Top 10 Most Comfortable Futon in 2018 – Complete Guide

Most Comfortable Futon - Complete GuideIf you are looking for something affordable and contemporary but not too big and bulky for overnight guests than futons are the way to go! These trendy yet lightweight sleepers are a great alternative to the big, bulky and heavy sofa beds that have not only long gone out of fashion but also occasionally considered a big disaster by many users! Well, to your benefit, here come the extremely versatile, contemporary and super affordable futons that can fit in anywhere from bedrooms to TV lounges, dorm rooms to kids rooms and even offices!


They are super affordable

One of the best things about getting a futon as an alternative sleeping arrangement for guests is that theseTop 10 Most Comfortable Futon in 2018 - Complete Guide are super affordable! Basically, under $800 you will not only have a sleeper but also a regular sized sofa to lounge on when you are not spreading it open for your guests to use!

Change the covers to match any décor

Getting the upholstery of your sofa is pretty expensive, however when it comes to futons you can easily buy different textured and colored covers from any store that sells bed linens! This means you can now easily alternate between different looks easily and affordably! Also futons are super light which means you can even change their position if you need to revamp the overall look of a room!

Small room? No problem!

Concerned about the size of the room? Well with a futon, that’s no big deal! These sleepers are built to fit into the smallest and most compact of spaces you will ever come across! However, while they may be compact, make sure you check the dimensions before purchasing because some may not be a good option for short heighted people especially.

Adjustable back

Imagine this: you are sitting up straight on your sofa and wishing you had a reclining chair to comfortably read your book in. After some time of cramming your neck while reading your book, you wish you c

Top 10 Most Comfortable Futon in 2018 - Complete Guide

ould comfortably nay in the same place too. Well, all these are legit problems of anyone with a sofa in thei

r living quarters! However, with a futon you don’t have to worry about this, because majority futons today come with adjustable backs that recline into multiple positions other than just converting into a regular looking sleeper! These positions vary from upright to slightly tilt into a lounger and flat like a sleeper.

Better option compared to floor mattresses

If you are low on space then getting a floor mattresses will not do you good because at the end of the day

you will need to pack it up if you plan on storing it away. However with a futon, you don’t have to go through any of these issues because you can easily put the futon upright and use it as a sofa when you’re not entertaining overnight guests with it!

If you’re looking for a sturdy futon it’s worth looking at our most durable futon sofa beds list.


In all, there are a sum total of three things that you need to consider when you go looking for a futon. In all honesty, futons can be broken down into three essential parts; 1) mattresses, 2) frames and 3) covers. Here’s what you need to keep in mind abou

t these different aspects when you hit the stores!

Make sure you master the mattress

One of the key features of a comfortable futon is a good quality mattress! Since adult sleepers prefer Top 10 Most Comfortable Futon in 2018 - Complete Guidesleeping on a mattress that is at least 6 inches thick, so when it comes to comfort, your mattress should be anywhere at 6 inches or preferably above it unless you are specifically looking for a futon for kids. But at the same time be sure to match the frame’s toughness with the mattress as well. For example, generally wooden frames have a comparatively harder base which means if you’re considering a wooden base then opt for a thicker mattress or a mattress pad to maintain comfort levels. Moreover there are two kinds of frames available in the market, namely; a bi-folding frame or a tri-folding frame. While bi-folding mattress folds only once, a tri-folding one folds twice and is therefore comparatively thinner as well. Moreover, bi-folding frames are more commonly available in the market as compared to tri-folding ones. Another important aspect of a mattress is the material that it is made up of.

Innerspring coils are always the best affordable option to go for when getting a futon because these help isolate motion and allow the sleeper to sleep comfortably throughout the night. Also, compared to other mattresses in the futon line, these are also very supportive as well. However, cotton batting and foam based mattresses are much lighter and are a great investment especially for a short duration. All in all, it’s always a good idea to test the mattress in the store before paying for it!

When choosing Frames, the keywords are; modern and versatile

There are two main categories of frames available in the market, namely; bi-folding frames and tri-folding frames. And each one comes with its own set of advantages. Like for example, Bi-fold

Top 10 Most Comfortable Futon in 2018 - Complete Guide

ing frames are just like regular looking sofas with arms and legs as they’re the industry standard generally. While, tri-folding frames, on the other hand, are bigger and somewhat bulkier in nature. But at the same time, the tri-folding ones are comparatively more modern and recent. Moreover, another important aspect to consider within frames is the material that the frame is made up of. For instance, Metal frames are more durable and affordable as well. These give off a more contemporary and modern look and can settle well against a number of decors. On the other hand, wooden frames are comparatively more traditional however; they are very chic as well. Also, you can find a number of different woods in this category ranging from oak to maple and in some cases you also have the choice of painting the wooden frame to a color of your choice. All in all, at the end of the day it all depends on the buyer’s personal choice.

Covers enhance the overall look

The last key feature of a comfortable mattress is the futon covers.  You will find a variety of these in any bed linen shop in the market and they range in price as well as in material. You can easily choose between cotton, suede, faux leather and even genuine leather. Also, preferably it is always a good idea to choose multiple colored low ranging covers that you can alternate among when one gets dirty or you are simply looking for a change. However, this also depends on how frequently you plan on changing the cover. At the end of the day just make sure you opt for a durable fabric such as acrylic, synthetic or even polyester especially if you are going to be using the futon regularly because they’re definitely worth the investment!

To help shorten down your research time, here are some of the most comfortable futons you will find in the market right now:

Top 10 Most Comfortable Futon in 2018 – Chart


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


  1. Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon   Converts to a comfortable full size sleeper $$$ 4.7 
  2. DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black  Converts easily to lounging or sleeping position $$$ 4.6 
  3. Home Life Linen with Split Back  Sofa Futon Bed  Blue Microfiber With Adjustable Back Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed Sleeper $$$ 4.4 
  4. Full Size Savannah Futon Sofa Bed – Frame Only  Quickly converts from Upright to Reclined to Bed $$$ 4.3 
  5. DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon, Navy  Easily converts from sitting to lounging and sleeping $$$  4.3
  6. Memory Foam Futon Mattress Beige Upholstery Fabric  Four layers of premium cotton/poly blend , one layer of polyurethane foam, two layers of Memory Foam $$$  4.3
  7. DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress, Red  Converts quickly and easily from sofa to full size sleeper $$$ 4.1 
  8. DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon  Practical and stylish convertible sofa with multi position back $$$ 4.1 
  9. DHP Ariana Junior Microfiber Sofa Futon Couch  3 positions convert from a chair to a lounger to a sleeper $$  4.0
  10. DHP Aria Futon, White  Converts easily to multiple positions $$$ 4.0 

1. Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon with Coil Mattress Oatmeal Linen

better-homes-and-gardens-wood-arm-futon-with-coil-mattress-oatmeal-linenLooking for something modern and contemporary but not too big and bulky? If yes then you should definitely try out the Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon which is a Sofa by day and sleeper by night. However, unlike those throw around sofa beds, this one is extremely comfortable and very convenient and easy to assemble as well. Moreover, the wooden arms of this futon give the image of a very sophisticated furniture item and goes well with any background.

Metal frame

The Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon comes with one of the most durable and sturdy frames ever. Having a solid metal frame is very important especially because the futon converts into a sleeper when need be and is able to hold up the individual’s weight easily without any shaky and squeaky noises. Moreover, the futon has solid wooden arms which give it a very elegant and contemporary look and go well with any interior you choose.

Sofa by day, bed by night

One of the best parts about having a futon is that you get to reap the benefits of both worlds. The Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon looks like a beautiful elegant sofa and can be easily converted into a sleeper whenever need be. Whether you’re getting one for your kid that just went off to college or need an extra bed for unannounced guests, either ways, this is a great addition to your interior décor and can be kept anywhere from the living room to the kids room and even the foyer! Moreover, the futon open up into a sleeper effortlessly so you don’t have to worry about calling a bunch of individuals just to help you set it up!

Comfortable mattress

While the Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon looks very pretty against any decors, it is also features a very comfortable mattress as well. The 8 inch mattress comes with independently encased coils that reduce friction and allow the sleeper to rest easy throughout the night. The individually encased coils make sure that the right amount of pressure is being put on in the right places for example; all the pressure points are not being stressed out at the same time. Moreover, if you happen to be sharing the sleeper with another person, these coils help isolate motion and reduce vibrations so that the person next to you can sleep soundly and easily. For more comfy mattress options, you can also check out the best mattresses for backpain.


  • Overall very contemporary design and looks brilliant against any background and décor and is very easy to assemble as well.
  • The 8 inch mattress consists of individually encased coils that isolate motion and reduce vibrations
  • Comes with a soft twill cover that adds to the overall comfort of the futon.


  • Some people may find this futon a bit too low.
  • The mattress needs to be given some time to expand.


2. DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black

dhp-allegra-pillow-top-futon-blackThe DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black is a budge friendly, versatile and very modern piece of furniture that looks beautiful against any background. Is black microfiber upholstery gives off a very regal and beautiful look that blends well in any environment from office settings to small compact living spaces. Whether you are downsizing or looking for an extra bed for overnight guests once in a while, the DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black will facilitate you in every way possible!

Straightforward assembly

With the DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black you don’t have to worry about looking for assembly tools or workmen to help you put this futon together. The manufactures make sure that this very convenient and straightforward futon is not only functional but the epitome of do-it-yourself. Everything that you will need to put this futon together comes in a small package along with the rest of the futon parts. These come with well defined instructions so that you don’t get lost mid way and can enjoy the futon in only a few minutes.

User friendly maintenance

Whether you plan on keeping the DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black in your living room, kid’s room, or give it to your teenage for his college dorm room, chances are it will be exposed to a lot of wear and tear agents including dust and other dirt. While washing the futon is not an option, nor spending a lot of money on its dry cleaning, the manufacturers definitely make sure that the black microfiber upholstery can be easily wiped clean with only a damp cloth without ruining its overall look.

Functional and sturdy

The robust wooden frame ensures longevity and is also resistant to other weathering agents. Moreover, the futon consists of pillow top cushions that add to the overall comfort of the futon. One of the best things about the DHP Allegra Pillow-Top Futon, Black is the foam padded seats that are durable and don’t tend to sag after multiple uses. Whether you plan on keeping this futon in your living room or your office, either ways, it blends perfectly against any décor.


  • Come with a small Velcro compartment at the bottom
  • Great option for overnight guests, napping and even lounging around.
  • Soft foam padding adds in more support and comfort.


  • Tall people may have feet dangling out on the edges
  • Complaints regarding excessive threading sticking out all over the futon.
  • Not as soft as a bed if anyone is planning on using it permanently as a bed.


3. Home Life Linen with Split Back Adjustable Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed

home-life-linen-with-split-back-adjustable-klik-klak-sofa-futon-bedIf you are not a fan of upright sitting positions and not even flat lying down ones, then getting a Klik Klak futon bed will be the best option for you. The Home Life Linen with Split Back Adjustable Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed comes with an adjustable back that can become a bed, or a lounger in only a few seconds.

Microfiber cover

The Home Life Linen with Split Back Adjustable Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed comes with trendy and very snug microfiber upholstery that is known to last through thick and thin. The dual purpose of an adjustable futon makes it necessary for the manufacturers to style this futon with one of the best microfiber upholsteries so that it can bear any kind of wear and tear over the years.

Adjustable back

Unlike the regular futons available in the market, the Home Life Linen with Split Back Adjustable Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed comes with a Klik Klak function that allows the futon to recline in multiple different positions rather than just two. So basically, if you are not using this futon for sleeping or sitting upright, you can adjust the back to a relaxing lounging position whereby you can read a book or watch a movie. Moreover, a Klik Klak futon looks more like a sofa than a bed which is a plus point especially when you are setting it in your living room to go with the rest of the furniture.

Wooden legs

Since this futon looks more like a sofa than a bed, the wooden legs add to its overall guise and make it look very elegant against any backgrounds. The sofa sets very well against any décor and its wooden legs are a plus point especially since unlike other futons the Home Life Linen with Split Back Adjustable Klik Klak Sofa Futon Bed comes with a frame and mattress attached.


  • The Klik Klak function allows the user to adjust the back of the futon to multiple positions and not just the sleeping position.
  • The microfiber upholstery is very sleek and requires very less maintenance.
  • Very easy and fast to assemble without requiring any added support or assistance.


  • The mattress may feel firm to some customers.
  • May create a space in the midsection lengthwise and feel uncomfortable to the sleeper.


4. Full Size Savannah Futon Sofa Bed – Frame Only

full-size-savannah-futon-sofa-bed-frame-onlyDespite not coming with a mattress and cover up, the Full Size Savannah Futon Sofa Bed frame is a great buy! The natural polar hardwood finish is exceptionally smooth and clear along with the assembly pieces that come with clear instructions and can be put together by any adult! Moreover, the manufacturers also point out that the hardwood responds exceptionally well to stains and paints so if anyone wants to change the look they can do it easily!

Polar hardwood frame

The Full Size Savannah Futon Sofa Bed features a polar hardwood frame which is not only smooth but also gives off a very rudimentary look because the hardwood is unfinished. To make the wood smooth and even, it has been kiln dried and planed on 4 sides. Moreover, in case you don’t like the unfinished look of the polar hardwood frame, you can easily paint it as the wood takes on stain very easily. However, majority users tend to leave it as it is because the natural wood feel not only looks regal but also divine!

3 adjustable positions

Regular futons can move from upright positions to sleeping positions within seconds. However, the Full Size Savannah Futon Sofa Bed frame is an exceptional to all of those. It comes with three adjustable positions starting from the regular upright sofa position on to a reclining sofa position and finally ending on a sleeper position. Now the user can enjoy all three positions in one futon without worrying about buying different furniture pieces to suit their needs.

Easy to assemble

One of the best things about the Full Size Savannah Futon Sofa Bed is that it can be assembled by the hands of only one competent adult. So basically, the manufacturers have made sure to add proper instruction booklets and all the tools and bolts need to put the futon frame together. Now you don’t have to spend on hiring a workman to just come and put the whole thing together as you can easily do it within minutes!


  • The Polar hardwood frame does not come with any blemishes; it’s very smooth and natural looking.
  • Takes less than half an hour to put together if the manual is followed properly.
  • Can adjust to three positions rather than other futons that only adjust to two positions.


  • Does not include a mattress and cover in the packaging and need to be bought separately.
  • There have been some complaints regarding some of the boards having a slight greenish hue.


5. DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon, Navy

dhp-emily-convertible-linen-futon-navyThe DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon is the perfect amalgamation of elegance and modern. With its chrome metal legs and navy blue linen upholstery, the futon looks very majestic. Moreover, its innovative design makes this futon one of the most comfortable and versatile furniture pieces in the market today! The DHP Company is known to install some of the best Click Clack systems in their futons so that the user is not just limited to one position! With only a single click, the futon converts from an upright seating position to a lounger and ultimately a sleeper!

3 adjustable positions

Whether you are in the mood for leaning back, lying back or sitting up straight, the DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon has you covered. The frame of this futon can adjust to three different positions depending on the user’s likes and needs. Moreover, the futon is cushions and mattress are attached to the frame which means during all the positions changes; you don’t have to worry about the mattress sagging or moving from its position and looking shaggy.

Modern and chic look

A modern furniture piece for the modern home, the DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon features shiny chrome legs that add a very modern touch to your living quarters. If you are looking for something to revamp a very plain looking corner in your home, then this futon will definitely do the trick. It has a very straightforward outline that makes it look chic and very contemporary compared to the rudimentary looking wooden frames.

Linen upholstery

Linen upholstery is basically downright hypoallergenic in nature because it only employs the use of natural fibers. Therefore if you are looking for a healthy option then the DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon is a great option to consider. Moreover, he linen fabric is built in a very compact manner in which all the thread are lined very closely to each other, which means there is very less chance of dust seeping in and destroying the cushions of the futon.


  • Linen upholstery is very smooth and soft an can be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth only.
  • The futon can be adjusted to three positions
  • The frame is attached to the cushions and mattress which means it will not sag or move from its place when being used.


  • Complaints regarding the feet of the futon include the material being too thin which could snap off easily.
  • Other users have also complained regarding the futon sinking in the middle.


6. Memory Foam Futon Mattress Beige Upholstery Fabric with 2 Matching Pillows

memory-foam-futon-mattress-beige-upholstery-fabric-with-2-matching-pillowsIf you have already gotten yourself a great futon frame, then add this versatile futon mattress to it and let there be no restless and uncomfortable nights for your guests! The plush layering of this futon mattress resembles those of a real bed mattress and at no time during the night, will the sleeper feel like he/she is on a futon and not a proper bed. The beige tufted cotton cover looks snug especially when placed in a den or a living area.

Mattress – Amazing layers

First glance at the description of this futon mattress’s layers will have you thinking it’s a mattress to be placed on a regular bed! The Memory Foam Futon Mattress Beige Upholstery Fabric with 2 Matching Pillows contains 4 layers of cotton/poly blend with one layer of regular polyurethane foam and an addition two layers of memory foam. These layers make sure that the user never feels like their sitting, lounging or lying on a futon! The memory foam layers, contort beautifully against the sleeper’s body and lifts off the weight from the pressure points. At no time during the night will you feel that you are actually sleeping on a futon and not a bed!

Durable cotton cover

Along with the plush layering of this futon mattress, the manufacturers have also added a cotton cover to give a snug feel to the mattress. The cotton cover is very durable and lightweight and doesn’t hold in any moisture which would otherwise attract mold and dust mites.


Getting a lace tufted futon mattress only means that it will add to the overall comfy feel of the mattress. The Memory Foam Futon Mattress in Beige Upholstery Fabric comes with 2 Matching Pillow covers to add to your comfort and ease. Moreover, the lace tufted upholstery is sewed in white thread which blends and goes well with the beige color of the upholstery.


  • Amazing layering which compliment a bed mattress.
  • The futon mattress is a full Queen size which means when the futon is converted into a sleeper; it resembles and feels like a real bed.
  • Thick and fluffy at the same time! The memory foam layering adjusts to the sleeper’s weight and takes off the extra pressure from the pressure points.


  • Some users complained regarding about the mattress being too snug for regular lounging although feels great when slept on.


7. DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress, Red

dhp-black-metal-arm-with-6-futon-mattress-redCompared to many other regular futons found in the market, the DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress features a very comfortable and soft bold red mattress that sis perfectly on the versatile black metal frame. The frame is very lightweight, making it easy to relocate the futon to different places when the need arises!

Extra support

One of the most reassuring things about this chic looking futon is that its manufacturers have made sure that at no point the futon feels wobbly or the user is concerned about it caving in. To deal with this, the makers of the DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress have added two extra middle legs to the frame so that no matter what you weight, the futon is able to support your weight perfectly!

Very sleek looking

The overall black metal frame is only 50 pounds with the mattress weight included which is not only lightweight and very easy to move around! The metal frame looks very chic and contemporary with a bold red mattress that adds a very elegant and stylish touch to the DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress! Moreover it’s a low sitting futon which means users can easily get on and off the futon without putting in too much effort. And when converted into a sleeper, it doesn’t rock nor get unstable because of its convenient height!

Compact design

When you are looking for a futon, one of the most important things to consider is its size. While the futon should not be too small, it should not be really big and bulky like a full bed either. The DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress is a great addition to any small and compact living space, from dorm rooms to kids play area or even your office or home study, this futon can fit in anywhere and not look entirely out of place!


  • Two middle legs add extra support to the overall futon.
  • Comes with a fully adjusted and properly sitting mattress
  • Can be easily put together as comes with a complete instruction manual as well as all the supporting tools.


  • Some users complained about the instructions in the manual to be very confusing when putting the futon together.


8. DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon

dhp-sola-convertible-sofa-futonIf you are looking for something small and compact but comfortable and versatile, then giving the DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon a chance would be a great idea. The design is very chic but at the same time very resourceful as well. The storage space compartments add more value to the futon as it allows people to store multiple things like video controllers and even bed linen!

Space saving compartment

If you are an individual big on saving space, then the DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon is a great option to consider. This is because, it comes with its own space compartment which you can use to add sheets and a small blanket to when overnight guests come to stay! It’s also a great place to keep other linen as well without making space for the bed linen’s anywhere else. This space storing compartment has been received extremely well by college because they are occasionally short on space!

Black microfiber upholstery

The sleek black micro upholstery matches so well with the chrome frame. All you need to do is toss in a few contrasting colored throw pillows, and your futon looks grand! Moreover, the microfiber material is very durable and can withstand long years of wear and tear without needing an early change. Also, majority customers, especially with kids, tend to opt for this material because it is very easy to maintain and clean!

Three adjustable positions

The DHP Sola Convertible Sofa Futon features three adjustable positions which mean your single piece furniture converts into three different pieces for three different purposes! Whether you want to sit on it like a sofa or lay back like on a lounger, you can easily adjust the settings within a few seconds. Later, if you feel like sleeping or napping on it, you can let it completely fall back into a sleeper position which also a great option for overnight guests!


  • Can bear up to 600 pounds weight which means you don’t have to worry about the futon breaking at any time.
  • Can be converted into three comfortable positions.
  • Comes with a storage compartment to hold any supporting bed linens for your futon.


  • Users have occasionally complained about the drawers not sliding in and out easily.
  • The mattress layering may feel light to some people.


9. DHP Ariana Junior Microfiber Sofa Futon Couch

dhp-ariana-junior-microfiber-sofa-futon-couchThinking of adding another extra bed in your kids room for sleepovers and overnight guests but space constraints are a major issue? Well now you don’t have to worry about any of that with the DHP Ariana Junior Microfiber Sofa Futon Couch which is a sofa futon by day and a comfortable sleeper by night. Moreover, the futon can adjust into three comfortable positions which is a major plus point especially with kids that need versatility and convenience in everything from lounging to watching TV or even studying!

Polyester microfiber upholstery

When it comes to kids, we need to be super cautious about accidents and messes! However, the DHP Ariana Junior Microfiber Sofa Futon Couch features polyester microfiber upholstery which is not only soft and smooth but can be easily wiped clean. Polyester in threaded close together which means there is less chance of any dust mites settling in the futon as well.

Converts into three positions

Whether your kids want to lounge around, use it in front of the TV for gaming or simply use it to entertain friends during sleepovers, this futon can turn into whatever the heart desires! The three position adjustment feature allows users to use the futon in a number of different contexts without worrying about space constraints!

Small and compact

Although the futon is built for small and compact spaces, like the kids room, it sits well in a number of different places as well. For instance if you want to fill in the small caving space in the foyer, just place the DHP Ariana Junior Microfiber Sofa Futon Couch and see for yourself how well it sits against any décor. Also, despite its small size it can easily seat two individuals easily!


  • Low seating height is great for kids as it allows them to get on and off it easily.
  • The Click Clack system ensures that the futon can be converted into multiple different positions easily.
  • The polyester microfiber upholstery can be easily wiped clean in case of any accidents!


  • The legs are hollow plastic hence may break if the kids use the futon for jumping on it.
  • Built to accommodate children due to its size.


10. DHP Aria Futon, White

dhp-aria-futon-whiteRight out of a movie set, this modern futon features tufted white smooth and shiny faux leather that doesn’t feel plastic nor makes sound when anyone sits on it. The wooden frame goes well with the white faux leather and gives off a very chic look. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about fixing the back to only the regular 2 to 3 settings, as this futon can be adjusted to any position you feel like lounging in!

Tufted faux leather upholstery

While the overall feel and look of real leather is different from synthetically built faux leather, this leather still comes with many benefits. The DHP Aria Futon comes with white tufted faux leather which is very durable and can withstand scratches and scrapes more easily than genuine leather. Moreover it will not fade nor does stain or peel like real leather as well. The best part about this futon is perhaps its faux leather look which gives it a very contemporary and extravagant look fit to be placed anywhere!

Wooden frame

The white faux leather compliments the overall wooden frame and looks like a very modern looking furniture piece. If you are looking for a smooth wooden finish futon, then the DHP Aria Futon is a great option to consider. You can add a few throw pillows to the futon in contrasting colors and let it sit against any décor without worrying about it looking out of place.

Easy maintenance

Other than easily assembling without having to hire extra workmen to work on the futon, you can now easily wipe it clean as well. The faux leather upholstery wipes clean with a damp cloth without breaking or cracking. In case of any spills even which are very common in household with kids, the faux leather will not retain the stain as it doesn’t hold in moisture. This way you can easily wipe off any accident with a dry rag even.


  • Can be adjusted into various positions and is not just limited to two or three positions.
  • Easy maintenance and setting up as all the required tools come with the packaging.
  • Compact wooden frame can fit into many close spaces.


  • May feel low to some people.
  • Is not a full sized sofa hence does not convert into a full sized sleeper either accommodate adult size sleepers.

Futons are a fun and easy way to accommodate guests when they stay overnight or simply just use it to your benefit to comfortably lounge. They can be placed in a variety of different settings and don’t need too much effort when putting together or even moving around! You can also check out the best foldable mattresses as an option.

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