Top 10 Best Floor Mattresses in 2018 – Ultimate Guide

Best Floor MattressesWorried how to accommodate your guests? Or perhaps sleeping with the ground insects on a camping trip? Maybe the thought of installing a playing mat for your kids has been nagging at the back of your head? Well, with a floor mattress you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Floor mattresses are perhaps the next best thing after heated mattresses! These are compact and portable and can be easily moved from place to place without having to worry about weight or taking up too much space. Every person recounts a pleasant experience they have had using a floor mattress and therefore it is occasionally very difficult to quantify the benefits associated with these on the go mattresses. However, here are some of the reasons why you should go for a floor Mattress. You may also check out the best foldable mattresses as an alternative.

Why should one invest in a floor mattress?

  • For starters, floor mattresses are a pretty cheap and budget friendly alternative to buying full sized beds whichTop 10 Best Floor Mattresses in 2018 - Ultimate Guide one can often not afford to buy or even place in ones living quarters.
  • You can use them for a number of different reasons depending on the kind that you opt for. For example, the tri folding mattress can be used as a floor cushion to keep in the kids’ room.
  • Floor mattresses don’t take up much space, in fact majority come with the option of easy storing either by rolling them up or sometimes packing them in an accompanying cover.
  • You can even carry a floor mattress with you on camping trips, picnics, hikes or even RV trips. Due to their compact and portable design, these can easily fit anywhere.

Different types of floor mattresses available in the market

As a matter of fact, there are actually quite a lot of different kinds of floor mattresses available in the market today. However, not all floor mattresses are alike. Each one is unique in its own style and make and there are also some that have deep cultural roots as well like the Japanese Tatami. Here are some of the best and commonly available kinds of floor mattresses available in the market which will not completely rip you off either. There are predominantly two types of floor mattresses:

Folding floor mattresses

A folding mattress is one that is occasionally used in households that like to keep the mattress out majority of the times. Although these Tri-Fold mattresses can be easily folded and kept away but customers occasionally purchase these because these are usually considered more comfortable than the rolling ones. Folding mattresses occasionally consist of another subtype of mattress known as the sofa bed which can turn into a chair when need be. Features and benefits of a Folding mattress include

Foam or memory foam base

One of the best parts about going for a folding mattress is that you will get the option of choosing between getting aTop 10 Best Floor Mattresses in 2018 - Ultimate Guide foam mattress or a memory foam one. Although experience of users indicates that the memory foam ones are better, but rating suggest the foams work well too.

  • Lightweight:the folding mattresses are very lightweight especially because of the material that they are made of. The foam base makes the mattress very light and easy to move around and relocate. This is why many people even prefer carrying these mattresses with them out for picnics and camping outings.
  • Portable: they can fold and become compact for storage of keeping aside, depending on the user’s personal preferences. Or some like the sofa mattresses also convert into chair beds that can be kept in kids’ rooms, or dorm rooms and used for sitting on as well.
  • Budget friendly; compared to the full sized beds, these are very cheap and can be used for multiple purposes like putting out for your kids’ sleepover party.
  • NON-slip bottom; if you are worried that the folding mattress will be uncomfortable to sleep on because it has no base to hold it in place then you are fairly mistaken because most models available today come with nonslip bottoms that keep the mattress in place during any activity that takes place on it.
  • Removable covers; since washing tri-folding mattresses is not an option, these usually come with removable covers that can be easily put in the washer to wash.

Rolling floor mattresses

Unlike the folding floor mattresses, these mattresses can be easily rolled away and stored whenever not needed.  Common kinds of rolling floor mattress include the Japanese tatami, Futons and even the Thai rolling mattresses. Moreover these are roll out on the floor like a fluffy quilt which means unlike the tri-fold floor mattresses, you cannot use them as a chair bed or floor cushion. Also, there is no set material that a rolling mattress will be made of therefore the inside mattress can vary according to the kind and the manufacturer as well. Examples of this include:

  • The Thai rolling beds are occasionally made from natural cotton like material known as the Kapok which comes from the Kapok trees. This material is very soft and since it is completely natural and free of chemicals there are very less chances of allergens and zero chances of harmful emissions.
  • The Japanese tatamis are made from a number of materials today although the original mats are made from chicks. But the modified version of the rolling mattresses we find in the market today are either made from predominantly cotton with a thin layer of foam and a Polyester cover or just a cotton filling. Compared to futons these are supposed to be less bulky in nature.
  • Futons are another form of Japanese style bedding that is either stuffed with cotton, wool or even synthetic batting depending on the manufacturer. However, the more contemporary futons are also made from Teijin material which is especially associated with Japanese makers. Futons are also somewhat similar to a bulky quilt hence can be easily rolling and kept away when not in use.

Top 10 Best Floor Mattresses in 2018 – Comparison Chart


Name Material Type Price



Name Material Type Price


  1. D & D Futon Furniture Floor Futon Mattresses  Filled with white cotton, a layer of polyester fiber and a layer of foam $$  4.4
  2. Milliard Tri Folding Mattress  Foam $$  4.4
  3. Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed  Cotton batting and 1/2″ layer of foam in the middle $$  4.4
  4. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress  High density Foam $$$  4.4
  5. Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattress  Untreated kapok $$$ 4.2 
  6. LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress – Queen Size  Foam $$$  4.2
  7. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress  Polyester and TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP (R) ll ECO $$$ 4.2 
  8. Best Price Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress  Memory Foam $$ 4.2 
  9. Traditional Japanese Floor Futon  Cotton Fabric $$ 4.2 
  10. Tatami Floor Mat Japanese Mattress  Cotton batting and 1/2″ layer of foam in the middle $$ 4.2 

1. D & D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses

d-d-futon-furniture-traditional-japanese-floor-futon-mattressesIf you are looking for something compact and easy to move around then going for the D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress will be a great option for you. This traditional Japanese mattress is easy to store, very portable and extremely lightweight! Moreover, you can use it for other functions like yoga and massage if not just sleeping and lounging around. At only 14 pounds you can even carry it on your day hikes and use it to lounge over during picnics.

Key features

Perfect layering

The D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress consists of three layers which perfectly embodies your structure and holds it upright without letting you feel the intense hardness of the floor. Other than the white cotton filling that provides softness, there is a foam layer as well as a polyester layer. The combination of these layers makes the mattress soft and fluffy all the while lightweight and easy to move around.

Multiple uses

If you’re not sleeping on your D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress, you can easily store it away by rolling it into a compact position. However, other than that, you can also just use it for other activities like yoga, camping and massage as well. It is also a great option for when your kids have sleepovers and you are out of adequate bedding.

User convenience

Keeping multiple full size beds is never an option. However, having a bunch of portable, compact mattresses in storage is always a great idea especially when you have guests visiting or a friend crashing at your place last minute. The D&D Futon Furniture Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattress can be easily folded and put away when not in use. Its lightweight makes it easier to move around, and the black color hides any stains that the mattress may get over the years.


  • Lightweight and portable making it easier to store when not in use.
  • Have multiple uses other than just sleeping on it such as camping, yoga, massages and many more.
  • On 14 pounds so can be carried with you wherever you go. For example during hikes.


  • Need to regularly turn and air so that unnecessary moisture does not get absorbed
  • May not be the most comfortable option for people that don’t like firm cushioning provided by a cotton padded mattress.


2. Milliard Tri Folding Mattress, with Ultra Soft Removable Cover and Non-Slip Bottom

milliard-tri-folding-mattress-with-ultra-soft-removable-cover-and-non-slip-bottomThe Milliard Tri Folding Mattress, with Ultra Soft Removable Cover is a great option when you’re looking to save space but at the same time get a great night’s sleep. Why go for those rough and strenuous  temporary sleep accommodations when you can easily rest on a foam mattress that provides your body with a comfortable support that you deserve after a long day. Unlike air mattresses, this tri folding mattress gets easily stored away and taken out when ever needed without putting in the extra effort of setting it up. Check out other best foldable mattresses.

Key features

Jacquard cover

Getting a folding mattress means it will be used very roughly in all the places you would have never imagined such as outdoors, camping, mobile homes and many more. However, unlike the other folding mattresses available in the market, the Milliard Tri Folding Mattress comes with a soft removable cover that you can easily throw in the wash and slip on whenever maintenance is required. Moreover, the jacquard material has anti-slipping properties which means the mattress stays grounded all night long.

Easily fold away

A foldable mattress means convenient storing and this is exactly what the Milliard Tri Folding Mattress, with Ultra Soft Removable Cover provides its owners. Once you’re done using the mattress just store it away. The folding properties allow the mattress to even fit in the smallest of places. Just throw it under the bed or in the closet and you’re good to go. You can now make your short vacations heavenly and convenient without the worry of spending on a full size mattress.

Foam mattress

Getting a foam mattress in folding properties only means your sleep experience will be fantastic! Its super high density properties make sure that the mattress doesn’t lose its shape that easily and stays comfortable and soft for longer duration. The foam mattress provides your body with great support and doesn’t make you feel like you’re sleeping on a temporary bed. It has therapeutic and orthopedic properties that are an added benefit you get!


  • Removable jacquard cover that can be easily washed and cared for.
  • Comes with all the therapeutic properties of a regular foam mattress
  • Can be easily stored away when not in use.


  • Can become too warm when used in the summers.
  • Cannot be used for continuous use.
  • May need to be left for a bit so that it reaches its original size.


3. Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed – 3″ Single Size (3″x27″x80″)

tatami-floor-mat-japanese-bed-3%e2%80%b3-single-size-3%e2%80%b3x27%e2%80%b3x80%e2%80%b3You have to praise the Japanese for their conveniently living styles. The 3″ Single Size (3″x27″x80″) Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed is a compact, portable single sized bed that can be used for many other purposes than just sleeping on. Customers have purchased this product to take along on camping trips, picnics or even keep around for kids play time. The convenient cable ties allow users to easily wrap up the mattress when it’s not in use and store it away. Moreover, it has a convenient design which makes it a great fit in any environment that it is placed in.

Key features

Polyester cover

The 100% polyester cover is silky and smooth. It adds to the overall softness of the mattress and can be Spot washed only which means you don’t have to immerse the whole mattress in water just to get rid of a number of stains. Spot cleaning is very convenient especially because it entails only a short part getting wet which means easy and fast drying. Moreover, the polyester cover is very durable and protects the mattress from wear and tear.

Filling material

The 3″ Single Size (3″x27″x80″) Tatami Floor Mat- Japanese Bed is predominantly made out of soft cotton which makes it easy to roll and store away. However the manufacturers have also added a second layer of foam which adds to the mattress’s comfort levels and helps keep the body upright without experience the hardness of the floor.

Convenience at its best!

The cable ties that come with the mattress help the user easily and tightly secure the mattress after rolling it up for storage purposes. The cable ties are make out of the same polyester material with strong holding seams which means you don’t have to worry about the strings getting losing and unlatching themselves from the mattress. Moreover, the mattress is a great addition to your household as it not only saves you the trouble of blowing up an air mattress but also makes sure that your guests are not left unattended to.


  • Multiple uses; from sleeping to napping or just using for play time
  • Can be spread in any space; the size is very convenient.
  • Can be easily spot washed without washing the whole mattress and waiting for it to dry up completely.


  • Some complaints regarding the mattress’s thickness have been made where customers complained that the mattress is not even an inch thick.


4. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat

milliard-tri-fold-foam-folding-mattress-and-sofa-bed-for-guests-or-floor-matIf you’re looking for a comparatively budget friendly sofa bed then the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat will be a great option to consider. Although it is a value for budget purchase, but that doesn’t mean the quality of the mattress is anyway compromised. It’s a completely foam based mattress which means that it will not sag but at the same time be very lightweight and easier to store away or use as a sofa when not being used as  bed. Moreover you don’t need to worry about cleaning and maintenance, because the sofa bed comes with a removable cover that can be washed multiple times.

Key features

High density foam

One of the best things about the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat is that it is made from completely foam which means it provides comfort and doesn’t sag at all. Moreover, the foam makes it lightweight to carry around easily or move it from its original location. The high density foam makes sure to hold up to your body while you sleep and not apply too pressure on your body’s pressure points. In all it’s a budget friendly option when you can’t afford to place a full sized bed due to space constraints or even budget constraints.

Great for limited spaces

Sofa beds are a great alternative to full sized beds especially when you are dwelling in a relatively smaller apartment. Depending on the room size you can place a sofa bed which can double as a sofa when not being used as a bed. This is a great option especially to keep in kids’ rooms so that their friends can even stay back for sleepovers or play video games on it when not suing it as a bed.

Easy maintenance

Convenient maintenance should always be considered because that way you don’t have to worry about the mattress becoming really dirty which not only looks bad but doesn’t even give off positive inviting vibes. With the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed for Guests or Floor Mat you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty because its cover is easily removable and washable. You can even wash it is the washing machine and not worry about ruining the cloth of the cover.


  • Made from high density foam which is usually employed to make full sized mattresses
  • The removable cover can be easily washed which means reduced accumulation of moisture.
  • Can be used in multiple settings


  • The top cover may feel a bit abrasive to some users.


5. Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattress

leewadee-roll-up-thai-mattressThe Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattress is a great alternative to the regularly found machine stitched mattresses in the market today. This Thai style mattress is completely hand made from natural materials which makes it highly breathable and very versatile. The mattress is stuffed with Kapok which is natural cotton like fabric that comes from the kapok trees. The Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattress is the perfect amalgamation of traditional and robust mattress that can be used for a number of reasons other than just sleeping.

Key features

Made from natural materials

The Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattress is hand stuffed with kapok which is natural cotton like fabric that comes from the Kapok trees. The natural properties of this stuffing make this mattress where versatile and breathable along with reducing the chances of mold and mildew forming due to moisture accumulation. Moreover, the outer cover is also made from natural material which adds to the overall comfort of the mattress. Also, the design is very traditional and looks amazing anywhere it is kept.

Multiple usages

Even though the Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattress is filled with Kapok which is a taken from a tropical tree, it doesn’t limit the mattress’s uses. In fact it can be used for a number of activities from lying down, napping to yoga and massages. After usage it can be easily rolled and packed to keep away.

Extremely durable

All the Leewadee Roll up Thai Mattresses is double stitched to add to their longevity and durability. The kapok material is also known for its durable and robust properties most likely because of its natural component. However the material has been in use for a long time which means that its strength and stability has been well tested by numerous people already.


  • Completely handmade and can be used for multiple uses.
  • Double stitched to add to its overall strength.
  • Solid and comfortable padding which doesn’t compromise on its longevity.


  • Complaints regarding a few loose threads in some areas of the mattress
  • Sizes may vary based on the color of the mattress.


6. LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress – Queen Size

lucid-4-inch-folding-mattress-queen-sizeIf you are looking for a comfortable multipurpose sofa bed then the LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress will fit in perfectly with your needs. It’s made out of memory foam material which makes temporary lodging even comfortable and very relaxing as the memory foam envelops adequately around the body and holds it gently. The queen size means there are no space issues even when the mattress is being used for purposes other than just sleeping on it. It has a tri-folding design and is very lightweight which means transporting this mattress is very convenient and easy. Moreover the mattress has antibacterial properties which is an added strength to the mattresses overall benefits!

Key features

Multifunction use

The best part about having a sofa bed is that it can be used for multiple purposes and kept in small compact places when not in use. Customers can use it as a mattress topper or even as a guest bed to an alternative blow up mattress. Its memory foam properties make it soft and sturdy all the while making sure that its multifunction properties are not compromised on. Also the foam doesn’t sag even after being used in multiple settings.

Washable cover

The Mattress comes with a removable cover which means you can not only replace it easily but also wash the original one at your convenience. Washing it with mild detergent and later tumble drying will give it a fresh brand new feel. The cover is held together with a strong zipper which the mattress in place.


The LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress is not only environmentally friendly but also comes with hypoallergenic features. It has been tested for the material used in its making which means that it doesn’t emit any hazardous fumes which will affect the overall quality of indoor air. Moreover, its hypoallergenic nature makes sure that the mattress does not attract any mold, dust mites or other allergens that can adversely affect your health.


  • Great for small spaces and can be easily stored away when not being used.
  • Hypoallergenic properties of the mattress means it’s a great option to keep in kids play areas.
  • The removable cover means easy maintenance and it is also semi waterproof.


  • There is a strong polyurethane odor that emits from the mattress when it is first opened therefore needs to be aired for at least 24 hours before being used.
  • Occasional complaints about not feeling like a real memory foam.


  1. 7. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress “Classe”

emoor-japanese-traditional-futon-mattress-classeNo one can make an authentic futon like the Emoor Company does. This company manufactures in Japan which means there’s no compromising on quality or authenticity. Moreover, it’s very lightweight and airy which makes it easy to carry around and relocate whenever need be. The futon its self is not very thick but even at 3 inches it’s dense enough to keep you sleeping off the floor. Because of its width it can also be easily be used as a mattress top. Also, the stuffing is antibacterial which means there are very less chances of any mold or dust mites getting formed.

Key features

Teijin material stuffing

The Japanese really do understand their futons better than anyone. Since a futon in japan is usually used as a bed mattress put directly on the floor, the Japanese have made sure to stuff it with a material which is not only anti-bacterial but also very airy hence keeping dust mites and other allergens away from it. Also the filling is deodorized which means no foul smelling odor to disturb you during your usage.

Outer fabric

The outer layer of the mattress is made from a hygroscopic cotton fabric which is known to absorb enough humidity from its surrounding to make the surface feel soft and soothing rather than stiff and hard. If the humidity level of the fabric increases, it will automatically evaporate the extra moisture in order to maintain equilibrium so that the water retention doesn’t lead to excessive heat generation and eventually making it very uncomfortable for the individual.

Multi usage

A futon is not just built to be used as a floor mattress but actually has many uses. For example, its lightweight means you can easily take it with you on outdoor trips such as hiking and camping. People have also claimed to use it for picnics in their backyards or allow the kids to play on it. Moreover, since its width is not a lot, it can also be spread over an actual bed mattress to act as a mattress cover.


  • The Teijin material is anti-bacterial and deodorized.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes like putting on a bed mattress or using it for outdoor picnics.
  • When not in use, can be easily folded and put away without worrying about mold forming or dust mites taking over.


  • Some might find it a bit firm.
  • Complaints regarding the mattress not inflating to a full 3 inches have also been made.


8. Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper

best-price-mattress-tri-fold-memory-foam-mattress-topperUnlike the other floor mattresses found in the market, this one particularly has a great feature that helps it outshine the rest. It comes with an anti-slip bottom which means the Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper will stay firmly on any surface you place it and not slip around a create disturbance for the user. Moreover, its portable properties make it a great option to be used in the outdoors or even at home for guests.Containing a memory foam layer adds to the overall comfort of this floor mattress.

Key features

Great layering

The Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper comes with two foam layers to make this mattress experience wonderful in any situation that it is put in. the 1.5 inches of memory foam put over the 2.5 inches of high density foam makes a great powerful combination that works wonders. When used for sleeping purposes the user will notice that the mattress embraces the body very comfortably and contours easily over the pressure points without dipping in.

User convenience

The tri fold feature allows for easy storage or even works well as a floor cushion to lounge on. You can also use it as a back cushion in case you are lounging on the floor and need a soft back support. Moreover, it is very lightweight which means that you can also move it around at your convenience. Its portable nature allows users to take it away on camping trips or even place it in RVs! Moreover, the mattress comes with an oxford bag in which you can place the mattress and take it with you or just store it. This bad helps protect the mattress from dust as well.

Removable cover

As neat as you may be, floor mattresses have a higher chance of getting dirty. Therefore the manufacturers of the Best Price Mattress Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress Topper ensure that you can easily remove the jacquard cover and wash it as many time as you like. The jacquard cover is very robust and sturdy which means it will not wear and tear very soon. Also, the lower part of the mattress has anti-slipping properties which means it won’t move around and cause discomfort to the user.


  • Removable jacquard covers for easy washing and replacing. There is also a hidden zipper that allows for the cover to come off easily.
  • Oxford bag protects the mattress from any dust forming when put away for storage purposes.
  • Can be used for a number of purposes other than accommodating guests only.


  • Needs to left for a while so that it can inflate to its original size.


9. Emoor 100% Cotton Cover Full for Traditional Japanese Floor Futon

emoor-100-cotton-cover-full-for-traditional-japanese-floor-futonA robust futon cover will go a long way in ensuring that your futon has a long a sturdy life. It will protect the insides of the futon cover so that you don’t have to worry about sending it for dry cleaning. The Emoor 100% Cotton Cover Full for Traditional Japanese Floor Futon is made from the finest cotton so that your experience is nothing less that special and comfortable. Its antibacterial and odor resistant which means there is no chance of moisture setting in which would otherwise attract dust mites. You may also check the best memory foam mattresses should you need one.

Key features

100% cotton fabric

The Emoor 100% Cotton Cover Full for Traditional Japanese Floor Futon is made from a fabric that is not only 100% cotton but also antibacterial. This means not only is this high quality futon light weight but it is also very airy and can be used in a number of places without attracting moisture that would in turn attract dust mite and mold. Moreover, it is also odor resistant so that the mattress doesn’t smell stale and dirty at any time during its usage.

Easy washing

The futon comes with a removable cover that can come off with the help of a hidden zipper. All you have to do is easily slip off the cover and put it to wash. The manufacturers’ advice against tumble drying as it can lead to deforming the structure. However, otherwise you can let it air dry which won’t take much time either because of the cotton material used in its making.

High quality dying and sewing

One of the best qualities of this futon cover is that it is made with the best dying technology so the color does fade away after only a handful of washes. Also, it employs high quality sewing technology which holds the cover together firmly and don’t let any loose threads come out easily.


  • A hidden zipper which allows the cover to come off easily when I needs a good wash.
  • The material is 100% cotton and airy so there is no chance of mold forming either.
  • The dye is strong and won’t fade away after multiple washes.
  • An authentic Japanese futon cover.


  • May shrink if put o tumble dry.


10. Tatami Floor Mat – 54″Wx80″Lx3″H Full Size Japanese Mattress

tatami-floor-mat-54%e2%80%b3wx80%e2%80%b3lx3%e2%80%b3h-full-size-japanese-mattressIf there is one thing that we love about the Japanese is there fine quality tatami floor mats! These are some really comfy floor mattresses that can be easily folded ad put away once the job is done! The material is polyester which keeps its light and airy along maintaining temperature. The inside contains predominantly cotton but with a layer of foam in the middle that adds extra support to the individual’s overall weight and holds the posture upright.

Key features

Can be spot washed

The 54″Wx80″Lx3″H Full Size Japanese Mattress- Tatami Floor Mat requires only spot washing in case of any stains. This means you don’t have to wet the whole mattress and wait for it to dry out! Spot washing is also convenient especially when you have kids! Moreover, washing the whole mattress often leads to disfiguring it or loosening its seams, something which the 54″Wx80″Lx3″H Full Size Japanese Mattress- Tatami Floor Mat will always stay safe from.

Polyester cover

A polyester cover adds to the softness and smoothness of the floor mattress. It also makes sure that no odors or moisture gets trapped which would otherwise attract dust mites! Also, the polyester cover means that the floor mattress is compatible to be used as an alternate to other options like a yoga mat or even a massage bed!

Secure tying option

Tatami Floor Mat is an on the go kind of floor mattress that you can easily store away when not in use. The ties included with the mattress help hold the mattress in a compact and tight position when you role it to put away. More over the ties are made with optimum sewing technology which guarantees that the ties will not break off anytime during the long life of the mattress.


  • Can be easily spot washed.
  • The mattress consists of a foam layer which provides extra support to the individuals body frame
  • Can be used for multiple functions for example like a yoga mat or a massage bed.


  • Since it has no washing option, chances are the mattresses can get dirty and cannot be cleaned via spot washing.

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