements you will find in a remote control for an adjustable bed. A backlit remote is very common and usually comes with higher-priced beds. These remotes are perfect for all such situations when you want to adjust your bed in the dark. No more turning on the lights or squinting at the controls. Simply use the backlit feature and have fun.

Programmable Memory Positions

A feature well-liked by many individuals is the memory aspect. These remotes can help you in setting various positions and saving them in the memory of your system. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the pre-programmed positions. All you have to do is get in bed, position it according to your preference, and save it using the remote. The next time you want to get back in your favorite spot, you won’t have to fidget with the remote control.

Head Massage Levels

A lot of adjustable beds out there come with a massage feature. To make this massage feature work, you would need a remote control to navigate through the settings. The amount of times you press on the remote will affect the intensity of the massage. Moreover, you can also turn off the massage feature with the same button.

Issues with Remote Controls for Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide
  1.     Unresponsive Remote

One problem that many users face after they have had their remote controls for a while is that their device becomes unresponsive. If it is a backlit remote, the lights may shine, but it won’t operate the bed. Unresponsive remotes will not work if you keep banging or jabbing at them.

  1.     Remote Lock

Remote Lock is a feature that is perfect for all those families out there with little kids. Since children are known to jab on buttons, locking the remote will keep the positioning intact no matter how much they press on the controls. The problem that occurs is that parents usually lock the remote and cannot figure out how to unlock it.

As a result of this, your bed might be fixed in one position.

  1.     Remote Pairing

As we go down the list, the intensity of the issues lessens. Another problem that owners of adjustable beds face is that they can’t seem to pair the remote with the bed. This problem usually takes place when the bed is recently purchased. Not being able to pair your remote with your bed will leave you with a bed that can’t be operated and will ultimately be useless for you.

Fixes for Remote Controls of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds with Remote - A Detailed Guide
  1.     Battery Fix

This is the first solution that you can try whenever your remote seems to be unresponsive. If you have been using it for an extended period, then the chances are high that the batteries are getting drained out. In this case, all you have to do is change them!

  1.     Remote Lock

A remote lock is the second issue that can render your device useless. There are two possible fixes for this issue.

  1.           What you have to do is check the user manual. Each remote out there will come with different instructions. You will be instructed to hold down two buttons at the same time. When doing so, you will hear a beep that indicates that the remote is unlocked.
  2.           The second solution for a remote lock is the removal of the batteries. This is simple. All you have to do is turn your remote around and pull out the batteries. Put them back inside, and your remote will be unlocked.


  1.     Pairing Your Remote

All you have to do is press the “head down” and “foot up” buttons at the same time for a few seconds. You might hear a beep or spot a flicker of light, depending on your model. This will indicate to you that it is programmed.

Key Takeaways

  •       Adjustable beds are much more comfortable and luxurious than regular beds, but they are costly.
  •       Adjustable beds are operated with the help of a Bluetooth connection or battery-operated remote control.
  •       The remote control has multiple features from positioning to memory saving, etc.
  •       You can get a wired or a wireless one based on your preference.
  •       Remote lock, pairing, and drained batteries are some common issues that arise with these devices.


How do I reset my adjustable bed remote?

Resetting is pretty easy, as most of these remotes come with a reset button. All you have to do is hold it down or press twice, depending on the model you have.

Can you inflate an adjustable bed without the remote?

Yes, for all those beds with a mobile application, you can use the application to inflate it without the remote.


Adjustable beds can do wonders for our comfort level, more so when they are automated. Manual ones can get the job done, but they won’t be as effective as those that come with a remote control. From various positions to a programmable memory, all is made possible with the help of the tiny remote. Regardless of whether you opt for a battery-operated remote or one that is Wi-Fi enabled, you are in for a treat.

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